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Second World Culturelink Conference

Dynamics of Communication: New Ways and New Actors

Zagreb, Croatia, 9-12 June 2005, Mimara Museum

Technical Information

All conference speakers will have the possibility to run a PC presentation (i.e. MS PowerPoint, PDF, HTML or movies) at the Second World Culturelink Conference.

The preinstalled computer setup consists of a Pentium-4-class notebook connected to an overhead projector and equipped with an MS Windows XP operating system. Available software includes MS Office 2003, Acrobat Reader and a browser. The high-speed Internet connection at the Conference Hall can be used exclusively for accessing Web sites to be shown during the presentations.

Conference participants will also have at their disposal an Internet Room, separated from the Conference Hall and equipped with five notebooks connected to the Internet via ADSL.

The electronic versions of all presentations to be displayed during the conference sessions should be sent by e-mail no later than two days before the start of the conference to clinkconf@irmo.hr.

A streaming videocast of the entire conference proceedings will be available at http://tv.carnet.hr/culturelink.asx, technically made possible by the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet).


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Institute for International Relations