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Year 2006 Events

13th International Artists Residencies / Seminar

Csopak, Hungary, May-August 2006

The Hungarian Multicultural Center invites interested professional visual artists and writers from around the world to submit applications for its residency programmes to take place in Csopak, Hungary, on 22 May – 15 June, 19 June – 13 July, and 17 July – 10 August 2006 respectively.

Aiming to provide a supportive community with uninterrupted time to work to some 12 artists each, the residencies offer participants a unique opportunity to interact with other artists representing a variety of cultures and backgrounds. A studio equipped with basic tools, room, breakfast and lunch, transportation between Budapest and Balatonfured, exhibition and site seeing are included in the cost of $980. Artists are expected to give at least one informal public slide presentation about their work during their stay at the HMC and to leave one piece of work made during the residency as a donation to the HMC.

The deadline for entries is 30 January 2006.

For further inofrmation, please contact: Beata Szechy, Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc., P.O.Box 141374, Dallas, TX 75214, USA; tel.: 75214-1374; e-mail: bszechy@yahoo.com; http://www.hungarian-multicultural-center.com

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6th Manifesta Biennial of Contemporary Art

Nicosia, Cyprus, Fall 2006

The International Foundation Manifesta (IFM) will hold its 6th Manifesta Biennial of Contemporary Art in the autumn of 2006 in Nicosia, Cyprus, chosen for its capacity to serve as a starting point in guiding Manifesta through a two-year period of investigation around the geographical and conceptual frameworks of Europe at large, particularly with regard to its relationships with the Middle East and North Africa.

Abandoning the overtly political and bypassing contemporary art's recent obsession with global issues, the Foundation aims to temporarily position itself in this part of Europe; an area that is currently in a process of re-identification and reconciliation with both its immediate and more distant neighbours. Manifesta 6 in Nicosia, and the region, intends to serve as an indicator of change; challenging Manifesta as a biennial to change its specific format and create more intensive and binding relationships with local and regional producers and artistic community.

For more information, please contact: International Foundation Manifesta, European Biennial of Contemporary Art, PO Box 71722, 1008 DE Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 (0) 20 672 14 35; fax: +31 (0) 20 470 00 73; e-mail: secretariat@manifesta.org; http://www.manifesta.org/

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Master Studies in Cultural Promotion and Development

Coahuila, Mexico, January 2006

The Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico organizes virtual Master Studies in Cultural Promotion and Development. The objective of this four-semester programme is to train and professionalize cultural promoters in social action and the planning and administration of its development. Fields covered include public, private and community cultural management; cultural, social and educational institutions; tourism and culture; cultural industries; and international cultural cooperation.

Year-long classes are to be held in daily distance learning sessions, while a real-world session of six days per semester is planned for the last week of June. First semester lectures start on 16 January 2006.

Contact information: Santiago Chío Zulaica, Coordinador de Maestría, Coordinación General de Estudios de Postgrado e Investigación, Edificio "D" Unidad Camporredondo / Saltillo, Coahuila, México C.P. 25000; e-mail: uadec@dednet.net; www.dednet.net/institucion/uadec/publico/informacion_maestria.html

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Local Knowledge, Global Contexts: Mapping the Terrain of Qualitative Research in the 21st Century

19th Annual Conference on Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies
Athens, Georgia, USA, on 6-8 January 2006

The 19th Annual Conference on Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies entitled Local Knowledge, Global Contexts: Mapping the Terrain of Qualitative Research in the 21st Century will be organized by the Georgia Centre for Continuing Education in Athens, Georgia, USA, on 6-8 January 2006.

Through symposia, papers, panels, workshop and roundtable presentations, the event will look at the shifting political, economic and social landscapes in the face of technological innovations, the development of multinational corporate structures, and the growth in transnational population flows.

Contact: QUIG Conference, University of Georgia, 326 River's Crossing, Athens, GA 30602, USA; tel.: (706) 583-0573; fax: (706) 542-5873; e-mail: quigconf@uga.edu; www.gactr.uga.edu

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Second International Workshop on Art and Social Transformation

Arte Fiera 2006
Bologna, Italy, 27-30 January 2006

On the occasion of Arte Fiera 2006 at the Bologna Exhibition Centre, Cittadellarte / Fondazione Pistoletto and Artfactories are organising the Second International Workshop on issues related to art and social transformation in our society, to be held on 27-30 January 2006. Cultural operators, artists and researchers interested in sharing their own experiences on this topic are invited to participate in a round table with 8 to 10 participants.

Making a comparison between different creative experiences using the theoretical and practical objectives of interaction between people and social contexts, the workshop’s intention is to undertake a survey of the methods and processes developed through artistic projects aiming towards social transformation.

Projects proposed should find their inspiration from specific social problems and, through a network of community, of public and private sector bodies and institutions, realize new sites and platforms for reciprocal exchange and dialogue. The workshop will be a unique possibility of sharing, learning and analyzing in depth this type of projects.

Contact: Arte Fiera, BolognaFiere, Viale della Fiera 20, 40127 Bologna, Italy; tel.: +39 051 282.257; fax: +39 051/637.40.19; e-mail: artefiera@bolognafiere.it; www.artefiera.bolognafiere.it/index2.asp?m=2&l=2&ma=69

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XXII International Sarajevo Winter Festival

Contest Announcement
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 7 February - 21 March 2006

The XXII International Sarajevo Winter Festival will be held on 7 February – 21 March 2006, organized by the International Peace Center Sarajevo, member of the International Societies for Performing Arts (ISPA), the European Festival Association (EFA), and the Association of the Biennial of Young Artist of Europe and Mediterranean (BJCEM). In addition to a contest, the programme includes theatre performances, concerts, fine arts exhibitions, literary events, children's programmes, and panel discussions.

The first Sarajevo Winter Festival was held in 1984/85 - in the course of twenty one years a total of 984 Festival days were held, Sarajevo saw 2.519 performances and exhibitions with over 2.754,782 visitors and 23.267 participating artists from all parts of the world. The Sarajevo Winter Festival was continued even during the wartime, thus becoming a symbol of freedom of creativity and a place for familiarizing with diverse cultures and civilizations. The Sarajevo Winter Festival has been held under the patronage of the Council of Europe, UNESCO, the European Commission, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Sarajevo Canton, and the City of Sarajevo.

Together with the International Peace Center, the Festival initiated and organized the project Sarajevo, Cultural Center of Europe between December 1993 and March 1994. It is planned to renew the same initiative, promoting the project Sarajevo, Intercultural City of Council of Europe.

The main motto of this year's Festival contest is The Light. All primary and high school students, students of all Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world are invited to apply to this contest with one project each in the areas of fine arts, literature and video art. Three best and most creative projects will be awarded per category (primary schools, high schools, academies).

The deadline for applications is 28 February 2006, the contest results will be announced by 21 March 2006.

Applications, projects and biographies of the participants should be sent to: International Peace Center, Titova 9/a, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; tel.: +387 33 266 621, 33 207 948; fax: +387 33 266 630; e-mail: ibrosa@bih.net.ba; www.sarajevskazima.ba, www.ipcsa.ba

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7th Annual International Postgraduate Conference

London, UK, 16–18 February 2006

The School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, is organizing the seventh event in a series of conferences under the title Inclusion / Exclusion. This 7th Annual International Postgraduate Conference will focus on the issues concerned with Central and Eastern Europe and the countries of the Former Soviet Union. In particular, it will look at the phenomenon of inclusion and exclusion from the perspective of political, social, economic, as well as historical, literary and cultural studies.

The objective of the event is to develop an understanding of both Eastern and Western interpretations of the region as well as provide a forum for the ideas and concepts of postgraduate and post-doctoral students. The conference will also enable young researchers to develop practical research related skills useful for paper presentation and publication. It will present a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with peers and scholars from other parts of the region.

Postgraduate students from over 20 countries, speaking from a wide range of perspectives, will present papers on how change affects the way different groups come to be included or excluded from wider society. Panels will include Regional Economies, Business, Investment and Globalisation, EU Integration, Post-Communist Politics, Civil Society, Microregions, Minorities, Urban-Rural Divide, Literature, Nation Building, Linguistics, Gender, Religion, Media, Folklore and Technology.

Contact: PG Conference Committee, The School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT, UK; www.ucl.ac.uk/ssees-pgconf

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People in Place: Creative Cities, Creative Tourism

Melbourne, Australia, 20–22 February 2006

Planning to bring together around 450 business, political, community, media and creative industries leaders from around the world, the Government of Victoria and the Melbourne City Council are hosting the conference People in Place: Creative Cities, Creative Tourism, to be held in Melbourne, Australia, on 20–22 February 2006.

This not-for-profit event, geared towards generating new insights and new ways of thinking, is designed to advance our understanding of what makes certain cities vibrant hubs of creativity and innovation, and what makes them places to which people flock to live and work in or visit. It aims to develop hard edged and forward-looking action agendas to support opinion leaders, to guide future development planning and to act as a source of considered and respected input to Government policy makers, community groups and industry strategists.

The online presence at www.pip06.com will be an integral part of the conference, providing discussion forums, background resources, and regular bulletins. It will also become a way of ensuring that the ideas generated have a life beyond the event, encouraging ongoing interaction by participants, speakers and the wider community.

Contact: Conference Managers, Waldron Smith Management; tel.: +61 3 9645 6311; fax: +61 3 9645 6322; e-mail: info@wsm.com.au; www.pip06.com

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International Forum on the Social Science - Policy Nexus (IFSP)

Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, 20-24 February 2006

Aiming to bridge the gap between academic social science and policy communities, UNESCO, in conjunction with the Government of Argentina and with the support of a wide range of academic, policy, and NGO partners, proposes an innovative institutional format for the International Forum on the Social Science - Policy Nexus (IFSP), which is to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and, in parallel, in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 20-24 February 2006. Good social science, effectively used, is the key to meeting the challenges of social transformations.

The Forum will focus on four key thematic areas where social science expertise is crucial to effective policy intervention. Workshop proposals should address the relations between policy issues and social science research with respect to one of these four themes:

  • social policies,
  • decentralization and urban policies,
  • global issues and dynamics,
  • regional integrations.

Proposals for workshops are invited from academic institutions, government, non-governmental and international organizations, and other relevant institutions. Purely individual proposals cannot be considered for inclusion in the programme. The deadline for submission of applications is 15 April 2005.

Contact information: Secretariat of the IFSP International Steering Committee, attn: Christina von Furstenberg, UNESCO, SHS/SRP, 1 rue Miollis, 75732 Paris CEDEX 15, France; e-mail: ifsp@unesco.org; http://www.unesco.org/shs/ifsp

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New Cultural Centres in Europe

International Conference on Cultural Management
Bilbao, Spain, 22 – 24 February 2006

With the International Conference on Cultural Management, to be held in Bilbao, Spain, on 22-24 February 2006 under the title New Cultural Centres in Europe, the Grupo Xabide, Cultural Management and Global Communications aims to establish, within the framework of the 5th Private Initiative and the Public Sector in Cultural Management conference, a debate forum on the value and importance of cultural centres in the modern world.

Having invited key European speakers to participate in order to share some of the most important experiences and novelties regarding cultural facilities on the continent, the main objectives of this event are to analyse those fields related to the value of cultural facilities and their relationship with different dimensions of cultural and territorial management, highlighting the following aspects:

  • new cultural centres of the 21st century, from a historical perspective,
  • cultural centres as transformers of cities,
  • architecture and cultural centres,
  • new cultural facilities linked to social participation: cultural facilities as vehicles for awareness raising and re-politicisation,
  • analysis of new target publics for cultural centres,
  • management formulas for cultural centres,
  • experience of private management,
  • financing sources of cultural equipment,
  • quality programming in centres: urban culture, multicultural aspects, education, etc., and
  • territorial impact / local development.

Keynote presentations, papers, presentations of experiences, round table debates and technical visits are aimed at:

  • managers and professionals working with cultural centres at an international level,
  • companies and professionals in the field of cultural management working within diverse sectors: cultural heritage, plastic and visual arts, performance arts, music, education, communication and socio-cultural management, among others,
  • cultural management professionals working in both the Public Administration and the business sector,
  • professionals and directors of foundations and cultural associations,
  • architects and town planners working on cultural and territorial development projects, mainly in the design of facilities for culture and the arts, and
  • researchers and teachers working in the field of cultural management, cultural policies, education, communication and social participation.

Contact: Sergio Martínez Fernández, Gabinete de prensa, Grupo Xabide, tel.: +34 945 12 14 03; e-mail: prensa@grupoxabide.es; www.grupoaxbide.es/congresos

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M1 Singapore Fringe Festival

Call for Applications
Singapore, 22 February – 5 March 2006

The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, an annual festival of theatre, performance arts, film, dance, visual arts, mixed media, music and forum created and presented by Singaporean and international artists, will present the best of contemporary, cutting-edge and socially engaged works between 22 February and 5 March 2006 under the title of Art & Healing.

The Festival is set to be a creative centre with a twin-purpose of innovation and discussion, a platform for meaningful and provocative art to engage our increasingly connected and complex world.

Closing deadline for applications is 15 July 2005. Successful applicants will be informed by 15 September 2005.

More details: M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, 278 Marine Parade Road, #B1-02 Marine Parade Community Building, Singapore 449282; tel.: +65 6440 8115; fax: +65 6440 9002; e-mail: info@singaporefringe.com; www.singaporefringe.com

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Social Innovation in the Cultural Process: Art of Management

Second International Correspondent Conference
Samara, Russia, 27 - 28 February 2006

The Samara Branch of the Moscow State University of Service is organizing the Second International Correspondent Conference entitled Social Innovation in Cultural Process: Art of Management to be held in Samara, Russia on 27 - 28 February 2006. Multicultural diversity, social transformation, economical integration, globalization and informatization will be examined as key forces impacting on culture. The conference will review the effect of social innovation and globalization on cultural processes in a variety of fields, including intercultural encounters, social technologies, public communication, tourism, people's diplomacy, management of cultural policy, indegenous andlocal communities, and anthropological studies of transitional societies.

Preferred areas and topics will include managing of cultural dynamics, combating non-violence and xenophobia, intercultural reconciliation and social partnership, cultural service and hospitality, social reforming and historical experience, tourism and cultural heritage, cultural tourism and cultural industry, managing an open and strategic approach in culture, multicultural policy, culture in transition, innovations in social projecting, and anthropological strategies for the development and survival.

Papers may be presented in English, Russian, French, German (2500-3000 words), and abstracts of 150-200 words should be e-mailed by 31 January 2006.

Contact: Dr.Vladimir Ionesov, P.O. Box 3004, RU-443099 Samara, Russia; tel./fax: 846 264 17 11; e-mail: acdis@mail.ru or inservice@list.ru

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Interdisciplinary Dialogues in Arts Education

Viseu, Portugal, 1-5 March 2006

The International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) announces its international congress entitled Interdisciplinary Dialogues in Arts Education, to be held in Viseu, Portugal, on 1-5 March 2006.

Aimed at teachers, museum educators, curators and others involved in arts education, the Congress will stress the importance of arts education and its contribution to the full development of human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Artists, educators and researchers of arts education will be invited to make keynote presentations, while parallel sessions will include round tables, communications and workshops. The main conference themes are:

  • Arts Education and Contemporary Societies - Contributions from diverse areas of artistic practice on the role of arts education in contemporary societies are invited, exploring the relevance of arts education in relation to fostering social inclusion, group identity and greater tolerance of cultural diversity.
  • Arts Education and Peace - What contribution can arts education make to World peace?
  • Arts and New Technologies - The congress invites contributions that explore innovative and interdisciplinary applications of technologies and international projects that involve cross-cultural technology-based research and practice.

Conclusions from the Congress will be presented in Lisbon at the UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education immediately following the event.

The deadline for paper texts is 31 December 2005.

For more details, please contact: Teresa Eça, Av. S. Pedro 114 Routar, 3510-839 Torredeita, Portugal; tel.: +351 232 996922, +351 96 6265457; e-mail: teresatorreseca@sapo.pt or
Madalena Esteves Correia, Escola Superior de Tecnologia, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu, DeMAD (Departamento de Engenharia de Madeiras), Campus Politécnico de Repeses, 3504-510 Viseu, Protugal; tel.: +351 232 422104; mob: +351 96 6116710; e-mail: mecorreia@demad.estv.ipv.pt; http://insea2006.apecv.pt

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Building Creative Capacities for the 21st Century

World Conference on Arts Education
Lisbon, Portugal, 6-9 March 2006

Under the title Building Creative Capacities for the 21st Century, UNESCO and the Government of Portugal, in collaboration with NGOs such as INSEA, ISME, IDEA and IE, will hold this World Conference on Arts Education in Lisbon, Portugal, on 6-9 March 2006.

Aiming to bring together representatives of Ministries of Education and/or Culture from the UNESCO Member States, as well as experts, practitioners and researchers by invitation, the Conference will concentrate on arts education, referring to the teaching of arts practices (visual arts, performing arts, dance, music, theatre, creative writing and poetry).

The goal of the Conference is to define a common understanding of the meaning of quality arts education and to strengthen creativity in the teaching of arts practices, thus improving learning abilities of students from social and economic underprivileged areas. A final declaration will reiterate that arts education disciplines are important learning topics in themselves and moreover have an impact on children's and adolescents' intellectual and personal development, as well as on their ethical and social behaviour.

The four main themes to be addressed are Advocacy, The Impact of Arts Education, Strategies for Promoting Arts Education Policies, and Teachers' Training.

UNESCO is welcoming contributions that will be posted on the LEA International website to serve as resource material for the Conference. Though the selection of papers will not secure an invitation to attend the Conference, specialists and educators who are willing to contribute to the contents of the Conference are invited to submit their papers, case studies, research or examples of good practice in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese on one of the following themes:

  • The importance of arts education (advocacy) - social and economic global contexts and the fundamental changes in educational systems; redefining artistic/scientific thinking; knowledge society and interdisciplinary thinking; cultural diversity; paradigm shifts;
  • The impact of arts education on social and cultural issues - social cohesion; social integration; values and identities; violence/conflict resolution; heritage; tolerance; global/local identities; intercultural dialogue; health; HIV/Aids;
  • New literacy in the arts fields - creativity; critical judgement and redefinition of the arts through the impact of new technology; aesthetics of communication; technology/emerging media;
  • Teachers' training / Teaching methods - curriculum; pedagogy; assessment/evaluation; quality practices; quality education in the arts practices fields;
  • Economic impact of arts education - cost effectiveness: arts education/dropout, failure, repetition costs in the school environment; competences needed for creative industries (arts, crafts, design, media and services); and
  • Human resources and partnerships - teachers' training, artists, leaders, community, children/peers, mentoring, tutoring, industry, museums/galleries, cultural institutions, inside/outside schools, policy-makers, business fraternity.

For more details, please contact: Christina Human, Division of the Arts and Cultural Enterprises, Cultural Sector, UNESCO; tel.: +33-(0)1-45 68 42 15; fax: +33 (0) 1 45 68 55 89; e-mail: c.human@unesco.org or eduarts@unesco.org; www.unesco.org/culture/lea

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Cultural Diversity: The European Experience

Birmingham, UK, 14 March 2006

EUCLID, the UK's EU Cultural Contact Point, announces a conference entitled Cultural Diversity: The European Experience, to be held in Birmingham, UK, on 14 March 2006. Exploring the strategies and policies for cultural diversity in Europe, delegates will hear about specific projects and initiatives that seek to promote cultural diversity and address the challenges of contemporary European society. The conference also aims to explore new links and opportunities for co-operation and learning.

Speakers include: Joost Smiers (Professor of Political Science of the Arts, Utrecht School of Arts and author of Arts Under Pressure), Magdalena Kulikowska (Project Co-ordinator, Pro Cultura Foundation), Simona Bodo (Researcher, Italy, also member of Board of CIRCLE), János Zoltán Szabó (Research Officer, The Budapest Observatory), Johannes Studinger (Media, Entertainment & Arts Sector of Union Network International), Tsveta Andreeva (European Integration and International Cooperation Directorate, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria), Samenua Sesher (Director, decibel, Arts Council England), Tim Bryan (Director, Culture West Midlands), SuAndi (Director, Black Arts Alliance), Ellen Collins (Editor of Diversity Manifesto, National Campaign for the Arts), Nina Obuljen (Assistant Minister for International Relations and EU Affairs, Ministry of Culture of Croatia), Representative from UNESCO (responsible for the Universal Declaration of Cultural Diversity).

For further information contact: louise@euclid.info. A booking form is available at the EUCLID website.

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Tourism and the Roots / Routes of Religious Festivity

Call for Paper Proposals
CFP Journeys of Expression V
Belfast, UK, 13-15 March 2006

In the fifth of a continuing conference series exploring the multi-faceted relationships between tourism and festivals, Journeys of Expression aims to discuss touristic practices in relation to forms of traditional and contemporary religious festivity. The conference entitled Tourism and the Roots / Routes of Religious Festivity, to be held in Belfast, UK on 13-15 March 2006, seeks to examine the meanings and roots of religious festivity within the context of tourism and related studies, the ways by which tourists arrive at, and consume religious festivity, and the ways in which touristic practice encounters, and in some instances shapes, the religious.

In a world apparently struggling with the boundaries of 'the religious', we are interested in the social practice of tourism, as a spatial displacement of the human body creating, a priori, a liminal space for mental and physical recreation. Indicative themes of the conference include:

  • Defining Religious Festivity: Genesis, Genealogy and Displacement,
  • Tourism, Pilgrimage and Travel Liturgies: Variations and Continuity of the 'Sacred Journey' in the Contemporary World,
  • Tourism and Transnational Festival Spaces: Festive Ostentation, Sacrifice, Transgression and Exchange in the Contemporary World,
  • Festive Economics / Politics of Making Visible: Religious Symbols, Discourse and the Formulation of Social Spaces / Boundaries in the Contemporary World,
  • Material Diasporas: Tourism Souvenirs and Meanings,
  • Tourism, Intersubjective Encounters and Power Relations in Religious Festivals, and
  • The Continuity / End of War and Conflict: From Paradigms of Clash to Paradigms of Peace?

The conference is designed to be a discussion-led, small scale event hosting approximately 50-70 international delegates. Paper proposals are welcome by academics from various disciplinary backgrounds including tourism studies, anthropology, cultural studies, cultural geography, theology, philosophy, performance studies, cultural economics, politics, etc. Please send a 300-word abstract with full address and institutional affiliation details as an electronic file to Daniela Carl no later than 20 Febuary 2006.

Contact: Professor Mike Robinson, Director, Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK; www.tourism-culture.com

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Economics of the Performing Arts: Fundamental Models and Contemporary Views

St. Petersburg, Russia, 16-19 March 2006

Organized by Interstudio, the Federal institute for the Professional Development in Culture, the conference entitled Economics of the Performing Arts: Fundamental Models and Contemporary Views, taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 16-19 March 2006, invites experts in the arts, teachers, scholars, members of creative unions and professional associations, officers of the cultural sector and all those interested in the socio-economical problems of culture to discuss issues relevant to the performing arts' business.

Continuing a series of the events and actions, held as a part of a long-term project under the title The Yufit Assemblies which was started in January 2001, this year's theme is inspired by the upcoming publication of Performing Arts - The Economic Dilemma: 40 Years After, which will be presented within the framework of the conference. This book is based on the classical work by William J. Baumol and William G. Bowen on the economics of the arts (New York, 1966), published in Russian for the first time.

The main topics of the conference are:

  • the place of the performing arts in the contemporary cultural process,
  • Athe adience of the performing arts yesterday, today and tomorrow: tendencies of the changes,
  • price as the marketing instrument and social regulator of the consumption: main trends of the pricing policy,
  • the income-expense structure of the performing arts institutions: old and new regularities, and
  • sources and mechanisms of the performing arts' financing.

250 word-abstracts should be sent by 17 February 2006.

For further information contact: Interstudio Conference, Nevsky prospect, 86, of.93, St. Petersburg, 191025 Russia; tel./fax: +7 (812) 275-3709, 275-4221; e-mail: conference@interstudio.ru; http://www.interstudio.ru/eng/ufit.htm

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Analysis of Methodologies Used by Cultural Observatoires and Statistical Centres. Guidelines for Trainers and Researchers

ENCATC Thematic Workshop
Bilbao, Spain on 23-24 March 2006

ENCATC invites participation in its Thematic Workshop entitled Analysis of Methodologies Used by Cultural Observatories and Statistical Centres - Guidelines for Trainers and Researchers, to be held in Bilbao, Spain on 23 and 24 March 2006.

The event is expected to attract ENCATC members, representatives from cultural observatories and research organisations as well as politicians and experts from international, European and national institutions. The aim is to explore:

  • the challenges and the opportunities for reserchers, managers and trainers in the collection, analysis, and evaluation and interpretation of cultural data;
  • the relationship between training programs, cultural observatories and research on cultural policy and management; and
  • how cultural data gathered by cultural observatories influence the decision process of European institutions.

The number of places available for this workshop is limited to 30 participants, the registration deadline is 10 March 2006. A very limited number of travel grants is available to members from Central and Eastern European countries through the Thomassen Fund.

Contact: Mrs. Giannalia Cogliandro, European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres, tel.: +32 2 201 29 12; fax: +32 2 203 02 26; e-mail: g.cogliandro@encatc.org; http://www.encatc.org or
Mrs. Cristina Ortega Nuere, Instituto de Estudios de Ocio, Universidad de Deusto; tel.: 944139000, ext. 2862; e-mail: cortega@ocio.deusto.es

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Art - Place - Technology

International Symposium on Curating New Media Art
Liverpool, UK, on 30 March - 1 April 2006

Organized by the Liverpool School of Art & Design and the FACT Centre Liverpool, the International Symposium on Curating New Media Art entitled Art – Place - Technology, to be held in Liverpool, UK, on 30 March - 1 April 2006, will look at historical and current projects by some of the world's leading curators of new media art, and discuss how curating new media art creates interfaces with the art world, museum culture, media, publishing and academia.

The Symposium will feature talks, presentations and workshops by internationally renowned curators and theorists who are shaping the practice and theory of curating new media art.

Contact: tel.: +44 (0)151 231 5190; e-mail: APT@ljmu.ac.uk; www.art-place-technology.org

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The New Frontiers of Europe. International, Inter-ethnic and Inter-confessional Relations

Cluj, Romania, April 2006

The Faculty of European Studies of the Babeº-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, announces the first call for papers for a conference entitled The New Frontiers of Europe - International, Inter-ethnic and Inter-confessional Relations, to be held in April 2006. Papers should be appropriate for inclusion in one of the three main sections of the conference, to discuss international relations, inter-ethnic relations, and inter-confessional relations.

A 100-word abstract should be sent to conference@euro.ubbcluj.ro by 1 December 2005.

Contacts: Professor Michael Shafir, PhD, Faculty of European Studies, Babeº-Bolyai University, 1, Emmanuel de Martonne St., 400090 Cluj, Romania; tel.: + 40 (0) 264 590 251; fax: + 40 (0) 264 590 251; e-mail: shafirm@euro.ubbcluj.ro or
Laura Herta Gongola, Faculty of European Studies, Babeº-Bolyai University, 1, Emmanuel de Martonne St., 400090 Cluj, Romania; tel: + 40 (0) 264 405300 ext. 5969; fax: + 40 (0) 264 590 251; e-mail: lauragongola@yahoo.com; www.euro.ubbcluj.ro

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International Trumpet Festival Wales (ITFW)

Call for Participation
Swansea, UK, 7–9 April 2006

Set to take place on 7-9 April 2006 at Swansea University, Wales, UK, the International Trumpet Festival Wales (ITFW) will offer senior students, under-graduates and graduates an opportunity to explore all forms of trumpet and cornet performance in a fusion of genres from jazz to orchestral. This event with world renowned tutors, master classes and concerts will also provide opportunities for participating students to perform with their tutors in public performance.

UK's premier International Trumpet Festival with world renowned leading artists celebrats the Trumpet/Cornet - brass culture and offers expert tuition and performance opportunities with master classes, as well as forums and symposiums on all aspects of performance techniques. Application deadline is 28 February 2006.

Contact: Kapitol Promotions/ITFW, P. Morris, P.O. Box 53, Penarth South Glamorgan, CF64 5XY, UK; tel.: +44 2920 704325; e-mail: morrisbrass@btopenworld.com, itfw@onetel.com; http://www.itfw.biz/

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Europe for Intercultural Dialogue

Granada, Spain, 27-28 April 2006

Organized by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, this meeting represents the peak of a series of meetings that have been held in recent years with a view to promoting the process of European construction and citizen integration, highlighting the role of culture. These meetings have become an interesting opinion forum where leaders, professionals and other agents related to the sector of cultural policy reflect on the value of Culture in Europe and its role as a "structural element of unity".

The central focus of the current conference, to be held in Granada, Spain on 27-28 April 2006, will be the dialogue between cultures within Europe and beyond, in accordance with the European Commission's project to make 2008 the Year of Intercultural Dialogue and the departure point will be the fact that culture nowadays is a factor of cohesion, growth, identity, dialogue between peoples and quality of life. The three levels on which interculturality takes place must be taken into consideration: within each country, between the various European countries and between Europe and the rest of the world.

The meeting will be structured in work sessions on the intercultural dialogue between Europe and third parties, paying special attention to the Euromediterranean and Iberoamerican contexts, the participation of civil society in intercultural dialogue, the role of the regions and local corporations in this task and the mechanisms for the exchange of cultural goods, services and agents.

Contact: Dirección General de Cooperación y Comunicación Cultural, Ministerio de Cultura, Plaza del Rey 1, 28004 Madrid, Spain; e-mail: rosario.vaillo@dgcc.mcu.es; www.mcu.es/cooperacion/dialogoIntercul/indexen.html

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Second Annual Graduate Symposium in Modern and Contemporary Art

Call for Papers
New York, USA, 28–29 April 2006

MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, seeks submissions for its Second Annual Graduate Symposium in Modern and Contemporary Art entitled World Art - Art World: Changing Perspectives on Modern and Contemporary Art, to be held in New York, USA, on 28–29 April 2006.

Seeking papers that draw on a variety of disciplines and approaches to address histories of world art and emerging trends in the contemporary art world, while focusing on specific works or projects, the symposium will examine the effects of accelerated globalization on art and scholarship. Papers presented and discussed will address new forms, subjects, and interpretations of world art and culture.

Submissions should be postmarked no later than 13 January 2006. Eligibility is limited to graduate students who hold at least an MA in art history or other related disciplines. PhD candidates who have completed their MA requirements, PhD's, and recent postdoctorates (within the last two years) are also encouraged to apply.

For more information, please see www.moma.org/education/symposium.html or call/e-mail 212-708-9727, Amy_Horschak@moma.org

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National Arts Marketing Project Conference

Los Angeles, California, USA, 29 April - 2 May 2006

Organized by the Arts & Business Council of Americans for the Arts, the 2006 National Arts Marketing Project Conference, to be held in Los Angeles, USA, on 29 April - 2 May 2006, will focus on successful strategies for earned income and audience development. Sessions will highlight strategies and tactics in branding, high-tech e-marketing, guerilla tactics on a budget, researching diverse audiences, and collaborations from organizations of all art forms and all sizes.

The conference includes intensive workshops, plenary sessions, roundtable discussions with peers, and sponsorship clinics led by top marketing experts from across the United States. Education sessions address marketing, technology, and sponsorship strategies that focus on both leveraging the latest in arts marketing strategies and tactics while making marketing dollars work harder to grow and retain new audiences.

Contact: Ms. Jay House, Private Sector Programs Coordinator, Americans for the Arts, One East 53rd Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10022, USA; tel.: 212 223 2787; fax: 212 980 4857; e-mail: jhouse@artsusa.org; www.AmericansForTheArts.org/NAMPC

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The Politics of Arts & Culture: International Perspectives

Feature Workshop
New York, New York, USA, May - June 2006

Organized by the Center for Educational Outreach & Innovation and Teachers College, Columbia University's Program in Arts Administration, the feature workshop entitled The Politics of Arts & Culture: International Perspectives, to be held on 23-26, 30, 31 May and 1, 6-8 June 2006, is intended for professionals, students, and those interested in understanding how global change can affect us. Students will learn about Cultural Entrepreneurship, The Perils of Privatization, Politics of Identity, Models of Cultural Policy and policies in Canada, France, Mexico, Russia, Scandinavia, Uzbekistan and the US, among others, from Scholar-in-Residence Kevin Mulcahy, Sheldon Beychok Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Louisiana State University.

Participants are invited to acquire knowledge for career advancement, professional development and personal enrichment by engaging in a lively and important discussion at one of the foremost educational institutions in the world, discussing issues such as:

  • Are cultural policies relevant to today's realities?
  • When is culture synonymous with identity and/or ideology?
  • Is cultural policy another kind of economic policy?
  • Are artists the drivers or the pawns of cultural policies?

Flexible study options are offered, accomodating both non-credit and credit student through a three-module concept:

  • Module 1 - Concepts of Culture ($400)
  • Module 2 - Cultural Ideologies ($375)
  • Module 3 - Cultural Policies ($375)

Non-credit students may opt to take 1, 2, or all 3 modules. The course is also available for 3 credits at $935 per credit. On-line registration for non-credit students is now available, cedit registration begins on 17 April 2006.

Contact: Joan Jeffri, Teachers College, Columbia University, Box 132, 525 West 120th Street, New York, NY 10027, USA; tel.: 212.678.3268; e-mail: arad@columbia.edu; www.tc.edu/ceoi/summer06/politicsarts/

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The Summer Institute

San Francisco, California, USA, May – August 2006

The San Francisco Art Institute announces The Summer Institute, an extensive schedule of interdisciplinary art education programmes taking place at the Institute from May through August 2006. Courses for credit include over 40 art history, critical studies, studio, and study/travel courses taught by leading artists and scholars.

For details, please see www.sfai.edu/News/NewsDetail.aspx

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16th EUnetART Annual Meeting

Zurich, Switzerland, 10-14 May 2006

Gathering members of the European Network of Art Organizations for Children and Young People to exchange ideas, explore each other's working methods and to lay the bases for collaborative projects, the 16th EUnetART Annual Meeting will be held in Zurich, Switzerland on 10-14 May 2006.

The themes of the meeting will be:

  • artistic work inside and outside schools,
  • the relationship between process and outcome,
  • virtual worlds and real experiences, and
  • do children need a separate space for art and culture?

Contact: Mariëlle Miège, Nikkie Koper and Tanja Mlaker; tel.: + 31.20.624 95 83; e-mail: postmaster@eunetart.org; www.eunetart.org/

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Suburban Developments of the Recent Past: Visions – Realities – Futures

Third International Course on the Conservation of Modern Architecture (MARC 2006)
Helsinki, Finland, 13 May – 9 June 2006

Applications are open for the international course on Suburban Developments of the Recent Past: Visions – Realities – Futures, to take place in Helsinki, Finland, on 13 May – 9 June 2006. Rather than focusing on individual architectural masterpieces as previous courses have done, the MARC 2006 course will concentrate on the conservation problems of everyday suburbs built in the 1960s and 1970s, including technical, landscape, and social aspects.

The course is an intensive programme combining theory and practice through lectures, practical fieldwork and study tours to Scandinavia and Estonia. At its conclusion, participants will be able to identify values, recognize and evaluate ideas and contexts, and understand problems and solutions related to the urban, architectural, technical, material, and structural aspects of industrialized suburban housing developments of the recent past. Furthermore, participants will be able to better understand the essential elements of the decision-making process for conservation, and be able to develop arguments for the conservation of the modern built heritage, including the means to communicate them.

Application deadline is 15 November 2005.

For more details, please contact: Alvar Aalto Academy, Tiilimäki 20, FI 00330 Helsinki, Finland; tel.: +358 (0)9 480 123; fax: +358 (0)9 485 119; e-mail: academy@alvaraalto.fi; www.alvaraalto.fi/academy/

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European Atelier for Young Festival Managers

Call for Interest
Görlitz, Germany, 15-21 May 2006

The European Festival Association (EFA) is launching the European Atelier, a management training programme for young festival managers, designed for those working in the programming department or those who have the ambition to enrol a function in the artistic department of a festival. The first edition is to take place in Görlitz, Germany, on 15-21 May 2006.

The essence of a festival is the artistic production: Aartistic matters in an international environment. The Atelier will focus on the artistic dimension and the role of festivals in the development of the arts as well as on the co-operation with the artists. Artistic co-operation, networking, internationalizing, contextualization, programming, the building of identity of a festival, the future of festivals, etc are just some of the items to be touched on.

About 40 young festival managers will meet for five days to work in topical-based working groups, attend lectures and debates, learn from case studies and implement practical activities. Round tables, informal talks and contacts with the artists and with leading cultural institutions and arts houses located in the region create an outstanding opportunity for young festival operators to improve their skills in various environments. In other words: pragmatic know-how combined with a high degree of conceptual content in the management discipline is the guideline to the Atelier.

Application deadline is 3 April 2006, the application form is available online. The preferred age of participants is 30.

For details, please contact: European Festivals Association, Kleine Gentstraat 46, B-9051 Gent, Belgium; tel.: +32 9 241 8082; fax: +32 9 241 8089; e-mail: Kathrin@efa-aef.org; www.efa-aef.org/efahome/atelier.cfm

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Preparing Cinderella

Debate on European Citizenship
Brussels, Belgium, 24 May 2006

Under the title Preparing Cinderella, European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer are co-organizing a debate on the recent case law and legislation related to Eureopan Citizenship. The debate will be held on the eve of the European Foundation Centre’s annual general assembly on 24 May 2006 in Brussels.

Expecting to attract representatives of NGOs, foundations and regions involved with policy debates and projects, academic and practising lawyers specialising in European Union law with an interest in free movement of people and migration, and officials and politicians in the European institutions involved with free movement and citizens rights, the seminar will show that despite appearances, European citizenship is developing as a concept on a twin track approach of the case law of the European Court of Justice and the European citizenship directive.

To register for the free debate, please contact: Calmejane Nathalie, Conference Organiser, European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), rue du Prince Royal, 83, B - 1050 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: +32 2 5489827, +32 2 5120113; fax: 32 2 5119087; e-mail: conference@ecas.org; www.ecas.org/news/667/default.aspx?id=161

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Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges

Cracow, Poland, 24-28 May 2006

Marking the 15th anniversary of the International Cultural Centre, this international meeting of renowned experts in the area of heritage conservation, preservation and management will take place in Cracow, Poland on 24-28 May 2006 under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and ICOMOS International.

The symposium will concentrate around three main problem areas:

  • Heritage and transformation. The Central and Eastern European experience - the unique historical experience, combining both the fall of communism and political and economic transformation will be presented in an international context, enriching the global discussion about the understanding of heritage and its usage.
  • Towards the global philosophy of heritage conservation (prepared in cooperation with ICOMOS) - a discourse on the theoretical aspects of cultural property. The concept of "authenticity" constitutes an important aspect of the dialogue between the West and the East, enriched by the exchange of ideas between the North and the South on intangible values of heritage.
  • New trends in the management of heritage institutions - the changes of the information society require transformations of the approach to heritage, its management, interpretation and presentation, redefining the role of audience and better understanding of its needs.

Contact: Anniversary Conference, Organising Committee, International Cultural Centre, Rynek G³ówny 25, 31-008 Cracow, Poland; tel.: +48 12 42 42 807, 808; fax: +48 12 42 18 571; e-mail: murzynm@mck.krakow.pl; www.mck.krakow.pl/conference/

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Arts Education and Lifelong Learning

Les Rencontres de Patras
Patras, Greece, 30 May - 2 June 2006

Les Recontres, the Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture announces Les Recontres de Patras on Arts Education and Lifelong Learning to take place from 30 May to 02 June 2006 in Patras, Greece.

In addition fto four workshops, four plenary sessions will be held on:

  • Arts Education and Citizens
  • Arts Education and the building of a European community
  • The Olympic spirit, as a basis for citizens’ education?
  • European perspectives for lifelong artistic learning?

Contact: Les Rencontres, Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture, 8 villa d'Alèsia, 75014 Paris, France; tel.: +33 1 56 54 26 33; fax: +33 1 45 38 70 13; e-mail: info@lesencontres.org; www.lesencontres.org/patras/

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Backyard Residencies

New Program of Artists’ Residences in South-East Europe
Iasi, Romania; Istanbul, Turkey; Novi Sad / Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro; June 2006 - June 2007

The objective of the Backyard Residencies is to interconnect and link artists and local art scenes in South Eastern Europe in order to provoke artistic research. Twelve selected artists will be offered six- to eight-week residencies at three prestigious arts institutions in Romania (Vector Association), Serbia and Montenegro (New Media Center_kuda.org) and Turkey (Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Centre).

The program is open for applicants from the following countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. For details, please see http://www.kuda.org/BACKYARD%20call%20for%20applications.pdf.

Deadline for applications is 1 May 2006. An online application form is available at http://www.kuda.org/BACKYARD%20application%20form.pdf.

Contact: kuda.org, Centar za nove medije, Braæe Mogin 2, PO Box 22, 21113 Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro; tel./fax: +381 21 512 227; e-mail: office@kuda.org; www.kuda.org

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1st Balkan Performing Arts Market

Call for Participation
Thessaloniki, Greece, 1 - 4 June 2006

Intending to provide an important instrument for the promotion of Balkan artists in the European and international market, the Hellenic Culture Organization invites performing arts organizations, groups and independent artists from all Balkan countries, namely Albania, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, FYROM, Greece, Moldova, Serbia – Montenegro, Slovenia and Turkey, to participate at the 1st Balkan Performing Arts Market (BPAM), to take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 1 – 4 June 2006. The event also addresses festival directors, programmers and production companies from all over the world, providing them with the opportunities to explore a most dynamic and quite unknown cultural environment by getting in touch with artists and groups of all Balkan countries.

Within the framework of BPAM, an international conference on the cultural reality of the Balkans and a structured showcases programme will also take place.

The deadline for preliminary booking is 28 February 2006. Applications will be treated in a priority order. Wishing to facilitate an overall participation from all Balkan and other European countries, the Hellenic Culture Organization has decided to grant the exhibitors' fees, showcase fees and conference fees for all participants. Traveling and accommodation expenses are to be covered by the participants.

Exhibition and showcase booking forms are available from the following address: Hellenic Culture Organization, Department of Programme Realization, 42 Bouboulinas st, 106 82 Athens, Greece; tel.: +30 210 8894 842; fax: +30 210 8894 855; e-mail: adiapouli@hch.culture.gr

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Promoting Cultural Education in Europe. A contribution to Participation, Innovation and Quality

Graz, Austria, 8–10 June 2006

In the context of the Austrian EU-presidency, a European specialist conference will be held in Graz, Austria on 08–10 June 2006 under the title Promoting Cultural Education in Europe. A Contribution to Participation, Innovation and Quality. The event is taking place against this background of the current European discussion and the related challenges to the education and training systems.

In the framework of the conference various and diverse aspects of cultural education will be discussed against the three main points of emphasis: "participation", "innovation" and "quality". The possible contribution of cultural education both in the school and the out-of-school spheres to these issues (life-long learning, social inclusion, cultural identities, civic education / European citizenship, key competencies etc.) – relevant also at a European level – will be discussed in order to clarify the importance of cultural education in and for European society.

As a run-up to the conference a pre-conference reader will be issued, which is intended to serve as a preparatory basis for the forums and discussions. The reader will present an overview of developments and trends in cultural education, showing the connections between elements of the cultural education issue and the national policies of the EU member states.

Contact: Barbara Neundlinger, KulturKontakt Austria; Universitätsstraße 5; 1010 Vienna, Austria; tel.: +43 1 5238765-22; fax: +43 1 5238765-20, +43 1 5238933; e-mail: barbara.neundlinger@kulturkontakt.or.at; www.kulturkontakt.or.at; www.conference-cultural-education.at

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Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

Skowhegan, Maine, USA, 10 June – 12 August 2006

The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture announces its 2006 summer session to take place on 10 June – 12 August 2006. This intensive nine-week summer residency programme for emerging visual artists aims to offer an exceptionally stimulating and rigorous environment to support artistic creation and interaction. Artists are provided with a concentrated period of work, created with the support and critical assistance of a distinguished faculty of Resident and Visiting Artists. This year's Faculty of distinguished artists reflects a broad formal and conceptual spectrum of approaches to art-making.

Founded in 1946 by artists, and still governed by artists for artists, the program provides an atmosphere in which participants are encouraged to work and explore free of the expectations of the marketplace and academia. Through its admissions process Skowhegan seeks to bring together a gifted and diverse group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to art-making and inquiry.

Sixty-five participants are accepted annually. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age. An academic background in art is not required. The admissions panels consider both those who are enrolled in academic programs, and artists who have been working independently.

Skowhegan's financial assistance program helps insure that artists accepted to the School may participate regardless of their financial status. A variety of full and partial scholarships are available to those who provide evidence of financial need.

Application deadline is 1 February 2006.

Contact: Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, 200 Park Avenue South, Suite 1116, New York, NY 10003-1503, USA; tel.: 212 529 0505; fax: 212 473 1342; e-mail: mail@skowheganart.org; www.skowheganart.org

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World Summit on Arts and Culture - Transforming Places, Transforming Lives

Call for Speakers
NewcastleGateshead, UK, 14 - 18 June 2006

The World Summit on Arts and Culture entitled Transforming Places, Transforming Lives, hosted by the Arts Council England and organised in partnership with the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), will take place in NewcastleGateshead, England between 14 and 18 June 2006, focusing on the theme of regeneration through arts and culture. The event aimed at cultural leaders, policy makers and regeneration managers provides a unique opportunity to share global best practice cases and to discuss the broad issues affecting arts and cultural regeneration, including:

  • Transforming Places – regeneration of the physical environment (places, spaces, buildings, cityscapes, rural environments),
  • Transforming Lives – regeneration of the social environment (people, pride, identity, communities, spirit, diversity, migration, culture),and
  • Transforming economies – regeneration of the economy (investing in creative industries, artists' economies, cultural tourism).

As well as hearing from international keynote speakers and panelists, the Summit will feature case studies from across the world. Delegates from the arts, government agencies, international trusts and communities in over 50 countries will provide inspirational examples of transformation of places and people's lives through arts and culture.

The organizers are looking for inspirational keynote speakers, panel members and practical case studies from experts across the world. The deadline for the first call for speakers/case studies is Friday 30 September 2005. Submissions should include a 200-word description of the planned presentation and your background/expertise along with your contact details.

For further information, see http://www.artsummit.org.

Contact: Susie Hargreaves, World Summit Coordinator; tel.: + 44 (0) 1904 766 935; e-mail: susie.hargreaves@artscouncil.org.uk or Andrew Dixon, Programme Director; e-mail: andrew.dixon@artscouncil.org.uk

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Eurointegration Through Art

International Art Campus
Moldova, 14 - 20 June 2006

ARS DOR Association with the support of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (UNESCO) invites visual artists from Romania, Ukraine and Moldova between 18 and 35 years of age to participate at the International Art Campus for Artists entitled Eurointegration through Art, to take place in Moldova, from 14 to 20 June 2006.

Two seminars will be delivered to the participants: Eurointegration Through Art and Art Promotion Through the Internet. At the end of Art Campus painters will exhibit their artworks in Moldova and at later exhibitions in other European countries. The exhibition will also be placed online for one year.

The organizers will cover living expenses, meals and partially painting materials, while participants will take care of travel expenses to and from Moldova. Visual artist from European countries other than Romania, Ukraine and Moldova may also apply, with their own support of campus expenses.

Applications deadline is 15 May 2006.

Contact: ARS DOR Association, of. 109, 59/1 Calea Esilor str., Chisinau, MD 2069, Moldova; tel.: +373 79574875, +373 22 759413; e-mail: ghenador@yahoo.com; www.ghenador.com

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Our Future: Sustainable Cities? Turning Ideas into Action

World Urban Forum (WUF 3)
Vancouver, Canada, 19-23 June 2006

The World Urban Forum was established by the United Nations to examine one of the most pressing issues facing the world today: rapid urbanisation and its impact on communities, cities, economies and policies.

Organized by UN-Habitat, the UN agency responsible for human settlements, the third session of the World Urban Forum (WUF3) will be hosted by the Canadian government and will take place in Vancouver, Canada, from 19 to 23 June 2006. The main theme of the WUF3 will be Our Future: Sustainable Cities? Turning Ideas into Action. CinéUrbana, the video theatre at WUF3, is now looking for recent films and videos for this event, providing an opportunity for participants to see "ideas into action" through the use of video.

Films will be chosen based on their relevance to delegates and their deliberations at WUF 3, which is supported by three sub-themes: Urban Growth and the Environment, Partnership and Finance, and Social Inclusion and Cohesion. The deadline for entries is 05 May 2006.

Contact: CinéUrbana Co-ordinator, Globe Foundation of Canada, Suite 578 - 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 3E1; e-mail: cineurbana@creativecity.ca; www.unhabitat.org/wuf/2006/

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Collecting, Connecting - and Conserving?

An Expedition to European Digital Cultural Heritage
Salzburg, Austria, 21 - 22 June 2006

The international conference entitled An Expedition to European Digital Cultural Heritage: Collecting, Connecting - and Conserving?, to be held in Salzburg, Austria, on 21 - 22 June 2006, is organised by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and co-financed by the European Commission as an event of the Austrian presidency of the European Union.

The conference starts from the practical challenges of collecting, connecting and digitally conserving cultural treasures and scientific information, and invites to an expedition to the vision of a common European digital cultural heritage space, building on the efforts of the European Union to make the diversity of the European cultural heritage accessible to all citizens and to preserve it for future generations. It aims at contributing to the implementation of the Dynamic Action Plan for the EU co-ordination of digitisation activities, and at fostering discussion on the i2010 initiative for a European Digital Library.

Taking place in the context of these two important strategic actions, the conference targets experts from cultural heritage institutions, public administrations, EU institutions and the economy.

Participation at the conference is free of charge.

Contact: Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft, Jakob-Haringer-Straße 5, 5020 Salzburg, Austria; tel.: +43 662.2288-252; fax: +43 662.2288-222; e-mail: gabriele.krisch@salzburgresearch.at; dhc2006.salzburgresearch.at or
Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur, Abt. Kulturpolitik IV/4, Minoritenplatz 5, 1014 Vienna, Austria; tel.: +43-(0)1 - 531 20-7074; fax: +43-(0)1 - 531 20-3699; e-mail: irene.hyna@bmbwk.gv.at; www.kulturleben.at

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Cultural Diplomacy

Belgrade, Serbia, 22 June 2006

Following the publication of the book Cultural Diplomacy, the Balkankult Seminar on Cultural Diplomacy presenting its authors will be held on 22 June 2006 in Belgrade, Serbia, in the presence of other European researchers and diplomats. The target audience are experts in the field, representatives of cultural institutions, diplomats and relevant administrative staff. The preliminary programme of this seminar discussing the importance of cultural diplomacy in creating strategies for cultural policies and building international relations, is available at www.balkankult.org.

The meeting is envisaged as a pilot gathering that will lead to the organization of a conference on cultural diplomacy in the region of the Western Balkans, focusing on the significance of cultural diplomacy, building international relations, perspectives and experiences of other regions, as well as the mobility of artists, creative capital and more.

The publication Cultural Diplomacy represents works of two distinguished Professors:

  • Ms. Cynthia P. Schneider, Georgetown University - Diplomacy that Works: Best Practices in Cultural Diplomacy, and
  • Ms. Margaret J. Wyszomirski, Ohio University - International Cultural Relations: a Multy Country Comparison.

Contact: BalkanKult Foundation, Trg Nikole Pasica 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia; tel.: +381 11 3229 349; e-mail: atwork@balkankult.org; www.balkankult.org

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Building Bridges with BRICKS - Digital Cultural Heritage Networks in Europe

Salzburg, Austria, 23 June 2006

The workshop entitled Building Bridges with BRICKS, which will take place in Salzburg, Austria, on 23 June 2006 as a side event of the International Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage, is of particular interest for decision makers in cultural heritage institutions, as it will focus on the potential of networking their digital assets. The workshop will also feature results from BRICK – an EU FP 6 project aiming to build a European Digital Cultural Library.

Many cultural and educational institutions in Europe have organised their data in databases and published them on the web. However, in most cases, these databases only contain data related to the organisation's specific domain of interest, and provide no means to interlink them with complementary information from other institutions, loosing significant potential synergies. Also, the multitude of isolated databases available makes it difficult to locate information.

The workshop is thus dedicated to approaches to these problems. The focus is not on building new systems, but on providing a network infrastructure to integrate existing data, thus minimising the effort necessary to join the network.

Attendance at the workshop is free of charge.

For details, please see: dme.researchstudio.at/en/events/bricks-salzburg/

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Olympia Summer Seminars

Call for Applications
Olympia, Greece, 26 June – 10 July 2006

The fifth annual Olympia Summer Seminars will take place from June 26 to July 10, 2006 in Ancient Olympia, Greece. The seminars aim to facilitate an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the study of current and historical events by bringing together eminent scholars and highly qualified students and professionals from around the world, providing a unique opportunity for critical thinking and intellectual interaction. Two programmes are offered:

  • War, Conflict & Identity - organized in collaboration with Yale University’s Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence, the course provides an overview of theoretical and empirical research on a range of topics at the intersection of war, conflict, and identity, including: interstate and civil war, terrorism, riots and genocide; the impact, formation and transformation of identities; and postwar dynamics. The goal is to survey what we know and what we don't, specify connections and discontinuities, and identify emerging research agendas.
  • The Challenges of International Media Technology and Policy - organized in collaboration with Duke University’s DeWitt Wallace Center for Communications and Journalism, the seminar will seek to understand and introduce new dimensions on a number of topics of particular concern to future EU member countries, using methods and models from a number of relevant disciplines — political science, political economy, political psychology, sociology, history, and philosophy. The seminar will address the implications of accession and non-accession on the regulation of domestic media, as well as the wider effects of European integration for the EU media systems. The seminar will conclude with an analysis of models of political communication, election coverage, and media effects.

Eligible to apply: graduate students, researchers, and professionals working in any discipline associated with the field of conflict studies, media practitioners, journalists, editors, young communications specialists, and NGO representatives who have a demonstrated interest in the topics of the seminar. Applications by outstanding senior undergraduates with relevant professional or internship experience will also be considered.

The deadline for submitting online applications is 8 May 2006. Up to 25 outstanding applicants will be accepted to each program. A very limited number of scholarships is available for qualified students coming from Southeastern and East-Central Europe, and the former Soviet Republic.

Contact: Margarita Gogou, Program Coordinator; tel.: +30 210 668 2832; e-mail: mgogou@kokkalisfoundation.gr; www.kokkalisfoundation.gr

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Steel Cities: Tradition, Transition and Transformation

Call for Papers
Sheffield, UK, 29 June – 2 July 2006

The steel rails of the world's railways provided the basic infrastructure for early modern tourism. Today, old iron and steel works provide sites for leisure tourism. Steel as both a fundamental, functional, interior fabric and a symbolic, highly visible substance permeates the structures, flows, practices and narratives of contemporary tourism. Indeed steel, though not exclusively, can be viewed as a pre-condition for modern international tourism.

As part of the wider programme of the Steel Cities Conference, researchers from all disciplines are invited to reflect upon the function, form and emblematic nature of steel within tourism in past, present and future contexts. Indicative themes of interest include:

  • Material diasporas: trade, tourism and the diffusion of material culture,
  • Tourism and imaginaries of steel making: Between nostalgia and fantasy,
  • Technological innovation in the structures and mobilities of international tourism and hospitality,
  • Steel 'works' - tourism and the problems and possibilities of urban regeneration,
  • Alchemists, Blacksmiths and Magicians: Travel and the diffusion of knowledge, and
  • Excalibur or the metaphorical journey from stone to iron: Travel, popular culture and pragmatic narratives of iron and steel.

Focusing upon the ways in which economies and societies, lives, landscapes and relationships have been, and continue to be, transformed by steel, the conference will be multi-disciplinary drawing from architecture, history, sociology, anthropology, ethnology, cultural studies, geography, tourism studies, museum studies, ethnology, linguistics, economics etc.

Abstracts of no more than 500 words should be sent to mike.robinson@shu.ac.uk by 17 February 2006.

Contact: Professor Mike Robinson, Director, Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK; http://www.shef.ac.uk/english/natcect/steelcities and www.tourism-culture.com

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Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University (AMSU)

2006 Courses - Call for Applications
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July - August 2006

Since 1990, young professionals from all over the globe have attended the expert summer courses produced by the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University (AMSU), organized with the aim to stimulate international discourse between future decision makers, working in very different contexts, but facing common challenges. This year's programme includes the following courses:

  • Risk Communication: A Future Challenge in a Globalised World, 28 - 30 July 2006 – focusing on the process of effective and accurate information of risks not only among politicians, officials, decision-makers, businessmen, stakeholders and risk-managers, but also the general public.
  • International Production Management for the Performing Arts, 28 - 31 August 2006 - giving an insight into the instruments that have been gathered in the short history of international production, and can be put into use in contemporary practice. Application deadline is 20 July 2006.
  • People-Powered Networking, 3 – 5 September 2006 - focusing on bringing you into contact with inspiring, talented and innovative people who have successfully used networking to produce projects that have made a difference.
  • Political Campaigns, Communication & Internet, 13 - 15 September2006 – offering insight into the ins and outs of their latest campaigns and techniques of specialists and campaigners for political parties, NGO's, journalism and business. Application deadline is 15 August 2006.

Contact: Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University (AMSU), P.O. Box 53066, NL-1007 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 (0)20 620 0225; fax: +31 (0)20 624 9368; e-mail: office@amsu.edu; www.amsu.edu

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Images Contre Culture

Call for Participation
Marseilles, France, first week of July 2006

The 6th edition of Images Contre Culture, the International Festival of Experimental Video organized by Association P'Silo will be held in Marseilles, France, in the first week of July 2006.

A call for participation has been launched, the deadline for applications is 1 March 2006.

P'Silo gathers artists, video directors, visual art artists, musicians and actors to:

  • support the production of video works by member-artists,
  • develop a video library comprising the video works presented at the Festival and those created within P'Silo itself, and
  • engage in an exchange with other institutions in realizing video and visual art works and programmes.

Contact: Festival Images Contre Nature, B.P. 60011, 13243 Marseille Cedex 01, France; tel./fax: (33) (0)4 91 42 21 75; e-mail: icn@p-silo.org; http://www.p-silo.org

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International Acting-Directing Laboratory

Bologna, Italy, 3-8 July 2006

The International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE) is organizing an International Acting-Directing Laboratory under the guidance of Sergey Ostrenko. The programme to take place in Bologna, Italy on 3-8 July 2006 includes intensive practical training, theoretical discussions and lectures designed for actors of dramatic, physical, musical and dance theatres, theatre directors, playwrights, dancers, choreographers, teachers of theatre methods, and senior students of theatre departments.

For details, please see www.iugte.com/projects/Italy.php

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International Summer School for Curators

Yerevan, Armenia, 3-17 July 2006

The National Association of Art Critics of Armenia (NAAC) is organizing a two-week International Summer School for Curators to take place in Yerevan, Armenia on 03–17 July 2006. This Armenian pilot project is to gather 20 art students, historians and other interested participants from the region and former communist countries. Three theory courses and one method course and workshop will be held by highly qualified professors of art history and theory from different academic institutions.

Contact: Nazareth Karoyan, NAAC President, St. A. Khachaturian #15/44, Yerevan-375012, Armenia; tel.: (3741) 26-46-19; e-mail: karoyan@netsys.am; www.naac.am

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Fragmented City

XII Advanced Course in Visual Arts (CSAV)
Como, Italy, 3 to 22 July 2006

The Fondazione Antonio Ratti offers an intensive specialization course for young international artists to take place in Como, Italy from 3 to 22 July 2006. Visiting professor of the XII Advanced Course in Visual Arts (CSAV) course is Marjetica Potrc, Slovenian artist and architect, who will involve 20 selected participants in daily workshop activities and in-depth theoretical studies with distinguished experts of the international art scene.

The title of the workshop is Fragmented City. Three themes will be investigated: Territories, Architectures, and Natural Resources. The focus will be on the European area, and specifically on the western Balkan regions, seen as an example of territorial and architectonic fragmentation. The workshop will include research and comparative studies, leading to projects concerning Como and the cities of origin of the students.

Enrolment deadline is 31 March 2006. Course participation is free, residence is at the student's expense.

Contact: Anna Daneri, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Lungo Lario Trento 9, 22100 Como, Italy; tel.: + 39 031 233213; fax: +39 031 233249; e-mail: annadaneri@fondazioneratti.org; www.fondazioneratti.org

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Communication, Globalization and Cultural Identities

Mapping the New Field of Communication for Development and Social Change
Brisbane, Australia, 5 – 8 July 2006

The School of Journalism and Communication of the University of Queensland, Australia is soliciting submissions for its international conference entitled Mapping the New Field of Communication for Development and Social Change - Communication, Globalization and Cultural Identities, to be held in Brisbane, Australia on 5-8 July 2006. Papers reflecting diverse theoretical perspectives and both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches are encouraged. Topic areas are broadly defined as, but not limited to, the following:

  • boundaries between mediated and interpersonal communication,
  • communication for development and social change,
  • communication/journalism education,
  • communication in the age of corporization,
  • cross-cultural adaptation and intercultural adjustment,
  • globalization of communication and pluralization of cultural identities,
  • group/organizational communication,
  • health communication,
  • information technology and interpersonal communication,
  • information technology and mass communication,
  • international business communication/management,
  • race, ethnicity and multiculturalism,
  • risk communication, and
  • verbal/nonverbal communication

As the dialectical forces of globalization and localization are simultaneously integrating and fragmenting national/cultural identities, the successive breakthroughs of print, telephone, broadcasting, television, and the Internet have progressively expanded our domain of communication beyond geographical boundaries. Correspondingly, our identities have expanded from social groups, ethnic communities, cities, states, nations to the West, the East or the cyberspace. In the process of globalizing the local and localizing the global, it is through the act of communication that we negotiate and construct our cultural identities. Consequently, increasingly heated discussions among communication scholars have been focused on key issues and trends in globalizing communication and pluralizing cultural identities.

Abstracts, panel proposals and workshop proposals may be submitted. The deadline of submission for 200-word abstracts, complete panel proposals and workshop proposals is 1 March 2006.

Contact: Dr Shuang Liu, School of Journalism & Communication, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia; tel.: (07) 3365 3070; fax: (07) 3365 1377; s.liu1@uq.edu.au; www.uq.edu.au/sjc/conference

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14th International Conference on Cultural Economics

Call for Contributions
Vienna, Austria, 6 – 9 July 2006

The organisers of the 2006 Association of Cultural Economics International (ACEI) Conference, hosted by the Austrian Association for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies (FOKUS), to take place in Vienna, Austria, on 6 – 9 July 2006, invite the submission of papers on any aspect of cultural economics. Papers are welcome from members and non-members in all areas of the application of economics to the performing and visual arts, heritage, media, cultural industries, cultural policy and related areas. The organizers are especially interested in contributions from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe.

Contributed paper sessions will include three papers. Suggestions by scholars who wish to organize a group session are welcome, provided that the three papers in the session do not come from the same research center, organization or university. Please send an abstract of 100-150 words including your name, mailing address, e-mail address, affiliation and position held, clearly stating the contribution of your paper to cultural economics. The Abstract should be sent by email (as .doc or .pdf) to Paul Stepan at stepan@fokus.or.at with the subject "ACEI abstract".

The final date for the submission of abstracts is 31 January 2006.

A Pre-Conference Young Researchers' Workshop in Cultural Economics for graduate students will take place on the morning of 6 July 2006, prior to the beginning of ACEI biannual conference in the same venue. The workshop consists in an interactive experience in which graduate students (master and PhD) discuss dissertation, publication and job market issues amongst themselves and with scholars in the field. Interested graduate students should submit their CV and a 1-page abstract of their dissertation project by 15 February 2006.

All applicants will be notified of the decision on 15 March 2006.

Contact: Professor Neil O. Alper, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Association for Cultural Economics International, Department of Economics, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115, USA; tel.: 01 617-373-2839; fax: 01 617-373-3640; e-mail: ACEI@neu.edu; http://www.acei.neu.edu/

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32nd Conference on Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A)

Call for Papers
Vienna, Austria, 9 – 11 July 2006

Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A) is an annual inter-disciplinary gathering of researchers, policy makers and practitioners that highlights current and conceptual issues in the development of cultural policy, theory, and arts administration practices in the US and abroad.

The 32nd Conference, to be organized in conjunction with the 2006 Association of Cultural Economics International (ACEI) Conference and hosted by the Austrian Society for Cultural Economics and Policy Studies (FOKUS), will take place in Vienna, Austria, on 9-11 July, 2006.

The call for papers will be published in November 2005 at www.fokus.or.at.

STP&A Contact: Margaret Wyszomirski, STP&A Conference Chair, Ohio State University; e-mail: wyszomirski.1@osu.edu; aad.uoregon.edu/specialevents/stpa/stpa2006/

Contact: FOKUS, c/o EIF - Institute for European Integration Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Prinz Eugen Str. 8-10/2, 1040 Vienna, Austria; fax: +43/1/515 81/566; e-mail: info@fokus.or.at; http://www.fokus.or.at

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Thessaloniki 2006 – Exploring Cultural Perspectives

Call for Papers
Thessaloniki, Greece, 10–16 July 2006

The International Cultural Research Network (ICRN) requests multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary papers for presentation at the 5th Biennial Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 10–16 July 2006. The conference focus is Exploring Cultural Perspectives on the following themes:

  • Childhood and Youth – history, health, crime, substance abuse, religion;
  • Education – primary, secondary, tertiary, administration, policies, funding, curriculum;
  • Terror and Terrorism – theory, culture, definition, religion, media, politics, language, preparedness;
  • Diversity – immigration, national policies, international objectives, displacement, war; and
  • Indigeneous Issues – rights, poverty, family.

250-word abstracts and a 150-word biography should be submitted by 28 February 2006.

Contact: International Cultural Research Network, 551 Education South, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Canada T6G 2G5; fax: +43/1/515 81/566; e-mail: icrn@icrn.ca; http://www.icrn.ca/thessaloniki2006_call_papers.asp

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College for New Europe Summer Sessions

Cracow, Poland, 10-28 July 2006

In July 2006 the International Cultural Centre's College for New Europe will organise the 16th edition of its summer programmes. The educational programmes aim at bringing together young students and scholars to discuss political, cultural and social issues of today at an international forum. The faculty consists of eminent professors and experts representing well-recognized European and American academic institutions. Lectures take place in Cracow, at the seat of the ICC. Some of the sessions offer field trips to explore cultural heritage of Southern Poland.

During the past 15 years 50 successful summer sessions have been organized with about 2000 participants from Europe, USA, Asia and the Republic of South Africa., including Institut für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa (Vienna) and New School University (New York).

Three Summer Sessions will be held in 2006:

The total cost of participation amounts to 1000 EUR (board & accomodation, tuition, study tours, accompanying programme). Travel costs are not included. A number of partial or full scholarships will be available to qualified candidates. Deadline for applications is 30 April 2006.

Contact: International Cultural Centre, Ul. Rynek G³ówny 25, 31-008 Cracow, Poland; www.mck.krakow.pl

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Fourth International Conference on Cultural Policy Research

iccpr 2006 - Call for Papers
Vienna, Austria, 12 – 16 July 2006

Organised by EDUCULT Vienna in co-operation with the International Journal of Cultural Policy, iccpr 2006 will aim to provide an outlet for interdisciplinary and international exploration of the concepts, function and impact of cultural policies. It intends to reflect a broad view of cultural policy encompassing culture as a 'way of life' as well as, in the narrower sense, culture of the arts and cultural industries. It will be concerned with both, the policies of decision makers, of administration and institutions as well as the wider discourses related to the general conditions of culture.

The organisers would be pleased to welcome participants from all parts of the world to reflect a preferably broad range of different experiences and views on cultural policy. iccpr 2006 as a forum for fruitful discussions at global level would like to especially encourage increased participation from Latin America, Africa and Asia as well as South-eastern Europe and Mediterranean countries. The overall goal is to broaden the circle of attendees and to strengthen efforts and networking in cultural policy research worldwide.

Proposals for paper presentations are invited in the following research areas:

  • theoretical approaches to cultural policy;
  • cultural policy in the social environment;
  • methodological approaches to cultural policy;
  • economic approaches to cultural policy;
  • sponsoring and cultural patronage;
  • management of culture;
  • international and inter-cultural approaches to cultural policy;
  • cultural policy and media policy - interlinkages of cultural and media policy; the role of new media;
  • arts mediation and audience development; and
  • cultural policy education and cultural education.

The deadline for the online submission of 500-word abstracts is 15 November 2005.

At the Conference, the European Cultural Foundation will award the Cultural Policy Research Award 2006 to a young / early career cultural policy researcher.

Contact: Dr. Michael Wimmer, Ms. Lena Yadlapalli, EDUCULT – Institute for the Mediation of Arts and Science, quartier21/MQ, Museumsplatz 1/e-1.6, A-1070 Vienna, Austria; tel.: + 431 522 31 27 20, -21; fax: + 431 522 31 27 30; e-mail: office@iccpr2006.com; http://www.iccpr2006.com/

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12th Kalamata International Dace Festival

Kalamata, Greece, 14-23 July 2006

The Kalamata International Dace Centre, active in the fields of education and research, announces the 12th edition of its annual Dance Festival, focusing on the exchange between Greek and foreign dance troupes, to take place in Kalamata, Greece, on 14 - 23 July 2006. In parallel to performances, the festival hosts master classes, workshops, lectures, videos, concerts, exhibitions and meet-the-artist events.

Contact: Kalamata International Dance Centre, 6 Pan. Kessari street, 24100 Kalamata, Greece; tel.: +30 27210 83086, 90886; fax: +30 27210 26966; e-mail: mail@kalamatadancefestival.gr; www.kalamatadancefestival.gr

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Grenzenlos / Without Borders

ISCM World New Music Festival 2006
Stuttgart, Germany, 14-29 July 2006

Organized by Musik der Jahrhunderte in collaboration with the German Society for New Music, the World New Music Festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) will take place on 14-29 July 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany. The Festival will explore the questions and opportunities which confront young artists in our globalised world. The phenomenon of 'boundlessness' will be discussed, focusing on the unlimited possibilities of communication in today's globalized world, including cross-cultural dialogue and world-wide communication through new media. In addition to the presentation of the latest artistic projects and technologies, the intercultural meeting of musicians from different nations will stand at the forefront of the festival.

In parallel with the artistic programme of the festival, the international convention of the ISCM will take place with members from over 30 countries.

Contact: Musik der Jahrhunderte, Siemensstraße 13, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany; tel.: +49-711-6290510; fax. +49-711-6290516; e-mail: festival@wnmf2006.de; http://www.wnmf2006.de/home_e.php

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Media in Asia: Aspirations, Choices and Realities

15th AMIC Annual Conference
Penang, Malaysia, 17 – 20 July 2006

The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) announces its 15th Annual Conference to be held in Penang, Malaysia, on 17-20 July 2006, focusing on the diversity and interaction between media environments in Asia. The conference is open to academic, media industry professionals, government media agencies, policymakers, regulators, UN agencies, donors, research groups, civil society organizations, independent consultants and students.

Aiming to assess and examine to what extent the aspirations of media audiences have been fulfilled while at the same time taking stock of the views and perspectives of media professionals and the industry, the conference will have an international track as well as a Malaysia track focusing specifically on Malaysian media and communications research.

Contact: Ms. Sandhya Srinivasan, Conference Coordinator, AMIC, Jurong Point PO Box 360, Singapore 916412; tel.: 65-6792 7570; fax: 65-6792 7129; e-mail: sandhya@amic.org.sg; or
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Zin bin Nordin, Dean, School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang, Malaysia; tel.: 604 - 6533603; fax: 604 - 6577736; e-mail: mohammed@usm.my; www.amic-web.org/conf2006/

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Five Portions a Day: A Balanced Diet for a Vibrant Cultural Community

AMA Conference 2006
Cardiff, UK, 19 – 21 July 2006

At its 2006 conference to be held in Cardiff, UK on 19 – 21 July 2006 under the title Five Portions a Day: A Balanced Diet for a Vibrant Cultural Community, the Arts Marketing Association (AMA), the professional development body for the arts marketing industry with over 1,900 members in the UK and internationally, will gather a variety of arts professionals from across the cultural sector to explore how we can make the most of our limited time and resources to sustain a vibrant and relevant cultural community.

The five portions (conference strands) will focus on:

  • 1. Check the label? – understand the audience of today
  • 2. Pick your own – define purpose, relevance and value
  • 3. Tasting is believing – get audiences involved
  • 4. Long life – build relationships
  • 5. Fresh thinking – measure and improve

Delegates will be able to pick and mix from a broad range of seminars and breakout discussions including keynotes in conversation, practical seminars, strategic level discussions, round table sessions (at a variety of levels), audience data sessions, management sessions and industry discussions, designed to offer opportunities to learn new skills, discuss ideas and network with new contacts, regardless of their job title or experience.

Contact: Arts Marketing Association, 7a Clifton Court, Clifton Road, Cambridge CB1 7BN, UK; tel.: 01223 578078; fax: 01223 245862; e-mail: info@a-m-a.co.uk; www.a-m-a.co.uk/

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Arte-Polis: Creative Culture and the Making of Place

Call for Papers
International Seminar and Workshop on Urban Culture
Bandung, Indonesia, 21 – 23 July 2006

Organized by the Department of Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), the international seminar and workshop on urban culture entitled Arte-Polis: Creative Culture and the Making of Place, to be held in Bandung, Indonesia on 21 - 23 July 2006, aims to bring together scholars, community groups, decision-makers and professionals from all disciplines concerned with the quality of life in cities (architecture, arts, cultural/development studies, design, economics, geography, planning etc) to share international knowledge and experiences regarding current issues, best practices and policy implications of the relationship between creative culture and place-making.

The Seminar's theme will be elaborated within parallel sessions on Theoretical Discourses, Community and Private Initiatives, Institutional Capacity Building, and Planning Policy and Place-Making. The following issues will be critically debated:

  • How and to what extent does the creative economy influence urban development?
  • How does this phenomenon differ in the cultural and economic contexts of cities in developing countries from those of developed countries?
  • How can creative-based cultural industries and activities be managed, planned and designed to improve the quality of places for people living in cities?

The accompanying Workshop aims at proposing place-specific and action-oriented interventions by harnessing the creative potential of Bandung, the fourth largest city in Indonesia. Through active participation by a wide range of stakeholders, this Workshop will formulate visions and recommend possible implementation of a sustainable and strategic plan for activities of the creative economy clustering around a major historic boulevard in Bandung. An Exhibition on urban culture and place-making will also be held in conjunction with this International Seminar and Workshop.

Abstracts of 300 words maximum are invited to address the theme and issues raised in the Seminar. They should be mailed to psud@melsa.net.id or faxed to +62-22-250-8164 by 3 March 2006. All selected abstracts will be compiled in a paper book and a CD-ROM edition.

Contact: Organizing Committee, International Seminar and Workshop on Urban Culture, Attn. Dr. Woerjantari Soedarsono, Urban Design Laboratory, Department of Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development - Institute of Technology Bandung, LabTek. IXA, 2nd Floor. Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia; tel./fax: +62-22-2508164; e-mail: psud@melsa.net.id; http://www.ar.itb.ac.id/artepolis

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The European Mind: Narrative and Identity

Call for Chairs and Call for Papers
10th International Conference of the ISSEI
Malta, 24 – 29 July 2006

The European Mind: Narrative and Identity is the title of the 10th International Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI), to be held in cooperation with the University of Malta on 24 – 29 July 2006.

We live in an age of mass production of narratives. The prophecy of the European thinkers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, prescribing a paradigm for the creation of narrative, has become a reality. The result of the mass production of narratives is the leveling of all narratives, posing a challenge to authority. One 'grand narrative' after another is discarded, leaving the European mind longing for a unifying narrative that crystallizes the European identity.

The conference will be divided into five sections:

  • History, Geography, Science
  • Economics, Politics, Law
  • Education, Women's Studies, Sociology
  • Art, Theatre, Literature, Culture, Music
  • Language, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Colleagues interested in organizing a workshop on a topic from their discipline related to the general conference topic and in serving as Workshop Chair, are invited to submit a one-page proposal. Scholars interested in presenting papers are invited to submit abstracts examining the European identity and the multiplicity of narratives in the age of globalization by 15 April 2006.

Contact: Ezra Talmor, Kibbutz Nachshonim, D.N. Merkaz 73190, Israel; tel.: +972-3-9386445; fax: +972-3-938-6588; e-mail: ISSEI@nachshonim.org.il; http://issei2006.haifa.ac.il/; or
Henry Frendo, University of Malta, Dept of History, room 203, Humanities Building, Msida campus, Msida MSD06, Malta; e-mail: henry.frendo@um.edu.mt.

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Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF)

Call for Papers
Harare, Zimbabwe, 1-5 August 2006

The Organising Committee of the Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF) has announced a general call for papers for the Indaba 2006 international conference, to be held under the general theme of Africa: The Cradle of Conversation on 1-5 August 2006, gathering academics, scholars, professors, research institutions, writers, playwrights and cultural workers of various kinds to debate on issues relevant to social developments in Africa and the African publishing industry.

Contact: ZIBF Head Office, Harare Gardens, P.O.Box CY 1179, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe; tel.: +263 4 702104, 702108; fax: +263 4 702129; www.zibfa.org.zw

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6th International Congress of Hungarian Studies

Call for Papers
Debrecen, Hungary, on 22-27 August 2006

200 words abstracts of papers in (comparative) cultural studies are invited for the 6th International Congress of Hungarian Studies to be held under the theme of Culture, Nation, Identity in Debrecen, Hungary, on 22-27 August 2006. The conference organized by the University of Debrecen and the International Association of Hungarian Studies (IAHS) will feature plenary sessions, section lectures and symposia.

The length of presentations is 20 minutes with 10 minutes reserved for discussion. Selected papers will be considered for publication in the peer-reviewed, fullt-text, and open-access Purdue University journal CLCWeb: Comparative Literature ad Culture. Submission deadline is 30 April 2006.

Contact: 6th International Congress of Hungarian Studies, Pf. 52, 4010 Debrecen, Hungary; tel.: +36 52 512 900/2291; fax: +36 52 512 934; e-mail: hungkong@puma.unideb.hu; www.hungkong.unideb.hu

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Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms and the Places Where They Live

Mobile Academy
Warsaw, Poland, 25 August - 10 September 2006

The fourth edition of the Mobile Academy will take place in Warsaw, Poland from 25 August to 10 September 2006 under the title of Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms and the Places Where They Live, for an international comparison of the ghostly in architecture, politics, art, theory and our everyday life.

The courses at the Warsaw session are structured as artistic projects, accompanied by field research, debate, excursions and presentations and are attended by 100 participants and lecturers as well as a further 100 artists, theoreticians and experts for talks, excursions and private lessons.

The registration deadline is 15 June 2006.

Contact: Hannah Hurtzig, e-mail: hannah.hurtzig@mobileacademy-berlin.com; and Carolin Hochleichter, e-mail: carolin.hochleichter@mobileacademy-warsaw.com; www.mobileacademy-berlin.com/englisch/2006/warsch06.html

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XIXth Congress of the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics (IAEA)

Vienna, Austria, 29 August – 1 September 2006

The International Association of Empirical Aesthetics (IAEA) conference will be held at the University of Avignon, France, on 29 August – 1 September 2006. Topics include aesthetic appreciation, aesthetic experience, visual perception and art, auditory perception and art, psychology of music, appreciation of literature, culture and media, cinema, festivals, museology, and art education. The programme will consist of keynote addresses, parallel sessions, symposia, posters, workshops, and an art exhibition.

Abstracts for papers, symposia, or workshops should be sent by 5 November 2005. Notice of acceptance: January 2006.

Contact: Dr. Holger Höge, Secretary-General IAEA, University of Oldenburg, Department of Psychology (IRMER), PO Box 2503, D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany; or e-mail: jean-christophe.vilatte@univ-avignon.fr; www.ume.maine.edu/~iaea/perm.html; www.univ-avignon.fr

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9th Meeting of ORACLE Members

Ohrid, Macedonia, 7-9 September 2006

ORACLE and NGO Kontrapunkt from Skopje, Macedonia are organizing the 9th Meeting of ORACLE Members, to be held in Ohrid, Macedonia, from 7-9 September 2006. Supporting cultural managers and operators from the region and giving the participants the expertise needed for a mobile and creative cultural workforce in Europe, the seminar will provide a space for deepening the knowledge and improving the management skills of professionals developing cultural projects at regional and European levels through working sessions, workshops, case studies and cultural visits.

Registration deadline is 30 July 2006.

Contacts: Robert Alagjozovski, Program Coordinator, NGO Kontrapunkt, Ilindenska 38, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; tel./fax: +389 2 3215 494; e-mail: robert.alagjozovski@gmail.com; www.kontrapunkt-mk.org

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Africa and Diaspora Conference on Cultural Diversity for Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development

Sun City, South Africa, 11-15 September 2006

In collaboration with the South African National Commission for UNESCO, the South African National Department of Arts and Culture is organizing the Africa and Diaspora Conference on Cultural Diversity for Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development, to be held in Sun City, South Africa, on 1-5 April 2006, as a follow-up to various initiatives throughout Africa and the Diaspora regarding UNESCO's Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

The convention is significant for the developing world, in that it will provide for:

  • measures to be taken to balance the imbalances in the trade of cultural goods and services
  • the establishment of financial support mechanisms for the developing world
  • capacity building for the cultural industries and other areas of the cultural sector
  • facilitating strong south-south and regional cooperation
  • facilitating technology transfer and know-how to the developing world

Contacts: Mrs. Cleon Noah; tel.: +27 12 441 3739; fax: +27 12 441 3608; e-mail: Cleon.Noah@dac.gov.za

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ACCR Plenary Meeting

Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon, France, 17-20 September 2006

The forthcoming Plenary Meeting of the European Network of Cultural Centres / Historic Monuments (ACCR) will be hosted at the Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon in France on 17-20 September 2006. The meeting agenda will include presentations of various projects covering themes of heritage, memory and local communities supported through the Culture 2000 Programme, workshops on the theme of monuments as a place of translation, and common projects to be developed within the Network.

For details, please see www.accr-europe.org/reseau.aspx?rubrique_id=6 or e-mail pleniere@accr-europe.org.

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Authors' Rights and the European Agenda 2007 - 2013

4th European Conference of Creators' Organizations
Brussels, Belgium, 20 September 2006

Organized by the European Writers' Congress and hosted by the European Commission under the patronage of the Finnish Presidency, this conference to be held in Brussels on 20 September 2006 under the title Authors’ Rights and the European Agenda 2007-2013 will investigate issues of competitiveness and digital challenges, collective action and cultural diversity. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Creators’ intellectual property and competition in the free market,
  • Cultural diversity and the i2010 initiative,
  • Management of authors’ rights and the implications of information technology, and
  • Authors’ works, EU “content policy” and global services.

For details, please see: www.european-writers-congress.org

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New Art Net Conference

Call for Participants
Belgrade, Serbia, 27-30 September 2006

An International Conference for Young Managers in Performing Arts entitled New Art Net, will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, on 27-30 September 2006. Open to all young professionals (up to 40 years old) working in the field of performing arts (music, theatre, media, production, film, marketing, management, etc) or with prospective employment in the sector, the event is conceived as an innovative platform for arts management themes, contact making and exchange among performing arts managers from all over the world, with sessions delivered by international keynote speakers as well as participant's presentations.

The Conference will represent a starting point in Belgrade for new developments in performing arts sector, aiming at upgrading the participants' knowledge, increasing international cultural cooperation, facilitating exchange of experiences and fosters development and growth of managerial skills and expertise within the region and further.

Partners in the project are Jugokoncert (Bemus), Bitef (Theatre/Festival) and ArtLink, all working in the fields of classical and contemporary music, contemporary theatre and multicultural dialogue. Although these institutions come from different areas, their common goals are development of partnerships, creating co-productions, stimulating international artistic exchanges and development of different kinds of resources in cultural management. The Conference is supported by UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Management - University of Arts, Belgrade and SAVA Centar.

The deadline for receiving application and sponsorship forms is 3 August 2006.

Contact: e-mail: newartnet@jugokoncert.co.yu; www.jugokoncert.co.yu/english/newartnet.htm

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scope II – Sites and Subjects, Narrating Heritage

Vienna, Austria, 28-29 September 2006

The international conference scope II – Sites and Subjects, Narrating Heritage (formerly entitled Objects and Their Stories), to take place in Vienna, Austria, on 28-29 September 2006, is the second in a series of conferences aiming to join different disciplines on one topic and highlight the impact of those thinkings on current issues of intangible cultural heritage.

At scope, international speakers from fields as diverse as humanities, computer science, design, entertainment and economics present projects and visions that contribute to the evolution of best practices and its uses in the next decades.

scopeII particularly is a conference for institutions concerning science politics, knowledge management and grant programs, for university and research institutes, museums, collections, libraries and archives. Within the commercial range it concerns enterprises, which in the broadest sense have to do with tourism and exhibition concepts. scopeII takes this shifting from "object" (which stands for itself) to "narration" as starting position, and sends a circle of interdisciplinary scientist on discovery travel. Where they will arrive, is open, but you can be sure, that they will develop possible scenarios, how our society can manage these new requirements.

In four sessions, participants and speakers will discuss cultural heritage, urban space, museums and their effects on each other. Leader of the program committee and key note speaker of the conference is Harvard professor Homi K. Bhabha.

Contact: Anisha Angelroth, SCOPE, Verein zur Förderung der interdisziplinären Forschung, Amerlingstrasse 1, 1060 Vienna, Austria; tel.: + 43 1 526 29 67 – 0; e-mail: press@scope.at; www.scope.at

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AAHM Strategy Meeting and Research Conference

Call for Papers
Bangkok, Thailand, 2-4 October 2006

In order to discuss the future development of the network and to elect an Asian Academy Steering Committee consisting of representatives from the institutional members, an Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) Strategy Meeting has been scheduled to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 2-4 October 2006. Further items on the agenda are the assessment of the outcomes from the activities of the working groups and the reconsideration of the network’s structure.

Following the Strategy Meeting, a two-day research conference shall be held in order to foster the exchange of knowledge among the members of the Asian Academy. Heritage management in the Asia-Pacific region faces numerous challenges and offers many research opportunities. Asian Approaches to Conservation is proposed as the overall theme of the conference. Its sub-themes include the following:

  • application of legal and policy frameworks for conservation,
  • innovative technologies in conservation, and
  • linking indigenous knowledge and heritage management.

Member and non-member scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field of cultural heritage conservation in Asia and the Pacific are invited to submit 500-word abstracts by 15 July 2006. Full papers are to be submitted by 4 September 2006.

For details, please contact: Asian Academy for Heritage Management, Office of the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Bangkok, 920 Sukhumvit Road, P.O. Box 967, Prakanong Post Office, Bangkok 10110, Thailand; tel.: +66 (0) 2 391 0577 ext. 509; fax: +66 (0) 2 391 0866; e-mail: asian-academy@unescobkk.org; www.unescobkk.org/index.php?id=836

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Paths & Crossroads: Moving People, Changing Places

11th International Metropolis Conference
Lisbon, Portugal, 2-6 October 2006

Organised by the Luso-American Foundation, the Centre for Geographical Studies (University of Lisbon), the Portuguese High Commissariat for Immigration and Ethnic Minorities (ACIME), the Centre of Social Studies (University of Coimbra) and SociNova – Applied Sociology Research Office (New University of Lisbon), the 11th International Metropolis Conference Paths & Crossroads: Moving People, Changing Places will take place in Lisbon, Portugal on 2-6 October 2006, under the high patronage of His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic.

This year's theme intends to address a wide range of issues related to globalisation, diversity and current complex migratory phenomena. The conference's target audience are policy-makers, NGO representatives, academic researchers, graduate students and private sector stakeholders.

In light of the particular experience Portugal has had as both a country of emigration and immigration, this year’s conference will seek to take a closer look at the effects of migration in the places that send and receive migrants and the relationship between them. People on the move grow increasingly diverse, and so do the routes, processes and places involved. For this reason, the Conference intends to provide a forum to foster the exchange of knowledge and encourage dialogue among specialists and decision-makers from places that send and receive migrants.

Conference details: Ms. Meghann Ormond or Ms. Sandra Silva, Conference's Local Executive Organising Committee, Centro de Estudos Geográficos Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisboa, Portugal; tel.: +351-21-7940218; fax: +351-21-7938690; e-mail: metropolis2006@ceg.ul.pt; www.ceg.ul.pt/metropolis2006/

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All Together Now

Audiences Europe Network Annual Conference
The Hague, The Netherlands, 4-6 October 2006

The Arts Marketing Association (AMA) announces the Audiences Europe Network (AEN) Annual Conference to take place in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 4-6 October 2006. Under the title All Together Now, it will explore social networks and community partnerships through presentations and discussions plus a range of cultural and social events and a strategic marketing workshop.

Throughout the conference the following questions will be discussed:

  • How do communities satisfy our need for identity and belonging and what are the consequences for the arts?
  • How do we build long-term relationships with community and social ‘leaders’?
  • How can we develop collaborative partnerships with community groups?
  • How can we use new technology to build virtual communities?
  • How do we build connections with communities that are constantly merging and blending (interculturalism)?
  • Do traditional methods of segmentation and targeting still apply?

The conference will be an opportunity to explore these issues with leaders, commentators and practitioners from across Europe.

Contact and details: Jonathan Goodacre, AEN Coordinator, Arts Marketing Association, 7a Clifton Court, Clifton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7BN, UK; tel.: +44 1223 578078; e-mail: jonathan@a-m-a.co.uk; www.a-m-a.co.uk/aen_conference2006.asp

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Cultural Management Workshop for Operators from the Euro-Mediterranean Area

Paris, France, on 4-10 October 2006

This cultural management workshop to be held in Paris, France, on 4-10 October 2006, is part of the MELOPEE programme developed by AMUNI, aimed at supporting cultural operators from the Euro-Mediterranean area in creating a better professional cultural environment to develop their work in the region. The workshop is targeted towards cultural operators or those in the process of becoming professionals.

CVs and project descriptions are to be sent by 18 July 2006 to ifo@amuni.org. Five full and five partial grants are available.

Contact: Fanny Bouquerel, Coordination generale, Amuni, Performing Arts Projects, 6 rue Lacepede, 75005 Paris, France; tel.: +39 335 71 67 633; e-mail: info@amuni.org; www.vti.be/nl/berichten2.asp?xvader=3&xvader2=24&xvader3=200654

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Islands and Bridges – Roadmaps to Intercultural Dialogue?

14th General Assembly of the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH)
Helsinki, Finland, on 5-7 October 2006

To be held in Helsinki, Finland on 5 – 7 October 2006 under the title Islands and Bridges – Roadmaps to Intercultural Dialogue?, the 14th General Assembly of the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH), aims to investigate and understand the value and importance of intercultural dialogue in the European context and to discuss the standing policy initiatives in this field. The conference programme is designed to combine the inspiration of performance and experience with a genuine debate of the issues facing the region: social cohesion; national identity; racial discrimination and the sense of the individual.

The conference will be organized innovatively, not consisting of a series of panels, and prepared speeches nor of 'talking heads', but rather based on interactions using artistic tools.

Contact: EFAH, 10 rue de la Science, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium; tel.: +32 (0) 2 534 4002; fax: +32 (0) 2 534 1150; e-mail: efah@efah.org; www.efah.org, www.islandsandbridges.com

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Transnational Identities – Cities Unbounds – Migrations Defined

Cracow, Poland on 6-8 October 2006

The Centre for European Studies, the Jagiellonian University and the Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (CRONEM) at the University of Surrey are organizing an international conference which will focus on the most recent research on migration and urban social spaces in the 21st century. The conference will be held in Cracow, Poland on 6-8 October 2006.

Discussing anthropology of migrations and urban space related identities in the age of globalization, the event will stress the dynamic, processual and contingent character of modern migration, trying to unsettle the dominant discourse of seeing migration as a linear, one dimensional and definitive act. This will insert the city understood as a fluid social space of meaning and capital production into the analysys of today's age of migrations.

Papers from the fields of anthropology, sociology, cultural studies and urban studies are welcome. Deadline for abstracts (200 words) to be sent to Michal Garapich. M.A. (M.Garapich@surrey.ac.uk) and Lucja Piekarska-Duraj, M.A. (lucja_piekarska©poczta.onet.pl) is 14 July 2006. The conference language is English.

Contact: Prof. Zdzislaw Mach, European Studies, Jagiellonian University, Ul. Jodlowa 13, 30252 Cracow, Poland; e-mail: lucja_piekarska©poczta.onet.pl; www.efah.org, www.europeistyka.uj.edu.pl/main.php?a=news&news_id=15

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Changing Frames: An Impossible Comparison – European and American Cultural Policies

New York, New York, USA, 10 October 2006

Oragnized in the framework of the European Dream programme and curated by Corina Suteu, European cultural policies expert and Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, and Professor Joan Jeffri, Director of the Program in Arts Administration at Teachers College, Columbia University, this one-day discussion comparing cultural policies in Europe and the United States and focusing on some critical moments in the past 60 years and how differently they intersected with cultural policies, will be held on 10 October 2006 at Columbia University, New York, USA.

Discussion panelists are Anne-Marie Autissier, Associate Professor at European Studies Institute, University of Paris VIII and director of Culture Europe Association; Milena Dragicevic Sesic, Professor in Cultural Management and Cultural Policy at the University of Arts in Belgrade; Colin Mercer, Expert in strategic creative industries analysis, research, development and advocacy; J. Mark Schuster, Professor of Urban Cultural Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Joint Editor, Journal of Cultural Economics. Admission is free of charge.

More information is available at www.icr.ro

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Managing Destinations in a Competitive World: Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Riga, Latvia, 12-13 October 2006

Jointly organised by the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University and the Department of Tourism Development of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, the conference entitled Managing Destinations in a Competitive World: Culture, Heritage and Tourism is to be held in Riga, Latvia on 12-13 October 2006, aimed at all those with interests in and responsibilities for the development, planning, management and marketing of destinations for tourism, culture and heritage at national, regional and local levels. The event will be of interest to professionals in the public and private sector, policy makers and researchers working in the broad area of destination management.

The conference will feature invited keynote speakers and experts as well as a range of participatory workshop sessions. Indicative themes of the conference include:

  • development - creative use of cultural and heritage resources for tourism, events and festivals as animators of destinations, the importance of training and research for destination development,
  • planning - European approaches to destination planning, planning for rural and urban destinations, community participation in destination development, building sustainable partnerships,
  • management - managing cultural heritage and sensitive sites, building and maintaining stakeholder relationships, managing for competitive advantage through innovation, e-commerce and information management, and
  • marketing - destination image and brand, making the media work for destinations, communicating with new and emerging tourist markets.

Contact: Dr Philip Long, Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Owen Building, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK; tel.: +44 (0) 114 225 2957; fax: +44 (0) 114 225 3343; e-mail: p.e.long@shu.ac.uk; www.tourism-culture.com

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China Europe Performing Arts Meeting

Beijing, China, 12-16 October 2006 / Shanghai, China, 17-18 October 2006

The International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM, formerly the Informal European Theatre Meeting) and the China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) are organizing a 7-day meeting entitled Tradition & Innovation: Challenging Perspectives, which is open to any performing arts professional from China, Europe and the rest of the world, to those interested in getting information on performing arts in China and Europe or interested in working with China and Europe. The meeting will be held in Beijing from 12-16 October and Shanghai on 17 and 18 October 2006. A serial of debates and discussions on jointly selected subjects, visits and performances will open this dialogue, hoping to lay a foundation for continuous exchange in the performing arts between Europe and China and stimulate the dialogue on performing arts in China.

Registration closes on 15 September 2006. Please see register.ietm.org to register.

Contact: Katelijn Verstraete, IETM – International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, Sainctelette Square 19, 1000 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: +32 2 201 09 15 or + 32 498 120483; e-mail: communication@ietm.org; www.ietm.org

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Role and Significance of Culture and Art in Strengthening and Development of Cooperation Among Nations

Yerevan, Armenia, 16-19 October 2006

The Art and Sport Supporting NGO from Yerevan, Armenia organizes its 1st International Conference under the title of The Role and Significance of Culture and Art in Strengthening and Development of Cooperation Among Nations, to be held on 16-19 October 2006. Partners of the Conference are the Armenian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.

The aim of the Conference is to support the dialog of cultures by means of national political power, to strengthen and approach the relations of states and nations, cooperating with professionals in culture and art of other countries.

The Conference will focus on:

  • art education, and the development of new methods and forms;
  • promotion and assistance in realization of projects;
  • development of culture and art;
  • strengthening of the professional skills of organizers of cultural events and advancement of their knowledge in that sphere;
  • development of modern information technologies;
  • supporting cultural workers and event organizers to integrate with foreign work experience;
  • supporting the advancement of professional knowledge.

The deadline for registration and 250-word abstracts to be sent to abstracts@assno.website.am is 16 August 2006.

Contact: Anna Ispiryan, Conference Coordinator, Art and Sport Supporting NGO, 8 Sakharov Str., Apt. 4, 375010 Yerevan, Armenia; tel.: +374 91 470173; fax: +374 10 544569; e-mail: anna@assno.website.am; www.assno.website.am

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Linguistics Rights as a Matter of Social Inclusion

V Mercator International Symposium
Barcelona, Spain, on 19-21 October 2006

The V Mercator International Symposium organised this year by the Legislation and Language Rights Center will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on 19-21 October 2006, under the title of Linguistics Rights as a Matter of Social Inclusion.

The organisers have designed de symposium on the premise that Europe has always been a multilingual land and that this fact has been accentuated in recent decades by the steady arrival and settlement on the continent by non-Europeans who have brought their languages with them. Therefore, the current linguistic reality in Europe is richer and more complex than ever. In accordance with the Mercator Network principles, this complexity must not necessarily be a problem. On the contrary, the languages spoken in the European Union today are one of the keys to making possible the "union in diversity" of all citizens, groups, communities, and peoples that live together in Europe.

To encourage such harmony, the Symposium will reflect on which kind of multilingualism should the European Union put into practice now and in the future. The question will be raised on how the linguistic rights of immigrants and of receiving communities can be regulated and guaranteed and, more specifically, how the exercise of these rights could stimulate the social inclusion of newcomers who settle among minoritized linguistic communities that share their space with majority or dominant languages.

The V Mercator International Symposium will critically analyse the issues under consideration and will also present a series of practice cases for balancing individual rights and the collective rights of speakers of the languages of immigration and the speakers of minoritized languages within the European Union.

Registration deadline is 9 October 2006. For details, contact secretaria@ciemen.org.

More information is available at www.mercator-central.org

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III Iberoamerican Thought Congress

Holguín, Cuba, 25-26 October 2006

The Cuban Ministry of Culture’s Department of Festivals announces a wide range of annual cultural acitivities: from the Film Festival in April and Rock Festival in September to the Iberoamerican Culture Festival in October and traditional Cuban Music Festival in November. All those interested in performing arts festivals and exchange are invited to participate.

Held every year in Holguín from 24-30 October, the Iberoamerican Culture Festival (IACF) is a cultural event meant to render homage to the encounter of the old and the new world. In Cuba, such encounter took place with the arrival of Admiral Christopher Columbus to Bariay Bay, in Holguín Province, on 27 October 1942. The festival summons specialists, intellectuals, artists and people from Cuba and all Iberoamerica who are interested in maintaining an enriched cultural dialog within this space of art and reflection.

Carried out within the Festival, the Iberoamerican Thought Congress is a space of scientific debate dealing with our identity. Specialists of diverse countries gather to reflect on the meaning and historic-cultural significance of the encounter between the Old and the New Worlds. Debate forums will be held on:

  • Thinking the ideas and the culture of The Great Colombia's integration project.
  • The Cuban way of thinking: Results and perspectives.
  • Regional cultures and ways of thinking.

Paper proposals of no more than five pages can be sent by 30 September 2006 to csuper@baibrama.cult.cu.

Contact: Contact: Maria Victoria Santana Lopez, Centro Provincial de Superacion de Cultura, Maceo No.106 entre Arias y Agramonte; tel.: (53-24) 424964; www.baibrama.cult.cu

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Promotion of Diversity

20th World Congress on Dance Research
Athens, Greece, 25 - 29 October 2006

Entitled Promotion of Diversity, the Congress will take place in Athens, Greece from 25 - 29 October 2006 under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipalities of Athens and Palio Faliro. The Congress is organized by IOFA Greece and the Dora Stratou Dance Theater, in collaboration with the International Dance Council CID, UNESCO. Its theme is in accordance with the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions adopted on 20 October 2005 by the UNESCO General Conference.

This largest gathering of dance specialists worldwide presents a unique opportunity to showcase one's work to a wide audience of practitioners, dance teachers, choreographers, researchers, critics and organizers. Performances of all forms of dance will take place at a 3500-seat covered stadium by the sea built for the 2004 Olympic Games.

The deadline for the submission of proposals of research reports, lecture-demonstrations, classes, non-profit performances or exhibitions is 15 September 2006.

The programme will include presentations and discussions of original research reports; classes, lecture-demonstrations and video projections; performances by selected dance companies; as well as exhibitions and sales of books, records, pictures, costumes, accessories etc.

Contact: Congress Secretariat, Dora Stratou Dance Theater, Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens, Greece; tel.: (30)210 324 6188; fax: (30)210 324 6921; e-mail: president@cid-unesco.org; www.cid-unesco.org

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Cultural Policies and Proximity

Barcelona, Spain, 25 - 27 October 2006

Organized by the Cultural Studies Centre of the Culture Department (Diputació de Barcelona) under the title of Cultural Policies and Proximity, INTERACCIÓ 2006 will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on 25 - 27 October 2006, with the aim of being a space of meeting and reflection for politicians and cultural managers working in the local sphere. In this eighth meeting, special attention will be paid to the idea of proximity related to cultural policies, dealing directly with a series of specific facilities and programmes which have the district-territory as their space of reference.

The basic programme will be structured into five thematic fields, taking the form of plenary roundtables, project presentations and initiatives of proximity:

  • approaches to ideas,
  • conflicts of proximity,
  • technologies that bring closer or distance,
  • diversity and proximity, and
  • public space and proximity.

Contact: Mr. Carles Prats i Maeso, Director, Centre d'Estudis i Recursos Culturals (CERC), Diputació de Barcelona, Montalegre 7, 08001 Barcelona, Spain; tel. (+ 34) 934 020 630; fax (+ 34) 934 020 631; e-mail: ac.interaccio@diba.cat; www.diba.cat/cerc/interaccio2006.asp

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Art and Politics: Case Studies from Eastern Europe

Call for Case Studies
Kaunas, Lithuania, 26-27 October 2006

Organized by the Art Institute of the Vytautas Magnus University, this conference entitled Art and Politics: Case Studies from Eastern Europe, to be held in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 26-27 October 2006, aims to bring together different case studies on art and politics in order to analyze the complex relationship between artistic and political regimes as well as political meanings of art in Soviet and Post-Soviet conditions.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • subversions of political art in non-democratic state,
  • cultural policy and culture as resistance,
  • in search of panacea: resistance, transgression, appropriation,
  • critique of representation and creating of new myths,
  • aesthetical norms and/or national style,
  • self identities [autobiography, body, individual mythologies] in the sidelines of regime, and
  • ideological art and artistic ideologies.

Participants are requested to submit their papers in the form of case studies using a particular artifact, event or phenomenon as the grounds for research of a broader problem focused on the varied intersections of art and politics. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes. A publication of conference proceedings is also planned.

Abstracts of 250-300 words, accompanied with a short CV, should be submitted by 20 April 2006. Accepted papers will be notified by 2 May 2006.

Contact: Art Institute, Vytautas Magnus University, Laisves ave. 53-405, LT-44309 Kaunas, Lithuania; e-mail: Linara_Dovydaityte@fc.vdu.lt and Jurate_Tutlyte@fc.vdu.lt

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Rethinking Marxism 2006

Call for Papers
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, 26-28 October 2006

Rethinking Marxism, the Journal of Economics, Culture & Society, announces its 6th major international conference, to be held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, on 26-28 October 2006, under the title Rethinking Marxism 2006.

The conference dedicated to the state of contemporary Marxism and its many current correlates and derivatives will include keynote addresses and plenary sessions, formal papers, workshops, art exhibitions, video presentations, activist sessions, and performances. Three plenary sessions will highlight some of the most pressing issues of our times:

  • Imperialism and the Fantasies of Democracy,
  • Rethinking Communism, and
  • The Power of the Left Media.

Paper and panel proposals as well as pre-organized sessions that follow traditional or non-traditional formats (such as workshops, roundtables, and dialogue among and between presenters and audience) are invited. The deadline for proposal submissions is 1 September 2006.

Contact: Vincent Lyon-Callo, Department of Anthropology, Moore Hall, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008, USA; e-mail: and www.rethinkingmarxism2006.org

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3rd Latin American Forum Memory and Identity

Montevideo, Uruguay, 26-29 October 2006

This annual intercultural meeting and social project of the Latin American peoples to take place in Montevideo, Uruguay on 26 to 29 October 2006 gathers representatives of social and cultural organizations, academic institutions and ethnic movements to reflect upon issues of cultural diversity and its influence on social processes. The Forum's main themes to be discussed in parallel panels, workshops, round tables, debates and audiovisual presentations are:

  • social sciences and popular cultures
  • diversity for solidarity
  • identity, social projects, policies and integration
  • experiences of development founded on identity
  • migration, displacement and demobilization - challenges for human rights

The deadline for paper and workshop proposals is 10 July 2006.

For details, please contact: Natalia Rebetéz, Signo Latinoamérica / Área Comunitaria de Signo, Centro Interdisciplinario, Juncal 1470, of. 302, Montevideo, C.P.11.000, Uruguay; tel.: (598 2) 902 3982; Fax: (598 2) 903 1350; e-mail: comunitaria@signo.com.uy; www.signo.com.uy/segundoforomemoria/tercerforo.html

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Training of Trainers' Seminar: Mobility And Cultural Co-Operation in the Age of Digital Spaces

Bucharest, Romania, 27 October 2006

Within the framework of the G2CC - Gateway to Cultural Collaboration project funded by the European Commission, On-The-Move and ECUMEST are organizing new training of trainers' sessions for cultural organisers, producers, managers, artists and cultural management teachers/trainers, to be held in Bucharest, Romania, on 27 October 2006. The training day will be repeated on 9 November within the Mobile.Home IETM meeting in Helsinki, Finland (for details, please see www.on-the-move.org/EN/index.lasso).

Following successful training sessions on mobility, intercultural competence, cultural cooperation in the age of digital spaces led by Corina Suteu in 2005, three of the trainees of the programme are now given a space to develop new thoughts and insights into these issues by developing their own training format. Sanna Kangasluoma (FI), Cristina Farinha (IT) and Culturelink team member Aleksandra Uzelac (HR) will deliver a series of free training sessions focusing on issues related to digital cultural content and virtual mobility, drivers and barriers for mobility, and cultural networks as real or virtual pathways to cultural cooperation.

The training is open to cultural organisers, producers, managers or artists, or cultural management teachers/trainers interested in finding more about these issues, but also enabled to perform and further disseminate the training contents.

For details on the training session's themes, pleasecontact: ECUMEST Association, 14 Batistei St., 020937 Bucharest, Romania; tel./fax: +40-21-319 27 11; e-mail: ecumest@ecumest.ro; www.ecumest.ro or www.on-the-move.org

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Pride of Place

2006 CIAV Scientific Conference - Call for Papers
Pátzcuaro, Mexico, November 2006

The ICOMOS International Committee of Vernacular Architecture (CIAV) has launched a call for papers for the 2006 CIAV Scientific Conference entitled Pride of Place, to be held in Pátzcuaro, Mexico in November 2006. The conference sub-themes include Cultural Identity through Vernacular Heritage and Preserving Traditional Materials and Local Construction Systems. The deadline for submission of abstracts and short CVs is 15 September 2006.

For details, please contact: Ms. Valeria Prieto, Secretary General, CIAV, ICOMOS International Secretariat, 49-51 rue de la fédération, 75015 Paris, France; tel.: +33 (0)1 45 67 67 70; fax: +33 (0)1 45 66 06 22; e-mail: secretariat@icomos.org, prietovale@gmail.com; www.icomos.org/ciav/.

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Creative Clusters 2006 - Mainstreaming Creativity

Call for Presentations
NewcastleGateshead, UK, 6-8 November 2006

Creative Clusters, the independent policy forum fostering debate about creativity and the creative economy, about culture and commerce, will hold its 2006 Conference in NewcastleGateshead, UK on 6-8 November 2006 under the theme of Mainstreaming Creativity, aiming to contribute to policy development by examining initiatives and interventions supporting cultural enterprise, whether at local, regional, national and international level. The conference will show how creative techniques and strategies are being deployed to effect deep transformation of places, and to tackle some of the most intractable issues of our times.

Proposals are currently invited for presentations on the conference theme - submission deadline is 22 May 2006. Presentation formats include policy presentations, digital media presentations, workshops and posters (see specification). Detailed presenter guidelines are available here.

For details, please see www.creativeclusters.com.

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International Forum on Cultural Rights and Diversity

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 14-15 November 2006

The Korean National Commission for UNESCO is organizing an International Forum on Cultural Rights and Diversity, to be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 14-15 November 2006, focusing on the identification and analysis of the principles of cultural rights and diversity as stated in international instruments, and their application in public circles. The forum is jointly organized by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, the Korea Culture and Tourism Policy Institute and Interarts Foundation (Spain) with the support of UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation.

The main goal of this forum is to examine various perspectives on cultural rights and cultural diversity, including practical implications that are enshrined in international instruments. It will also encourage the development of policies, programmes and projects to apply the principles as defined in the UNESCO conventions. Moreover, in order to identify specific regional topics and issues, the forum will focus on cultural rights and diversity within the Asian context.

Issues to be addressed include:

  • reorientation of the contexts mentioned in the relevant international instruments, in consideration of the new social framework;
  • examination of the UDCD and the CPPDCE and their core elements in terms of cultural rights and diversity;
  • discussion on the contradictions, problems and tensions related to cultural rights and diversity in the framework of public policies;
  • debate on the duties, responsibilities and values related to the cultural rights framework;
  • study of the applied experiences of cultural rights and diversity in different contexts and sectors;
  • incorporation of cultural rights and diversity into the design of public policies; and
  • promotion of participatory actions on the local and regional level, such as the Culture Charter of Korea.

Cultural rights are a fundamental requirement for cultural diversity and social development. However, these rights have been some of the last to be recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in terms of legal content and policy implementation. To improve this situation two UNESCO conventions were adopted recently; the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity in 2001 and the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression in 2005. There still remain many challenges to fully understand and revitalize dialogue between cultural rights and cultural diversity. Therefore this forum will offer an opportunity for discussion on the definition, affirmation, and development of cultural rights and diversity within a social context.

Contact: Ms. Sunkyung Lee, Programme Specialist for Culture, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, P.O.Box Central 64 Seoul, Korea; tel.: 82-2-755-9066;,fax: 82-2-755-7477; e-mail: sklee@unesco.or.kr; www.unesco.or.kr/crcd

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Golden Mask International Theatre Festival

Tallinn, Estonia, 14-19 November 2006

The annual Golden Mask in Estonia international theatre festival, established in 1994, is to be held in Tallinn, Estonia, on 14-19 November 2006, presenting the best Russian drama, opera, ballet and puppetry productions of the previous season selected by a board of experts consisting of theatre critics, journalists and theatre managers and nominated in some two dozen categories.

Contact: ART-Forum MTÜ, Mere pst. 5, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia; tel.: +372 552 6741; tel./fax: +372 641 8662e-mail: artforum@art-forum.ee; www.art-forum.ee/KuldneMaskEestis

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Changing Cultures: European Perspectives

Ghent, Belgium, 15-17 November 2006

Coorganized by the ESA Research Network "Sociology of Culture", the conference entitled Changing Cultures: European Perspectives, to be held in Ghent, Belgium from 15 – 17 November, will provide social scientists dealing with various processes of cultural change, such as migration and cultural globalization, individualization and value change and cultural pluralization, with a forum for discussion and exchange.

Papers are invited addressing a range of conceptual, methodological and empirical issues by the sociological community and related disciplines. The deadline for the online submission of proposals is 15 June 2006.

Sessions are planned on topics concerning:

  • the future of cultural theory and qualitative and quantitative methods within the sociology of culture,
  • cultural memory & collective identity,
  • measurement issues,
  • art and cultural participation,
  • value change within Europe,
  • ethnic minorities & multicultural society,
  • cultural industries,
  • cross-cultural & comparative research,
  • daily cultures & life styles, and
  • cultural globalization.

Individual papers that focus other issues related to the main conference theme and proposals for a thematic session, workshop or round table are also highly welcome.

For details, please see www.esaculture.be.

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A Soul for Europe

Berlin, Germany, 17-19 November 2006

The People Network, a project of the Felix Meritis Foundation, is looking for bright, young Europeans to participate in the debate on Europe, its heritage and expectations for the future, to be continued at the second edition of the Berlin Conference: A Soul for Europe, to be held on 17 – 19 November 2006.

As a follow-up to the first conference and in preparation of the second event, you are invited to fill in a questionnaire at http://www.felix.meritis.nl/peoplenetwork/docs/questionnaire.doc and submit it along with the registration form and a 1-2-page personal statement expressing your own ideas about:

  • the future of Europe taking into account recent developments (e.g.: enlargement process, rejection of the constitution, etc.);
  • what the practical role of the cultural policy of your own country should be in interaction (and competition) with other countries; and
  • how you imagine Europe’s cultural potential could be used more efficiently to the benefit of the European integration process and of Europe’s relations with the rest of the world.

The full documentation is to be sent to people@felix.meritis.nl. Depending on the availability of funds, approximately fifty individuals from those who respond will be invited to express their ideas and opinions at the conference.

Contact: Felix Meritis, The People Network/Berlin Process, Attn.: Mr. Ruggero Lala, Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.:+31 20 626 23 21; fax: +31 20 6249368; e-mail: people@felix.meritis.nl; www.felix.meritis.nl/peoplenetwork

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Central And Eastern European Performing Arts Market (CEEPAM)

London, UK, 21-22 November 2006

The first Central and Eastern European Performing Arts Market (CEEPAM) is to be held in London, UK, on 21-22 November 2006, as part of FEEAST, the Festival of Central and Eastern European Art, serving as an open platform, encouraging networking among culture professionals involved in producing and presenting international performing arts.

CEEPAM aims to create a pool of artistic resources for British, Western, Central and East European arts practitioners, facilitating the development of an international network of organisations, artists, producers, venue managers and festivals towards the creation of exchange, collaboration and long term relationship. Open to cultural operators and opinion formers, artistic directors, venue managers, producers, funders and representatives of Embassies, cultural institutes and centres, as well as anyone involved in the performing arts world within the UK and internationally, the event represents an attractive and inviting meeting place of contemporary artistic creativity and a framework for networking and communication, supporting mutual understanding of cultural trends and artistic forms and their potential for working together.

More information is available at www.feeast.com/ceepam.php.

Contact: tel.: +44 [0]783 727 8302; e-mail: info@feeast.com.

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Cultural Policies and Immigration: Experiences and Reflections

Barcelona, Spain, 21-22 November 2006

In 2006, the Interarts Foundation and the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia have set up a project regarding the relation between cultural policy and immigration. The activities carried out combine on the one hand the development of case studies (especially in European countries with a long experience in the area of international immigration) and on the other hand, the definition of approaches which could be applied or considered relevant for Catalonia.

To be held in Barcelona, Spain, on 21-22 November 2006, the seminar on Cultural Policies and Immigration: Experiences and Reflections, which is also supported by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, aims to create a meeting point for the two working areas. Through various local and international initiatives, it will explore experiences which may be used to inspire new actions in Catalonia and in Spain, as well as look at the challenges that these models currently have to confront. The aim of the seminar is to promote a reflection on the challenges, needs, and possible approaches to immigration from the standpoint of cultural policies and management based on a presentation of a wide range of experiences taking place in Europe.

The topics which the seminar will deal with require a contextualisation within a broad framework of policies and agents. In agreement with a transversal policy, cultural policy should be situated within a complete set of programmes related to immigration and should be linked to goals such as integration, social cohesion, and freedom of expression.

To a large extent, the types of cultural initiatives which will be presented are valid for all kinds of public, regardless of the demographic changes which have been encountered in the last decades in Europe, and especially recently in Catalonia and in Spain. Although the debate is driven by numerous contributions from the rest of Europe, special attention is given to the Catalan experience regarding the integration of immigration and its own model in this area. Therefore, more than presenting closed models and initiatives which are perfectly transferable, the programme seeks to suggest questions and possible approaches, favouring recommendations for the adaptation of the current way of conducting affairs and ideas in support of the capacities of the local context.

The seminar will particularly address professionals and students in the area of cultural management and cultural policy, and is also open to the contributions and participation of other interested individuals, including diverse sectors of culture and the arts in the programme. Participation in the event is free.

For a full programme and the registration form, please see www.interarts.net/eng/5.3_novetat.php?newId=48.

Contact: Alana Henry, Interarts Foundation, Mallorca 272, 9a planta, 08037 Barcelona, Spain; tel.: +34 934 877 022; fax: +34 934 872 644; e-mail: ahenry@interarts.net.

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Treasures of the Church, European Treasures

First International Congress of Europæ Thesauri
Beja, Portugal, 22-25 November 2006

Under the title of Treasures of the Church, European Treasures, the first international congress of Europæ Thesauri, the International Association of Treasures and Churches' Museums, will be held in Beja, Portugal, on 22-25 November 2006. Serving as a pan-European forum, the event is meant to promote an interdisciplinary reflection on how church treasures and museums face contemporary challenges – how they secure their integration in cultural, social and economical, political and religious realities, ensure the ongoing legacy of a unique heritage, learn to work in partnerships, and enrich and widen the European cultural identity.

With its headquarters in Liège's Cathedral, Europæ Thesauri was founded in 2005 under the patronage of H. I. and R. H. Prince Lorenz, Archduke of Austria-East, Prince of Belgium. This non-governmental organization unites the main European treasures and sacred art museums from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland and aims to value, qualify and communicate worldwide the European religious heritage.

To register, please see www.europaethesauri.eu/ing/registration.html.

Contact: L.Prazeres 4-A, PT-7800-475, Beja, Portugal; tel.: ++ 284 320918, 91 7502842; fax: ++ 284 320052; e-mail: dpdb@sapo.pt; www.europaethesauri.eu

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The Bologna Process in Practice – Perspectives for Cultural Management Courses

ENCATC Conference
Potsdam, Germany, on 23-24 November 2006

The European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC) announces its conference entitled The Bologna Process in Practice – Perspectives for Cultural Management Courses, to be held in Potsdam, Germany, on 23-24 November 2006. The event is organized in cooperation with the Fachhochschule Potsdam and with the active support of the University of Barcelona, the Institut d'Etudes Politiques of Grenoble, the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and the Jyväskylä University.

The event aimed at ENCATC members and actors of the cultural training field will gather experts and representatives of international, European and national organisations involved in the implementation of this process. The conference findings and outcomes are to mark a significant step towards possible solutions to the future challenges and risks generated by the implementation of the Bologna process in the cultural management and cultural policy area.

The aim is to discuss further actions needed especially in terms of improving the mobility of students and teachers and to foster cooperation between training institutions in Europe and beyond. It will also represent an opportunity for ENCATC and its project partners to prepare an ENCATC statement on future policy and research needs for the European Commission and the main policy makers involved in the Bologna process.

The main areas of focus are:

  • the possible degree of harmonisation in culture management;
  • criteria for quality assurance;
  • training courses in the cultural management field and their relationship with professional fields in France; and
  • management of artistic and cultural fields.

Registration deadline is 15 November 2006. Online registration at www.encatc.org/register/register.lasso?ID=14.

Contact: Mrs. Giannalia Cogliandro, European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres, 19 Square Sainctelette, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium; tel.: +32 2 201 29 12; fax: +32 2 203 02 26; e-mail: g.cogliandro@encatc.org; www.encatc.org

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Cultural Management in a Changing Environment

Tartu, Estonia, 23-24 November 2006

The Department of Culture of the Tartu City Government invites potential participants and interested individuals to their international cultural management conference entitled Cultural Management in a Changing Environment, to be held in Tartu, Estonia, on 23-24 November 2006.

The first day of the conference will focus on the management of the cultural sector at European, state and local government levels (cultural policies) and the management of international cultural cooperation. The second day will focus on management of cultural organisations – strategic management, human resources management with the purpose of building a creative and innovative environment, case studies of management of Estonian cultural organisations.

The event will feature prominent local and international speakers, and will be attended by cultural administrators and cultural professionals from all arts fields from the whole of Estonia, thus providing a good opportunity for making contacts.

Contact: Kristel Kont, Cultural Service of the Department of Culture of Tartu City Government, tel.: +372 736 1359; fax +372 7361 361; e-mail; Kristel.Kont@raad.tartu.ee; www.tartu.ee/kultuurikonverentsid/eng/index.php

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Les Rencontres Annual General Meeting

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 23-26 November 2006

Les rencontres, the Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture, a network of elected officials from local and regional authorities in charge of cultural affairs, will host its Annual General Meeting in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 23-26 November 2006. The dates coincide with the Annual Meeting of Banlieues d’Europe, the European network of cultural operators from the suburbs, allowing the networks to exchange projects and confront ideas.

The conference will be an important occasion to examine the role of culture in an area of conflict. Conference partner Banlieues d’Europe will look at Cultures and Conflict and how conflict can develop to include ideas that are conducive to exchange. They will also look at the problem of racism in an area of conflict and how culture can be used to tackle such problems. During this conference, the organizers will bring together those in charge of European capitals of culture, elected leaders in charge of cultural affairs in local government, cultural managers and directors, artists, journalists and academics.

The General Meeting will examine the work Les rencontre accomplished over the last ten years and elaborate plans for the network's future. As it is doing much to highlight the increasingly important role played by regions and intermediary structures to develop cultural policies, discussions on the drafting of a White Paper on the cultural policies of local and regional authorities in Europe will be particularly significant.

For details, please see www.lesrencontres.org/ or contact info@lesrencontres.org.

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4th Academic Network Conference

Vienna, Austria, 24-25 November 2006

The Academic Network, part of the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM), and the International Center for New Media (ICNM) are organizing the 4th Academic Network Conference, to be held in Vienna, Austria, on 24-25 November 2006, in conjunction with the EUROPRIX Top Talent Festival, where the best young European e-Content producers and multimedia designers will present their award winning projects and experts will discuss several cutting edge topics.

The event will bring together new media experts, producers of outstanding multimedia projects and instructors who want to learn and enhance their skills together with fellow colleagues from all across Europe. Specially designed for instructors in the field of new media, the two-days intensive workshop will feature theoretical lectures as well as panel discussions and practical case analysis sessions, held by international experts and authors of selected papers. Best-practice examples of successful multimedia instruction, training programmes and interesting tools will be presented, analysed and discussed.

In four presentation and discussion panels, the conference will addresses important and often contradictory issues for instructors in digital interactive media:

  • Project Management,
  • Web 2.0 with Impact on Creativity,
  • Interactive Installations,
  • Interactivity and the Wireless User.

Registration deadline is 15 November 2006. Places are limited to 30 participants with a background in teaching interactive media.

Contact: ICNM - International Center for New Media, Moosstrasse 43 a, 5020 Salzburg, Austria; tel.: + 43.662.630408; fax: + 43.662.630408.22; www.icnm.net; or Jana Egger, EADiM Academic Network, www.summerschool.europrix.org/web2006/en_home.html

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European Art and Culture Between Free Trade and Cultural Diversity. A Delicate Dialogue?

2006 Circle Round Table
Helsinki, Finland, 15–17 December 2006

This year’s CIRCLE General Meeting and a round table on European Art and Culture Between Free Trade and Cultural Diversity. A Delicate Dialogue? will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on 15–17 December 2006. The event is being organised by the project’s leading partner CUPORE with the help of the Boekman Foundation.

The round table focuses on the status of the arts and culture in the evolving global economy. It is increasingly important to consider cultural diversity together with the development of international trade regime and trade rules. Also, national cultural policies need to take into account these external forces.

The conference will bring together experts and practitioners in international cultural cooperation and world trade to investigate, analyse and assess the responses and stands taken by governmental, trans-governmental and corporate actors in relation to international conventions and treaties defining the status of the arts and culture in the evolving global economy. The purpose is to redefine the “cultural exception” in the processes of trade liberalisation in a manner that will provide common grounds for achieving:

  • a better balanced cultural exchange of ideas,
  • improved protection of intellectual property rights, and
  • a stronger guarantee for maintaining and increasing cultural diversity both at national and international level.

The perspective of the conference will be global, but a special focus will be placed on the reactions and stands of the EU both in respect of its own internal free markets, and its responses to the world free trade agreements and conventions.

For details, please contact: Minna Ruusuvirta, Foundation for Cultural Policy Research, Tallbergin katu 1 C 137, FIN 00180 Helsinki, Finland; tel.: + 358 (0)9 7746 0412; fax: +358 (0)9 7746 0437; e-mail: minna.ruusuvirta@cupore.fi

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Hyper-Tourism: Re-Thinking Tradition in Tourism and Travel

Call for Abstracts
Bangkok, Thailand, 15 – 18 December 2006

The tenth conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE), to be held under the title Hyper-Tourism: Re-Thinking Tradition in Tourism and Travel in Bangkok, Thailand, on 15 – 18 December 2006, invites papers addressing the way that the concept of tradition is being transformed in and by tourism and tourists, around the three axes of the conference:

  • From Simulated Space to "Real" Tradition,
  • Hyper-Traditions and "Real" Places,
  • Identity, Heritage, and Migration.

The concept of tradition is embedded in the very nature of travel and tourism. Long standing customs and patterns of behaviour, together with tangible manifestations of continuity, consistency and inheritance, form an essential part of the tourist search for difference and distinction dressed, to varying extents, in romanticised narratives. In this vein, tradition has become strategically and tactically mobilised within the global political economy, circulating as images, imaginings and ideals that fuel tourism development and touristic practice. Furthermore, over the years tourism itself as a product and project of modernity has generated its own traditional practices which allows us to speak of 'tourist identity' and which feeds into conventional binaries of tourists and the 'other' and, 'here' and 'there'. At the same time tourism constantly challenges and changes our received notions of the traditional through its constant abstractions, reductions and packaging of social realities, and through their consumption as experiences.

What does the transformation of tradition mean for the tourist? Do we have to re-configure tourism as a way of experiencing hyper-traditions? Perspectives on such questions from a wide range of disciplines including those of anthropology, sociology, history, folkloric studies, literature and critical theory, linguistics, human/cultural geography, psychology, and urban studies are welcome.

Abstracts not exceeding 500 words and a short CV should be submitted by 17 February 2006.

Contact: Professor Mike Robinson, Chair of Tourism Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK; Tel.: +44 (0) 114 225 2928; Fax. +44 (0) 114 225 3343; e-mail: mike.robinson@shu.ac.uk; http://arch.ced.berkeley.edu/research/iaste/2006%20conference.htm