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Past, Present and Future - Exploring the Boundaries

3rd International Symposium
Helsinki, Finland, 2009

The Cultural Management Programme at HUMAK University of Applied Sciences invites academics and practitioners to Helsinki, Finland for its 3rd international symposium entitled Past, Present and Future - Exploring the Boundaries on topics concerning the field of arts and cultural management.

The 1st international symposium, held in 2007 addressed the issues of The Cultural Manager as Global Citizen. In 2008 the 2nd international symposium debated the topic of The Science of Arts and Cultural Management. The title of the 2009 Symposium is: Past, Present and Future -- Exploring the Boundaries, asking academics and practitioners to engage in a debate on the past, present and future of the field. The goal of the symposium is to provide an opportunity for reflection and discussion within the arts and cultural management community on issues concerning the state of the field.

The symposium is limited to 20 participants, to participate please submit a one page paper with ideas and thoughts on the topic to Pekka Vartiainen, PhD, Principal Lecturer, pekka.vartiainen@humak.edu. Deadline for application is 1 December 2008.

International Artists Residencies/Exhibition at Hungarian Multicultural Center

Csopak, Hungary, 2009

The Hungarian Multicultural Center (HMC) invites applications by visual artists, writers and musicians for the Budapest-International Artist/Writer Residencies, to take place in Csopak, Hungary, by the beginning of June 2009. More information is available at www.hungarian-multicultural-center.com. Contact: Beata Szechy, bszechy@yahoo.com

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MIDEM 2009

Cannes, France, 17-18 January 2009

MIDEM 2009 will be held in Cannes, France, featuring the world's music market on 18 - 21 January 2009 and the MidemNet Forum on 17 - 18 January 2009. Through stands on the trade floor, concerts, conferences and networking opportunities, the world's music community connects with everybody that creates, uses or covers music. Midem's conferences, keynotes, panels, networking sessions and workshops bring top-level discussions and ideas, and offer access to key industry players while networking with like-minded professionals. In 2008, 169 senior executives and industry specialists shared their hands-on knowledge through 46 conferences.

In 10 years MidemNet, the stand alone event offering two days of intense conference sessions and networking with opportunities to debate and engage with key international executives, has become the definitive event for monetizing music in the digital age. MidemNet provides extensive networking and matchmaking opportunities. Each year, a committee of highly respected music and technology visionaries advise and chair the MidemNet Forum while keynotes, panels and workshops tackle issues stemming from the MidemNet annual key theme.

For details, please see: www.midem.com

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Traduttore Traditore? Recognizing and Promoting the Critical Role of Translation in a Global Culture

Salzburg, Austria, 21–26 February 2009

The Salzburg Global Seminar, to take place on 21 – 26 February 2009 under the title Traduttore Traditore? Recognizing and Promoting the Critical Role of Translation in a Global Culture, will bring together literary translators, literary agents, publishers, critics, scholars, cultural authorities, philanthropists, and translation advocates from around the world, to shed new light on the unsung art of translation and on the vital role that translators play in making literature accessible to international audiences.

Literary translation is a key to cross-cultural communication: it enables literature to cross linguistic borders and facilitates intercultural exchange and understanding. Given the undeniable value of literature as a means of understanding societal developments and of capturing and transporting the rich diversity of our cultures, one must ask, then, why so many works go untranslated and why the critical art of translation is so little understood or valued? Participants will work together to identify where particular deficits exist, and what actions could be taken to encourage the publication of more and better translations.

Contact information: Susanna Seidl-Fox , Director, Salzburg Seminars, Salzburg Global Seminar, Schloss Leopoldskron, A-5010 Salzburg, Austria; tel.: +43-662-839 83-0; e-mail: sfox@salzburgglobal.org; www.salzburgseminar.org

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NET.ART. The Evolution of Artistic Creation in the Net-System

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2-6 March 2009

The third edition of the Inclusiva-net platform, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 2-6 March 2009, aims to develop an analysis of the current situation of artistic practices on the web from various theoretical and critical perspectives.

It includes seminars, debate sessions, and lectures of papers chosen from this public call. Topics include questions such as: Can we speak of a second epoch in net.art? What do the new art forms based on on/off-line hybridization contribute? What critical reflection do new manifestations of digital creations in networks offer us? What are the new relations between creation and dissention?

Contact information: MEDIALAB-PRADO, Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15, 28014 Madrid, Spain; tel.: +34 913 692 303; www.medialab-prado.es

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Urban Governance: Innovation, Insecurity and the Power of Religion

Tenth Berlin Roundtables on Transnationality
Berlin, Germany, 18-23 March 2009

An International Essay Competition and Workshop on the topic of Urban Governance: Innovation, Insecurity and the Power of Religion is lauched by the Irmgard Coninx Foundation, the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) and Humboldt-University Berlin at the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the WZB.

Up to 50 successful applicants to the essay competition (PhD candidates and post-docs to a maximum of five years after the PhD) will be invited to discuss their research and ideas with prominent scholars at some of Europe's leading research institutions. The Workshop and Conference will be held in Berlin, Germany on 18-23 March 2009.

The deadline for the submission of essays (2,500 words max.) is 15 December 2008.

An international jury will also award a three-months fellowships to three participants to be used for research at the WZB, the Humboldt-University Berlin and the State Library Berlin. The Grant includes a monthly stipend of EUR 1,000 plus accommodation and its winners will be invited to join a follow-up workshop in Berlin in 2009/2010. The Irmgard Coninx Foundation will cover travel and accommodation costs.

For details please visit www.irmgard-coninx-stiftung.de or contact info@irmgard-coninx-stiftung.de

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ACLA 2009: Global Languages, Local Cultures

Annual Conference of the American Comparative Literature Association
Call for Papers
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 26-29 March 2009

Paper proposals are invited to the American Comparative Literature Association's 2009 Annual Meeting, which will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on 26-29 March 2009. The ACLA's annual conferences have a unique structure in which most papers are grouped into 9-12 person seminars that meet two hours per day, for the three days of the conference, in order to foster discussion. The conference will also include plenary sessions, workshops and a business meeting.

Abstracts are invited in 200 words by 3 November 2008 to Steven Totosy de Zepetnek at clcweb@purdue.edu and I-chun Wang at icwang@faculty.nsysu.edu.tw for Culture, Intermedialities, and Education, panels at ACLA 2009. Intermediality refers to the blurring of generic and formal boundaries among different forms of medial practices within cultural processes. The concept and practices of intermediality are associated with the incorporation of digital media in various spaces of representation and production that deal with the transfer of information and the creation of knowledge. The trajectories of intermediality and the proliferation of (hyper)texts online reveal how culture is negotiated in the context of social and technological change today in all parts of the world. Intermediality as defined here is of particular relevance to the humanities in the application of literature and the study of literature in the context of interculturalism against national and essentialist conceptions of culture, as well as the social sciences. Abstracts should discuss how intermediality may influence the negotiation of culture and education (in theory and application), and how, in turn, cultural and educational practices shape the use of media and their social significance.

For details, please see www.acla.org/acla2009/

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International Festival of Visual Arts and New Medias (FAN)

Casablanca, Morocco, 30 March to 4 April 2009

The Center of Visual, Electronic Arts & Multimedia, will organize the 2nd edition of the International Festival of Visual Arts and New Medias (FAN) from 30 March to 4 April 2009 in Casablanca, Morocco. Many venues of Casablanca city and other Moroccan cities will host performances, shows, interactive video and multimedia installations and screenings.

Young artists will be given an opportunity to show their talents in the framework of a video competition. Academic researchers and specialists will be invited to an international colloquium entitled Digital Arts and Culture: Towards New Identities? to discuss issues linked to contemporary creation.

Professional artists and young creators in visual arts and new media wishing to participate in FAN 2009, are kindly requested to send a DVD copy of their work with a CV and technical information (title, year of realization, duration, synopsis, technical team) by 15 January 2009 to the following address: Festival International des arts visuels et des nouveaux médias (FAN), Rue Jbel Bouiblane No 6 Triangle d'or, Casablanca, Morocco; e-mail : festivalirisson@yahoo.fr, majid.seddati1@yahoo.fr

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Malta International Conference on Branding of Cities of Arts

Valetta, Malta, 8-12 April 2009

Malti Media House is organizing an International Conference for Culture and Incoming Tourism Operators entitled Malta International Conference on Branding of Cities of Arts. The event will take place in Valetta, Malta from 8-12 April 2009. The conference will be focused on foresight in the product development of incoming tourism for cities that possess artistic heritage of international relevance without being Capitals of Art. It is the first effort towards bringing together towns that have not, to date, drawn maximum benefit from their link to art and artists in the tourism market, for different reasons, that depend on contexts and economic considerations.

EU citizens can apply for a grant under the Grundtvig 3 programme that covers travel expenses, accommodation and registration fees.

Contact information: Antoine Gambin, Conference Coordinator, www.maltimediahouse.tv

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Regional & Minority Languages: Paradigms for 'Languages of the Wider World'

London, UK, 16-17 April 2009

An international conference entitled Multilingualism, Regional & Minority Languages: Paradigms for 'Languages of the Wider World' will take place at Brunei Lecture Theatre, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK, from 16–17 April 2009. Registration is now open for this event organised jointly by the "Languages of the Wider World CETL" (LWW CETL) at SOAS & UCL in the UK, and the MERCATOR European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning at the Fryske Akademy in the Netherlands.

The conference will focus on theoretical and empirical work in research and implementation of teaching and learning models and strategies for language learning, combining the fields of interest of the partner institutions. The LWW CETL focuses on languages of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The focus of MERCATOR and the Fryske Akademy is on language learning and language transmission of Regional and Minority Languages and smaller state languages in Europe. This conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from these various fields to define, analyse and explore new directions and paradigms for ‘Languages of the Wider World'. It will also provide opportunities for further research and future collaborations.

For details, including the programme and registration form, please see www.lww-cetl.ac.uk/part_7/International_Conference.htm

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Seventh Annual Cultural Studies Association Meeting

Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 16-18 April 2009

The Cultural Studies Association (U.S.) invites 20-minute papers to its Seventh Annual Meeting, to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, on 16-18 April 2009, related to all areas and topics of relevance to Cultural Studies, including but not limited to literature, history, sociology, geography, anthropology, communications, popular culture, cultural theory, queer studies, critical race studies, feminist studies, postcolonial studies, media and film studies, material culture studies, performance and visual arts studies.

The Annual Meeting of the CSA provides a forum for scholars, students, and other persons interested in Cultural Studies in all its diverse manifestations to exchange their work and ideas across disciplinary lines and institutional locations.

The deadline for paper, roundtable, workshop and seminar proposals is 15 September 2008.

Contact: Bruce Burgett, Professor and Interim Director, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell, e-mail: burgett@u.washington.edu, or Colin Danby, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell, e-mail: danby@u.washington.edu; www.csaus.pitt.edu/frame_home.htm

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ExTra – Exchange Traditions! Final Event and EMC Annual Conference

Athens, Greece, 23-26 April 2009

The European Music Council (EMC) announces their Annual Conference and ExTra! Final Event that is to take place from 23 - 26 April 2009 in Athens, Greece. The event in the form of an international conference will examine the potential role of music as a binding force in European multicultural societies. Fundamental questions discussed during the conference will relate to the potential role of music to help adapt to the new social and cultural realities.

Speakers from EU institutions, the UNESCO, European and International NGOs as well as individual experts are invited to share their visions with the participants. The conference is open to everybody interested. It is organised in co-operation with the Greek ExTra! partner En Chordais under the aegis of the National UNESCO Committee of Greece and in collaboration with the Hellenic Foundation for Migration Policies.

For participation in the conference, register by 31 March 2009 at www.extra-project.eu. The website also offers a draft programme and more information on the conference venue, accommodation and itineraries.

Contact: European Music Council, Weberstr. 59a, Haus der Kultur, D-53113 Bonn, Germany; tel.: +49 228 966996-67; fax: +49 228 966996-65; e-mail: info@emc-imc.org; www.emc-imc.org

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European Atelier for Young Festival Managers 2009

Call for Expression of Interest
Varna, Bulgaria, 26 April - 3 May 2009

From 26 April until 3 May 2009, the European Festivals Association (EFA) organises the second European Atelier for Young Festival Managers. The Atelier invites 45 emerging artistic directors from Europe, Asia, Africa, North / Central / South America and the Arabic world for a rigorous one-week training programme, including lectures, one-to-one talks, group discussions as well as intense workshops, to Varna, Bulgaria.

The Atelier is about formulating experiences and handing them over to a next (new) generation of festival makers, focusing thematically on the very essence of arts festivals - the art and the artist. The second European Atelier for Young Festival Managers 2009 is hosted by the Varna Summer International Music Festival, the Varna Municipality and the Festival and Congress Centre Varna.

EFA, the representative network of and for arts festivals in Europe, believes that cultural organisations need to embrace continuing professional development. The Atelier is a unique leadership programme and the only one featuring such a distinguished group of festival leaders and cultural experts.

The Call for Interest is open until 1 December 2008. Selection will take place until mid-January 2009.

Contact: European Festivals Association (EFA), Danijela JOVIC, Project Assistant, Kleine Gentstraat 46 - B-9051 Gent, Belgium; tel.: + 32 9 241 80 80; fax: + 32 9 241 80 89; e-mail: atelier@efa-aef.eu; www.efa-aef.eu

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Dance Day

29 April 2009

On 29 April, as every year since 1982, the Dance Day will be celebrated all over the world by the international community of dancers and dance enthusiasts. The International Dance Council (CID) has prepared guidelines as a useful checklist for persons institutionally involved in the wider field of dance, teachers, choreographers, group leaders, journalists, researchers, associations, suppliers, organizations etc.

The main purpose of Dance Day events is to attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dance. Special emphasis is given to addressing a "new" public, people who do not follow dance events during the course of the year. Events are primarily organized by dance companies, amateur groups, schools, associations and other institutions active in dance. For details, see www.cid-unesco.org.

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Redefining Modernism and Postmodernism

Izmir, Turkey, 29 April - 1 May 2009

The 12th international conference on cultural studies entitled Redefining Modernism and Postmodernism is to take place at Ege University in Izmir, Turkey, from 29 April - 1 May 2009. Abstracts of papers are invited on aspects of modernity, modernism, and postmodernism from the literary, cultural, and a wide range of interdisciplinary aspects, aiming to broaden the current debates.

Panel proposals chaired by colleagues from different universities are especially welcome, along with individual papers, roundtables, workshops and performances either in English or Turkish. Please note that there will be no translations during the conference. Please send a 250-word abstracts for a 20 minute paper and a short bio by 19 December 2008 in a word attachment to Sebnem Toplu at css2009ege@gmail.com. www.ege.edu.tr/en/

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The Renaissance of Marko Marulic (Split, 1450–1524)

London, UK, 11 May 2009

Organised by the Croatian Embassy and the British Library, this British Library Symposium, to be held in Meeting Room 4 of the British Library Conference Centre on Monday, 11 May 2009, from 18.00 to 21.00, will gather specialists and bibliographers from Croatia and Britain, aiming to offer valuable background and new perspectives on Marulic's life, time and his works. Marko Marulic (Marcus Marulus), European Humanist writer, regarded as the father of Croatian literature; he is best known for his works of moral theology De institutione and Euangelistarium, and a Biblical epic Judita written in the vernacular.

Entry is free, but booking is essential. To book, contact Flora Turner at the Embassy of Croatia, London, tel./fax +44 (0)20 7387 3276 or e-mail flora.turner@mvpei.hr

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Writing Systems of the World: History, Development, Prospects

Sofia, Bulgaria, 22-23 May 2009

First International Conference Writing Systems of the World: History, Development, Prospects is to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 22-23 May 2009. The Conference is organized by the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations and Association Balkanmedia (Bulgaria).

The scientific programme of the conference will include the following session topics:

  • At the Beginnings of Script; Ancient and Medieval world. Religion and script.
  • Modernization of Scripts and National People’s Literace Campaigns in the XX Century. Grammatology – Modern Science about Scripts.
  • Overview of Writing Cultures of the Modern World
  • Modern Types of Multilngualism and Coexistence of Different Scripts
  • Writing Culture of the Modern and Future World
  • Writing Systems of the World and the Necessity of a More Interrelated Development of Peoples, Countries, Cultures

For further information, please call tel./fax +7 (495) 775-65-95 or contact info@dialogueogcivilizations.org

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Culture, Territories and Society in Europe

Grenoble, France, 28-29 May 2009

The French Observatory of Cultural Policies is organizing a European Syposium on Culture, Territories and Society in Europe, to be held in Grenoble, France, on 28 and 29 May 2009. Paper proposals (of a maximum of 3000 characters) should be related to one or two of the following five topics:

  • The governance of territorial cultural policies in Europe
  • Culture, society and local authorities in Europe: the challenges of sustainable cultural development?
  • Culture, innovation and creative cities
  • The cultural practices of inhabitants, artistic education and mediation
  • Cultural industries, the media and territorial strategies: what political regulation applies?

This call for papers concerns, in particular, young European researchers (those under 40 years of age will receive preferential treatment from the selection committee). Papers must propose a broad scientific discussion framework. Works which emphasise transdisciplinarity, the comparative dimension and the analysis of specific European territorial contexts will also be much appreciated.

Proposals must be sent by 31 January 2009, by e-mail to colloque20ans@observatoire-culture.net.

Contact: Cécile Martin, Samuel Périgois, Observatoire des politiques culturelles, Colloque 20 ans, 1, rue du Vieux Temple, 38000 Grenoble, France; tel.: + 33 4 76 44 33 26: e-mail: colloque20ans@observatoire-culture.net; www.observatoire-culture.net

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The Revolution of 1989 – Closing the Chapter on German and European Division

Berlin, Germany, 28-31 May 2009

A History Forum entitled The Revolution of 1989 – Closing the Chapter on German and European Division, to take place in Berlin, Germany from 28-31 May 2009, is aimed at academics, people involved in the cultural sector, educators, journalists, and those who have a professional or personal interest in the history of Germany and Europe.

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the peaceful revolutions in former East Germany and the rest of Eastern Europe, a History Forum entitled The Revolution of 1989 – Closing the Chapter on German and European Division, to take place in Berlin, Germany from 28-31 May 2009, is aimed at academics, people involved in the cultural sector, educators in both curricular and extracurricular settings, journalists, and those who have a particular professional or personal interest in the history of Germany and Europe.

Along with the causes, history and consequences of the dramatic changes that took place in 1989, the central focus of the forum will be to examine the parallel and related histories of a divided Germany, the history of communist dictatorships in Germany and Central as well as Eastern Europe, and developments in Germany and Europe in the last twenty years. The event therefore follows in the footsteps of the first History Forum, which attracted several thousand participants in May 1999.

The heart of the History Forum will be a variety of more than one hundred section events consisting of podium discussions, workshops, cultural activities, lectures, eyewitness descriptions, and more.

Contact: Monika Stösser, lab concepts - The Laboratory for Conception and Realization for Politics, Education and Culture, Friedrichstraße 206, 10969 Berlin, Germany; tel.: +49 30 25293256; fax: + 49 30 25293261; e-mail: geschichtsforum09@lab-concepts.de; www.lab-concepts.de

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Subversive Practices: Art under Conditions of Political Repression

Stuttgart, Germany, 30 May - 2 August 2009

From 30 May - 2 August 2009 the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart, Germany, will be devoting itself to experimental and conceptual art practices that were established between the nineteen-sixties and eighties in Europe and South America under the influence of military dictatorships and communist regimes. Both the exhibition, comprising more than seventy artistic positions, as well as the related complementary programme, have been developed by a team of thirteen international curators in close collaboration with the Kunstverein during a process of two years. The exhibition's nine sections will be focused on various contexts and strategies of artistic production along with their positioning vis-à-vis both political and cultural repression in the GDR, Hungary, Romania, the UDSSR, Spain (under Franco), Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

Contact information: Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Schlossplatz 2, D - 70173 Stuttgart, Germany; tel.: +49 (0)711 - 22 33 70; fax: +49 (0)711 - 29 36 17; e-mail: info@wkv-stuttgart.de; www.wkv-stuttgart.de

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U40-World Forum

Paris, France, 12-14 June 2009

As a pre-conference to the Conference of Parties of the 2005 - UNESCO Convention on the Protection and the Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression, the U40-World Forum, the main part of the U40-Capacity Building Programme 'Cultural Diversity 2030' (2008- 2010) initiated by the German Commission for UNESCO, will be held in Paris, France on 12-14 June 2009.

The interdisciplinary capacity building programme offers young European under 40ies – postgraduates, PhD students, young professionals, and similarly qualified experts – the opportunity to participate in the international debate on Cultural Diversity and the implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and the Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression.

The U40-World Forum aims at including excellent professionals, future decision makers and communicators from all world regions. The German Commission for UNESCO and the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD) are therefore seeking up to 40 young specialists from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Northern America and the Arabic Region with proven competence and interest in the area of relevant aspects of the Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. They are invited to apply by submitting a short paper (max. 800 words) and a CV by 28 February 2009 to Ms. Anna Steinkamp, steinkamp@unesco.de.

Papers should include an overview of the ratification/implementation status of the Convention in the applicant's country by considering the following questions:

  • What does the Convention mean to me?
  • Did my country of origin (and/or current place of living) ratify the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and the Promotion for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions? If so, did the Government name a national focal point (Art. 9) and/or did they assign some special (legal) structures for its implementation? You might want to contact this focal point, your National Commission for UNESCO or other relevant information sources.
  • Does a Coalition for Cultural Diversity exist in my country? If so, who are the members? What are their activities? If not, which neighbouring country or other country in the target region does have a Coalition? What are their activities? Who are their members?
  • Who are the political, academic, and cultural professional and/or civil society leaders, journalists and other important groups in the field of the Convention in my country?

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Second International Conference on African Culture and Development (ICACD 2009)

Accra, Ghana, 14-17 June 2009

The organizers of the Second International Conference on African Culture and Development (ICACD 2009), to be held in Accra, Ghana, on 14-17 June 2009, invite the submission of papers on the topics outlined below and others falling within the scope of the meeting to be considered for presentation and discussion at the conference.

Outlined topics for the conference include:

  • MDG 1&2 in the context of African Culture
  • Cultural Partnership for Development
  • African Culture and Conflict Resolution in Africa
  • African Culture and Governance in Africa

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 24 April 2009. Abstracts may be submitted to Kojo Appiah, e-mail: kojoappiah@ccoghana.org.

The Conference seeks to draw global attention to African arts and culture and the significant impact they have on development in Africa . It aims to bring together scholars of developments studies, African culture, social sciences and humanities as well as representatives of African traditional institutions, NGOs and government agencies to discuss a variety of topics aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

For details, please see www.icacd.ccoghana.org/call_papers.asp or contact kojoappiah@ccoghana.org or icacd@ccoghana.org.

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Intercultural Education: Paideia, Polity, Demoi

Athens, Greece, 20-26 June 2009

All those involved in the educational field are invited to attend the forthcoming international conference entitled Intercultural Education: Paideia, Polity, Demoi, organized jointly by the International Association for Intercultural Education and the Hellenic Migration Policy Institute, in collaboration with the International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education. The conference, organized in response to the critical need to explore the many ways that intercultural education (paideia) can contribute to defining and shaping the role of migrant populations (demoi) as active participants in contemporary multicultural societies (polities), will be held in Athens, Greece, from 22-26 June 2009. More than 400 participants are expected from over 30 countries. The official language of the IAIE Annual Conference is English. The deadline for submissions is 20 February 2009.

Please see further information at www.iaie.org/athens

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Fête de la Musique

21 June 2009

The international Fête de la Musique, the world's largest musical celebration, takes place on the same day, 21 June, in over 300 cities around the world. On the first day of summer, musicians take to the streets of their cities to perform all kinds of music for anybody who wants to listen. The festival is free, open to any muician, amateur or professional alike, encouraging them to perform in open air public spaces. Launched in 1982 by the French Ministry for culture, the Fête de la Musique is held in more than hundred countries in Europe and over the world, aiming to popularise musical practice for people from all social backgrounds, providing an opportunity to communicate. For more information about the festival, please visit fetedelamusique.culture.fr/47_International.html. To learn how the festival works in a city like New York, you can visit www.makemusicny.org/about.php.

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Euro-African Campus for Cultural Co-Operation

Maputo, Mozambique, 22-26 June 2009

The Euro-African Campus for Cultural Cooperation will be held from 22-26 June 2009 in Maputo, Mozambique. The main aim of the Campus is to provide a meeting, training and exchange point for cultural agents in Africa and Europe to reflect, transfer knowledge, exchange experiences and discuss possible joint initiatives in the field of cultural cooperation, in the broader context of the contribution of culture to sustainable development.

The proposal has been designed by the Interarts Foundation and the Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA), in the framework of a cultural cooperation programme initiated in 2003 that involves research, awareness-raising, training and networking activities. Both organisations share an aim to further integrate cultural elements in development strategies and promote the transfer of knowledge and practices in the field of cultural policy. The Euro-African Campus for Cultural Cooperation aims to build on other relevant initiatives and involve other partners and organisations with shared aims, in order to guarantee the relevance and effectiveness of the event.

Contact information: Interarts, Carrer Mallorca 272, 9th floor, 08037 Barcelona, Spain; tel.: (34) 934 877 022; fax: (34) 934 872 644; e-mail: africa@interarts.net; www.interarts.net, or

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa (OCPA), 725, Avenida da Base N'Tchinga, P. O. Box 1207, Maputo, Mozambique; tel.: ( 258) 21 418 649; fax: ( 258) 21 418 650; e-mail: secretariat@ocpanet.org; www.ocpanet.org

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Experience the Creative Economy 2009

Toronto, Canada, 23–25 June 2009

Hosted by the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, the Experience the Creative Economy conference will be held from 23–25 June 2009, allowing scholars new in their careers to experience notions of the creative economy in a small and focused setting.

This conference will bring together up to 25 individuals with similar research interests to share their work, receive feedback, foster the development of effective research methods and to establish an ongoing framework of collaborative learning and mutual exchange for years to come. The conference is geared toward senior PhD students, Post-Doctorate Fellows and ‘junior’ faculty members who are engaged in researching the creative economy.

More information is available at martinprosperity.org/news-and-events/article/experience-the-creative-economy-2009

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Resorting to the Coast: Tourism, Heritage and Cultures of the Seaside

Call for Papers
Blackpool, UK, 25-29 June 2009

Globally, coastlines are arguably the most important sites for tourist activity and tourism development. The various combinations of sea and shore have become highly popular and successful attractions, and a majority of the world's leisure tourists cling to these liminal spaces at the margins of the land. The lure of the 'seaside', the beach, and the resorts which have evolved to service and entertain tourists, is immensely powerful, reflecting a long standing but ever-changing relationship between humans and the oceans. The dominance of coastal tourism within the modern period has generated a wealth of issues which this conference seeks to address, including:

  • The patterns and trends in how tourists mobilise the resources of sea, sand and shore,
  • Ways in which coastal communities have adapted to tourism,
  • Environmental degradation and regeneration of coastal regions and marine ecologies,
  • The historical forms, structures and aesthetics of 'seaside' resorts,
  • Regeneration of 'historic' resorts,
  • Continuing multi-national development of 'pristine' coastlines,
  • Inclusivities and exclusivities in coastal resorts,
  • Changing beach and seaside holiday 'traditions'.

In addressing such issues this major international and multi-disciplinary conference seeks to promote dialogue across disciplinary boundaries on a global stage. We therefore welcome papers from: anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art and design history, cultural geography, cultural studies, ethnology and folklore, history, heritage studies, landscape studies, linguistics, museum studies, political science, sociology, tourism studies and urban/spatial planning. The event will seek to draw upon ideas, cases and best practice from international scholars and help develop new understandings of the relationships between tourism and the coast. It will also provide a major networking opportunity for international scholars, policy makers and professionals.

300-word abstract should be submitted as possible but no later than 2 February 2009 to conference manager Daniela Carl (ctcc@leedsmet.ac.uk).

For details, please visit: www.tourism-culture.com/pop_up/forthcoming_conferences.html?PAGE=2 or contact tel. +44 (0) 113 2838541; fax +44 (0) 113 2838544; e-mail: ctcc@leedsmet.ac.uk

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10th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC 2009)

Dallas, Texas, USA, 28 June – 1 July 2009

The 10th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC 2009) will be co-hosted by the Cox School of Business and the Meadows School of the Arts at the Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas, USA, on 28 June – 1 July 2009.

This scientific conference will address various sectors of the arts and cultural industries (performing arts and festivals, heritage, museums and visual arts, film production and distribution, book publishing, recording, broadcasting, audiovisual media and multimedia).

For enquiries, please contact abstractsaimac2009@smu.edu.

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Culture Meets Economy: Culture and Crisis – Opportunity or Threat?

Bolzano, Italy, 30 June – 1 July 2009

For the second time, the European Academy Bozen/Bolzano and the University of Innsbruck are organizing a Scientific Track within the framework of the conference Culture Meets Economy, to take place from 30 June to 1 July 2009 in Bolzano, Italy.

As the first Culture Meets Economy Conference in 2007 addressed the potential of cultural events for tourism and the last year's conference looked on culture and creativity as location factors for non-metropolitan areas, the upcoming conference will focus on the topic "Culture and Crisis". By now, the financial crisis is affecting all countries and sectors and inspires debate about the future of our systems and economy, ethics and responsibility and – more basically – the survival of companies and organizations. The relationship between culture and crisis can be manifold and includes various aspects and facets on the continuum between opportunity and threat. This year's conference theme covers different dimensions as the crisis of culture, the culture of facing crisis or the change of culture through crises.

The Scientific Track of the conference will address various topics on the intersection between culture, economy and crisis, offering a platform for academics and researchers to present and debate state-of-the-art research in the field of culture and crisis and intends to address a wide variety of aspects. It is open to researchers from different disciplines, giving the opportunity to create interdisciplinary networks and co-operations. Academics and practitioners are invited to submit research papers relating to one of the following areas / topics:

  • contribution of culture in times of crisis
  • crises as a facilitator for creativity and innovation
  • change of culture (e.g. cultural consumption, cultural supply, cultural production, cultural tourism, cultural networks) in times of crisis
  • cultural sponsorship and promotion against the background of crisis
  • culture and identity
  • culture of facing crises
  • culture and management
  • cultural entrepreneurs

The Scientific Track of the Culture Meets Economy Conference provides a two stage double blind peer-reviewing process. In the first stage, abstracts will be evaluated and assessed for acceptance (access review). In the Scientific Track the research work will be presented and discussed, offering the opportunity for discussion of results. On this basis, in the second stage, full papers will undergo a double blind review process.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts is 15 April 2009. All those wishing to present a paper at the conference must submit an abstract of 1,500 up to 2,000 words in MS Word format. Abstracts must be submitted in English and must include:

  • research objective and/or questions
  • research methodology and theoretical perspectives
  • main or expected conclusions, and
  • main references

The authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract by 15 May 2009. Deadline for the submission of full papers is 31 August 2009. Full papers must be written in English and should not exceed 15 pages (max. 6,000 words) including figures, tables, appendices and references. After the review process, the revised full paper has to be submitted by 31 October 2009.

The guideline for authors applying to abstracts and full papers is available for download at www.eurac.edu/Org/AlpineEnvironment/RegionalDevelopment/Projects/CmE_Scientifictrack-3.htm

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Literature, Art and Culture in an Age of Global Risk

Cardiff, UK, 2-3 July 2009

Cardiff University organizes an international, interdisciplinary conference entitled Literature, Art and Culture in an Age of Global Risk. The conference will be held on 2-3 July 2009 in Cardiff.

Conference topics might include, but are not limited to: notions of futurity, messianism, and the a` venir ('to come'); modernism and the first era of globalization; figurations of the contemporary, post-modern, or technological sublime; the alteration and/or realization of textual meanings in the wake of catastrophic events; connections between conditions of global risk and the aesthetic or intellectual 'risks' taken by experimental artists and thinkers; disaster films; ecocriticism and climate change; Future ruins; the fate of the archive; nuclear criticism and its possible revival post-9/11; (post-)apocalyptic visions; cyberculture and utopian/dystopian futures; The cultural implications of Kondratiev waves and world-systems theory.

Contact: globalrisk@cardiff.ac.uk; www.cardiff.ac.uk/encap/newsandevents/events/conferences/globalrisk.html

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Creative Clusters Summer School

Huddersfield, UK, 6-9 July 2009

The Creative Clusters Summer School is four days of intensive up-skilling designed for regeneration and development managers, consultants and researchers building the creative economy at the local level. The Creative Clusters Summer School will take place in Huddersfield, UK from 6-9 July 2009.

It is particularly aimed at personnel working for government departments, affiliates and NGOs with practical projects to deliver, who want a deeper understand of how 'creative economy' and 'place-making' strategies can play a part in their work.

The course is intensely practical, and will draw on the extensive expertise and experience of creative industries regeneration in the Yorkshire region. Participants will become familiar with well-tried development tools through guided visits to model projects such as the Workstation (Sheffield) and Dean Clough (Halifax), through focus groups with entrepreneurs and interaction with experienced professionals. There will be continuous consideration of how these solutions might be customised for participants' own localities.

More information and registration available at www.creativeclusters.com.

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Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society

Montreal, Canada, 3–10 July 2009 / Barcelona, Spain, 11-18 July 2009

HEC Montréal and the University of Barcelona introduce a new summer programme, which will be held in Montreal, Canada from 3–10 July 2009 and in Barcelona, Spain from 11-18 July 2009. In a knowledge-based economy, creativity is integral to business and to the development of innovation strategies. More than ever, it has become imperative for businesses, organizations and institutions to learn to be creative. This intensive programme offered in English will compare creative approaches and practices from diverse fields ranging from industry and arts to science. The creative process and its management will be analysed from a multidisciplinary, intercultural, international and intergenerational perspective. The two-week program will enable the participants, hailing from academia, industry and the public sector, to reflect and integrate the practices of these diverse spheres.

For further information: contact: hecmontrealmosaic.wordpress.com/.

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Summer School The Economics of Art and Culture

Steyr, Austria, 12-16 July 2009

The European Science Days 2009 organizes the summer school entitled The Economics of Art and Culture, to be held in Steyr, Austria from 12-16 July 2009. The Summer School of the European Science Days takes place annually in July and is attended by graduate and postgraduate students who have successfully applied.

The Summer School is limited to 50 participants. The Scientific Organizer, assisted by the ESD Board and the Secretary General decides upon the admission. Apart from the lectures and seminars held by leading scientists in the field of economics, students are encouraged to present their own research in the poster sessions which are an important part of the schedule.

Contact information: European Science Days Steyr, c/o Dr. Alexandra Suess; e-mail: a.suess@ewts.at; www.ewts.at

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Creative Entrepreneurship and Education in Cultural Life

Call for Presentation Proposals
Chicago, USA, 15-18 July 2009

ENCATC is inviting proposals for presentations and chairing of sessions at their forthcoming international conference entitled Creative Entrepreneurship and Education in Cultural Life, that will take place at the Columbia College in Chicago, USA, from 15 - 18 July 2009.

The conference is a four-day event, hosted by the Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department and the Arts Entrepreneurship Center of Columbia College Chicago, aiming to provide academics and practitioners with an opportunity to learn what has been done and how in the area of cultural entrepreneurship in the US. Special emphasis will be placed on the practical approaches to teaching cultural entrepreneurship and developing efficient cultural entrepreneurship curricula.

The organizers are seeking presenters and chairs of the working sessions. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship and cultural regeneration
  • Creative thinking as a basis for cultural entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial NGO's
  • Cultural entrepreneurship in traditional Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Media Arts curricula: a burden or a must?
  • Designing a comprehensive cultural entrepreneurship curriculum
  • Effective cultural entrepreneurship teaching: what works and what does not?
  • New tools and resources to support students' and young artists creativity

Proposals or requests for more information should be sent to: Anna Bernadska, Project Coordinator, Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department, Columbia College Chicago, tel.: + 1 (708) 638 3100; e-mail: abernadska@colum.edu.

For more information, please visit www.encatc.org

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15th Kalamata International Dace Festival

Kalamata, Greece, 16-26 July 2009

The Kalamata International Dance Centre will hold the 15th edition of its annual Dance Festival in Kalamata, Greece, on 16-26 July 2009, funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Kalamata. In parallel to numerous performances, the festival will feature a Contemporary Dance Workshop led by Ted Stoffer and a Workshop by Bojana Kunst.

The Centre was founded in the spring of 1995, charged with supporting and promoting the art of dance via research, education, and artistic activities and creativity. From the very start, the Festival was programmed with two considerations in mind: the wide range of trends in contemporary dance and the ever larger audiences this art form attracts. In fifteen years as an active presence in the Greek dance scene, the Kalamata Festival built bridges to international dance creativity. A number of influential figures, whose work is shaping the history of contemporary dance, made their first Greek appearance at Kalamata, while the Festival has also taken care to promote and support Greek creativity in the field by commissioning works from talented Greek choreographers and supporting new companies in their experimental explorations. Another integral part of the Festival are the seminars and talks aimed at dance students and professions alike, while other parallel events include publications and video dance productions.

For information and registration, please contact: Kalamata International Dance Centre, 6 Pan. Kessari street, 24100 Kalamata, Greece; tel.: +30 27210 83086, 90886; fax: +30 27210 26966; e-mail: mail@kalamatadancefestival.gr; www.kalamatadancefestival.gr

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Cultural Revival of Old Textile Centres

15th European Textile Network (ETN) Conference
Haslach, Austria, 21-24 July 2009

The 15th European Textile Network (ETN) Conference, themed Cultural Revival of Old Textile Centres, will take place from 21-24 July 2009 in Haslach, Austria. Part one, relating to the main theme, will highlight the following aspects:

  • organisational, conceptual and financial viability of new centres of textile culture in historic textile regions; and
  • available choices in textile education/training typical for the respective regions, which may be offered in a potential European network of textile training institutions.

Examples of good practice in this field will be presented by speakers from the USA, Canada, the UK, Finland, Italy and France, including a spokesperson from the ACTE network representing European regions of textile industry. The complete programme includes a pre-conference event, a one-day international symposium entitled Profiles and Perspectives in European Textile Studies, to be held at the Art University of Linz on 21 July 2009.

Contact information: European Textile Network, P.O. Box 5944 / Friedenstr. 5, D-30059 Hannover / D-30175 Hannover, Germany; tel.: +49-511/817006, fax: +49-511/813108; www.ETN-net.org

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The Kumasi Symposium: Tapping Local Resources for Sustainable Education Through Art

Call for Panel Proposals, Theory Papers / Presentations and Exhibitions / Workshops
Kumasi, Ghana, 31 July – 14 August 2009

The Department of General Arts and Art Education of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is organizing a conference on Tapping Local Resources for Sustainable Education Through Art, to be held in Kumasi, Ghana, on 31 July – 14 August, 2009.

A call is made for contributions addressing one or more of the symposium strands and topics: Art Education Practice, Studio Practice, Curatorial/Museum/Community Arts Practice, Art History/Criticism, Arts Administration/Management/Marketing Practice, and Open Session. The symposium features plenary sessions and support activities such as demonstrations/workshops, exhibitions. Expression of interest and proposals for Plenary Sessions and Exhibitions/Practical Workshops will be reviewed until 17 January 2009. Applications for individual paper presentations and participation will be reviewed until the space is filled. All abstracts, brief biographies, full papers and relevant others should be submitted electronically to africoae@gmail.com, with copy to naopoku-asare.art@knust.edu.gh).

The two-week symposium will deal with the issue of sustainability in the 21st century to enable visual arts education developments in Ghana and similar settings, posing the following questions: Is sustainability of art teaching and learning developments in the postcolonial African environment possible? Can the postcolonial Ghanaian and non-Western environments today provide resources for sustainable artistic practice? If so, how can the resources best be tapped for education through art? The focus is on tapping local resources for visual arts teaching and learning through cross-cultural collaborations and critical dialogues. Local resources include national human capital, natural resources, and man-made environment. Proceedings from the symposium will result to a publication.

The event is designed to bring together scholars, educators, curators, practicing artists, and others interested in Africa.Some 200 participants are expected from around the world. The working language of the conference is English.

For details, please see the project web site at afropoets.tripod.com/eta and the university web site at www.knust.edu.gh.

Contact: Barthosa Nkurumeh, AfriCOAE General Secretary, Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum Dept, University of Oklahoma, P.O. Box 2742, Norman, OK 73070, USA; e-mail: nkurumeh@ou.edu; or Nana Afia Opoku-Asare, Head of Department, Department of General Arts & Art Education, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana; tel.: 233 (0)20 816-8598, 233 (0)51 634 83; e-mail: naopoku-asare.art@knust.edu.gh, afia_asare@yahoo.co.uk

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Fourth Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research

Jyväskylä, Finland, 19-22 August 2009

The Fourth Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research will take place in Jyväskylä, Finland from 19-22 August 2009. The conference will be organized by the Cultural Policy Unit of Jyväskylä University in collaboration with the Arts Council of Finland, Cupore (Foundation for Cultural Policy Research) and the Ministry of Education. The upcoming theme of the fourth conference is Power and Ethics in Cultural Policy.

The purpose of the Nordic conference is to contribute to the discussion of cultural policy research issues with particular relevance for the Nordic countries. The aim of the conference is both to support Nordic Cultural Policy research and to promote the transnational exchange of high quality research expertise. Participants are invited from all the Nordic countries but as well from the Baltic Countries. Thus the conference aims also to increase the communication between the Nordic Cultural Policy research and the neighbouring areas.

Homepage: www.jyu.fi/en/congress/culturalpolicy

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ReGenerating Community': Arts, Community and Governance National Conference

Melbourne, Australia, 2-4 September 2009

ReGenerating Community: Arts, Community and Governance National Conference, organized by RMIT University and the Cultural Development Network, will be held in Melbourne, Australia, on 2-4 September 2009, discussing local governments responses to creating new models of civic engagement by focusing on ways in which global issues are being addressed locally through collaborations between artists, communities and local government. Conference themes include:

  • addressing global issues locally through collaborations between artists, communities and local government,
  • the links between creative communities and civic engagement,
  • the ways creative processes can mobilize communities for positive social change,
  • cultural citizenship and cultural rights, as an aspect of a broader human rights agenda.

In part the conference grows out of Generations, a three year project sponsored by the Australia Council on enhancing the relationship between community art and local governance. Generations was initiated by the Cultural Development Network, Victoria, and conducted across five local government areas in Victoria, NSW, and Queensland to explore the links between engagement in community based arts activities and active civic engagement.

Contact: Andrea Rotondella, Conference Assistant, PO Box 324 Flinders Lane, Victoria 8009, Australia; tel.: 03 9658 9976 or 0420207915; fax: 03 9658 8436; e-mail: andrea.rotondella@culturaldevelopment.net.au; www.cdn-generations.net.au, www.culturaldevelopment.net.au

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Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean

Skopje, Macedonia, 3-12 September 2009

On 3-12 September 2009, the city of Skopje will host the XIV Edition of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, realized by the Organizing Committee of Biennale Skopje 2009. During the ten-day festival, Skopje will host up to 700 young artists, and their creations will be exhibited in the public spaces of the city, which will become a melting point for intercultural dialogue.

Artists from 46 countries from European and the Mediterranean will participate in the Biennale of Skopje 2009. The XIV Edition of the Biennial will represent an important moment of inclusion and cooperation involving many Euro-Mediterranean countries. It will be a window open to different cultures, languages, and lifestyles; it will give the opportunity for promoting dialogue and the youth artistic flair.

The event is promoted by the International Association for the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM). Its objective is to strengthen cooperation among ministries, municipalities, institutions and cultural associations of the Mediterranean area to promote young creativity, international exchange and peaceful relations beyond the existing political and geographical borders of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Artistic fields include:

  • Visual Arts (Plastic Arts, Photography, Installation, Performance, Video Art, Comic Strip, Cyber Art, Public Art)
  • Applied Arts (Architecture, Visual/ Industrial/ Web design, Fashion, Digital Creations)
  • Literature (Writing, Poetry)
  • Music (Folk/Ethnic, world music, Contemporary, Electronic, DJ's. Jazz, Pop, Rock)
  • Show (Theatre, Dance, Urban Acts)
  • Gastronomy
  • Images on the Move (Film, Video, Animated Films)

The selection is open to all the young artists from 18 to 30 years of age, for the Show Area the age limit is 35 for directors and choreographers. The deadlines for application range from 15 December 2008 to 30 January 2009, according to the calls published by the individual members and partners.

For details, please see www.bjcem.org/en/news/dett_860.htm

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Creativity Moves the City

Creative City international Conference 2009
Yokohama, Japan, 4-6 September 2009

As one of the highlights of the 150th Anniversary of Yokohama's port opening celebration, the City of Yokohama will host a major international conference on Creative Cities. As suggested by the title Creativity Moves the City, creativity has the power to generate new urban dynamism and values as well as civic consciousness. Led by this conviction, the City of Yokohama has been an innovator in developing and promoting Creative City initiatives in Japan. Through this major international conference, the City of Yokohama hopes to bring its cultural policy one step further by addressing the challenges faced by other cities in Japan and overseas. The conference will also provide networking opportunities for those promoting Creative City initiatives locally and internationally.

Contact: Registration Secretariat, c/o Simul International, Inc., Daiguji (Mr.) and Kubota (Mr.), Tsukiji Eto Bldg., 5F, 1-12-6 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan; tel.: +81-3-3524-3133; fax: +81-3-3524-3135; e-mail: ccic_reception@simul.co.jp; www.yaf.or.jp/creativecity/ccic/en_index.html

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The Creative City Network of Canada Conference

Fredericton, Canada, on 9-11 September 2009

The Creative City Network of Canada (CCNC) is an organization of municipal staff working in communities across Canada on arts, cultural and heritage policy, planning, development and support. The CCNC exists to connect and educate this community of practice, so that they can be more effective in cultural development in our communities. By sharing experience, expertise, information and best practices, members support each other through dialogue, both in person and online.

Since 2002, the CCNC has been holding a national conference or summit each fall in a different Canadian community, where representatives from municipalities, arts organizations, provincial and federal government agencies and others can meet to share ideas, connect, and work together to build vital infrastructure for arts and cultural development in Canada.

The CCNC would like to invite academics, researchers and/or cultural practitioners to submit an original research paper, case study or recent planning initiative for presentation at its next conference, to be held in Fredericton, Canada, on 9-11 September 2009. Relevant topics can include, but are not limited to effective networking, health benefits of arts and culture, social benefits of arts and culture, youth engagement through arts and culture, community engagement through arts and culture, accessibility and inclusivity, community development and empowerment, cultural diversity and community building, the economics of arts and culture/the "creative economy", arts and culture and the environment, arts and ecological renewal, heritage (re-use and regeneration), cultural/creative tourism, cultural infrastructure/creative places and spaces, cultural planning and/or mapping, and research related to a specific arts discipline. Presentations should be no more than 35 minutes in length, and will be followed by a question and answer period.

Deadline for submissions is 1 June 2009. All submissions received by the deadline will be reviewed by the conference committee, and those selected for presentation will be published on the CCNC website after the conference. Notifications will go out by email by 15 June 2009.

For all questions, please email ccnc09@creativecity.ca

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2009 Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum

Aviles, Spain, 15–17 September 2009

The Aspen Institute Global Initiative on Culture and Society, in collaboration with the Niemeyer Foundation, is organizing the 2009 Aspen Cultural Diplomacy Forum in Aviles, Spain, on 15–17 September 2009. Building on the success of the inaugural convening held in Paris last year, the Aviles edition of this premier forum on culture and diplomacy answers the need for a high-level global platform that is both neutral and action-oriented, and where trends and approaches can be thoroughly analyzed and workable strategies developed. Over 200 of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders are expected to meet for dialogue and to discuss critical issues related to the theme of culture and security

Contact: Dr. Erica Eyrich, Program Advisor, Global Initiative on Culture and Society, The Aspen Institute; www.aspeninstitute.org

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The Bergen Biennial Conference

Bergen, Norway, 17-20 September 2009

The aims of the Bergen Biennial Conference, to take place in Bergen, Norway, on 17-20 September 2009, poised to be one of the most extensive examinations of the biennial phenomenon to date, are to identify and explore existing 'biennial knowledge' from different regions of the world and to incite new critical thinking and writing on recurrent large-scale art exhibitions — their history, socio-political and economical contexts, as well as their impact on artistic and curatorial practices.

Taking research as its starting point, the Bergen Biennial Conference will bring together an international group of curators, critics, artists, and thinkers so as to benefit from their discussions of their findings, and create the occasion to reflect collectively about the practice and potential of biennials as institutions. The event's discursive format — a combination of symposium and think tank — made up of three days of lectures as well as seminar style workshops with young and leading professionals in the field will be complemented with a two-volume reader. The first volume will include existing seminal texts on biennials from around the world, and a second volume will be composed of newly commissioned texts and a report on the event.

On the occasion of the conference, the archive on international biennials that was conceived as part of the 28th São Paolo Biennial and constituting the most comprehensive documentation source on biennials anywhere, will be present and available for consultation in the Bergen Kunsthall.

As the first step in this project, and in order to compile the first volume's comprehensive reader about biennials, the organizers are calling for already existing (published or unpublished, recent or older) articles from around the world and in any language on the biennial as a format or phenomenon (i.e. not reviews of a particular edition of a biennial but more comprehensive, researched articles on the larger biennial question). All submissions will be considered for the creation of a biennial bibliography, a new reference tool aiming to be beneficial for all professionals working in the field. A selection of texts will be translated and published, with prior permission of the author. Please submit articles by 5 April 2009.

Contact information: Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers allé no.5, 5015 Bergen, Norway; tel.: +47 55559310; e-mail: bbc2009@kunsthall.no; www.bbc2009.no, www.kunsthall.no

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Immigration and the Social Welfare State

Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 21 - 22 September 2009

The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) announces its forthcoming seminar called Immigration and the Social Welfare State: Implications for Policy-Making, to take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 21 - 22 September 2009. The seminar will look into the social effects of migration from a comparative approach. After examining migratory patterns and causes, the seminar will analyse States’ incentives for attracting migrant workers and address key aspects of viable European policies for social inclusion and protection. In view of the demographic developments, the implications of international migration for the national social systems will be assessed. Participants will be offered practical guidance regarding the portability of social security benefits for migrants internationally, as well as methods to quantify and address the negative consequences of migration for State institutions and social systems.

The seminar will be interactive and offer a combination of presentations and lectures, whilst allowing for the exchange of good practices and experiences. It is aimed at social security authorities and public officials from national, regional and local authorities of the EU Member States involved in the planning and implementation of migration and social policies. It should also be of interest to social services and migrant organisations, the private sector, and practitioners.

Contact: Nicolette Brouwers, Programme Organiser, European Institute of Public Administration, PO Box 1229, NL - 6201 BE Maastricht, The Netherlands; tel.: +31-43-3296 245; fax.: +31-43-3296 296; e-mail: n.brouwers@eipa-nl.com; www.eipa.eu/en/activities/show/&tid=3353

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Second Arterial Network Conference

Johannesburg, South Africa, 20-22 September 2009

After its founding conference on Goiree Island in March 2007, the second continent-wide conference of the Arterial Network will take place from 20-22 September 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa, just before the World Summit on Arts and Culture.

The theme of the conference is Advancing the Rights and Status of African Artists through the Nairobi Plan of Action on Cultural Industries. The Nairobi Plan has been adopted by the African Union and African Ministers of Culture and it represents an opportunity for civil society organisations to promote their interests and better conditions for artists working and living in African countries.

Contact information: Margerie Vacle, margeriev@africacentre.net

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Fourth World Summit on Arts and Culture

Johannesburg, South Africa, 22-25 September 2009

Registration is now open for the 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture, co-hosted by the National Arts Council of South Africa and the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), and to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 22-25 September 2009, with the theme of Meeting of Cultures: Creating Meaning through the Arts.

IFACCA’s World Summits are triennial events intended to provide national arts councils, ministries of culture, culture networks, city and local government, foundations and the private sector, arts policy makers, researchers, artists, arts educators, administrators and anyone interested in arts support policies with an opportunity to discuss key issues affecting public support for the arts and creativity.

The context for the theme is a world which is increasingly divided by ‘cultural’ rather than political ideology, where feelings of being threatened by ‘other’ are largely based on ignorance about ‘other’. The arts – music, theatre, dance, literature, film, visual arts and craft etc – are seen by some as a possible bridge between cultures, to provide safe, non-threatening points of entry into understanding ‘other’. A major component of the preparation for the Summit is thus a survey on Achieving Intercultural Dialogue through the Arts and Culture?, being conducted on IFACCA's behalf by ERICarts.

Contact: Natasha Eves, Research and Project Officer, International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), 372 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, PO Box 788, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012, Australia; tel.: +61 2 9215 9175; fax: +61 2 9215 9111; e-mail: info@ifacca.org; www.ifacca.org, www.artsummit.org

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The Best in Heritage

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 24-26 September 2009

The Best in Heritage is an Annual Presentation of the Best Museum, Heritage and Conservation Projects. Under the patronage of International Council of Museums (ICOM), UNESCO (BRESCE, Venice), Europa Nostra, ICOMOS, ICCROM, ICOM Europe, City of Dubrovnik and the support of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, the event will take place in Dubrovnik, from 24-26 September 2009.

The event showcases cases study, in-depth presentations of the handpicked choice of the most successful projects internationally. Awarded as the best nationally or internationally, they would be illustrating the best professional achievement of the previous year. Organisers just let them present themselves and neither evaluates nor gives awards. The issue is presenting quality, sharing it with interested professionals and media, and make it a unique opportunity of learning by the best examples in anything concerning the care and communication of heritage.

Contact: Secretariat, European Heritage Association, Kresimirov trg 7, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia; www.thebestinheritage.com

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Second Annual Culture Programme Conference

Brussels, Belgium, 28-30 September 2009

The second annual Culture Programme Conference and the mid-term European Culture Forum will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 28-30 September 2009. The Culture Programme Conference on Monday 28 September will present past and ongoing projects (funded by Culture 2000 and the Culture Programme 2007-2013), encouraging exchange of experience and good practice between cultural operators. The European Culture Forum on 29-30 September aims to bring together around 600 participants from culture civil society, Member States and EU institutions to take stock of progress in implementing the European Agenda for Culture. Over two days, participants will exchange view and experience around the three strategic objectives of the Agenda: cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; culture as a catalyst for creativity; and culture as a vital element in the EU's international relations.

More information available at: ec.europa.eu/culture/index_en.htm

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Robert Bosch Stiftung Course in International Cultural Management

Germany, October 2009

The Robert Bosch Stiftung invites 14 fellows to Germany for a thirteen-month course qualifying them in international cultural management. Citizens of all Central, Eastern and Southeastern European countries with a degree from an institute of higher education, with experience in cultural work and good connections to the cultural networks in their home country, and with good knowledge of German may apply. The online-application deadline is 15 March 2009, the 2009/2010 programme starts in October 2009.

For further information, please see www.moe-kulturmanager.de/jetzt-bewerben

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European Cultural Networks: Partners for Culture Professionals?

Brussels, Belgium, 2 October 2009

Organized in collaboration with ENCATC, les Halles de Schaerbeck, Relais Culture Europe and the Rhône-Alps Region, the Observatoire des politiques culturelles will holda meeting on European Cultural Networks: Partners for Culture Professionals?, to take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 2 October 2009.

The conference will be organised around the following themes

  • Artistic and cultural mobility in Europe
  • Cultural action in the European Union
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • International cultural exchanges
  • European cultural and artistic spaces
  • The social status of the artist in Europe
  • The representativity of networks and how they work

The future will see a Europe of exchanges which will encourage reciprocal contributions, cooperation and artistic and cultural mobility. Nowadays the eclectic interests of the actors in this field question the capacity of representation of the European networks. Will these networks, which link up professionals or local authorities, be able to create a strategic vision which will go beyond the withdrawal of the States and present the institutions with a community dimension which will enrich intercultural dialogue and help construct a future European cultural policy? In addition to that, in what way do they constitute a relevant intermediary for local culture professionals? And is the European Commission for its part capable of going beyond the intentions set out in the culture Agenda adopted in 2007, in order to give Europe the cultural ambition which this project lacks?

Registrations: OPC, Samia Hamouda; tel.: +33 (0)4 76 44 33 26; e-mail: samia.hamouda@observatoire-culture.net; www.colloqueopc20ans.net

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Innovative Urban Environments (INTA 33) Congress

Taipei, Taiwan, 4-8 October 2009

The INTA 33 Congress, to take place in Taipei, Taiwan, from 4-8 October 2009, will share insights and knowledge on how to make innovation a successful development policy for cities and territories. Congress features offer opportunities for participants to share knowledge and experiences, to discover cutting edge solutions and to be introduced to new partners through carefully planned matchmaking and showcasing sessions, with a customized programme enabling public leaders to exchange experiences and build partnerships with international entrepreneurs, business leaders and researchers.

The turbulent and uncertain economic, environmental and financial environments of today make it necessary to reinvent the methods and instruments for the sustainable development of our territories, the conditions of their attractiveness which implies reconsideration of the governance of urban development. Innovation is crucial to relaunch the economic and development machine.

Taiwan is at the forefront of improving the innovative climate, enterprise models, management capability, which makes the experience of the island meaningful for other territories wishing to improve their competitiveness and attractiveness and create sustainable conditions for growth.

A programme outline and registration form is available at www.inta33.org

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Cultural Trends International Conference

London, UK, 16 October 2009

Cultural Trends, the journal that champions the need for better evidence-based analyses of the cultural sector, announces the theme for its second one-day international conference. 'Centre/Periphery: Devolution/Federalism' New Trends in Cultural Policy. The conference will take place at City University, London on 16 October 2009.

The tension between the power and resources at the centre and the interests and ambitions of the periphery is a long-standing issue in cultural policy. The United Kingdom has witnessed simultaneously the decline of regionalism and the rise of devolved governments that are using experiments in cultural policy as their first exercises in independence from London.

More information available at: www.tandf.co.uk/journals/ccut.

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3rd IMC World Forum on Music

Tunis, Tunis, 17-22 October 2009

The International Music Council (IMC) announces the 3rd IMC World Forum on Music, to take place in Tunis, on 17-22 October 2009, under the title Access to Musical Diversity. The Forum is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation of the Tunisian Republic. IMC presents its World Forum on Music (WFM) as a global knowledge-building platform on music and society in the 21st century, which explores a variety of topics from diverse perspectives: cultural, political and economical. The 2009 World Forum on Music will focus on five areas which IMC considers being of crucial importance to the world of music:

  • Cultural diversity: where do we stand?
  • Music as a vector for dialogue
  • Creativity and innovation in music distribution
  • New approaches to music education
  • Changing audiences: challenges for art music around the world

By seeking synergies across different sectors, this high-level forum will provide exceptional opportunities for scholars, government officials, private sector executives, professionals from the civil society, artists and students to engage in serious debates on current key issues. The Forum will also include a session that is specifically dedicated to Arab music, presenting local traditions as well as contemporary production. Workshops will be organized to make participants better equipped to act proactively as advocates for music in their own environments and within their special fields of interest. In the framework of the Forum, the IMC will hold its 33rd General Assembly.

Contact: International Music Council, Silja Fischer, 1 rue Miollis, 75732 PARIS cedex 15, France; tel.: +33 1 45 68 48 50; fax: +33 1 45 68 48 66; e-mail: wfm@imc-cim.org; www.imc-cim.org

More information available at: .

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Researching Coastal and Resort Destination Management: Cultures and Histories of Tourism

Girona, Spain, 19-20 October 2009

Aiming of bringing together researchers who share interests in coastal and resort destination policy, planning and management in relation to culture(s) and histories of tourism, the theme of the 2009 EUTO conference, to be held in Girona, Spain on 19-20 October 2009, has been inspired by the recent surge of interest in tourism destination renewals, and by the fact that Girona Costa Brava destination, where the conference will take place, is celebrating this year it's 100 aniversary.

These research areas are clearly relevant to professionals and policy makers in destination management and the conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to share leading edge ideas, innovations and critical thinking with the professional destination manager participants at the European Union of Tourist Officers (EUTO) Study Visit to Catalunya which coincides with the conference. There will also be opportunities for delegates to participate in parts of the EUTO programme.

The conference welcomes proposals for papers that address the development of tourism in coastal regions and resorts. Proposals might, for example address:

  • Creative uses of cultural, historical and heritage resources for tourism in coastal settings
  • Cultural events and festivals as animators of coastal resorts
  • Transnational approaches to and conceptions of destination policy and planning in coastal contexts
  • Community participation in coastal resort development
  • Building sustainable partnerships and stakeholder relationships between tourism, culture and heritage in coastal destinations
  • Competitive (dis)advantage, new tourist markets and coastal destinations
  • New and emerging technologies in coastal destination representation and marketing
  • Coastal destination image and branding

The conference organisers also welcome proposals for papers that address theoretical and applied issues and themes relating to destination management in the coastal contexts of Catalonia and the Costa Brava in particular: Such themes include:

  • Tourism and Catalan identity - tensions between the standard international offer and the marketing of the 'local' and regional or 'nation without a state'
  • Representing the Costa Brava: changing images over time, and the creation, marketing and modification of a 'brand'
  • Tourism and the Catalan language - problem or asset?
  • The labour force in Catalan tourism: Catalans and 'others'
  • Tourist markets to Catalunya and the (formal and informal) organisation of private and public space: e.g. hotels, beaches, squares
  • Issues surrounding second home ownership, property markets and 'new' resident communities in the Costa Brava

If you wish to submit a paper proposal, please send a 300-word abstract with full address and institutional affiliation details as an electronic file to Dr. Philip Long, p.e.long@leedsmet.ac.uk. The deadline for the reception of abstracts is 31 July 2009.

For details, please see www.udg.edu/jornades/EUTO2009/tabid/12969/Default.aspx or contact euto2009@udg.edu

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The Past Is Still to Change: Performing History from 1945 to the Present

Kaunas, Lithuania, 21-23 October 2009

The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Humanities at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, are announcing a call for papers for their upcoming international conference entitled The Past Is Still to Change: Performing History from 1945 to the Present, to be held in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 21-23 October 2009.

The conference is focused upon an important issue for contemporary society – that of interpreting the past and writing its history. The subject of the conference refers to critical historiography, proposing that history is not a stable body of fact(s) but a shifting range of meanings produced by different cultural, social and political practices (such as rituals of public memory, historical re-enactments, museums, memorials et al.) and that the general images of the past are substantially affected by art (literature, visual arts, theatre, film, performance). The conference will open a discussion concerning the performative means of (re)constructing the past, going beyond a passive interpretation of historical texts, activating a participation in the ‘performing’ of history. The act of performing history also describes history as an academic discipline which is involved in (re)construction and (re)interpretation of the past. Consequently the conference will discuss the problems of research and evaluation of the past as it is faced by researchers of the legacy of the Cold War, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic region.

One of the major aims of the conference is to discuss these problems on an interdisciplinary basis, to reveal the complex multidimensional significance of the concept of performing history. Contributions are invited from different fields and disciplines – history, political science, social sciences, culture studies, literary research, theatre studies and visual art studies – both concerned with the past and the forms of remembering the past in contemporary society. Suggested topics include:

  • Re-enacting the past: performance as interpretation of history
  • Performing political action: public events and civic rituals
  • Historical event/theatrical event: parallels, contexts, and methods
  • Theatre of history: witnessing, spectatorship, participation
  • Personal memory/collective identities
  • (Re)mapping the past: site-specific practices and places of memory
  • Mediated memory: readings of historical resources
  • Aesthetics and theatricality of political regime(s)
  • Carnival of history: memory and mass culture

The deadline for paper proposals is 31 March 2009.

Contact information: Dr. Linara Dovydaityte, Faculty of Arts, Vytautas Magnus University, Laisves al. 53, LT-44309 Kaunas, Lithuania; mob.: +370 620 54805; e-mail: l.dovydaityte@mf.vdu.lt; www.studykaunas.eu/?q=node/1071

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Third Annual Conference of the University Network of the European Capitals of Culture

Vilnius, Lithuania, 22-23 October 2009

The University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC) will hold its third Annual Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on 22-23 October 2009, hosted by the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and the Mykolas Romeris University. The Conference will thus be held in a 2009 European Capital of Culture, where a city and its universities are in the process of running a European Capital of Culture programme.

In this European Year of Innovation and Creativity the central theme of this year's UNeECC Conference will be Innovation, Creativity and Culture.

Contact information: Mrs Gyöngyi Pozsgai, Secretary General of UNeECC, University of Pécs, Szántó K.J. utca 1/B, H-7633 Pécs, Hungary; tel.: +36 72 501 509; fax +36 72 251 527; e-mail: pozsgai.gyongyi@pte.hu

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International Conference of Aesthetics

Mar del Plata, Argentina, 22 - 24 October 2009

Under the title Peaks and Edges of Contemporary Arts, the Foundation Destellos invites proposals to the first International Conference of Aesthetics, to be held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, on 22 - 24 October 2009, by composers, musicologists, performers, video artists, organizers of concerts and other artistic events, who want to present propositions linked to aesthetic, philosophic and practice aspects of digital arts. The conference is framed into the XII Journeys of Aesthetics and History of the Theatre of Mar del Plata, organized by the Group of Research in Aesthetics (GIE) and supported by the University of Mar del Plata and the National Council of Scientific and Technologic Research (Conicet).

The suggested areas of interest include:

  • Description of creative process
  • Theories on Aesthetics
  • The performer and the interpretation of contemporary music
  • Aesthetics of image in relation with sound
  • Aesthetics of collaborative projects of creation in the net
  • The function of sound in installations
  • The relation of public with multimedia arts
  • Analysis of electroacoustic and multimedia works

250-word abstracts are to be sent electronically to info@fundestellos.org by 15 July 2009.

For details, please see www.fundestellos.org

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Performing Arts Training Today

Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria, 28-31 October 2009

Performing Arts Training Today is the professional conference open to performers, performing arts educators and teachers from all over the world interested in the research of topical questions and processes in contemporary performing arts education and training. The conference will be held in Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria from 28 to 31 October 2009.

The main tasks of the conference are to demonstrate various methods and techniques in contemporary performing arts education and training, to open discussions about successful and effective strategies, to establish new contacts, to exchange experiences with colleagues from different countries and to lay the foundation for future networking and collaboration.

Contact information: tel.: +44 020 8133 2593; e-mail: globtheatre@gmail.com; info@iugte.com

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35th STP&A Annual Conference on Social Theory, Politics & Arts

London, UK, 29-31 October 2009

STP&A is an international interdisciplinary gathering of researchers, policymakers and practitioners that highlights current and conceptual issues in the development of cultural policy, theory, and arts administration practices internationally. The 2009 conference, focusing on innovation, creativity and change in a globalized world: new technologies; new audiences; new communities, will take place at Birkbeck University, London, UK from 29-31 October 2009.

At present, conference organizers are proposing six broad overarching themes to shape the conference deliberations:

  • New audiences for the arts, old and new
  • Cultural development and community engagement: beyond participation
  • Managing digital art: taking advantage of the new technologies
  • New models for arts businesses
  • Innovation and change in the cultural sector
  • Excellence in the arts and culture.

Proposals should be in the form of an abstract (a maximum of 250 words in length) and should be emailed to stpa2009@euclid.info.

The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2009.

More information is available at stpa2009.culture.info

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Sixth Latin American Memory and Identity Forum

Montevideo, Uruguay, 5-8 November 2009

Organized by the Signo Centro Interdisciplinario, the Sixth Latin American Memory and Identity Forum will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 5-8 November 2009. Aimed at social organizations, indigenous communities, cultural managers, academics, researchers, teachers, students, NGOs and international organizations, this Forum supported by AECID and UNESCO, has established itself as a space for intense reflection and dialogue, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and the establishment of new cultural initiatives and networks.

The event's main areas of interest include social sciences and popular culture, identity, culturally sustainable development, migration and human rights, tradition and modernity. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 19 July 2009.

Contact: Signo, Centro Interdisciplinario, Juncal 1470, of. 302, Montevideo, 11.000, Uruguay; tel./fax: (598 2) 902 3982—903 1350; e-mail: signocomunitaria@gmail.com; www.signo.com.uy

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Create n Innovate '09

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 11-12 November 2009

Two days of presentations, panels and workshops highlighting and exploring ideas and good practice in creativity and innovation, and its importance for our economies, our societies and our futures will take place at Belfast, Northern Ireland on 11 and 12 November 2009.

The conference, taking place at Ireland's award-winning science and discovery centre - W5 - will provide an innovative programme of presentations, including a keynote by Feargal Sharkey, panels, with contributions from Professor Michael Alcorn, Joanne Stewart, Tom Bewick, Alastair McIlwain, Tracey Meharg, and others, a programme of exciting and interactive workshops (see below for more details) and tours.

For full details of the conference, including workshops and presentations, and how to book, please visit www.createninnovate.eu

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First World Conference on Volcanoes, Landscapes and Cultures

Catania, Italy, 11-14 November 2009

Insula, the International Scientific Council for Island Development, contributes to the organization of the World Conference on Volcanoes, Landscapes and Cultures, under the auspices of UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the Italian government, and in partnership with UNESCO's Man and Biosphere Programme (MaB), the Sicilian Regional Government, the University of Catania, the Etna Regional Park Authority, and other relevant organizations, such as LAVE the European Association of Volcanology. The event will take place in Catania (Sicily), Italy, at Mount Etna's slopes from 11-14 November 2009.

The Conference, the first of its kind, will address from a holistic and multidisciplinary point of view the core aspects of the ages-old relationships between humankind, the volcanic landscapes, and the obscure turbulences of the mineral world.

Participants from all geographical and professional horizons are invited to share traditions, knowledge and experiences, and uncover together promising areas for innovation and peaceful development of volcanic territories.

The meeting finally aims at the creation of a permanent "on line" platform, in order to foster an intercontinental dialogue and knowledge exchanges, provisionally called "the House of Volcanoes".

More information is available at www.etnacatania2009.com

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International Interactive Symposium imPACT

Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 13-15 November 2009

Pact Zollverein is holding the fifth edition of the international interactive symposium ImPACT from 13 to 15 November 2009 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

For the fifth time in succession, the transdisciplinary symposium IMPACT09 invites artists, practitioners, theorists and advanced students in the fields of dance, theatre, visual arts, new media and architecture to take part in a critical discussion of artistic strategies and working methods presented by prominent guest artists.

IMPACT09 offers a concentrated and motivating space for exchange, action and reflection beyond one's own genre and perspectives. Each day's agenda is devised and led by the invited guests and informed by all the participants.

More information available at www.pact-zollverein.de/english/workingfields/impact/impact.html

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Second International Conference On African Culture And Development (ICACD)

Accra, Ghana, 15-18 November 2009

ACP Secretariat is pleased to inform about the Second International Conference on African Culture and Development (ICACD) that will be held in Accra, Ghana, on 15-18 November 2009. The theme for ICACD 2009 is Culture and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

For more details and information please visit www.icacdafrica.org or contact info@icacdafrica.org.

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Eastern European Res Artis Meeting 'Re-Tooling Residencies'

Warsaw, Poland, 16-19 November 2009

Organized by Res Artis, Re-Tooling Residencies is an International Conference on Artistic Residencies that will take place at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw, Poland on 16-19 November 2009.

Being the first Eastern European Res Artis Meeting, Re-tooling Residencies is to facilitate networking and provide learning opportunities for parties and organizations potentially involved in supporting and developing international exchange. The conference program consists of panel discussions and presentations, workshops and accompanying activities.

Contact information: Res Artis Office, Arie Biemondstraat 105, 1054 PD Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 20 6126600; fax: +31 20 6126600; e-mail: office@resartis.org

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NEU/NOW Festival

Vilnius, Lithuania, 19-22 November 2009

The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) is pleased to announce the pilot of a festival that will present the most exciting and creative NEU artistic talent NOW emerging across Europe in the frame of the NEU/NOW Festival. The first edition of the NEU/NOW Festival will be held in Vilnius, European Capital of Culture 2009, from 19-22 November 2009.

The NEU/NOW Festival will provide an innovative platform for talented graduating artists – emerging from Higher Arts Education Institutions and Universities across Europe – to present themselves to wider European audiences within a professional context. The Festival will feature the most excellent and/or innovative artistic talent now entering the professional arts arena in Europe and will be a showcase of young creative European talent. Deadline for applications is 29 May 2009.

More information is available online at www.neunow.eu

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Complexities of 'Europe': Between Knowledge, Power, Citizenship and Identity

Cambridge, UK, 20-21 November 2009

The Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) at the University of Cambridge, Post-graduate research group "European Identities and Encounters" organizes a graduate conference entitled Complexities of 'Europe': Between Knowledge, Power, Citizenship and Identity, that will be held in Cambridge, UK on 20 and 21 November 2009.

The theoretical approaches to "Europe" often suggest a teleological narrative, which portrays the establishment of the European Union as the consummation of every cultural and political project of "Europeanness". This conference aims at bringing together different viewpoints of "Europe" lying beyond the political narratives of accession and integration. Priority will be given to papers that address the complexities of the way in which "Europe" as a concept, a label, a place, an institution or a union is turned into a locus of contestation. The organizers are particularly interested in comparative studies as well as in exploring transfers of knowledge and power across the region(s) described as "Europe". They are also eager to examine how "Europe" interacts, constructs and is constructed by its "Others" or its "margins - whether in immigration, integration or development policies.

Contact information: Leonidas Karakatsanis, 17 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RX, United Kingdom; e-mail: eu_id_encounters_conf@yahoogroups.co.uk; lkarak@essex.ac.uk; www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/938

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4th ELIA Leadership Symposium

Zürich, Switzerland, 2-4 December 2009

ELIA - the European League of Institutes of the Arts is organizing its 4th Leadership Symposium in Zürich, Switzerland on 2-4 December 2009. Under the motto "Value is vulnerable", a theme inspired by a phrase from the Dutch poet Lucebert, the Symposium will address the present challenges facing Higher Arts Education. The relevance of this theme is underpinned by the present world crisis, which above all is a crisis of trust.

A worldview is shattered. The widely held sense of who one can or cannot trust may no longer be valid. In today’s world, a global dialogue about social value systems is more relevant than ever: the economic value systems are under strain. Globalisation is challenging traditional values and calling for new ones. What does all this mean for the values implicit in the arts?

In Zurich, key decision-makers from leading and influential art schools worldwide will enter into discussion with representatives of prominent opera-houses, theatres, art galleries and private collections about the validity of traditional and innovative values as generated by artists and art institutions, in relation to the future of our societies.

Speakers include Janet Ritterman, Quentin Cooper, Hans Jakob Roth, Hartmut Esslinger, and Nigel Carrington.

The 2009 ELIA Leadership Symposium will revolve around the following themes:

  • A Continuum of Cooperation and Competition
  • Arts in Economic Times: Arts, Economy and Ethics
  • Art Schools as Counterpart / Counterpoint to the Art Market and Creative Enterprise
  • The Value of Alliances and Mergers and the Vulnerability of Art Institutions
  • The Art / Science Paradigm

The event is hosted by Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK), one of Europe's largest universities of the arts, comprising more than 2000 students.

Contact: e-mail: lotte.wennink@elia-artschools.org; www.elialeadershipsymposium.org

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All Africa Dance Conference and Festival

Nairobi, Kenya, 9-13 December 2009

The All Africa Dance Conference and Festival, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, 9-13 December 2009, will be a great opportunity to learn from various practitioners in the dance and peace building fields.

History and current experience shows that so deep are the pains of most of the conflicts experienced in Africa that the popular individualized and rationalistic approaches to healing and transformation simply lack the language and resources to solidly address the challenge of holistic peaceful transformation. Arts approaches provide an accessible language, compelling processes that affirm everyone's creativity and, above all, an inclusive space that enables healing, genuine dialogue and transformation to happen. Dance promotes the sense of belonging and can promote and motivate change, unite communities for a cause and rally them to a common vision including promoting peace, conflict prevention, human understanding and democracy.

Various Artistic groups, producers, choreographers development workers, cultural activists and teachers from Africa and other parts of the world have confirmed participation in the festivals and workshops that will not only impart skills in dance for peace and development but will celebrate the use of dance as a tool for social change and development in Africa and the world over.

The following topics will be facilitated by professionals in workshops

  • The role of Indigenous dances in peace education
  • Community Based Peace Education
  • Indigenous Arts and Philosophy of Peace
  • Integrated Arts Approaches in Healing, Dialogue and Transformation
  • Advocacy and Dialogue using Dance
  • Facilitating Community Based Arts and Peace programs
  • Training for Dance Choreographers and producers in Peace building
  • Arts Approaches to Peace building & Development
  • Forgiveness & Healing using Dance
  • Dance for peace and conflict prevention and management
  • Democratizing Africa using Dance
  • Storytelling in dance drama

Contact: e-mail: info@africadancefestival.com or tel.: +254 020 4452674/ 4450937; www.africadancefestival.com