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Interdisciplinary Workshop Series on Key Concepts in Tourism Research

Leeds, UK, March - May 2008

The PhD-students at the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Leeds Metropolitan University took an initiative to organize a workshop series on key concepts in tourism research. During the spring term of 2008, four two-day workshops will focus, respectively, on Exchange, Memory, Representation and Experience:

  • 13/14 March 2008 Workshop "Experience", keynote: Claudio Minca, University of London, After the Island: The Hard Work of Being (with) Tourists
  • 3/4 April 2008 Workshop "Exchange", keynote: Keith Hart, Goldsmith College London, On Commoditization: Exchange in the Human Economy
  • 17/18 April 2008 Workshop "Memory", keynote: Sharon MacDonald, Manchester University, Memory, Materiality and Tourism
  • 8/9 May 2008 Workshop "Representation", keynote: David Crouch, University of Derby, The Problems with Representation: Consumption, Space and Images

The workshop series is open to PhD-students from all disciplines. Its philosophy is to generate an interdisciplinary dialogue based on short paper presentations by the workshop participants. The contributions do not necessarily have to be polished conference papers; contributors may also present ideas, work in progress or critical reviews. To promote lively and engaged discussion, draft copies of all presentations shall be circulated among the workshop participants ten days in advance. Each workshop will be jointly led by a team of CTCC PhD students and an invited academic with wider expertise in the respective topic. This invited expert will also give a keynote address situating this topic and opening the discussion.

The deadline for submission of the papers and contributions for the first workshop is 29 February 2008. E-Mail: C.Mueller@leedsmet.ac.uk

For details, please visit www.tourism-culture.com

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European Festival Research Project (EFRP)

Helsinki, Finalnd, 11-12 April 2008 / Moscow, Russia, 31 October – 1 November 2008

The European Festival Research Project (EFRP) invites researchers to submit proposals for inclusion in its 2008 research workshops: Urban Impact of Artistic Festivals to be held in Helsinki, Finalnd on 11-12 April 2008 and Festivals of Theater for Children and Youth, Moscow, Russia on 31 October – 1 November 2008.

The European Festival Research Project (EFRP) is an international, interdisciplinary consortium, focused on the dynamics of artistic festivals today and seeking to understand the current explosion of festivals and its implications and perspectives. EFRP is working to develop a critical mass of research papers, studies, publications and debates and through these to articulate tentative conclusions, trends, forecasts and recommendations for festival operators, public authorities as subsidy givers and potential sponsors.

Periodically EFRP holds intensive research workshops on specific topics where comparative and longitudinal research is presented and specific issues and topics are discussed. All research outcomes are being made accessible in a public depository at the web site of the European Festival Association (www.efa-aef.org/efahome/efrp.cfm).

Interested researchers should submit a 100-150 word summary of their presentation to Dr Dragan Klaic (Leiden University), Chair of the EFRP (draganklaic@gmail.com) by 25 February for the Helsinki workshop and by 15 May for the Moscow workshop.

Contact: Dr. Dragan Klaic, EFRP Chair. Leiden University, draganklaic@gmail.com; or Christopher Maughan, EFRP Coordinator, Arts Management, Faculty of Humanities, De Montfort University, Clephan Building, The Gateway, Leicester LE1 9BH, UK; tel.: +44 116 250 6131; fax: +44 116 257 7265; e-mail: ccm@dmu.ac.uk

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A.I.R. International Artists Residencies / FilmFest

Call for Applications
Balatonfured, Hungary, May - August 2008

The Hungarian Multicultural Center is currently accepting applications by interested visual artists, experimental short film makers and writers from around the world for the Csopak/Balatonfured Hungarian International Artist/Writer Residencies and FilmFest Programme 2008 to be held in sessions on 20 May - 12 June 2008, 17 June - 10 July 2008 and 15 July - 7 August 2008.

The Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc. (HMC) is an award winning non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international art and the understanding of world cultures, through high quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and related educational programs. Its principal focus is the international residency program to which artists are invited with the goal of providing a supportive community with uninterrupted time to work. The residencies offer participants a unique opportunity to interact with other artists representing a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

For application form or questions about the residency please write to bszechy@yahoo.com, or find details at www.hungarian-multicultural-center.com.

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European Media Artists in Residence Exchange 2008

Call for Applications
The Netherlands / Germany / Bulgaria / England, Spring-Autumn 2008

With the support of the European Union Culture 2007-2013 programme, the newly established European Media Art Network will host 16 European Media Artists in Residence Exchanges (EMARE) between Spring and Autumn of 2008 and organise a final exhibition in 2009 in Halle (Saale) in addition to individual presentations.

Europe-based media artists in the fields of digital media including internet and computer based art, filmmakers, sound and video artists are invited to apply for a two months artist residency at IMPAKT, Utrecht, Netherlands Interspace, Sofia, Bulgaria VIVID, Birmingham England Werkleitz Center for Media Arts in Halle, Germany.

EMARE includes a grant of 2.000 Euro, free accomodation, up to 250 Euro travel expenses, access to the technical facilities and media labs and a professional presentation. Entries should include the application form (downloadable from the website), a CV, (audio)visual reference projects documentation (no originals) and a proposal sketch for the project which should be developed within EMARE. Students are not permitted, but young artists encouraged.

Artists with residence in or identity card within Europe may find further details and download the application form at www.werkleitz.de/projekte/emare/applicationform_emare08.pdf. Application deadline is 7 January 2008.

For more information and application form please visit www.werkleitz.de/projekte/emare/index_e.html.

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2nd ICACA International Conference 2008

Sarawak, Malaysia, 16-17 January 2008

The 2nd International Conference on Applied and Creative Arts provides a forum for discussing issues on creative arts from a global perspective. The conference will emphasise emerging creative paradigms in all disciplines and areas of expertise, in applied and creative arts. It is an opportunity for creative intellectuals and professionals, practitioners, artists, designers, inventors, performing artists, directors, and managers, to discuss and share valuable information on new techniques, methodologies, processes, technologies, applications and issues, related to creativity and globalization.

The conference will focus on exploring creative possibilities in disseminating new knowledge to face the challenge of the future. The creative sense employed in different fields will contribute to enhancement of new ways of thinking. Creativity, interpreted as the ability to produce work that is novel and relevant, will lead to new scientific findings, new movement in art, new inventions and new social programs.

Details and registration at www.unimas.my/icaca2008/

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1st International Forum - Voice, Youth and Arts Management

Caen, France, 1st quarter of 2008

Organized by the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) in cooperation with Polyfollia, the 1st International Forum - Voice, Youth and Arts Management will take place in Caen, France, on 6-10 February 2008.

50 to 60 young people from as many countries as possible who are already experienced in (arts) management and who are interested in the organization of choral events are invited to participate in this forum. Invited guests will present lectures on: intercultural arts management; choral organizations and events; and on cultural policies and the impact of choral music on social and personal development. Additionally, participants are invited to join workshops on various aspects of international arts management and to discuss topics and issues concerning management and choral music with the lecturers during an open dialogue session.

Candidates must apply in advance to attend the forum, accommodation, food and conference attendance are free, travel costs will be at the participant's own expenses. Candidates will have to apply well in advance as the number of seats is limited.

Please find further information on the Forum on the following Web site: www.ifcm.net/youthforum.

Contact information: IFCM - International Office, Z.A. Le Mesnil, Chemin des Carreaux, 14111 Louvigny, France; tel.: +33-2-31733881; fax: +33-2-31735415; e-mail: ckuehlewein@ifcm.net; www.ifcm.net/youthforum

Nomadism, New Media and New Artistic Mobility in Europe

Paris, France on 21-22 February 2008

Organised by Conteners and Sea Europe, and supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (DDAI), the Nomadism, New Media and New Artistic Mobility in Europe seminar / symposium / project presentation will be held in Paris, France on 21-22 February 2008, aiming to identify and study the new nomadic artistic projects born in Europe during the last few years.

Ships, trucks, buses, multimedia laboratories, virtual museums or ship containers are being converted into spaces of creation and of artistic restitution. All these mobile devices participate in creating new artistic mobility.

How do these new mobile projects foster new artistic forms in new spaces? How do they provoke a new relationship with public space and with the audience? To what extent has the new media revolution largely contributed to this expansion? How do new virtual cultural institutions also produce new cultural exchanges and new mobility?

The aim is to launch a European movement of reflection and exchange upon these questions. As a 1st step, the organisers are collecting information about all mobile artistic projects in Europe. This information will be edited on a database serving as a corpus for the symposium. The different projects will also be presented through the publication of a booklet distributed during the symposium. Please send your contributions to nomadism@conteners.org.

For details, please see www.conteners.org/-European-seminar-?lang=en.

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Celebrating the Edges of the World: Tourism and Festivals of the Coast and Sea

Journeys of Expression VII
Reykjavík, Iceland, 29 February – 1 March 2008

Organised be the Geography Department, University of Iceland and the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, Journeys of Expression VII, entitled Celebrating the Edges of the World: Tourism and Festivals of the Coast and Sea, will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland, on 29 February – 1 March 2008, aiming to bring together researchers who share interests in festivals, cultural events and associated tourism in coastal settings. The conference encourages contributions from contrasting but related theoretical and conceptual approaches from Social Science and Humanities disciplinary perspectives.

The phenomenon of coastal community festivals and tourism suggests a number of areas for research. How do festival and tourism intersect at the sea shore? What are the distinguishing characteristics of festivals of the coast and sea? How do these vary between communities worldwide? What are the consequences of the decline in fisheries for coastal communities and how do tourism and festivals relate to such decline? How may tourism and festivals contribute to 'regeneration' in urban ports that have experienced profound social and economic changes? How have festivals and tourism contributed to change in ‘traditional’ seaside, holiday resorts? What are the implications for tourism and festivals of population changes, whether depopulation as a consequence of economic decline or repopulation in second home 'communities'? Is the cruise industry itself ‘festivalizing’ and what are the links between this growing sector and tourism and festivals of the coast and sea?

An interdisciplinary debate is encouraged on the suggested themes and paper proposals are welcome from academics from various disciplinary backgrounds including tourism studies, festival studies, geography, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, cultural geography, politics, etc. If you wish to submit a paper proposal, please send a 300-word abstract with full address and institutional affiliation details as an electronic file to Dr. Philip Long (p.e.long@leedsmet.ac.uk). The deadline for the reception of abstracts is 14 December 2007.

Further regularly updated information is available at www.tourism-culture.com.

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International Festival of Videotales for the Promotion of the Territory 2008: First Edition

Biella, Italy, 29 February – 2 March 2008

The Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto is organizing the First International Festival of Videotales for the Promotion of the Territory 2008, to be held in Biella, Italy, on 29 February – 2 March 2008. Dedicated to Italian and foreign videomakers, the Festival combines art with the landscape, history and inhabitants of a territory. Telling the story and promoting a territory through video-narrations of lives and personal experiences, video makers, directors, documentary makers, artists of all ages, Italian and foreign, are invited to express their creativity by interpreting their territory through a particularly involving medium: the video.

The idea is to activate a circuit for producing and presenting works that describe and valorize territories, to stimulate and increase the demand for tourism of an experiential kind, which is increasingly surpassing traditional, destination-oriented tourism. In keeping with the mission of Cittadellarte, to produce and inspire responsible change in society through creative ideas and projects, the VideoTale opens a channel through which artistic creativity can interact with the articulate socio-economic reality of a specific territory. Art enters into a relationship with the landscape, the history and lives of the inhabitants, implicating itself directly in the search for possible development pathways for local development.

To participate, simply send in a short film (even if it has already been presented at other events) about a specific aspect of a territory, narrated through a life story and with the aim of promoting tourism and culture in the territory itself. Entries must be received no later than 13 December 2007, along with a curriculum vitae and the entry form downloadable from the festival site festivaldelvideoracconto.cittadellarte.it/, and sent to the attention of Sara Conforti, Festival del VideoRacconto di Promozione Territoriale, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto Via Serralunga 27, 13900 Biella (Italy). The 10 entries admitted to the competition will be selected between 14 and 30 December. All competing videos will be screened during the festival, followed by discussions, music and readings, and including meetings with local experts and institutions.

Contact: Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, via Serralunga 27, 13900 Biella, Italia; tel.: +39 015 28400, +39 015 0991453; e-mail: videoracconto@cittadellarte.it, sara.c@cittadellarte.it; www.cittadellarte.it, festivaldelvideoracconto.cittadellarte.it/

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Teaching Cultural Policy

Call for Applications
Budapest, Hungary, 3-8 March 2008

The Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) of the University of Budapest announces the Spring 2008 Sessions on Topical Issues in Curriculum Development, to be held under the title Teaching Cultural Policy, organized in cooperation with the departments and programmes of the Central European University and held on 3-8 March 2008.

These sessions are expected to cover topical issues of particular importance to the development of higher education in the region, in all areas related to curriculum development, addressing current trends in curriculum development, degree structures and particular or special interest issues. These sessions could be directed at a particular group of academics or focus on a target region or institution(s).

The CRC workshop aims to discuss the teaching of cultural policy from a broader perspective of cultural systems than the national one. With globalization, European integration, migration and explosive growth of cultural industry the national prism has become inadequate. The workshop aims to provide the participants with tools, literature and relevant issues for course design and is recommended to those who teach cultural policy in the region, in political science, public policy, international relations, humanities, arts, management and cultural studies departments, who hold a Ph D or are about to receive a PhD but have a teaching position and have the endorsement of their department to attend.

The workshop leaders are Dragan Klaić, Visiting Professor CEU and Milena Dragičević Šešić, Professor at the University of Arts Belgrade.

All CRC applicants must:

  • be university teachers and/ or professionals (who teach part-time) in the Social Sciences and Humanities from the region (non-EU countries) who are preparing to revise or develop their courses;
  • have sufficient English language ability, both written and spoken, to participate in discussions and use resource materials;
  • submit an application with all accompanying required documents as stated on the CRC application form.

The deadline for applications is 21 January 2008, application forms are available online at www.ceu.hu/crc/crc_visit_appl.html. All costs related to transportation and accommodation during the sessions will be covered by the CRC.

Contact: Dragan Klaić, Churchill laan 158-2, 1078 ER Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 20 672 3610; email: draganklaic@gmail.com; www.ceu.hu/dpp/people/klaic.htm

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Cultural Observatories and Cultural Information and Knowledge

Split, Croatia, 12-14 March 2008

The first meeting of the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers' (ENCATC) working group on Cultural Observatories and Cultural Information and Knowledge will be held in Split, Croatia on 12-14 March 2008 to discuss the Relationship Between Training Programs, Cultural Observatories and Research on Cultural Policy and Management.

The ENCATC working group was set up in 2007 with the aim of:

  • providing useful information to organisms in charge of the observation of cultural phenomena,
  • clarifying the role and nature of cultural observatories,
  • innovating cultural information systems,
  • strengthening the collaboration between cultural observatories in terms of exchange ofinformation and knowledge.

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend the International Conference on Cultural Policy and Decentralisation in Croatia, organized by the University of Economics in Split on 14 March 2008 and to know more about the project aimed to build the first Cultural Observatory in Split.

Contact: ENCATC Brussels Office, Square Sainctelette, 19, B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium; tel.: +; fax: +32.2.2030226; e-mail: activities@encatc.org; www.encatc.org/activities/events.lasso#1

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International Forum on the Creative Economy

Call for Papers
Ottawa, Canada, 17-18 March 2008

The Conference Board of Canada, with support from The Department of Canadian Heritage, is organizing an International Forum on the Creative Economy to take place in Ottawa, Canada on 17-18 March 2008. The event will include keynote speakers, presentations, lectures, and other activities aimed at examining recent evidence on the arts and cultural sector as an important engine of economic growth.

Papers must address one or more of the four Forum themes:

  • Creative Economy in Transition: Arts and Culture in Domestic and Global Markets
  • Measuring Arts and Culture as an Economic and Social Engine of a Country’s Wealth
  • Consumption Dynamics: Consumers Driving Change
  • Innovation and Research: Mobilizing New Practices

Submissions by academics, think tanks, research agencies, and not-for-profit and business professionals are invited. Working papers and new research that is underway by graduate students are welcome.

Up to 250-word abstract submissions should be emailed to Barbara Fennessy at fennessy@conferenceboard.ca by 7 December 2007. A compendium of papers will be produced and widely disseminated after the Forum.

Contact: Barbara Fennessy, Senior Research Associate, Education and Learning, The Conference Board of Canada; tel.: 866-711-2262 x 356, 613-526-3090 x 356; e-mail: fennessy@conferenceboard.ca

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Eastern European Culture

Call for Papers
San Francisco, USA, 19-22 March 2008

Organised by the National Popular Culture and the American Culture Associations, a conference on Eastern European Culture is to be held in San Francisco, USA, from 19-22 March 2008. The deadline for abstract submissions is 1 November 2007.

The organisers are considering proposals for sessions organized around a theme, special panels, and/or individual papers. Sessions are scheduled in one-and-a-half hour slots, typically with four papers or speakers per standard session. Eastern European includes but is not limited to cultures within the following nations: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Yugoslavia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Albania. Topics may include among others ethnic and folk cultures, depictions of Eastern European cultures in popular culture, foodways, Eastern European art and artists, Eastern European literature and writers, political culture, religious traditions, travel narratives.

Contact: Jeffrey Johnson, Michigan State University, 116 Morrill Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA; e-mail: john2299@msu.edu

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Between Objects and Ideas: Re-Thinking the Role of Intangible Heritage in Museums, Monuments, Landscapes, and Living Communities

4th Annual Ename International Colloquium
Ghent, Belgium, 26-29 March 2008

The 4th Annual Ename International Colloquium entitled Between Objects and Ideas: Re-Thinking the Role of Intangible Heritage in Museums, Monuments, Landscapes, and Living Communities is to be held in Ghent, Belgium, on 26-29 March 2008.

With the adoption by UNESCO of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, a major new field of heritage documentation, conservation, interpretation, and community involvement has emerged. This three-day colloquium will present a wide range of perspectives and predictions on the future of heritage policy, funding, interpretive technologies and public involvement in Europe and throughout the world. Therefore innovative contributions from heritage administrators, cultural economists, archaeologists, historians, educators, and cultural policy specialists, as well as practitioners of traditional intangible heritage, are sought under the following four themes:

  • What is Intangible Cultural Heritage?
  • Who Owns Intangible Heritage?
  • Who Makes Intangible Heritage?
  • What is the Social Role of Intangible Heritage?

Abstracts for poster presentations, short papers (10 min.) and research papers (20 min.) on these themes will be accepted until 15 November 2007. They should be a maximum of 300 words, in English, sent either by fax to +32-55-303-519 or by email to Claudia Liuzza at colloquium@enamecenter.org. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 January 2008.

Contact: Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation, Abdijstraat 13-15, B-9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium; tel.: +32 55 30 03 44; fax; +32 55 30 35 19; e-mail: info@enamecenter.org

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Giving a Stronger Voice to Civil Society in the European Neighbourhood

Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, 2 April 2008

ECAS - European Citizen Action Service from Brussels and CNVOS - Centre for Information Service, Cooperation And Development of NGOs from Ljubljana will organise a conference on Giving a Stronger Voice to Civil Society in the European Neighbourhood: Development of Civil Dialogue and Partnership Relations Between Civil Society, National Governments and EU Institutions to be held under the auspices of the Slovenian EU Presidency in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia on 2 April 2008.

The event is expect to gather civil society representatives from Western Balkans, Turkey, Eastern Europe ENP partners (Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus) and Russia, the European Union as well as officials from EU Institutions and national governments. It provides an excellent opportunity for civil society to send a political message to the EU about the need to develop a coherent and coordinated strategy for the sustainable civil society development beyond EU borders. It is expected to result in a declaration in the form of policy recommendations on building civil dialogue and partnership relations between civil society, national governments and EU institutions as well as on enhancing the role of civil society organizations as development actors by engaging them into the dialogue on aid effectiveness.

The event is part of a process (ITS Advocacy Campaign) to launch a debate at EU and national levels about how to create sustainable partnership relations between civil society actors, EU and national authorities. The process started with a conference in Brussels in October 2007 and will end with the Zadar conference on 25 and 26 September 2008.

No fee will be charged for participants, but they will be expected to cover their own travel and subsistence costs. Certain financial assistance will be provided to the selected participants from Eastern Europe ENP partner countries, Western Balkans and Turkey through DECIM - Donor Exchange, Coordination, and Information Mechanism. Registration is open until 15 March 2008.

Detailed information and background documentation at www.eu2008.si and www.ecas.org.

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Forum Skopje - A Soul for Europe

Skopje, Macedonia, 4-6 April 2008

Under the initiative A Soul for Europe, Felix Meritis is once more engaged in co-producing a Forum, to be held in Skopje, Macedonia, on 4-6 April 2008, in cooperation with the local partners Public Room and European Alliance Macedonia.

Following the successful experience of previous Forums, the co-producers aim to develop a concrete "culture of democracy". The objective is to stimulate a long term and sustainable dialogue between civil society and policymakers as well as to empathise the role of culture in the development of Europe with a particular focus on South-Eastern Europe.

The agenda of Forum Skopje will include topics such as: the relationship between civil society, policymakers and the administrative sector in regional cooperation, the European responsibility and challenges of cities and regions, the contribution culture could make towards developing cities and ensuring successful regional development; trends and politicise in cultural diversities and social cohesion, and others.

Various European politicians and civil society actors, in particular the young generations, have been invited to discuss these fundamental issues with the local actors. Among others, Forum Skopje will include Ljubisa Georgievski, President of the Macedonian Parliament; Michael Zeeman, journalist, essayist, poet, Alojz Peterle and Doris Pack, Members of the European Parliament; Erwan Fouéré, Special representative of the European Commission in Macedonia; Elisabeta Kancevska Milevska, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture in Macedonia; Milena Dragičević Šešić, Rector of the Faculty of Arts, Belgrade University; Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe; Anna Athanasopolou, European Commission's Executive Agency for Education and Culture; Violeta Simjanovska, Pak Multimedia Skopje and Steve Austen, Permanent Fellow Felix Meritis.

For details please see http://felix.driebit.nl/en/agenda/forum-skopje---

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Performing Arts Training Today

Bovec, Slovenia, 14-17 April 2008

Performing Arts Training Today, to be held in Bovec, Slovenia on 14-17 April 2008, is an international professional conference open to performers, performing arts educators and teachers from all over the world interested in the research of topical questions and processes in contemporary performing arts education and training.

The main tasks of the conference are to demonstrate various methods and techniques in contemporary performing arts education and training, to open discussions about successful and effective strategies, to establish new contacts, to exchange experiences with colleagues from different countries and to lay the foundation for future networking and collaboration.

This is an opportunity for performers, performing arts educators and teachers to demonstrate their methods and techniques. The number of presentations is limited. Presentation formats include workshop/master classes, work in progress, performance fragments (not requiring any special technical conditions), readings/lectures, and any other way of demonstration to the presenter's discretion.

Contact: International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE); tel: +44 020 8133 2593; e-mail: info@iugte.com

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2nd Annual International Film Festival Summit Europe

London, UK, 15-16 April 2008

The 2nd Annual IFFS Europe is the largest dedicated gathering of the European film festival community, which provides a platform for the community to explore ways to collaborate and promote the advancement of the film festival industry. This is the exclusive meeting place for industry professionals, vendors and those committed to the film festival and entertainment industry to dialogue with their peers, share insights and gain knowledge that will help grow film festivals and keep the industry thriving.

This year's IFFS Europe, taking place in London, UK, on 15-16 April 2008, will have industry leaders discussing the latest trends in funding and sponsorship, programming, operations and management, publicity and public relations, acquisition and distribution, technology solutions, long-term planning and sustainable growth, and executive management.

Event Contact: Chad Reott, Conference Development Manager; tel.:+1-330-294-0094; e-mail: Chad@michaelbass.com

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Access to Music - New Perspectives in Education, Distribution and Politics

2008 Annual Conference of the European Music Council (EMC)
Brno, Czech Republic, 17-20 April 2008

The European Music Council (EMC) together with the Czech Music Council and the Janácek Academy of Music and Performing Arts invite participation in the EMC Annual Conference 2008 on Access to Music - New Perspectives in Education, Distribution and Politics. taking place in Brno, Czech Republic, from 17-20 April 2008.

Vladimir Sucha, Director for Culture and Communication at the EU Commission, will give a keynote on the EU Agenda on Culture, and the Council of Europe is invited to present its White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue and to explore the role of music in it. The event is aimed at high level experts and representatives from music organisations. To participate in the Conference, please register online by 1 April 2008.

For details, please see emc-imc.org/textseite.php?seiten_id=271.

Contact: Ruth Jakobi, Secretary General, European Music Council, Weberstr. 59a, Haus der Kultur, D-53113 Bonn, Germany; tel.: +49 228 966996-64; fax: +49 228 966996-65; www.emc-imc.org

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International Conference on African Culture and Development (ICACD2008)

Accra, Ghana, 20-24 April 2008

The ICACD Conference, to be held in Accra, Ghana on 20 - 24 April 2008, seeks to draw global attention to African Arts, traditional and social institutions and how its potential can be harnessed for the development of the African continent and the world as a whole. It aims to bring together scholars from a broad range of disciplines spanning, developments studies, african culture, social sciences and humanities as well as representatives of african traditional institutions, non-governmental organizations and government agencies to discuss a variety of topics related to culture and national development.

ICACD 2008 seeks to create a platform for Africa and the rest of the world to meet in Africa to gather, discuss and refine ideas and to chart a common course of action from the African Cultural perspective. Topics discussed in workshops and meetings include:

  • Culture and Governance: Modern Governance Structures and the Future of Traditional Governing Institutions
  • Culture and Conflict Resolution in Africa
  • Culture for Development: Unveiling Critical Factors in Africa's Development
  • Culture and the African Economy
  • Foreign Aid: Understanding the African Situation and Achieving Results in Africa
  • Culture: Opportunities for Improving Livelihoods in Africa

Contact: ICACD Secretariat, P O BOX ANT23045, Kumasi, Ghana; tel.:+233 209222222 +233 244634960; fax: +233 51 33229; e-mail: icacd@ccoghana.org; www.icacd.ccoghana.org

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International Performing Arts Laboratory

Prague, The Czech Republic, 20-25 April 2008

The International Performing Arts Laboratory, organized by the International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE) in collaboration with Art Universe, and to be held in Prague, the Czech Republic, on 20-25 April 2008, is open to Actors of physical, dramatic, musical and dance theatres, dancers, choreographers, directors, stage designers, playwrights, script writers worldwide, interested in enriching their professional arsenal with new practical methods and devices, exploring contemporary aesthetics in communication with the public and reconsidering the cooperation principles in a creative group. The program includes intensive practical training, lectures and discussion club.

To submit an application, please send your CV and a brief letter of motivation to info@iugte.com. Accommodation and meals are provided.

For details, please see www.iugte.com/projects/PAL.detail.php

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Contested Cultural Heritage on the Landscape and in Museums: Religion and Nationalism in a Global World

Urbana-Champaign, USA, 24-25 April 2008

Spurlock Museum and the Collaborative for Cultural Heritage and Museum Practices (CHAMP) are organizing an international conference on Contested Cultural Heritage, to be held at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA, on 24-25 April 2008, aiming to bring together an international group of scholars to discuss how forces of religion and nationalism may act to heighten inter-group tension around heritage claims, even to the point of causing the destruction of ancient and historic sites. A roundtable discussion at the end of the conference will seek to chart new directions for implementing policies that lessen the negative dimensions of cultural heritage and further awareness of its value for a larger public, thereby promoting site preservation as well as social/political harmony. Dr. Donny George, former head of Iraq's National Museum, is the keynote speaker.

Registration ($15) is required. The deadline for registration is 15 February 2008.

Full conference information and the registration form are available at www.champ.uiuc.edu.

Contact: CHAMP, Department of Landscape Architecture, 101 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, 611 Taft Drive, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL 61820,USA.

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Creative Construct: Building for Culture and Creativity

Ottawa, Canada, 28 April - 1 May 2008

At the Creative Construct: Building For Culture and Creativity symposium to be held in Ottawa, Canada, on 28 April - 1 May 2008, delegates will hear about a number of initiatives, highly creative in themselves, for creating spaces where artists can be artists, supported in their daily lives by both accommodation, work, and exhibition infrastructure designed with their needs in mind.

With the aim of helping transform the way our community planners, educators and elected leaders think about our cultural future, Creative Construct, organized by the Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities at Simon Fraser University and the City of Ottawa, brings together noted speakers, experts and artists from across Canada and around to world to examine the role and value of cultural infrastructure in furthering culture and the creative economy in cities and communities.

Among the workshops and panel discussions addressing the issues of artist's living, working and exhibition facilities will be:

  • Artist Housing and studio space: A cornerstone of creative infrastructure
  • Artist Centres as cultural incubators: Models & experiences
  • Artist Centres as cultural incubators continued...
  • Alternative urban scenes: Protecting in-between spaces and alternative users.

Attending Creative Construct will be cultural planners and policy-makers, civic leaders and elected officials, architects, cultural sector leaders and entrepreneurs, educators and urban theorists interested in sharing ideas and learning about the latest innovations and developments from around the world.

Additional workshops and panel discussions will address such themes as cultural convergence with industry and science, urban renewal, and alternative financing and partnership. The symposium promises to be a turning point in the way we understand the importance of Canada's cultural infrastructure.

Media Contact: Eileen Gillette or Lorenz von Fersen; tel.: at 778.782.7978; e-mail: eileen@cultureandcommunities.ca or lorenz@cultureandcommunities.ca; www.cultureandcommunities.ca

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Intercultural Cities Conference

Liverpool, UK, 1-3 May 2008

Organised by EUCLID and Comedia, in association with the Liverpool Culture Company, and with the support of the European Commission and the Council of Europe, as part of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, the Intercultural Cities Conference, to be held in Liverpool, UK, on 1-3 May 2008, will look at migration, diversity and urban life in a fresh way. New thinking is needed on how diverse communities can co-operate in productive harmony instead of leading parallel or antagonistic lives.

Taking place in this year's European Capital of Culture the conference will not only provide an opportunity to look at how different cultures can live together but how mixing can be turned to economic, social and cultural advantage – key issues particularly for those responsible for planning and regeneration, the local economy, community cohesion, education and the cultural services.

The conference format will break with convention in pursuit of maximum interaction between delegates and speakers. There will also be the opportunity to get out into Liverpool to see some examples of intercultural dialogue.

Full details can be found at inter.culture.info/icc including the early bird booking fee, only available until 31 March 2008.

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YouthArt MultiFest 2008

Call for Participation
Pančevo, Serbia, May 2008

YouthArt MultiFest 2008, a festival for young artists, up to 35 years of age, dedicated to the theme Art without Borders, is to be held in Pančevo, Serbia, in May 2008.

The festival essentially aims to present the idea of different art media crossovers and to connect young artist from all around the world without prejudice concerning nationality and race. Only artistic expression is important. The Festival will cover accommodation and production costs, no travelling expenses are covered. There is no entry fee, anyone interested should fill out the entry form, available from youthart.multifest@gmail.com, accompanied by their video work on DVD, PAL only.

Application deadline is 15 November 2007.

More information is available at www.freewebs.com/youthart_multifest.

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Social Cohesion Policies in Culturally Diverse Cities

Palermo, Italy, 2-3 May 2008

The International Urban Development Association (INTA) has teamed up with the Italian Association of Local Authorities for Social Affairs and Labour Policies, the Region of Sicily and the City of Palermo in organising an International Conference in Palermo, Italy, on 2-3 May 2008 on how public services should be made more effective in reducing perceptions of discrimination, employment inequalities and in reconciling cultural diversity with urban integration.

The aim of the Conference is to officially launch the Social Platform for Cities and Cohesion, a platform of cities, institutions and networks that campaign for an improvement of cohesion in multicultural cities. The Conference will be an opportunity for new partners to join the Platform and an occasion to sign a declaration addressed to urban policy makers as a guideline of best practices in the delivery of municipal and local public services.

The programme of the network includes the transfer of know-how through conferences, seminars, summer courses, fact-finding missions and international peer-to-peer reviews.

Contact: Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General, INTA - The International Urban Development Association, Toussaintkade 71, 2513 CL The Hague, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 (0)70 324 45 26; fax: +31 (0)70 328 07 27; e-mail: intainfo@inta-net.org; www.inta-aivn.org

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2008 Ansan Street Arts Festival (ASAFRINGE)

Ansan, Korea, 3-5 May 2008

Aiming at developing street arts in Korea, promoting cultural exchange between countries, and relating to the audiences, the 2008 Ansan Street Arts Festival (ASAFRINGE), to be held in Ansan, Korea on 3-5 May 2008 invites professional artists or theatres with experience in street performances. Application deadline for 30 to 60-minute performances is 29 February 2008. The prizes for 1st and 2nd winners are 10,000USD and 5,000USD. The Fringe provides the venue equipped with technical requirements, accommodation and per diem.

Contact: Ansan Street Arts Festival, Ansan Arts Center, 817 Gojandong Danwongu Ansansi Gyunggido S.Korea (425-020); tel: +82 31 481-4030; fax:+82 31 481-4021; e-mail: ansanfest@gmail.com; www.ansanfest.com

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Caribbean International Conference on the Cultural & Creative Industries

Call for Papers
St. James, Barbados, 5-6 May 2008

Marking the 25th anniversary of the National Cultural Foundation, a statutory body in Barbados whose mandate is to oversee the development, promotion, preservation and economic viability of Barbadian culture and heritage, the NCF will be hosting the Caribbean International Conference on the Cultural and Creative Industries in St. James, Barbados on 5-6 May 2008. The event will stimulate discussion at the level of policy, programming and successful case studies. To this end, the NCF put out an international call for conference delegates to submit 250-word proposals for papers on the topics outlined below:

  • Music – Caribbean Competitiveness in World Music;
  • Film & New Media – Developing a Caribbean Film Industry & Exploiting New Media;
  • Fashion – Tracking Caribbean Fashion to the International Market; and
  • Visual and Performing Art – Exporting Caribbean Visual and Performing Arts.

The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 30 January 2008, the notification date is 28 February 2008, and the completed papers of some 5,000 words are due by 15 March 2008.

Please submit paper proposals and abstracts to: Sr. Business Development Officer, Ian W. Walcott, National Cultural Foundation, West Terrace, St. James, Barbados; tel.: + 1246 424 0909 ext. 251: fax: + 1246 424 0916; e-mail: ian-walcott@ncf.bb; www.ncf.bb

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First World Conference on Global Climate Change and its Impact on Structures of Cultural Heritage

Call for Papers
Macau, China, 5-7 May 2008

The First World Conference on Global Climate Change and its Impact on Structures of Cultural Heritage, organized by UNESCO Chair ECOLAND in Macau, China on 5-7 May 2008, invites submissions and abstracts on topics concerning the protection, monitoring and maintenance of structures of cultural heritage.

As climate changes predicted years ago by scientists are now a reality and have taken global proportions, they are threatening to damage our built landscape, many with cultural and historical significance. Cultural Heritage means history that cannot be recovered, without which humanity faces an impoverished future.

Scientists including archaeologists, architects, biologists, conservators, economists, engineers, geologists, historians, informatics, physicists, practitioners, sociologists, surveyors and any other professionals interested in preservation, risk preparedness and safeguarding of the existing structures with historic values are invited to attend this multidisciplinary conference. The conference topics and themes are devoted to public and private buildings, churches, temples and other places of worship, memorials and monuments of all kinds, castles, lighthouses and towers, bridges, city walls and fortresses, pyramids, tombs and ziggurats, archaeological sites and any other cultural vestiges. All construction materials will be considered including earth, natural stone, masonry, timber, iron, steel, aluminum, fibres and synthetics. The main Conference themes listed below are not exhaustive and papers that are relevant may also be included:

  • Macau as City of Cultural Heritage;
  • Global climate change, quo vadis?;
  • Structures of Cultural Heritage & Historical Values in need of protection;
  • Education and research programs on GCC and the SCH;
  • Protection of the SCH and HV against biological aggression, fires caused by natural disasters, floods and soil moisture, landslides and settlements, wind loading, temperature gradients, any other abnormalities in climate patterns;
  • Monitoring, maintenance and interventions on the SCH;
  • The economics of preserving the SCH;
  • Economic and social impact of protection the SCH and HV; and
  • Case studies and future strategies.

Abstracts and texts will be subject to review. The submission deadline is 15 January 2008, acceptance notification on 30 January 2007. Submissions and abstracts of about 300 words are invited, to be sent to the Conference Secretariat at cipremie@singnet.com.sg or by post: CH08 Secretariat, CI-Premier Pte Ltd, 150 Orchard Road #07-14, Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841; tel.: +65-67332922; fax: +65-62353530; www.cipremier.com, www.icomos.org/usicomos/Special_Initiatives/Global%20Climate%20

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International Colloquium on the Tendencies and Challenges of Cultural Policies in Western Countries

Call for Papers
Quebec, Canada, 7-8 May 2008

The Quebec National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) is coorganizing the International Colloquium on the Tendencies and Challenges of Cultural Policies in Western Countries, to be held in Quebec, Canada, on 7-8 May 2008, within the framework of the 76th annual Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS) conference which gathers the best researchers worldwide to present recent works and latest research developments, discuss current issues, and exchange ideas.

The colloquium aims to explore the diversity of policy/culture relations and the challenges faced by Western societies, reflecting on the foundations and the future of cultural policies in different countries. 500-word paper proposals are invited, to be submitted by 7 January 2008.

Contact: Diane Saint-Pierre, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), Chaire Fernand-Dumont sur la culture, INRS-Urbanisation, Culture et Société, 490, de la Couronne, Québec, Canada G1K 9A9; tel.: (418) 687-6413; fax: (418) 687-6425; e-mail: diane.saint-pierre@ucs.inrs.ca; www.inrs-ucs.uquebec.ca

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Achieving the Freer Circulation of Cultural Artifacts

Salzburg, Austria, 9-14 May 2008

The Salzburg Global Seminar, Schloss Leopoldskron, will convene its 453rd Session on Achieving the Freer Circulation of Cultural Artifacts in Salzburg, Austria from 9-14 May 2008.

The Salzburg Global Seminar is an institution focused on global change – a place where innovative ideas lead to practical solutions. As an independent, neutral forum, the Salzburg Global Seminar engages current and future leaders in candid discussions to inspire new thinking and to pioneer strategies for change.

The purpose of Session 453 on Achieving the Freer Circulation of Cultural Artifacts is to build consensus among cultural authorities and museum representatives from around the world on ways to overcome legal, political, and practical obstacles to the circulation of cultural objects - including, but not limited to - those which have been transferred from one country to another in known or unknown circumstances in the distant or more recent past. Participants will work together to identify and assess new and better ways to promote the sharing of art and artifacts – from virtual access via "Second Life" to practical strategies for significantly expanding loan programs worldwide.

Whereas there are many museum conferences worldwide, few strive to bring together a multi-disciplinary, international group of participants for an open, informal exchange of thoughts and ideas in a neutral setting. The Seminar will bring together an international group of museum professionals, cultural historians, scholars, and representatives from cultural ministries to develop a set of recommendations for overcoming political, social, economic, and institutional obstacles to cultural collaboration and exchange.

Registration online at www.salzburgseminar.org/oApp/index.cfm.

Scholarships are available for qualified applicants. For updated information, please visit the session website: www.salzburgseminar.org/2008/sessions.cfm?IDSpecial_Event=1818.

Contact information: Michelle Gross, Program Associate, Salzburg Global Seminar, Schloss Leopoldskron, Box 129, A-5010 Salzburg, Austria; tel.: +43 (662) 83983-0, fax: +43 (662)83983-7; e-mail: mgross@salzburgglobal.org

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Intercultural Dialogue Through Education

Call for Papers
Third Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education Conference
Qawra Malta, 11-13 May 2008

The third conference of the Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education entitled Intercultural Dialogue Through Education will take place in Qawra Malta from 11-13 May 2008. Conference Papers are sought from different parts of the Mediterranean (North-South and East-West) and beyond. There are two broad conference themes, namely, Intercultural Dialogue within and across Nations and Education in the Mediterranean. Other related themes that papers should revolve around, but not necessarily be confined to, include:

  • Education in the Mediterranean
  • North-South, South-North, East-West, West-East Relations in Education
  • Migration – Inward and Outward (Diaspora)
  • Post-colonial Education, preferably with reference to the Mediterranean
  • Religion and Education
  • Multi-ethnicity and Education
  • Inter-ethnic Education
  • Inter-cultural Dialogue Within and Across Nations
  • Education for Sustainability in the Mediterranean and Beyond

Abstracts not exceeding 250 words and particulars (name, title, country, affiliation, position, email/contact details) are to be sent to carmel.borg@um.edu.mt (with heading Third MESCE Conference) by 26 February 2008.

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Cultural Vitality - Mapping Europe

Shortcut Europe 2008
Pécs, Hungary, 22-24 May 2008

The European Network of Cultural Centres' (ENCC) Shortcut Europe 2008 conference entitled Cultural Vitality - Mapping Europe will be held in Pécs, Hungary, on 22-24 May 2008, dedicated to the following key questions:

  • What differs in cultural policies from one member state to another in terms of supporting local cultural and community centres?
  • Are cultural and community centres sufficiently recognized through national cultural policies? What kind of development can be observed?
  • Do cultural centres influence cultural policies and vice versa?
  • What do cultural centres expect from their national cultural policies?
  • Given the above mentioned inclusive definition, cultural vitality is about opportunities and support systems for cultural participation. Is cultural vitality taken into consideration when it comes to policy discussions and decision making?
  • What is the role of culturally vital communities in bringing European citizens closer together in daily life?

Since Pécs considers itself as the gate of the Balkans, and Essen, Istanbul and Pécs are going to be the European Capitals of Culture in 2010, the conference organisers would like to use the opportunity to talk about cultural cooperation and cultural vitality even beyond the current borders of the European Union. Therefore ENCC will address special attention to the participation of representatives of Turkish cultural centres.

Registration deadline is 5 May 2008.

Contact: Pécs Cultural Centre, 2 Színház tér, 7621 Pécs, Hungary; tel.: +36 (72) 510-644; fax: +36 (72) 510-645; e-mail: shortcut@pecsikult.hu

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Sixth Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association

Call for Papers
New York, USA, 22-24 May 2008

The Cultural Studies Association invites participation in its Sixth Annual Meeting, to be held in New York, USA on 22-24 May 2008, through individual papers, pre-constituted paper, roundtable and workshop sessions, division sessions and seminars.

Paper proposals from all areas and on all topics of relevance to cultural studies, including but not limited to literature, history, sociology, geography, anthropology, communications, popular culture, cultural theory, queer studies, critical race studies, feminist studies, postcolonial studies, media and film studies, material culture studies, performance and visual arts studies should be submitted online at www.csaus.pitt.edu/conf/submit.php?action=new&cf=5 by 10 November 2008.

Proposals for papers are due 10 November 2007.

Successful individual papers will reach several constituencies of the organization and will connect analysis to social, political, economic, or ethical questions. Roundtables are sessions in which panelists offer brief remarks, but the bulk of the session is devoted to discussion among the panelists and audience members. Workshops are similarly devoted primarily to discussion, but they focus on practical problems in such areas as teaching, research, or activism. Seminars are small-group (maximum 15 individuals) discussion sessions for which participants prepare in advance of the conference.Pre-constituted sessions should not be submitted on the website, but should be sent to csaus@pitt.edu with the words 'Session Proposal' in the subject line. A list of divisions as well as a list of seminars are available at www.csaus.pitt.edu.

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UNESCO-Road Map for Arts Education and Its Impact on Europe

Wildbad Kreuth, Germany, 27 - 29 May 2008

The European symposium for experts on arts education, entitled The UNESCO-Road Map for Arts Education and Its Impact on Europe, will be held in Wildbad Kreuth, Germany on 27 - 29 May 2008. The UNESCO-Road Map has been elaborated in the context of the World conference on Arts Education in 2006 in Lisbon. A second World conference on Arts Education will be hosted by Korea in 2010. The symposium will examine ways and means of making the Road Map contribute to the further development of an Arts Education for All in Europe. It will also initiate a joint European preparatory process for the upcoming Arts Education World conference in Seoul,Korea 2010.

The symposium starts with an introductory keynote on the concepts and content of the UNESCO Road Map for Arts Education and its implications for European policy, research and practice in arts education. Specific aspects of the Road Map and expectations of stakeholders, institutions and partners involved will be discussed broadly. Furthermore, resource persons and experts from all over Europe will share important insights and proposals. The symposium will finally elaborate elements for a European position to be introduced at the next World Conference 2010.

The German Commission for UNESCO and the Hanns Seidel Foundation, Munich, are organising this symposium in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, the Austrian Commission for UNESCO and Kulturkontakt Austria.

To participate, please register online at www.unesco.de by 31 March 2008.

Contact: Christine M. Merkel, Head of the Division for Culture and Communication (Memory of the World), Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission e.V., German Commission for UNESCO, Colmantstr. 15, 53115 Bonn, Germany; tel.: +49-228-604 97-0; fax: +49-228-604 97-30; e-mail merkel@unesco.de; www.unesco.de

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Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Local Community Development

Call for Papers
Krakow, Poland, 28-30 May 2008

Within the project Awareness Raising on Culture and Development in Europe (ARCADE), coordinated by the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED), the third Seminar on Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Local Community Development, History, Identity, Heritage and Memory will be held in Krakow, Poland, on 28-30 May 2008, aiming to exchange the latest ideas and practices on culture and heritage preservation as it relates to community development in both developed/developing environments.

The Seminar will bring together actors of culture and social development from various backgrounds (including representatives of local authorities, NGOs, foundations, research centres, universities, international organisations as well as artists and cultural practitioners).

ARCADE welcomes papers (with a focus on research and analysis) and case studies (with a focus on practical experience and good practice examples) by 7 April 2008.

Contact: Florent Le Duc, ARCADE Project Coordinator, 33, rue Godot de Mauroy, 75 009 Paris, France; e-mail: arcade@acted.org; arcade.acted.org

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Creative Construct: Building for Culture and Creativity

Ottawa, Canada, 29 May - 1 June 2008

The Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities at Simon Fraser University in collaboration with the City of Ottawa organise an international symposium on cultural/creative infrastructure entitled Creative Construct: Building for Culture and Creativity, to be held in Ottawa, Canada, on 29 May - 1 June 2008. The symposium will bring together participants from around the world to exchange the latest ideas and practices on the development of cultural and creative spaces; cultural planning and investment strategies for cultural infrastructure and cultural districts; and collaborative approaches to enhancing the cultural vitality, creative potential, and competitiveness of cities and communities. Arts and culture are increasingly recognized as integral and necessary components of our social fabric, contributing to the economy and quality of life in cities and communities.

Details are available at www.symposium2008.ca

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Culture Meets Economy

Bolzano, Italy, 11-12 June 2008

The European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano (EURAC Research) Institute for Regional Development and Location Management and the Department for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism of the Innsbruck University School of Management are organizing the Culture Meets Economy conference under the title Culture and Creativity as Location Factors – Looking Beyond Metropolitan Areas, to take place in Bolzano, Italy, on 11-12 June 2008.

The scientific track of the conference will address various topics on the intersection between culture, creativity and economy, with special focus on culture and creativity as location factors: cultural initiatives and activities as facilitator for innovation and competition, cultural clusters, creative milieu and its location requirements, cultural branding, culture and management, cultural entrepreneurs, and culture and tourism. As most of the research carried out within this field is dealing with metropolitan areas, authors are invited to draw special attention to non-metropolitan areas and/or address potential differences between rural and metropolitan areas.

The deadline for the submission of 500–1000-word abstracts is 31 March 2008. Abstracts submitted to sandra.lange@eurac.edu must include the research objective or questions, research methodology and theoretical perspectives, and the main findings or conclusions.

For details, please see www.eurac.edu/Org/AlpineEnvironment/RegionalDevelopment/

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Europa Nostra 2008 Annual Congress

NewcastleGateshead, United Kingdom, 11-15 June 2008

Apart from the meetings of the Management Committee, the Council and the General Assembly, the Europa Nostra 2008 Annual Congress, to be held in NewcastleGateshead, United Kingdom, on 11-15 June 2008, will explore Europe 's fascinating engineering heritage and will celebrate the laureates of the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2008.

For details, please see www.europanostra.org/newcastlegatesheadcongress.html

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Ljubljana, Slovenia, 12 June 2008

Cultural Contact Point Slovenia is organizing an international conference on networking in the cultural sector, entitled Re-network! and to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 12 June 2008. With a special emphasis on the intercultural dialogue between the EU and SEE, the conference's aim is to find out how 'old' and 'new' cultural networks respond to these circumstances and how they manage the problem of free flow of information especially if relevant to transnational cooperation.

Re-network! represents a public part of the Informal meeting of European Cultural Contact Points (CCP Meeting) taking place in Ljubljana and Maribor from 11 to 14 June 2008 as one of the official events within the Slovene EU Presidency cultural programme. As a parallel event, the inSEEcp Meeting will take place, gathering editors of on-line cultural portals from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosna and Hercegovina.

For details, please contat: Dusan Dovc, SCCA-Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia; tel.: 00 386 1 431 83 85; fax: 00 386 1 430 06 29; e-mail: info@scca-ljubljana.si; www.scca-ljubljana.si

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The UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity

Paris, France on 18-19 June 2008

The conference entitled The UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity: First Assessment and Legal Challenges for the Achievement of the Convention' Objectives in Economically Destitute Countries, to be held in Paris, France on 18-19 June 2008, aims to encourage a debate on fundamental topics such as:

  • the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity: first assessment and prospects;
  • the Convention in the light of cultural freedom and the unbalance between North and South: a tool for censorship, a tool for rich countries?;
  • the role of intellectual property in the promotion of cultural diversity;
  • cultural diversity for Southern countries without subsidies nor alms: utopia?;
  • the role of competition law for the promotion of cultural diversity; and
  • international trade law – the law of the strongest at the expense of cultural diversity?

Participants can register online. The complete conference programme is available at www.umrdc.fr.

For deatils, contact Sophie Guy, umr8103@univ-paris1.fr

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12th General Conference of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI)

Call for Papers
Geneva, Switzerland, 24-28 June 2008

Papers are invited for the 12th General Conference of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI). The conference deals with the overarching theme of Global Governance for Sustainable Development, and will be hosted by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva Switzerland, on 24-28 June 2008.

Researchers on development issues are invited to present papers relating to the following topics of the Working Group Sessions:

  • Working Group on Aid Policy and Performance - European Development Co-operation
  • Working Group on Co-operation in Development and Area Studies Training - Education and Training for Sustainable Development? Perils for Planning, Policy and Partnership
  • Working Group on Europe and Asia - 21st Century Capitalisms in Europe and Asia: Developing Concepts, Institutions and Partnerships
  • Working Group on Europe and Latin America - World Governance Asymmetries: Regional Points of View from Europe and Latin America
  • Working Group on Gender and Development - Engendering Global Governance and Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development
  • Working Group on Governance - Global Governance and its Discontents
  • Working Group on Industrialisation Strategies - The Role of China in Africa
  • Working Group on International Migration - The Role of Global and Multi-Level Governance for Migration-Remittance Strategies to Secure Sustainable Livelihoods in International Migrants' Home Regions
  • Working Group on Knowledge, Policy and Power - Knowledge, Policy and Power in EU Development Policy Making
  • Working Group on Multi-Dimensional Poverty - After 2015: What next?
  • Working Group on Transformation in the World System / Comparative Studies of Development - Various Aspects of Global Governance and Sustainable Development in the Transforming World System
  • Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Development - 'Development Impacts' of Transnational Corporations
  • Working Group on Urban Governance - Environmental Issues at the Core of Urban Governance

The deadline for abstract submission is 28 November 2007.

More information is available online at www.eadi.org/gc2008.

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Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts

Call for Papers
Berlin, Germany, 25-29 June 2008

As part of an ongoing effort to promote quality in multipopulation surveys and to raise the level of methodological expertise in various applied fields of comparative survey research, an International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts will be held in Berlin, Germany, on 25 - 29 June 2008, organised within the framework of the International Workshop for Comparative Survey Design and Implementation.

The conference will bring together researchers and survey practitioners concerned with survey methodology and practice in comparative contexts. It will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and present research that contributes to our understanding of survey needs and methods in cross-cultural and cross-national contexts.

Sessions are planned for a wide variety of disciplines including sociology, political science, marketing, media, communication science, economics, education, health, psychology, research activities from developed and emerging countries around the world, research on values, behaviour, attitudes, opinions and performance in disciplines such as family and gender research, social networks, election studies, research in fragile states and among disaster-stricken populations, health care assessment, labour and income research, and organizational research. Key methodological topics include study design, question design, process quality control and assurance, survey error, multilingual issues, data collection methods and modes, sampling and weighting, analysis and testing, data documentation and distribution.

The conference is designed especially for researchers involved in comparative survey research, survey research practitioners and survey methodologists, data users and consultants, planners and decision-makers for cross-national contexts. Proceedings from the conference will be published in autumn 2008.

Abstracts of 400-500 words with 3-4 keywords should be submitted online at www.gesis.org/en/research/eccs/csdi//abstract_register_
by 25 September 2007.

Contact information: Janet Harkness, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, USA; and ZUMA, Mannheim, Germany; e-mail: jharkness2@unl.edu with copy to csdi@gesis.org

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Civilizations in the Americas and Around the World: Past, Present and Future: Exploring Multiculturalism in Globalizing Civilizations

Call for Papers
48th ISCSC World Conference
New Brunswick, Canada, 26-28 June 2008

The International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations (ISCSC) calls for participation at its 48th world conference on Civilizations in the Americas and Around the World: Past, Present and Future: Exploring Multiculturalism in Globalizing Civilizations, to be held in New Brunswick, Canada, on 26-28 June 2008.

Topics exploring multiculturalism in globalizing civilizations cover the Americas; Asian, Islamic, African, and European civilizations; and general civilizational topics.

The deadline for 500-words abstracts, to be submitted to Stephen Blaha at iscscabstracts@yahoo.com, is 20 April 2008.

For details, see www.wmich.edu/iscsc/conference/call.html

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22nd World Congress on Dance Research

Call for Presentations
Athens, Greece, 2-6 July 2008

The 22nd World Congress on Dance Research, organized by the Dora Stratou Dance Theater and the Greek Section IOFA, in collaboration with the International Dance Council CID, will be held in Athens, Greece, on 2-6 July 2008. Presentations deadline is 30 May 2008.

This largest gathering of dance specialists world-wide is the best opportunity to showcase one's work to a wide audience of practitioners, dance teachers, choreographers, researchers, journalists and organizers. All forms of dance are represented, strictly non-profit. While intended primarily for professionals, it is at the same time a trade fair and a participatory event, facilitating contacts with colleagues, informal discussions and individual initiative.

The program includes:

  • presentation and discussion of original research reports (papers),
  • classes, lecture-demonstrations, video projections,
  • performances by dance companies, duos or solos,
  • exhibitions and sale of books, records, pictures, costumes, accessories etc.,
  • visits to places of special interest, such as dance schools, museums, sites etc., and
  • evenings where members can discuss in a relaxed setting.

Submitting a presentation (research report, lecture-demonstration, class, performance, exhibition, projection) is optional. For each presentation a text must be sent before 30 May 2008.

Contact: Congress Secretariat: Dora Stratou Dance Theater, Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens, Greece; tel.: (30)210.324.6188; fax: (30)210.324.6921; e-mail: president@cid-unesco.org; www.cid-unesco.org, www.orchesis-portal.org/cdr/

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Of Sacred Crossroads

7th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference
Kingston, Jamaica, 3-7 July 2008

Proposals are invited for sessions at the 7th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, scheduled for 3-7 July 2008 in the Caribbean. Entitled Of Sacred Crossroads, the event will allow for a broad interpretation, being set across disciplines and forms – religion, art, dance, song, orature, healing, re-creation, performance, ritual, belief systems, ethics, globalization, communication, and others.

General areas of interest include: body, identity and difference, media, gender and sexuality, popular culture, cultural industries, performance and gender, youth culture, religion and culture, nation states, power and knowledge, new information technology, globalization and diaspora, nationalism and locality, consumerism and fetishism, culture and economy, fundamentalisms, cultural studies pedagogy, policing the crisis, culture and ethics, critical methodologies, politics of opposition, cultures of everyday life, social and cultural theory, the city, cultural policy, centre and periphery, space and culture, imagined communities.

The deadline for online submission of session proposals is 30 June 2007. Please see the Session Organizer's Manual posted at www.crossroads2008.org for information on length, format and guidelines for submission of proposals.

Registration information will be available by summer 2007. A General Call for Papers will be issued in July 2007. To avoid no-shows and guarantee the quality of all sessions, all paper presenters will be asked to register before 30 April 2008.

For further details, please email: crossroads_2008@yahoo.com

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4th International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.)

Athens, Greece, 6–13 July 2008

The Theater of Changes invites, actors, directors, drama school students, dancers, choreographers, singers, acting, voice and movement teachers and finally all those with a vivid interest in performing arts to attend the workshops of the 4th International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.), which to be held in Athens, Greece, on 6-13 July 2008. Application forms should be submitted by 30 June 2008.

During a whole week of creative interaction, theatre makers from different parts of the world will have the opportunity to share and get acquainted with new working methods and ideas, regarding the sectors of acting, movement and voice through workshops, performances and discussions.

Contact: Theater of Changes, 19A 3is Septemvriou str., 10432 Athens, Greece; fax: +30–210–5246833; e-mail: info@toc.gr or tostudio@hol.gr

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Bridge Between Tradition and Contemporaneity

Theatre Methods 08
Malpils, Latvia, 7-13 July 2008

Under the title Bridge Between Tradition and Contemporaneity, the annual professional festival-fair Theatre Methods 08 will take place in Malpils, Latvia, on 7-13 July 2008, bringing together actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, teachers, playwrights, stage designers, script writers, theatre critics, journalists and cultural managers.

Submissions of creative presentations are welcome. Presentation formats include workshops / master classes, works in progress, performance fragments (not requiring any special technical conditions), readings / lectures, any other way of demonstration at the presenter's discretion.

For details, please see www.iugte.com/projects/TM08.php, registration at www.iugte.com/projects/register.php.

Contact: Lisa Rich, Project Coordinator, International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE); tel.: +44 020 8133 2593; e-mail: info@iugte.com; www.iugte.com

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How Are We Doing? Managing Culture and the Arts in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, 11-12 July 2008

University College Dublin's School of Art History and Cultural Policy calls practising cultural sector, marketing, development and education managers; arts and heritage officers; cultural entrepreneurs and consultants to participate in this conference on Ireland's arts and cultural management sector, taking place on UCD's campus on 11-12 July 2008.

How Are We Doing? Managing Culture and the Arts in Ireland, 2008 is a practitioner-focused forum aimed at giving cultural sector managers, collectively and personally, an opportunity to take stock of their work in the wider context of policy and practice. The conference will enable practitioners to reflect on their management environment, as well as the skills, training and lifestyle issues that affect arts and cultural managers in contemporary Ireland. Sessions include presentations and keynote addresses by internationally renowned scholars and arts managers, and opportunities to meet and network with colleagues in the field.

The hope is that the dialogue and networks created through this conference will further the identification of important policy, training and research issues. Conference outputs will be disseminated via the online publication of a conference report.

Contact: Dr Emily Mark FitzGerald, Conference Administrator, School of Art History & Cultural Policy, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland; tel.: +353 1 443 3620 / +353 1 716 8625; e-mail: emily.mark@ucd.ie

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Confluences - International Conference on Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue

Festival Pirineos Sur
Panticosa, Spain, on 23-25 July 2008

The Interarts Foundation and the Spanish Ministry of Culture are organising an event entitled Confluences - International Conference on Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue, which will be held in Panticosa, Spain, on 23-25 July, in the framework of the Pirineos Sur music festival. An official event of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, Confluences will combine a series of testimonials, discussions on cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and presentations of relevant artistic initiatives. A range of issues including intercultural dialogue in everyday life, its effects on creativity, its implications for public authorities and the place of diversity in the media will be analysed.

The event is aimed at students, professionals and any other intereste members of the public. Registration opens on 5 June.

For further information, contact icd@interarts.net

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NUREC 2008 - The Northern Urban Regeneration Exhibition and Conference

Liverpool, United Kingdom, 28-29 July 2008

NUREC 2008 - The Northern Urban Regeneration Exhibition and Conference, the key event for regeneration practitioners to listen, learn, discuss and debate the challenges facing Northern Cities and Towns, is to take place in Liverpool, United Kingdom, on 28-29 July 2008.

28 industry leaders will lend their expertise, share their knowledge and offer lively debate to the conference proceedings, and the exhibition will present up to 50 exhibiting organisations including Councils, Urban Regeneration & Development Companies, City Regeneration Investment Agencies, Local Corporate Companies, Government Agencies and Community Programmes.

The Conference will look back on 30 years of urban regeneration policy and implementation, highlighting the key successes made in Northern Towns and Cities, in areas such as city centre redevelopment and the development of the tourist industry, whilst at the same time, examining the challenges that now face Northern Town and Cities, particularly in terms of economic development and local neighbourhood renewal.

As the 2008 Conference is being held in Liverpool, delegates will also be able to witness what is going on in the European Capital of Culture and see the exciting regeneration developments taking place in Liverpool City Centre and surrounding areas.

Contact:Andrew Clark, Eton Events Ltd, 25 The Waterfront, Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, BN23 5UZ, United Kingdom; tel.: +44 ( 0 ) 1323 472467; fax: +44 ( 0 ) 8701 355855; www.eton-events.com, www.nurec2008.com

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Creative Communities and the Making of Place: Sharing Creative Experiences

Call for Papers
Bandung, Indonesia, 8-10 August 2008

Building on the success of the first Arte-Polis in 2006, the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) is pleased to present Arte-Polis 2, an international conference and workshop with the theme of Creative Communities and the Making of Place: Sharing Creative Experiences, to take place in Bandung, Indonesia from 8-10 August 2008.

The aim of Arte-Polis 2 is to bring together academics, community leaders, local governments, policy-makers and professionals from different regions of the world concerned with the quality of life and livelihood of creative communities in both urban and rural settings. Participants are expected from a diverse range of disciplines, including architecture and planning, business and management, cultural and development studies, design and visual arts, economics, geography, information and communication technology, and others. Its objective is to share international experiences and knowledge regarding current issues, best practices and policy implications on the relationship between creative communities and place-making.

In an era of globalization, activities of the creative economy such as fashion, film, television, theater, music, dance, visual arts, design, architecture, advertising, publishing, multimedia and information technology, have contributed significantly to local economy, community life and the creation of places in cities. Such cultural places become hubs for creative communities, having taken advantage of the trend in natural agglomeration of creative industries as clusters, given that information, imagination, opinions and cultural sensibilities are transmitted through them.

Abstracts of 300 words maximum are invited by 21 March 2008 to the Organizing Committee's e-mail at artepolis@ar.itb.ac.id with copy to artepolis_itb@yahoo.com. Abstracts received will be blind-reviewed by members of the Advisory Committee and designated Reviewers. Only English edited papers will be accepted.

Contact: Organizing Committee, Arte-Polis 2 International Conference and Workshop, Attn. Dr. Woerjantari Soedarsono, Chairperson, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development - Institute of Technology Bandung, LabTek. IXB, 2nd Floor. Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indnesia; tel.: (+62-22) 250-4962; fax: (+62-22) 253-0705; e-mail: artepolis@ar.itb.ac.id, artepolis_itb@yahoo.com; www.ar.itb.ac.id/artepolis2

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44th Symposium on Teaching Indigenous Languages of Latin America

Call for Papers
14-16 August 2008

Organized by the Minority Languages and Cultures of Latin America Program (MLCP) and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), the First Biannual Symposium on Teaching Indigenous Languages of Latin America (STILLA-2008), to be held in Bloomington, Indiana, USA on 14-16 August 2008, invites proposals for individual presentations, round table discussions, panel presentations, interactive workshops and poster sessions, discussing the following issues:

  • best practices, methodologies and strategies in teaching indigenous languages;
  • using multimedia and other multiple resources in language teaching;
  • the interplay of teaching and research;
  • issues of language policy and planning in language teaching;
  • the importance of indigenous languages learning for fieldwork;
  • impact of language attitudes and ideologies on teaching indigenous languages;
  • connecting, celebrating and maintaining traditions through teaching;
  • assessment and evaluation;
  • issues of dialectology and standardization in language instruction;
  • technology and indigenous languages;
  • distance learning / online courses;
  • strengthening indigenous languages as an international subject of study.

The themes of the 2008 symposium will provide an opportunity for participants to engage with some of the challenging and fundamental questions about the intersection of research and teaching of indigenous languages of Latin America. Proposals should include an abstract and biography in English or Spanish, and should be submitted by 10 June 2008.

Contact: Kelly McDonough, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies; tel.: 612/626-7784; e-mail: mcdo0030@umn.edu; www.iub.edu/~mlcp/stilla/

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Fifth International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR)

Istanbul, Turkey, 20-24 August 2008

The Fifth International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR) will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on 20-24 August 2008, aiming to provide an outlet for an interdisciplinary and international exploration of the meaning, function and impact of cultural policies. Cultural policy is understood as the promotion or prohibition of cultural practices and values by governments, corporations, other institutions and individuals. Such policies may be explicit, in that their objectives are openly described as cultural, or implicit, in that their cultural objectives are concealed or described in other terms. The historical range is not limited to any given period, but the ICCPR is primarily concerned with material that is relevant to the contemporary world and which contributes to a fruitful international exchange of ideas.

ICCPR 2008 acknowledges the multiplicity of meanings around the idea of culture and the inter-relationship of these meanings. However, whilst it takes a broad view of culture, encompassing a wide range of signifying practices that include the products of the media, the arts and various forms of government or religious display, ICCPR 2008 will attempt to maintain a focus on policies relating to culture as symbolic communication rather than culture in the anthropological sense as 'a whole way of life'.

ICCPR 2008 addresses itself to all those with a serious intellectual interest in how and why different agencies attempt to work on the cultural practices and values of individuals and societies.

Researchers are invited to submit proposals for paper presentations from any relevant discipline, particularly on the following topics:

  • Cultural policy and globalisation
  • Cultural policy, religion and secularism
  • Intellectuals and cultural policy
  • Politics of cultural policy
  • Cultural policy and values
  • Historiographies of cultural policy
  • Cultural policy in Mediterranean countries
  • Comparative cultural policy
  • Cultural policy and cultural industries
  • Artist policy
  • Creativity and the city
  • Cultural policy and development policy
  • Cultural policy as welfare policy
  • Culture and economy
  • Cultural policy, cultural diplomacy and international relations
  • Cultural Participation

500-words abstracts should be submitted by 15 November 2007. The Scientific Committee will consider proposals and communicate decisions by 14 January 2008 and the deadline for the submission of final papers will be 30 April 2008.

Contact: Art Management Department, Yeditepe University, 26 August Campus, Kayisdagi Cad. 34755 Erenkoy Istanbul, Turkey; Aysegul Guchan, Conference Chair, tel.: + 90 216 578 08 69; fax: + 90 216 578 08 63; e-mail: iccpr2008@yeditepe.edu.tr and ayguchan@yeditepe.edu.tr

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The Rise and Fall of Urban Cultural Industries: Place-bound Dynamics of Urban Cultural Industries

9th International Conference on Urban History
Lyon, France, 27-30 August 2008

Within the scope of the 9th International Conference on Urban History to be held in Lyon, France on 27-30 August 2008, Mariangela Lavanga, Robert Kloosterman and Clemens Zimmermann will organize a session entitled The Rise and Fall of Urban Cultural Industries: Place-bound Dynamics of Urban Cultural Industries. A call for papers is open until November 2007.

Cultural industries are increasingly considered among the most promising growth sectors. But do cultural industries develop and thrive just anywhere, or does their success depend partly on locally-specific, historical conditions, institutions and developments? Cultural industries require specialization. Comparative advantages are therefore crucial. Initial advantages can become self-reinforcing, leading to path-dependent and place-bound trajectories. Innovation is nurtured within specific place-bound environments or "industrial atmospheres", and encouraged by place-bound mechanisms. In agglomerated cultural industries complexes, regular formal and informal interaction between highly skilled producers leads to knowledge spillover and transaction costs generally are lowered. Dedicated institutions reduce overhead costs for all local producers. Highly developed local consumer tastes raise overall standards. Mechanisms such as these produce increasing returns for localities with initial advantages in a given cultural industry.

Papers are invited that, from a historical, socio-economic and cultural perspective, explore:

  • mechanisms underlying place-bound growth in cultural industries,
  • continuities and critical junctures in the development of cultural industries, and
  • patterns of spatial clustering and the evolution of the spatial division of labour in the cultural industries.

Papers may take the form of a case study or a comparative approach involving different cities or clusters within urban areas. Interdisciplinary studies able to combine new economic- geographic insights on dynamic agglomeration economies with extensive historical work on the evolution of institutional contexts are appreciated.

Contact information: Dr Mariangela Lavanga, Post-doc Researcher, Amsterdam institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies (AMIDSt), Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130, 1018 VZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 (0)20 525 1493; fax: +31 (0)20 525 4051; e-mail: M.Lavanga@uva.nl; http://www.fmg.uva.nl/amidst/
, eauh.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr/browse_sessions.php?idsession=86

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NagiB Festival of Experimental Movement

Maribor, Slovenia, 2-6 September 2008

The fourth international festival of experimental movement NagiB, organized by Pekarna - Magdalena Network, to take place from 2 -6 September 2008 in Maribor, Slovenia, calls young emerging authors from the field of contemporary dance and performance to present their work.

NagiB is a space for the enactment of movement. It understands dance as an integral part of contemporary culture. Its driving force is creativity, which confronts and struggles with uniform expressions, produced and encouraged by contemporary society. Projects are invited that undertake research into the medium itself and investigate new possibilities of expression. The works should not be shorter than 20 minutes, projects taking place outside of the traditional theatre space are welcome.

The festival will provide for the artists' travel costs, accommodation, technical equipment and promotion. Artists need to cover their medical insurance.

Proposals should be sent to: Pekarna-magdalenske mreže, Ob železnici 8, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, marked with the heading "for Festival NagiB 2008". The deadline is 5 February 2008.

For additional information please contact: Vlasta Veselko, Artistic leader of NagiB, tel.: 00386 40322378; or Aljaz Maher, tel.: 00386 4056754; e-mail: nagib.festival@gmail.com; www.nagib.si

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Klaipeda, Lithuania, 5-7 September 2008

The non governmental cultural institution Fish Eye invites applications to the fourth international festival of contemporary art PLArTFORMA, to be held in Klaipeda, Lithuania on 5 - 7 September 2008.

The main idea of the festival is to combine the forms of visual and performing arts as well as the artists from Lithuania and foreign countries in one cultural platform. All the performances are presented in the old buildings of the port and in the open air. The concept of the festival is related to the geographical and metaphysical interpretations of boundary zones. Artists are invited to interpret this concept freely:

The proposal/application deadline is 21 May 2008.

Contact: Agnija Šeiko, Festival Curator, tel.: + 370 611 14800; e-mail: agnija77@gmail.com, plartforma@gmail.com

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Shaping Policies for the Cinema of Tomorrow

Council of Europe Film Policy Forum
Krakow, Poland, 11–13 September 2008

Leading figures in the film world and key decision-makers from across Europe are coming together to discuss how public support for film can be adapted to meet the challenges of globalization and digital technologies at the Council of Europe Film Policy Forum, entitled Shaping Policies for the Cinema of Tomorrow, set for 11–13 September 2008 in Krakow, Poland.

The Council of Europe initiative to review film policies from the perspective of their impact on the diversity of cultural identities and expressions will involve governments and the film world in a fresh debate. It will examine the effectiveness and efficiency of public support for film at a time when globalization represents a threat to diversity and when digital technologies are redefining film production, distribution and patterns of consumption.

At the same time, this forum will consider how film policies can contribute to the diversity of cultural expression and to the fulfilment of the goals of the UNESCO Diversity Convention. The Convention reminds us that when we are talking about film, we are talking about culture, creativity and citizenship, and not only talk about employment and market share.

The Forum is being hosted by the Polish Film Institute in association with the Polish Ministry of Culture and the City of Krakow. The Centre National de la Cinématographie and the UK Film Council are supporting the forum.

Details of the forum programme are available at www.coe.int/t/dg4/cultureheritage/policies/Film/forum_en.asp.

For further information, please contact: Jacek Fuksiewicz, Polish Film Institute, e-mail: jacek.fuksiewicz@pisf.pl; Irena Guidikova, Council of Europe, e-mail: Irena.GUIDIKOVA@coe.int; or Henning Camre, European ThinkTank on Film and Film Policy, e-mail: henning.camre@filmthinktank.org

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Digital Content Creation: Creativity, Competence, Critique

Odense, Denmark, on 18-20 September 2008

The second international DREAM conference, to be held in Odense, Denmark, on 18-20 September 2008, will present and discuss the most advanced and exciting research on digital content creation, its socio-cultural contexts and educational consequences. A major aim of the conference is to bring together an international forum of scholars from a range of disciplines including media and ICT studies, education, psychology, anthropology, sociology and cultural studies, as well as to promote dialogue within and across research traditions and develop dialogue between researchers, educators and producers of new learning resources.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to digital content creation: creative processes and textual reappropriations, competence formation through digital content creation: personal voice or commercial coercion?, institutional ramifications of digital content creation for learning, and studying digital content creation: the challenge of new methodologies.

DREAM is a national research consortium founded in 2004 as a joint venture between four Danish university departments, aiming to to facilitate, coordinate and communicate research on learning resources in Danish as these are designed and appropriated in formal and informal learning contexts.

Contact: Dream, SDU, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M, Denmark; tel.: 6550 3364; www.dreamconference.dk/

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Perspectives on Social Capital and Social Inclusion

TSCF 2008 International Social Capital Conference
Call for Papers
Buggiba, Malta, 19-22 September 2008

The Social Capital Foundation invites papers and proposals to its TSCF 2008 International Social Capital Conference, to be held in Buggiba, Malta, on 19-22 September 2008, under the title Perspectives on Social Capital and Social Inclusion. The call will open on 2 January 2008. All papers and proposals should be submitted by 30 July 2008. Papers submitted and accepted before 31 January 2008 will be inserted into the programme of the conference. Proposals are reviewed within two weeks of submission.

The conference will discuss the issues associated with social capital, social inclusion and social cohesion, bringing together social scientists, economists, policymakers, social workers and the widest spectrum of the involved players to explore the social cohesion issues arising in society. The objective is to make progress on the understanding of these issues, by shedding light on some current developments and drafting innovative, practical responses.

To submit a paper, a roundtable or to volunteer to serve as a chair or discussant, please contact conferences@socialcapital-foundation.org.

For more detailed information, please contact: Jessika L. Folkerts, Secretary-General for the Conference Program Committee, The Social Capital Foundation, B.P. 30, 1310 Terhulpen, Belgium; fax: 2-2569837; www.socialcapital-foundation.org/conferences/2008/

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Diversity in Heritage Conservation - Tradition, Innovation and Participation

15th Triennial Conference of ICOM-CC
New Delhi, India, on 22-26 September 2008

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is offering a limited number of bursaries to museum and/or conservation professionals from eligible countries to attend the 15th Triennial Conference of ICOM-CC on Diversity in Heritage Conservation - Tradition, Innovation and Participation, to be held in New Delhi, India, on 22-26 September 2008. Application deadline is 29 February 2008.

For details, please see: www.icom-cc2008.org.

Contact: secretariat@icom-cc.org

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Attractions and Events as Catalysts for Regeneration and Social Change

Nottingham, UK, 24-25 September 2008

The Christel DeHaan Tourism & Travel Research Institute (TTRI), University of Nottingham and the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change (CTCC), Leeds Metropolitan University invite papers to their conference entitled Attractions and Events as Catalysts for Regeneration and Social Change, to be held in Nottingham, UK, on 24-25 September 2008. The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers who share interests in the role of tourist attractions and events in place making and shaping destinations. This research area is clearly relevant to professionals in the field including consultants, developers and local authorities.

Papers should exploretopics such as:

  • Delivering the total visitor experience
  • The potential for sustainable urban tourism through culture and heritage tourism
  • Creative uses of visitor attractions as focal points for regeneration programmes
  • Attractions and events and discourses of place shaping/making and the visitor economy
  • Major events and community cultural festivals as animators of place and tourist attractions
  • Planning dimensions of attractions and events development in urban and rural contexts
  • Community participation in attractions and events
  • Building sustainable partnerships and stakeholder relationships between tourism, culture and heritage in destinations
  • Managing attractions and events in sensitive sites
  • New and emerging technologies in attractions and events marketing and management
  • The role of festivals and cultural events in policies and programmes to promote community cohesion, crime reduction and anti-racism
  • Festivals, cultural events and the multi- (inter-) cultural city
  • Issues in conceiving museums and artistic venues as visitor attractions
  • Issues surrounding the 2012 London Olympics

Abstracts of 250-300 words should be submitted by 13 June 2008 to ttri@nottingham.ac.uk.

The conference will form the academic stream of the European Union of Tourist Officers (EUTO) study visit and will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to network and share cutting edge ideas, innovation and critical thinking with the EUTO participants.

For further information and a booking form for the TTRI/CTCC conference please email Ann Lavin at ttri@nottingham.ac.uk

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Endangered Languages and Language Learning

Ljouwert/Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, 24–27 September 2008

The Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) will organise its Twelfth Conference in Ljouwert/Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, on 24–27 September 2008, in association with the Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning and the Fryske Akademy.

The conference will be organised and sponsored in the framework of the jubilee programme KNAW 200. In 2008 the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) marks its 200th anniversary with scientific activities taking place in the context of the general topic of The Magic of Sciences.

Contact: Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning, c/o Fryske Akademy, Doelestrjitte 8, P.O.Box 54, NL-8900 AB Ljouwert/Leeuwarden, The Netherlands; tel.: 0031(0) 58 - 233 6917; fax: 0031(0) 58 - 213 1409; e-mail: mhoogeveen@fa.knaw.nl; www.mercator-research.eu

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16th General Assembly and International Scientific Symposium of ICOMOS

Call for Papers
Quebec, Canada, 29 September - 4 October 2008

The 16th General Assembly and International Scientific Symposium of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), to be held in Quebec, Canada, on 29 September - 4 October 2008 under the title The Spirit of Place Between the Intangible and the Tangible, calls for papers to one of four themes:

  • Re-thinking the Spirit of Place, addressing the theoretical issues surrounding the relationships that exist between spirit and place, between the tangible and the intangible.
  • The Threats to the Spirit of Place, focusing on identifying and analysing the tangible and intangible threats to which the spirit of place might be exposed.
  • Safeguarding the Spirit of Place, examining the practices, methods, means and tools that could be developed to safeguard and protect the spirit of place.
  • Transmitting the Spirit of Place, exploring how increasingly advanced technological tools used today for recording monuments, historical sites and sites of memory can be used to help transmit the spirit of place.

The deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2008.

For details, please see quebec2008.icomos.org

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European Cultural Centres Live Intercultural Dialogue

European Project Fair 2008
Brussels, Belgium, 1-3 October 2008

Organised by the European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC) and the Belgian ENCC members VVC (Vereniging Vlaamse Cultuur- en gemeenschapscentra) and ASTRAC & ACC (Association des Centres Culturels de la communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles), the European Project Fair 2008 will be held in Brussels, Belgium, from 1-3 October 2008, under the title European Cultural Centres Live Intercultural Dialogue.

The project fair offers an invaluable opportunity to exchange expertise and build up new contacts for possible joint projects in the future in a pleasing atmosphere. This year's main focus tackles all those projects that enable, promote and broach the issue of intercultural dialogue, lifelong learning, inter-ethnic dialogue, etc. Cultural centres all over Europe are invited to present their different approaches to this subject. Special emphasis will be put on the different sectors where the projects are taking place or as which they have been categorised (such as education, lifelong learning, inter-religious dialogue, inter-ethnic dialogue etc.) in order to make the broad spectrum of cultural work visible at European level and to inspire the participating cultural centres by good practices.

The deadline for registration is 19 September 2008. The programme, registration form and further information can be found at: www.encc.eu/projectfair_brussels.php

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Performing the World '08 - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Call for Proposals
New York City, New York, USA, 2-5 October 2008

The conveners of Performing the World, the conference/festival of the growing international performance movement, announce the fifth Performing the World to be held in New York City, New York, USA, from 2-5 October 2008. The event will showcase innovative practice and scholarship and provide a rich context for learning and performing together.

Performing the World '08 (PTW '08) builds on the momentum of 2007's PTW 4, which brought together 300 practitioners, scholars and community activists—educators, youth workers, researchers, psychologists and therapists, health and helping professionals, business people, artists and activists from 27 countries.

PTW '08 invites proposals from all who are involved in performance work that is related to cultural, economic or psychological development, community-building, social justice, citizenry, individual and social transformation, social entrepreneurship, etc. It is looking for a variety of presentation types, including workshops, conversations, demonstrations, discussions and panels. Playfulness and experimentation for all presentations, especially with regard to theory and data, are encouraged.

This year's theme, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow encourages participants to attend to history and process—their own and that of the performance movement. Examinations/explorations of the shift from a cognitive to a performative approach to understanding, interacting with and (re)creating the world as embodied in the work of the participants and/or those they with whom they work/play/ study are particularly welcome. Also of interest is the performance movement's interaction with and impact on poverty, war and peace, sustainability, democracy, globalization, cultural diversity and creativity.

Proposals are due 1 April 2008 and should be e-mailed to Lois Holzman at ptw@eastsideinstitute.org. The subject headline should be PTW Proposal.

Contact: Lois Holzman, Director, East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, 920 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, New York 10010, USA; tel.: 212-941-8906, fax: 212-941-0511.

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Art Beyond Limits

Conference on Outsider Art
Randers, Denmark, 6-7 October 2008

Under the title Art Beyond Limits, the Gaia Museum organizes a conference on Outsider Art, to be held in Randers, Denmark, on 6 - 7 October 2008,. The conference will be divided into two parallel sections. Section A is a theoretical section with speakers and workshops intended for art school teachers, art museums, galleries, art historians, etc., while Section B will present a practical art project for artists with learning disabilities or similar disabilities.

Contact: GAIA Museum Outsider Art, Lene Bredahls Gade 10, 8900 Randers, Denmark; tel.: +45 86403323; e-mail: gaia@randers.dk

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Communication is Peace: Building Viable Communities

WACC Congress 2008
Cape Town, South Africa, 6-10 October 2008

Under the title Communication is Peace: Building Viable Communities, the WACC Congress 2008, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, on 6-10 October 2008, presents an exciting mosaic of activities for communicators from around the world who are committed to communication rights and peace advocacy. The event is aimed at people actively involved in communication within faith or civil society organizations at the local or world level as it offers a unique opportunity to learn how to meet the challenge of communicating peace at a time when many of the world's conflicts are interpreted through the lens of faith.

The congress focuses on professional development through theme presentations, case studies, and networking opportunities. Online registration forms must be received by WACC before 30 June 2008.

For details, please see www.waccglobal.org/congress

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Moving Beyond Mobility

Berlin, Germany, 13-14 October 2008

The conference Moving Beyond Mobility, to be held in Berlin, Germany, on 13-14 October 2008, targets researchers, practitioners and experts in the field of international youth exchange and intercultural learning and deals with topics surrounding the educational impact, success stories and obstacles of exchange programs.

The overall objective of the conference is to provide an international platform for the various players in the field of international youth exchange to exchange research results and best practises. The conference is organized by European Federation of Intercultural Learning (EFIL), AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen and the Intercultural Development Research Institute (IDRI), in cooperation with AFS Intercultural Programs and the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena. The conference stands under the patronage of Ján Figel', Commissioner of the European Commission responsible for Education, Training, Culture and Youth.

The languages of the conference will be English and German (simultaneous translation will be provided). Proposals should relate to aspects of study abroad and educational exchange that go beyond the simple geographical relocation of students. Specifically, the conference will emphasize intercultural learning and education through international exchange. The submission deadline for research papers and examples of good practises is March 15, 2008.

For details, please see en.afs60.de/web/index.php?NID=33

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First International Conference on Ethnic Relations: Issues & Challenges (ICoER)

Call for Papers
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 15–16 October 2008

The Section for Co-curricular Courses, External Faculty Electives & TITAS (SKET) of the University of Malaya are calling for papers for the First International Conference on Ethnic Relations: Issues & Challenges (ICoER), to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 15–16 October 2008.

The event is a multidisciplinary conference aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in the area of ethnic relations. The conference is of interest to politicians, policy makers, law makers, academicians, NGOs, sociologists, linguists, anthropologists, and political scientists. Authors from various disciplines are encouraged to submit papers describing original work, including techniques, or survey papers, reporting research results and/or indicating future directions to ethnic conflict resolution in a range of settings. Analyses of all aspects of ethnic relations are welcome, including those within applied and professional areas such as business, education, environment, health, and law. Topics of interest include: laws on ethnic relations, policies on ethnic relations, working with ethnic group(s), ethnic minorities, national integration, general and universal perspectives on ethnic groups, human rights, national identity, political negotiations, linguistic perspectives, power and oppression, and ethnic conflict.

Abstracts of no longer than 400 words should be submitted as MS Word attachment to drmeng@um.edu.my / ymngeow@yahoo.com by 8 July 2008. All papers will be considered for publication in a volume of Conference Proceedings. A book including a selection of the best conference papers will be edited and published by a reputable university press in Malaysia.

Contact: SKET, University of Malaya, Jalan Lembah Pantai, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; tel.: +603 – 7967 5488 / 89 / 90 / 30 / 10; fax: +603 - 7967 5427; e-mail: sket@um.edu.my; www.umconference.um.edu.my

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Gazing Into the 21st Century

Second International Conference on Image Science
Goettweig, Austria, 16-18 October 2008

As the images' historical development between innovation, reflection and iconoclasm reaches a new level of global complexity in the 21st century. the Donau-Universität Krems will hold the Second International Conference on Image Science in Goettweig, Austria on 16-18 October 2008, under the title Gazing Into the 21st Century.

The conference will discuss the inventory, classification and historiography of the recent worlds of images concerning the worlds of art, popular culture and science. Lectures and discussions will cover the following topics:

  • new image forms and techniques
  • new strategies in visual argumentation
  • new practices of image transfer

At the same time an exhibition of scholarly posters chosen by a jury from the international call with applicants from 19 countries will bw taking place.

Contact: Donau-Universität Krems, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30, A-3500 Krems, Austria; www.donau-uni.ac.at/dis/goettweig2008

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The Art of City Making

Les Rencontres de Stavanger
Stavanger, Norway, 16-19 October 2008

The Annual General Meeting of Les Rencontres, the European network of local authorities for culture, will be held in the European Capital of Culture, Stavanger, Norway, on 16-19 October 2009. The meeting will debate the theme of the Art of City Making. Architects, urban planners, sociologists, writers, cultural workers and policymakers will exchange experiences and present their views on the city, the urban area, and its problematics.

For further information, please contact: Jeanne Pelissier, tel.: +33 1 56542631, e-mail: jeanne.pelissier@lesrencontres.eu, or visit www.lesrencontres.eu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=60&Itemid=89?=en.

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Globalization of Culture

Call for Proposals
6th International Scientific Conference
Dubrovnik, Croatia, 17-18 October 2008

As a part of the PSRC FORUM, the Political Science Research Centre (PSRC) and Scientific Forum are organizing the 6th International Conference on the topic of Globalization of Culture as a Global Scientific Network. The event will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 17-18 October 2008.

The PSRC is the only specialized private research centre for globalization in Croatia, and the Scientific Forum is a nongovermental organization. The PSRC Forum links scientists, members of the network, worldwide. The idea of this project is to create a global scientific network in the field of social sciences. The main goal of the network is to produce new knowledge and understandings using information technologies and the Internet.

The main objective of the event is to provide understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of Globalization of Culture. By initiating a multidisciplinary discussion from different points of view, the conference will ensure broad scientific insight into these phenomena. All papers will be published in a Volume which will be accessible both online and as paper edition.

English language applications and paper proposals are to be sent to lana.kosovac@cpi.hr by 20 June 2008.

Contact: Lana Kosovac, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Political Science Research Centre, Gupčeva 14a, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia; tel./fax.: +385 1 3863 113; e-mail: lana.kosovac@cpi.hr; www.cpi.hr

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How Globalization Affects Cultures and Cultures Shape Globalization

Call for Proposals
Granada, Spain, 22-26 October 2008

The Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research invites proposals for presentations and workshops at its 2008 world congress in Granada, Spain on 22-26 October 2008 under the title How Globalization Affects Cultures and Cultures Shape Globalization.

The Presentation Committee will be looking for a rich mixture of presentations that show solid academic research, best practices in organizational development, consulting and training interventions in both private and public sectors, as well as arts and literature with a clear focus on the interplay of culture and globalization. The purpose of the conference sessions is to inform, update and stimulate participants in their work. Therefore the emphasis is on the value added by the research or practice in terms of breaking new ground and questioning assumptions, demonstrating innovative tools and techniques, and showing creative expression.

Contributions are welcome from all academic disciplines that deal with intercultural issues and all fields in which intercultural work is exercised and applied. The deadline for early bird registration and proposals for presentations and workshops is 15 March 2008.

Session tracks are tailored to professional needs of business leaders, human resource managers, academic researchers, professors, teachers, experienced or novice interculturalists, NGO professionals or government representatives.

For details, please see www.sietarglobal2008.org

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Culture Action Europe 16th General Assembly and Annual Conference

Marseilles, France, 23-25 October 2008

The Culture Action Europe / EFAH is holding its 16th General Assembly and Annual conference at la Friche Belle de Mai in Marseilles, France, on 23 - 25 October 2008.

With the support of key local institutional and cultural partners, the organizer hopes to bring some central European cultural debates to the Mediterranean and broaden its horizons on how to deepen the European cultural conversation to involve all actors concerned. Coorganised with Relais Culture Europe, the event will look at two main themes - the place of culture in the European Union's external relations (paying special attention to the Euro-Mediterranean region) and the role of civil society in developing Europe's cultural policies.

For details, please see: www.cultureactioneurope.org

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32nd Urban Development Congress

Riga, Latvia, 26-29 October 2008

Acknowledging that successful and sustainable urban growth depends to a large extent on creativity and innovation in the management of large-scale regeneration projects, the International Urban Development Association (INTA) puts the focus of its 32nd Urban Development Congress on strategies of cooperation in order to foster territorial competitiveness on global and regional scales.

INTA's 32nd Annual Congress is taking place in Riga, Latvia, on 26-29 October 2008, aiming to take advantage of the booming expansion and the dynamic position of large Latvian cities in their region to strengthen dialogue among business, government and city leaders on territorial competitiveness.

INTA32 is a high-level event that will assemble over 400 regional government leaders, policy makers and practitioners. Speakers from 50 countries, including senior officials, mayors, developers and professionals, will address the Congress, which features an exciting cultural programme to reveal latest trends in creative settings for urban regeneration.

For details, please see www.inta-aivn.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=category

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Mobility, Integration and Development in a Globalised World

Call for Papers
13th International Metropolis Conference
Bonn, Germany, 27-31 October 2008

The 13th International Metropolis Conference will be held in Bonn, Germany on 27-31 October 2008 under the title Mobility, Integration and Development in a Globalised World. A hallmark of each International Metropolis Conference is its workshop programme. Workshops are selected from an open call for proposals and are adjudicated according to the strength of the proposal, best fit with conference themes, and representation of a broad range of perspectives from various countries, sectors and backgrounds.

Workshop proposals on topics related to migration and diversity are invited from researchers, policy-makers, NGOs and other interested delegates. Workshop organisers are reminded that workshops must include representation from the research, policy NGO sectors, as well as participants from more than one country. Most workshops use a panel format, although roundtables are also welcome. Please note that the workshop sessions are intended as a forum for comparative, cross-sectoral discussion; workshops that focus on a single, local project or individual country case study will not be considered. Workshops with explicit international comparisons and links to the main conference themes will be given preference.

There will not be a call for individual papers. Individuals interested in presenting a paper will be integrated into the existing workshop program to the extent that is possible, but preference and priority will be given to complete workshop proposals.

The deadline for the submission of workshop proposals is 28 February 2008.

For details, please see www.metropolis2008.org

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Policies for Intercultural Dialogue at Local Level

Interacció 2008
Barcelona, Spain, 28-31 October 2008

The new edition of this biennial conference on local cultural policies, organised by the Provincial Council of Barcelona in collaboration with the City of Barcelona, will be held on 28-31 October 2008. It will aim to re-open the discussion on diversity and intercultural relations, on the understanding that local authorities need to play a fundamental role in addressing them. To this end, a series of examples and practices will be presented, alongside some academic contributions. The programme of the event is available at www.diba.cat/cjs/jornada.asp?id=179. Registration deadline is 15 October 2008.

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ELIA's 10th Biennial Conference

Gothenburg, Sweden, 29 October - 01 November 2008

The European League of Institutes of the Arts' (ELIA) 10th Biennial Conference, to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 29 October - 01 November 2008, will focus on the future role of higher arts education institutions and their relationship with our changing societies. The content of the conference is conceived as a whole in which the cultural programme, the exhibitions, the symposia, the discipline sessions, the speakers' contributions and the interactive forum are all interrelated.

An interactive forum and ten discipline sessions (on architecture, dance, design, fashion, film, fine art, international relations, music, opera and theatre) will be held, as well as five symposia on Four Perspectives of Artistic Research, Management of Quality in European Higher Arts Education, Transition from Discipline-based to Thematic Approaches in Arts and Design Organisation, Curriculum & Partnerships, The Place of the Arts in Multicultural Societies, and Rethinking Higher Arts Education within the Creative Economy.

Registration is open, please register online through www.elia-artschools.org/biennial/registration/index.

Contact: ELIA, Keizersgracht 105, 1015 CH Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 (0)877 875 244; fax: +31 (0)877 875 344; e-mail: elia@elia-artschools.org; www.elia-artschools.org

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Arts, Culture and Public Sphere

Call for Contributions
Venice, Italy, 4-8 November 2008

The FDA – Faculty of Design and Arts, together with DADI - Department of Arts and Industrial Design of the University IUAV in Venice, in cooperation with the Research Network for the Sociology of Culture and the Research Network for the Sociology of the Arts of the ESA - European Sociological Association are organizing the conference Arts, Culture and Public Sphere - Expressive and Instrumental Values in Economic and Sociological Perspective, to be held in Venice, Italy, on 4-8 November 2008.

The conference also represents the 5th ESA Sociology of the Arts Research Network mid-term conference and the 2nd ESA Sociology of Culture Research Network midterm conference, and it will be the first opportunity to have three European networks - the two Research Networks of the European Sociological Association, 'Sociology of Arts' and 'Sociology of Culture', and the network 'Economics and Planning of Arts and Culture'- meeting around a common theme.

Papers with a cross-national, comparative focus are invited on sociology of art, sociology of culture, and economics and planning in arts and culture. Abstracts of a maximum length of 500 words, must be submitted in English, including research objective or questions, research methodology and theoretical perspectives, and main findings or conclusion. The deadline for submission of abstract is 28 April 2008.

Contact: Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco (Chair of the Conference), IUAV University, Venice, FDA – Faculty of Design and Art, dADI – Department of Art and Industrial Design, Dorsoduro 2206, 30123 Venice, Italy; tel.: +39 041 2571340; e-mail: info@artculturevenice2008.org; www.artculturevenice2008.org

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7th European Conference on e-Learning

Agia Napa, Cyprus, 6-7 November 2008

Over the last ten years, the way in which education is delivered has changed considerably with the advent of new technologies. e-Learning is one such development, so much so that it is now regarded as a field in it's own right. Thus, the 7th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL 2008), to be held in Agia Napa,Cyprus, on 6-7 November 2008, offers an opportunity for those involved in the study, implementation and delivery of e-learning to meet and exchange ideas and experiences, presenting qualitative, experience-based and quantitative papers, case studies and reports of work in progress on both the theory and practice of all aspects of web-enabled technology in learning and teaching. Submissions are welcomed from academics, teachers, practitioners, vendors and government departments.

Topics will include, but are not limited to: e-learning platforms, portals and virtual learning environments; course design; emerging and best practices; partnerships in e-learning; evalusSocial benefits of e-learning; e-learning effectiveness and outcomes; web-based learning, including wikis and blogs; academic participation and freedom; learner autonomy; security and confidentiality; self-learning integrated methodology; ambient intelligence; assertive and assistive educational technology; computer-aided assessment; learning content management systems; AV-communication and other media; digital classrooms; blended learning; collaborative on-line learning; content repositories; data envelopment analysis; meta data standards; ontologies; pedagogical models; needs analysis; global trends in e-learning; corporate training; managing quality in e-learning; synchronic software; educating the educators; web 2.0 technologies; mobile learning; simulated communities; online mentoring; e-benchmarking; cultural, social and gender issues; personalisation; national/international strategies.

For details, please see www.academic-conferences.org/ecel/ecel2008/ecel08-home.htm

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IETM Plenary Meeting
Zurich, Switzerland, on 6-9 November 2008

The next Plenary Meeting of the IETM contemporary performing arts network will be organized in Zurich, Switzerland, on 6-9 November 2008, in cooperation with Pro Helvetia and other partners. The event will make a contribution to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue by gathering speakers from the fields of art, economics and politics, together with performing arts professionals, to discuss the topic of Misunderstanding, one of the world's most common phenomena which can be also a valuable process of creating sense. It will involve a conference and numerous theatre and dance performances across the city. For further information, visit www.ietmzurich.ch

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Trade Secrets – Education / Collection / History

Banff International Curatorial Institute Symposium
Banff, Canada, 12 – 14 November 2008

The contemporary art world is undergoing a dramatic change. Against this backdrop, the latest in the ongoing series of the Banff International Curatorial Institute (BICI) conferences, Trade Secrets, to be held in Banff, Canada, on 12 – 14 November 2008, will re-focus the collective discussion about the curatorial profession by exploring specific issues regarding: the education of curators; the challenges facing collection-based curators; trends in curatorial research; and the writing of curatorial histories. It is commonly understood that the art market is leading the field and in turn legitimating what is significant with respect to the new, rather than the critics and curators who traditionally held sway. Paradoxically, while this power dynamic is widely acknowledged, there is a huge growth in the number of graduate curatorial programs and the contemporary art community has come to put an increased emphasis on exhibitions, and curators.

At this significant juncture, Trade Secrets: Education/Collection/History will critically examine the state of curatorial practice today. By bringing influential museum professionals, independent curators, educators, critics, students, and visual artists into dialogue, Trade Secrets will illuminate and identify strategies for the future. Application deadline is 31 October 2008.

Contact: The Banff Centre, Office of the Registrar, Box 1020, 107 Tunnel Mountain Drive, Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1H5; tel.: (403) 762-6100; fax: (403) 762-6345; www.banffcentre.ca/programs/program.aspx?id=785

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Culture and Urban Development in the North/South Perspective

Lille, France, 13-14 November 2008

In the framework of the ARCADE project (Awareness Raising on Culture and Development), a seminar on Culture and Urban Development in the North/South Perspective will be held in Lille, France, on 13-14 November 2008. The seminar will bring together actors of culture and social development from various backgrounds (including representatives of local authorities, NGOs, foundations, research centers, universities, international organizations as well as artists and cultural practitioners). The objective is to exchange the latest ideas and practices on culture as it relates to community development in both developed and developing environments.

Contact: Florent Le Duc, ARCADE Project coordinator, 33, rue Godot de Mauroy, 75 009 Paris, France; e-mail: arcade@acted.org; arcade.acted.org

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The Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum

Lille, France, 13-14 November 2008

The Aspen Institute, the Arts Arena, and the Institut Aspen France announce the inaugural Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum, to be held in Paris, France, on 13 – 15 November 2008, devoted to the theme of Culture in Conflict / Culture on the Move.

The Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum is an independent, multidisciplinary, and action-oriented worldwide convening, building upon ongoing Aspen Institute public diplomacy roundtables and serving as an annual high-level and neutral platform to:

  • discuss timely issues in the field of cultural diplomacy
  • share information and experiences on the development of diverse media, arts, and cultural resources for the strengthening of international relations, mutual understanding, security, and peace-building efforts
  • seed new actions
  • strengthen global networks
  • recognize and reward excellence and lifetime achievement.

The Forum will place issues of the arts and culture at the centrr of international public policy debate, engaging these inter-linked sets of challenges, and initiating new actions for addressing them. Accordingly, this inaugural Forum will focus on knowledge-sharing and actions related to:

  • Culture, Security, Conflict Resolution, and Peace-Building
  • Cultural Rights and Intellectual Property
  • Looted Art and the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflicts
  • New Money, New Markets, New Cultural Exchange Models
  • New Media, New Technologies, Cultural Preservation and Presentation
  • New Public/Private Partnerships
  • Leadership Development, Professional Networks, and Funding

The forum is aimed at government officials, corporate and civic leaders, diplomats, arts and culture executives, media and public policy professionals, philanthropists, scholars, and artists from around the world.

Contact: Damien Pwono, tel.:+1-202-2977088, e-mail: damien.pwono@aspeninst.org; and Donna Horney, tel.:+1-202-7365835, e-mail: donna.horney@aspeninst.org

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Colloquium to Close the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue

Call for Contributions
Paris, France, 17-19 November 2008

Drawing from the reflection and initiatives carried out in 2008 in the 27 Member States, the colloquium will have two general objectives:

  • To produce a shared conception of intercultural dialogue within the European Union.
  • To outline the main aspects of a European initiative suitable for use at all levels - Community, national, regional and local – and designed to promote intercultural dialogue in Europe and in the EU's relations with the rest of the world.

To this end the colloquium must make it possible to clarify the conceptual content of the notion of intercultural dialogue, highlight the role of intercultural dialogue in deepening citizenship and compare strategies and measures that meet the objectives of intercultural dialogue, concentrating on initiatives and policies implemented in Europe in culture and communication, education and training, social cohesion, linguistic diversity, and exchanges and sustainable development.

Each of these topics will draw on two types of contributions: theoretical approaches favouring a cross-discipline method (philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history, economics and political science) and analyses of concrete actions carried out in Europe - at local, regional, national and community level – by players in the public and private sectors.

Proposals for contributions written in French or English and no longer than 3,000 to 8,000 characters, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and where relevant a bibliography of the work by the candidates, must be sent before 30 April 2008 by post to Ministère de la culture et de la communication, Délégation au développement et aux affaires internationales, à l'attention de M. Jean-Marc Lauret, Chef du département de l'éducation, des formations, des enseignements et des métiers, 182, rue saint Honoré, 75033 Paris cedex 01, France, or by e-mail to valerie.maussion@culture.gouv.fr. Contributions will be selected before 31 July 2008.

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The Creative Economy in Smaller Nations

Creative Clusters 2008
Call for Contributions
Glasgow, UK, 17 - 20 November 2008

Creative Clusters 2008, to be held in Glasgow, UK, on 17 - 20 November 2008 under the title The Creative Economy in Smaller Nations, is a conference for creative economy policy and development practitioners, not an academic or a public relations event.. The purpose of the conference is to enable delegates to learn from each other, identify and articulate policy issues, connect to development resources, and showcase their work.

The conference themes are:

  • the creative economy in smaller nations
  • the moving image goes online: harnessing global media for the regional economy
  • policies for festivity: the creative economy and live events
  • strategic leadership in the creative economy
  • the long story of Glasgow's creative economy

Presentations on creative economy policy and development practices are invited by 12 May 2008.

Contact: Dan Walker, Event Manager, Creative Clusters Ltd.; www.creativeclusters.com

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Invention, Innovation, Impact

Call for Networking Sessions
Lyon, France, 25-27 November 2008

The event ICT2008 - "I's" to the Future - Invention, Innovation, Impact - the largest research event in Europe in 2008 - will examine the European Union priorities in ICT research for over EUR2 billion of funding available in 2009-2010. The major current technological trends which impact upon strategic research planning and the public research policies to stimulate research and innovation will be addressed as well.

The event will host leading visionaries from academia and industry and will address topics as diverse as Europe's role in shaping the future internet, ICT's contribution to advancing the sustainability agenda and alternative research paths for future ICT components and systems. The event will include networking sessions to provide an open forum for exchanging views and ideas on how to address current ICT challenges.

Researchers, innovators and engineers from all ICT fields are invited to suggest pertinent themes. Deadline for submissions is 16 June 2008.

For details, please see ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict/2008/index_en.htm

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1st Conference on Creative Cities

Sitges, Spain, on 26-27 November 2008

Fundación Kreanta, in cooperation with the City of Sitges, is organising the 1st Conference on Creative Cities, to be held in Sitges, Spain, on 26-27 November 2008. The two-day event targeted at professionals will discuss the creative dimension of cities. It aims to gather cultural management professionals across Spain to exchange ideas and practices on local cultural practices, discuss the local impact of culture and the cultural industries, promote dialogue between the cultural sector, urbanism and local development professionals, foster innovation in local cultural agendas and give a central position to culture in local policies. For further information, visit www.kreanta.org/ciudades_creativas.php

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Sofia International Book Fair 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria, 3 – 7 December 2008

The traditional Sofia International Book Fair, organized by the Bulgarian Book Association, a non-governmental organization of book publishers, book sellers and literary agents, will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 3 – 7 December 2008.

As the year 2008 has been declared the Year of Russia in Bulgaria, the Russian Federation will be Guest of Honor at the Sofia International Book Fair 2008.

Every year, the Fair host for numerous accompanying events such as themed seminars, exhibitions, presentations, concerts and discussions and provides forum for sharing information and know-how within the publishing community. The Sofia International Book Fair meets strong media coverage, including local, national and international press, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations. Contact: Bulgarian Book Association, 42 Tulcha Str., Floor 2, Ap.6, 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria; tel./fax: + 359 2 958 15 25; tel.: + 359 2 958 92 11; e-mail: bba@otel.net; www.abk.bg

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Texts and Tours: Developing the Potential of Literary Tourism

Leeds, UK, 5 December 2008

Given the privileged global role of the English language and the undoubted popularity of English literature throughout the world, it would seem that the United Kingdom has much to offer the world in terms of its literary heritage. However, despite some national, regional and local initiatives over the years, there is still substantial potential for the development of literary tourism.

Literary tourism can be focused on the locations featured in texts, upon the lives and homes of authors, or both. It can involve specific organised tours and trails, or form part of a wider cultural tour. It draws in many different stakeholders from museum curators, literary societies, the owners / managers of heritage sites and historic houses and, many involved in the development and promotion of tourism. Literary heritage has an important role to play in 'place-making' and is an important dimension in the marketing of the UK as an international destination.

This one day conference is organised between the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change and the LitHouses Group which represents the UK's leading literary homes and museums. Drawing upon national and international cases and examples, the event will examine:

  • Literary tourism in the wider context of cultural tourism;
  • Practical issues relating to developing literary tours and trails;
  • The role of the literary home/literary museum;
  • Partnerships and networks;
  • Meeting the needs of the literary tourist;
  • Effective marketing of literary tourism;
  • Developing literary events.

The conference will be of interest to destination managers, owners and managers of literary heritage sites, owners and managers of historic houses and museums, tourism development and promotion organisations, and literary societies.

Contact: tel.: +44 (0) 113 2838541; fax: +44 (0) 113 2838544; e-mail: ctcc@leedsmet.ac.uk; www.tourism-culture.com/pop_up/forthcoming_conferences.html?PAGE=1

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I International Conference on Intercultural Studies

Call for Papers
Oporto, Portugal, 9 December 2008

The Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI) of the Polytechnic Institute of Oporto's School of Accounting and Administration (ISCA-IPP) will hold the I International Conference on Intercultural Studies, in Oporto, Portugal on 9 December 2008.

CEI invites teachers, students, and national and international researchers with an active interest in the vast field of intercultural studies to submit 20 minute paper proposals in Portuguese, English, French, German or Spanish with: title, subject area, abstract (250 words) and bionote (100 words) by 15 June 2008 to cei@iscap.ipp.pt.

Paper proposals should cover, but not necessarily be restricted to, one of the following broad subject areas:

  • Representations of Portugal
  • Journeys through Cultures
  • Translation and Interpreting
  • Compared Contemporary Legal Systems
  • Tourism and Intercultural Studies
  • Gender and Intercultural Studies
  • Learning / Teaching Languages and Cultures
  • Intra-Cultural Studies
  • The Portuguese Language in the World: New Approaches
  • Information Systems and Intercultural Studies
  • Economic and Cultural Globalization
  • Intercultural Studies in History / History and Intercultural Studies

A special Young Researchers panel for undergraduate and post-graduate students from ISCA-IPP will be held, to present 15 minute individual or collective papers.

Papers that are accepted and actually read at the Conference will be selected and considered for national and international publication.

Contact: Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI), Rua Jaime Lopes Amorim, s/n, 4465-004 S. Mamede Infesta, S. Mamede Infesta, Portugal; tel.: +351 22 905 0000 ext. 333; fax: +351 22 902 5899; e-mail: cei@iscap.ipp.pt; www.iscap.ipp.pt/~cei/congresso.htm