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announcement - SEEcoop mailing list

Cultural Policies and Cultural Development in Southeastern Europe: New Realities and Challenges

SEEcoop Mailing List Commands

Single commands may be sent in the subject line, multiple commands are to be sent as separate lines in the body of a message addressed to ecartis@irmo.hr.

For further instructions, please see the help file or review the account flags available to the user.

authpwd syntax: authpwd <cookie>
Authenticate a password change.
password syntax: password <password>
Authenticates a user with the given password.
setpassword syntax: setpassword <newpassword>
Allows a user to set or change their password.
predigest syntax: predigest [<list>]
Retrieves the current digest issue in whatever state it is currently in.
-- syntax: --
RFC-defined message/signature divider, ends processing of commands.
end syntax: end
Ends processing of list server commands.
info syntax: info [<list>]
Retrieves the info for a list.
faq syntax: faq [<list>]
Retrieves the FAQ for a list. Members only.
which syntax: which
Display lists to which you are subscribed.
who syntax: who [<list>]
Display membership for a list.
help syntax: help
Send user the helpfile.
lists syntax: lists
Send list of mailing lists available on this site.
commands syntax: commands
Send list of available commands, providing a 'cheat sheet' for users. This takes into account any local plugins. (this file)
flags syntax: flags
Send list of available flags, providing a 'cheat sheet' for users. This takes into account any local plugins. (see here)
review syntax: review [<list>]
Displays current list statistics.
stats syntax: stats [<list>]
Displays current account configuration and statistics.
setaddy syntax: setaddy <address>
Reset address to same user on a sub-domain.
leave syntax: leave [<list>] [<user>]
Alias for unsubscribe.
join syntax: join [<list>] [<user>]
Alias for subscribe.
add syntax: add [<list>] [<user>]
Alias for subscribe.
remove syntax: remove [<list>] [<user>]
Alias for unsubscribe.
signoff syntax: signoff [<list>] [<user>]
Alias for unsubscribe.
del syntax: del [<list>] [<user>]
Alias for unsubscribe.
submodes syntax: submodes [<list>]
Show the admin specified subscription modes.
submode syntax: submode <mode> [<list>] [<user>]
Subscribe to a list in an admin specified mode.
subscribe syntax: subscribe [<list>] [<user>]
Subscribe to a list.
unsubscribe syntax: unsubcribe [<list>] [<user>]
Unsubscribe from a list.
appunsub syntax: appunsub <list> <address> <cookie>
Confirm unsubscription from list.
appsub syntax: appsub <list> <address> <cookie>
Confirm subscription to list.
set syntax: set [<list>] <flag>
Sets a user variable.
unset syntax: unset [<list>] <flag>
Unsets a user variable.
get syntax: get [<list>] <file>
Retrieve a specific file.
index syntax: index [<list>]
List available files.

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