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announcement - SEEcoop mailing list

Cultural Policies and Cultural Development in Southeastern Europe: New Realities and Challenges

SEEcoop Mailing List Flags

Flags are to be set by sending a set ocpa <flag> command (or removed by sending unset ocpa <flag>) in the body of a message addressed to ecartis@irmo.hr.

For further instructions, please see the help file or review the server commands.

  • DIGEST - User wants to receive digested version of list.
  • DIGEST2 - User wants to receive digested version of list and normal posts. This flag should be set instead of DIGEST, not in addition to it.
  • VACATION - User is on vacation; don't send mail until flag unset.
  • ACKPOST - Send small note that message was successfully received when messages are posted to list or sent to moderator.
  • ECHOPOST - Subscriber receives copies of his/her own posts.
  • HIDDEN - User won't show up in membership listings of the mailing list unless viewed by an administrator.

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Institute for International Relations