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WE-ASC Education Culture Congress

New Delhi, India on 12-15 January 2011

The World Education - Arts, Sciences and Education Culture (WE-ASC) Congress series revisits educational philosophy, methodology and content development and draws special attention to course and curriculum development as well as evaluation and accreditation systems in primary, secondary and in particular, higher education. It further explores how education can help develop mental, emotional and physical skills to help facilitate personal excellence as well as psychological and socio-economic wellbeing as well as evolving integral and holistic attitudes and formats in education pedagogy, in the challenging times the world faces today.

WE-ASC also explores sensory, artistic, scientific, psychological, cultural and spiritual approaches for imparting education and transmission of knowledge. The movement examines modern as well as traditional knowledge systems, literate and non-literate, within both tangible and intangible systems and formats. It seeks to evolve fresh formats in skills training with traditional and modern knowledge for socio-economic empowerment and sustainable development. It focuses on cultural connections and participatory research in arts and the evolving culture of education, through arts and artistic sciences in education as well as health-care.

WE-ASC 2011 will work towards conclusions and resolutions on collaborations, ethics, evaluation and accreditation in Education and Cultural knowledge systems, which will be drafted by the concluding day of the Congress for follow up with research and policy making institutions, educational institutions and government bodies internationally. The participants will include educators and educationists, parliamentarians and other government representatives, artists and cultural institutions, thinkers, policy makers, and administrators with special inputs by youth and women from various countries and cultures.

Paper abstracts and panel proposals are invited by 15 August 2010.

Contact: Lady Shruti Rana, Convener, WE-ASC Congress, Andras House, 60 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BB, United Kingdom; or Shruti Foundation, 206 Southex Plaza, 389 Masjid Moth, South Extension Part II, New Delhi 110049, India; tel.: +91 11 26252532, +91 11 26259209; e-mail: lady.shruti.rana@gmail.com, we.asc.congress@gmail.com; www.we-asc.org

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Exploring Mobility Around the Mediterranean

Call for Papers
Alexandria, Egypt, 4-6 February 2011

The Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) and the Arab Education Forum – Safar Fund are preparing this Symposium, to be held in Alexandria, Egypt on 4-6 February 2011, as part of their joint Istikshaf project exploring mobility around the Mediterranean, backed by the Anna Lindh Foundation. The event will be organized in cooperation with the International Association for Creation and Training (I-act), in the context of the Dialogue Programme-Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe-Mediterranean) which will be held from 1-10 February 2011.

Papers are welcome on the many and varied forms of mobility addressing one or more of the following themes:

  • mobility for learning or mobility as a learning tool;
  • challenges to mobility;
  • the culture of mobility;
  • mainstreaming/sustaining mobility as a culture and practice;
  • different models/paradigms of mobility: mobility vs. tourism, mobility vs. migration?
  • experiences in mobility around the Mediterranean;
  • mobility as a tool for reinforcing local cultural development.

Deadline for submissions is 15 September 2010.

For details, please contact: Angie Cotte, Secretary General, Roberto Cimetta Fund, c/o ONDA - 13 bis rue Henri Monnier, 75009 Paris, France; tel. : + 33 1 45 26 33 74; e-mail: angie.cotte@cimettafund.org; www.cimettafund.org

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Berlinale Talent Campus 2011

Berlin, Germany, on 12-17 February 2011

The 9th Berlinale Talent Campus, a creative academy and networking platform to be held in Berlin, Germany, on 12-17 February 2011, will bring up to 350 up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world together with seasoned experts for a week of learning and networking. The theme next year is Framespotting - Filmmakers Positioning Themselves.

For more information: www.berlinale-talentcampus.de

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To Culture With Love. Management

Potsdam, Germany, 13-16 February 2011

To Culture With Love. Management, the 2nd international workshop for European young professionals and students working in the field of arts and culture, to take place in Potsdam, Germany, on 13-16 February 2011, invites participants to discuss future working conditions in the field: new working environments, new modes of payment, new copyrights forms etc.

The subject is approached through informal learning methods, small management and artistic workshops. The project is produced by an international group of young professionals and students from Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany and England.

For details, please see www.tcwlm.net or contact team@tcwlm.net

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International Symposium on the Potential for Artistic Expression to Cross Cultural Barriers

The Language of Art and Music
Berlin, Germany, 17–20 February 2011

The Language of Art and Music is an international conference taking place in Berlin, Germany, from 17–20 February 2011, under the title An International Symposium on the Potential for Artistic Expression to Cross Cultural Barriers and the Relationship between Art, Culture, and International Relations, that will explore the potential for art and music to offer a neutral platform for cultural exchange. Artists and speakers from the fields of cinema, musicology, cultural anthropology, art history, literary theory, and other related academic disciplines will share their perspectives alongside politicians, diplomats, civil society practitioners, musicians, artists, and other stakeholders.

The use of culture and art to promote dialogue and understanding is a field which, although it has been the subject of much scholarly attention, has had little impact on the behavior and activities of national governments and other stakeholders in international relations. Moreover, whilst there is a widespread agreement of the value of culture and art in raising awareness of cultural differences, there is less understanding of the potential for culture and art to offer a neutral platform for cultural exchange, to transform cultural differences and unite people through emotions. The Language of Art and Music will work to bridge the gap between theory and practice by bringing together academic experts and key figures in international relations to discuss the importance of these artistic disciplines. An interdisciplinary discussion on the theory behind cultural exchange will be followed by analysis of diverse case studies from across the world.

The conference participants will become part of a growing international network of people from across the world with different fields of interest and levels of experience, who have a commitment to intercultural exchange.

The speakers attending the Conference will include internationally award-winning artists, prominent cultural figures and leading experts from international cinema, music, performing art, visual arts, heads of national and international cultural institutions, and nominees from the 61st Berlin film festival 2011. These speakers will include leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society, and the private sector from across the world as well as number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board.

Contact: Mark Donfried, Director and Founder, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), Ku'damm Karree (3rd Floor/Hochhaus), Kurfürstendamm 207-8, 10719 Berlin, Germany; tel.: +49(0)30 2360-7680; fax: +49(0)30 2360-76811; e-mail: info@culturaldiplomacy.org; www.culturaldiplomacy.org, www.icd-languageofartandmusic.org

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4th Global Conference: Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity

Call for papers
Prague, Czech Republic, 8-10 March 2011

This multi-disciplinary project, part of the Diversity and Recognition research projects, which in turn belong to the "At the Interface" programmes of Inter-Disciplinary.Net, seeks to explore the new and prominent place that the idea of culture has for the construction of meaning and identity, as well as the implications for social political membership in contemporary societies. In particular the project will assess the larger context of major world transformations, for example, new forms of migration and the massive movements of people across the globe, as well as the impact and contribution of globalisation on tensions, conflicts and the sense of rootedness and belonging. Looking to encourage innovative trans-disciplinary dialogues, papers are invited from all disciplines, professions and vocations which struggle to understand what it means for people, the world over, to forge identities in rapidly changing national, social and cultural contexts.

Papers, workshops, presentations and pre-formed panels are invited on any of the following themes:

  • Contemporary Rediscoveries and Redefinitions of Culture
  • Cultural Boundaries, Peoples and Nations
  • Individuals, Identity and the Inter-Subjective
  • Cultural Formations
  • Politicising Culture
  • Art and Cultural Representations

  • Crossing Cultural Boundaries

300-word abstracts should be submitted by 1 October 2010. For details, please see www.inter-disciplinary.net/at-the-interface/diversity-recognition/interculturalism/call-for-papers/

Contact: Joint Organising Chairs: Alejandro Cervantes-Carson, Hub Leader, Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Barcelona, Spain; e-mail: acc@inter-disciplinary.net; and Rob Fisher, Network Leader, Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Freeland, United Kingdom; e-mail: ic4@inter-disciplinary.net

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6th Global Conference Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship

Prague, Czech Republic, 11-13 March 2011

As part of the multi-disciplinary Diversity and Recognition Project, the Network Inter-Disciplinary.Net will hold the 6th Global Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, on 11-13 March 2011, seeking to explore the new developments and changes of the idea of pluralism and their implications for social and political processes of inclusion and citizenship in contemporary societies. The project will also assess the larger context of major world transformations, such as new forms of migration and the massive movements of people across the globe, as well as the impact of the multiple dynamics of globalisation on rootedness and membership (including their tensions and conflicts) and on a general sense of social acceptance and recognition.

Looking to encourage innovative trans-disciplinary dialogues from all disciplines, professions and vocations which struggle to understand what it means for people, the world over, to be citizens in rapidly changing national, social and political landscapes, papers, workshops, presentations and pre-formed panels will discuss the following themes: Challenging Old Concepts of Citizen and Alien; Nations, Fluid Boundaries and Citizenship; Institutions, Organizations and Social Movements; Persons, Personhood and the Inter-Personal; Media and Artistic Representations; Transnational Political Interlacing of Contemporary Life; New Concepts, New Forms of Inclusion.

Contact: Alejandro Cervantes-Carson (acc@inter-disciplinary.net) and Rob Fisher (pic6@inter-disciplinary.net), Joint Organising Chairs;


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70 Years of Asian Studies

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 31 March - 3 April 2011

The Program Committee for the 2011 joint Association for Asian Studies (AAS) and International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) conference 70 Years of Asian Studies, to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, on 31 March - 3 April 2011, invites colleagues in Asian Studies to submit proposals for organized panels, roundtables, workshops and individual papers for sessions by 5 August 2010. The Committee seeks sessions that will engage panelists and audiences in the consideration of ideas, information, and interpretations that will advance knowledge about Asian regions and, by extension, will enrich teaching about Asia at all levels.

More than 400 panel sessions are expected to be accommodated, allowing many more scholars to be on the formal programme, thus facilitating institutional travel funding and maximizing attendance. Institutions, organizations and affiliated groups are particularly encouraged to submit panel, roundtable, and workshop session proposals for the formal programme, rather than as Meetings-in-Conjunction, which will be limited primarily to business meetings or social functions.

The call for panels and papers is available online at www.asian-studies.org/annual-meeting/index.htm.

Contact: Robyn Jones, AAS Conference Manager, rjones@asian-studies.org.

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Online Arts Festival for Young Artists

1 April - 31 December 2011

For its third edition, the Online Arts Festival of the Euro-Med Young Artists Network (EMYAN) comes with a new direction; new in its concept, nature, duration and scope, showcasing the innovation and the creativity of the young artists of the Euro-Med region.

Since its establishment, EMYAN Online Arts Festival advocates web 2.0 models of producing and sharing artistic creativity. By showcasing the richness of artistic practices, it tries to strengthen cultural exchanges in the Euro-Med region.

The activities of the third edition of the online arts festival will run, for the first time, throughout the year, starting on 1 April 2011 and ending on 31 December 2011. Not only having a virtual presence, for the first time, the festival will also have a physical existence taking place, as a festival with a mobile nature, around the Euro-Med region.

A special feature section will be based on the concept of 'fluxus', which aims at stimulating the uses of new tools and new materials that foresee the challenge of creating art within a multidisciplinary context. Entries addressing the festival's special feature should not only inspire the creators' vision and ideas, but also reflect the tools and materials used to produce the artworks as well as artistic collaborations.

This year EMYAN will launch EXPO, an initiative to feature the creative and innovative work of organizations, individuals and groups that utilize new media tools to promote artistic and cultural activities via social media in the Euro-Med region (i.e. computer and mobile applications, cultural and artistic blogs, online exchange communities, etc.) beside hosting debates and discussions on the current cultural and artistic trends, inviting experts and intellectuals to present their ideas, views and opinions.

Online Arts Festival 3.0 accepts artistic entries from young artists (up to 30 years old) from Europe, the Mediterranean and the entire Arab world produced after 1 January 2009, in all fields of arts that can be published on the web.

Artistic entries can be submitted online by 15 March 2011.

For more information, please contact: Islam Muhammad, General Coordinator; tel.: +2 012 43 54 634; e-mail: art2@emyan.org; www.emyan.org

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Music Biennale Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia, 7-17 April 2011

The 26th Music Biennale Zagreb (MBZ), to be held in Zagreb, Croatia, from 7-17 April 2011, will introduce 35 events at four different venues in the city, as well as in four other cities (Rijeka, Split, Osijek and Varazdin). On this particular occasion, the MBZ marks its 50th anniversary and plays host to the World New Music Days, an annual festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music (WNMD – ISCM), for the second time in the past six years (2005 MBZ – ISCM WNMD).

The Biennale presents the recent music production in a vast variety of musical genres – ranging from electronics, sound installations, classic orchestras and ensembles, stage works to the instrumentation typical of baroque or tamburitza ensembles. The festival programme also introduces a number of anthological Biennale compositions which have left an indelible imprint on this greatest and oldest festival of contemporary music in the region.

The major project of the 2011 MBZ includes five new stage works created in association with the five Croatian National Theatres, and concerts given by five symphony orchestras.

For details, please see www.mbz.hr/eng/

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National Drama International Conference 2011

Swansea, Wales, UK, 11-14 April 2011

Through a series of thought-provoking keynotes, a choice of extended workshops and the opportunity to share practice, this major international event, to be held in Swansea, Wales, UK, 11-14 April 2011, under the title Drama - Same Difference, celebrates the diversity of drama and asks if there are mutualities of philosophy, process and practice that underpin it.

The human need to make drama as a way to explore, understand and influence our relationships and our circumstances is universal. Where people exist so exists drama. Its diversity of form reflects the diversity of context, both cultural and political, in which we live our lives and the diversity of learning experiences we gain from taking part in it.

This event will be of interest to primary and secondary drama teachers, theatre educators, advisers, teacher educators, theatre in education workers and all those who are interested in using drama and theatre to promote learning.

For details, please see www.nationaldrama.org.uk/nd/index.cfm/events1/events/national-drama-international-conference-2011/

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Relocating Cultures

Dublin, Ireland, 13-15 April 2011

The programme of Relocating Cultures, to be held in Dublin, Ireland, on 13-15 April 2011, is structured to move from the more conceptual and theoretical, without privileging any particular ethnic, social or linguistic group, to a more narrow focus on Russian as a minority language in the modern world, not discounting discussion of other global/world/vehicular/bridge or minority languages in diaspora.

The "Our Languages" research team of Trinity College Dublin will bring together scholars in the fields of language in society, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, language politics, and diaspora and identity studies in four panels:

  • Multilingualism in the Public Sphere;
  • Culture over Time;
  • Networking and Identity Performance;
  • Russian as a Local Language.

The submission deadline for paper proposals is 31 October 2010.

Contact: Sarah Smyth, Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; e-mail: ssmyth@tcd.ie; www.tcd.ie/Russian/our-languages/conference.php

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IETM Spring Plenary Meeting

Stockholm, Sweden, 14 - 17 April 2011

The IETM Spring Plenary Meeting, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 14 - 17 April 2011, under the working theme of Whose Story is it Anyway?, intends to address a number of questions and challenges which face everyone who has an ambition to develop their art forms, practices, methods, conditions, structures within society at large. The International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM) hopes to create a pluralistic space of inspiration and energy, new friends and a creative focus that will enhance our ability to think of what has yet to be discovered.

Today, we can identify two parallel trends in society (including the performing arts). The first is that of closing borders, cultivating homogeneity, monopolizing information and utilizing normative and consolidating methodologies. The second – and the most common one – is that of speaking of openness, transparency and participation, while still practicing the first one. Let’s expand and challenge these concepts as such.

For details, please see www.ietm.org/index.lasso?p=information&q=eventdetail&id=459

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International University Festival for Cultural Heritage and Folk Arts

Agadir, Morocco, 20-23 April 2011

The University Ibn Zohr, in Agadir, Morocco, will organize the 2nd edition of the International University Festival for Cultural Heritage and Folk Arts, from 20-23 April 2011,which will bring together students' groups from several universities worldwide.

The Festival will include seminars relevant to the objectives of the festival (cultural diversity in the era of globalization, youth and tolerance, cultural tourism and mutual comprehension, youth and human rights), audio-visual presentations on universal cultural heritage, exhibitions of cultural goods (movable crafts) from different countries, artistic presentations (folk music, folk dance, traditional costumes, beliefs, festivities, traditions).

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 20 February 2011.

Contact: A.Oumlil, Festival Director; e-mail: oumlil@univ-ibnzohr.ac.ma; www.festival-patrimoine.com

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Symposium on Music, Conflict and Transformation

Exeter, UK on 9-10 May 2011

A symposium on the role of music-related activities in social conflicts and their transformation will take place at the University of Exeter, UK on 9-10 May 2011. The event is organised by the Sociology of the Arts Group (SocArts), a team of international researchers led by Professor Tia DeNora of the University of Exeter, and united by a commitment to researching the dynamic and practical role played by music in social life and social experience. The aim of the symposium is to create a space where to explore these and related issues, and to encourage contributions from all those working in this field, whether in the context of non-governmental organisations, academia, local policy, mediation, music therapy, etc.

In the past decade there has been a growing interest in music and social conflict both inside and outside academia. Interdisciplinary research from music sociologists, ethnomusicologists, music psychologists and musicologists has focused on music's dual use, both as a resource for conflict transformation and as a medium that can be used to incite conflict and channel violence. This research has also dovetailed with practical initiatives by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), local communities, academics and individuals attempting to utilise music to avoid or transform conflicts. Together these activities are slowly improving our understanding of the interesting, and at times pivotal, functions of music related activities in conflict and post-conflict scenarios. However, it is clear that there is still a great deal of conceptual work to be done in this field if we are to understand the processes (negative as well as positive) that take place in and around music and conflict/conflict transformation. Similarly, there is as yet little empirical research available to elaborate this conceptual base. The time is ripe for increasing the dialogue between researchers, practitioners/musicians and participants with regards to work in this field.

This symposium will explore these and related issues by providing a place for practitioners, researchers, musicians and other interested parties to present and discuss work concerned with music, conflict and conflict transformation.

For more information see socarts.net/index.php/activities/99-symposium-on-music-conflict-transformation-9th10th-may-2011

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The Arts in Society

Berlin, Germany, 9-11 May 2011

The 2011 Arts Conference will address a range of critically important issues and themes relating to the arts in society. Plenary speakers will include leading thinkers and practitioners in the arts, as well as paper, workshop and colloquium presentations by researchers and practitioners in all fields of artistic engagement.

Prospective participants are invited to submit a presentation proposal for one of the following parallel session options: a 30-minute paper; a 60-minute workshop; a jointly presented 90-minute colloquium session; or a virtual session. Innovative presentation formats, such as roundtables, staged dialogues, screenings and performances are also encouraged. Parallel sessions are loosely grouped into streams reflecting different perspectives or disciplines. Each stream forms a talking circle, an informal forum for focused discussion of issues and Conference themes.

The submission deadline is 19 April 2011.

Conference presenters may include contributors in all areas of the arts – artists, educators, graduate students, curators, writers, theorists, researchers, arts administrators and policymakers – with presentations in all disciplines (visual, performing, literary, and interdisciplinary genres). This is a Conference for any person with an interest in and a concern for art practice, public art, art theory, research and policy, curatorial and museum studies, and art education in any of its forms and at any of its sites.

For details, please see artsinsociety.com/Conference-2011/

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The New Old: Culture as a Revitalizing Tool in your Community

2011 Creative City Summit
London, Canada, 10-12 May 2011

The 2011 Creative City Summit will take place in London, Ontario, Canada on 10-12 May 2011. The Summit was designed to be more intimate and interactive to provide practitioners with a platform to exchange ideas and learn from their peers.

Meeting your colleagues face to face is an essential part of networking. To that end, the Summit is an opportunity to connect in person with Creative City Network of Canada members, as well as representatives from arts and heritage organizations, provincial and federal government agencies and others, to share ideas, connect and work together to build vital infrastructure for arts and cultural development in Canada.

The 2011 Creative City Summit Planning Committee is currently accepting submissions for a Call for Presentations on the Summit theme of The New Old: Culture as a Revitalizing Tool in your Community.

For more info and guidelines for submission, please visit: www.creativecity.ca/english/in-person-meetings-mainmenu-146/2011-summit

Contact: Creative City Network of Canada, Suite 415 - 402 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6, Canada; tel:: 604-688-2489; fax: 604-688-6701; e-mail: info@creativecity.ca; www.creativecity.ca

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Hard Vs. Soft Power in Global and National Politics: Innovative Concepts of Smart Power and Cultural Diplomacy in an Age of Interdependence, Digital Revolution, and Social Media

International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2011
Berlin, Germany, 11-15 May 2011

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), in partnership with other leading organizations, calls for applications for participation in its International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2011, to be held in Berlin, Germany, on 11-15 May 2011, under the title Hard Vs. Soft Power in Global and National Politics: Innovative Concepts of Smart Power and Cultural Diplomacy in an Age of Interdependence, Digital Revolution, and Social Media.

The 2011 conference will bring together renowned speakers from across the world to discuss how traditional concepts of power and influence are being redefined by globalization, the digital revolution and the emergence of social media. Held annually in Berlin, the program will consist of keynote speeches, lectures, panel discussions and social activities that will provide the audience with an opportunity to gain insights, reflect on, discuss and debate the salient issues.

Speakers during the Symposium will include leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society and the private sector, from across the world. The Symposium is open to applications from diplomatic and political representatives, civil society practitioners, private sector figures, journalists, young professionals, students and scholars, and other interested stakeholders in international relations from across the world.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy encourages research and progressive thought into the fields of culture, globalization, and international relations. In this regard, the ICD welcomes participants of the Symposium to submit papers on this subject. The papers can cover any topic within these fields, according to your own particular interests and passions. Participants can submit work that they have completed in the past for other purposes, ongoing research or a paper written specifically for the conference. Groups of students are also allowed to submit collaborative pieces of work.

Contact: Mark Donfried, Director and Founder; Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), Ku'damm Karree (3rd Floor/Hochhaus), Kurfürstendamm 207-8, 10719 Berlin, Germany; tel.: +49(0)30-23607680; e-mail: info@culturaldiplomacy.org; www.culturaldiplomacy.org

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Netz.Macht.Kultur - Cultural Policy in the Digital Society

Sixth German Federal Cultural Policy Congress
Berlin, Germany, 9-10 June 2011

The 6th German Federal Cultural Policy Congress, to be held in Berlin, Germany on 9-10 June 2011, organized by the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft, will address changes in cultural policy in the context of digital societies. In addition to analysing new forms of social participation, the event will also discuss whether traditional forms of participation and cultural presentation are disappearing. The conference's website collects several resources on these issues, available in German.

For further information, please visit: www.netz-macht-kultur.de

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Les Rencontres Annual Meeting

Les Rencontres, the association of European cities and regions for culture, will hold its annual meeting for elected officials and cultural actors in Tallinn, Estonia, the 2011 European Capital of Culture, on 9-12 June 2011. This meeting will address the topic of cultural cooperation within Europe. Stakeholders and participants will discuss cultural policies and arts of the Baltic. This major area of Northern Europe contains a rich cultural diversity, represented by the different neighbouring countries of the Baltic Sea. Les Rencontres will highlight existing cultural cooperation, but also identify opportunities of cooperation between local authorities from countries of the Baltic Sea and the Greater Europe.

The conference will feature a comprehensive programme. Working sessions will address the topic of historical and cultural heritage of Estonia and discuss cultural vitality of the Baltic region followed by presentations of local and regional cultural networks. One session will be dedicated to the stakeholders of cultural diffusion, those who promote the arts of the Baltic Sea countries across Europe. A panel of current and candidate European capitals of the region will bring together the cities of Tallinn, Turku Umea, Riga, Aarhus and Sonderborg. Major cultural actors and artists will be present to debate with their fellow citizens and discuss the future of the local art scene.

For more information and online registration please visit: www.lesrencontres.eu/?lang=en; lesrencontres.eu/formulaires/registration_tallinn2011.php

Contacts: Nicolas Le Potier, tel:+33(0)156542631, e-mail: nicolas.lepotier@lesrencontres.eu; Ronan Evain, +33(0)156542637, e-mail: ronan.evain@lesrencontres.eu; or Heike Härma, tel:+33(0)156542632, e-mail: heike.harma@lesrencontres.eu

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Conference on Arts, Society and Sustainable Development

Tshwane/Pretoria, South Africa, 27 – 29 June 2011

Hosted by the Faculty of the Arts at Tshwane University of Technology, the International Conference on Arts, Society and Sustainable Development will take place in Pretoria, South Africa, on 27-29 June 2011, aiming to encourage debate around the socio-cultural development of communities, development of products, entrepreneurship, and the economy, discussing aspects such as the ability to brand, determining niche markets, developing business plans and attracting customers.

The goal of the conference is to assemble art practitioners (visual and performing), professionals, designers, academics, researchers, government officials, cultural workers, and industry partners to share creativity, knowledge, and understanding across boundaries; and to offer a platform for the interrogation of the relationship between the arts and community development.

Participants are to submit topics/abstracts by 31 December 2010.

Contact: Gladys Sibanda or Irene Botes; e-mail: botesjc@tut.ac.za or artsinfo@tut.ac.za; jupiter.tut.ac.za/supps/2010/Arts%20Int%20Conference%20Call%20for%20Papers_new.pdf

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11th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC 2011)

Antwerp, Belgium, on 3-6 July 2011

Organized by the master Cultural Management of the University of Antwerp, in collaboration with the Antwerp Management School, the 11th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC 2011) will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, on 3-6 July 2011, aiming to provide a space for management of the arts and the creative industries. This scientific conference will address various sectors of the arts and cultural industries (performing arts and festivals, heritage, museums and visual arts, film production and distribution, book publishing, recording, broadcasting, audiovisual media and multimedia, design).

Arts and cultural management areas include strategic marketing (including fundraising and sponsorships), consumer behaviour, product and brand management. strategic management and planning, organizational behaviour, governance, leadership, human resource management, finance/control, organization of creative industries, corporate social responsibility, corporate finance strategies, corporate communication strategies, cultural entrepreneurship, creative and cultural industries, creativity and innovation, the creative city/region, business models, cultural diversity and management, internationalization, etc.

For more information, please contact aimac@ua.ac.be

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Transitory Network Public Forum (TNPF)

Call for papers
Belgrade, Serbia, 22- 24 July 2011

Transitory Art is a concept that responds to the necessity to map out a specific landscape of creative and research practices that responds to the contexts and challenges of Globalization. The Transitory Network is proposed as an open platform that aims to link different institutions with a similar mindset in the dissemination of Transitory Art.

In order to discuss and present the Transitory Network, the Transitory Network Public Forum (TNPF) will be organized by MoTa - Museum of Transitory Art (Slovenia) in Belgrade, Serbia, 22- 24 July 2011. It will be hosted by the cultural organization Treci Beograd and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Belgrade (Serbia). The three days Forum will comprehend presentations, debates, info platforms and public interventions.

The TNPF is accepting research papers reflecting upon the following topics:

  • Why is art relevant today? Meaningful interactions, new media and the public space;
  • Transitoriness vs. permanence: creative practices in the era of hyper-mobility;
  • East Europe as fictional space: Socio-political contexts, contemporary art initiatives and creative networks.

Social scientists, cultural researchers, art managers, curators, artists and anyone interested in the topic are invited to apply no later then 31 May 2011. Selected researchers will be invited to take part in the Transitory Network Public Forum through presentations and participation in the debates Furthermore, the selected research papers will be part of the Transitory Network Public Forum catalogue.

For more information please visit www.casamarles.org; www.motamuseum.com

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International Conference on Culture and Development in Africa (ICACD)

Call for Papers
Accra, Ghana, 24-27 July 2011

The 4th International Conference on Culture and Development in Africa (ICACD) will be held in Accra, Ghana, from 24 to 27 July 2011. The main theme of the conference is Culture and Global Security: Analyzing Current Threats and Harnessing Opportunities. In this context, the conference secretariat invites submissions of presentations of ideas for the event. Presentations can be in a range of forms, including formal paper presentations or performances. Academics, artists, cultural and development workers, governmental agencies, policy makers and all people committed to working to see culture included in the development agenda are encouraged to submit their abstracts or ideas. The closing date to submit papers is 6 June 2011.

For more information see www.icacdafrica.org/callforPapers.php

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2nd Kumasi Biennial Symposium: Community Arts in Focus

Kumasi, Ghana, 16 July - 6 August 2011

The 2nd Kumasi Biennial Symposium: Community Arts in Focus, to be held in Kumasi, Ghana on 16 July - 6 August 2011, invites individual or group submissions for community theatre, media arts, readings, film screening, slide shows, open studios, visual activism, musical performances, community design, social architecture and others to allow the rural community to become acquainted with international contemporary artistic practice.

The problem the symposium addresses is the widening gap between contemporary African artist and the community in changing times. How can the rural sub-Saharan population be meaningfully engaged in contemporary artistic process? How can the scope of the Curio Kiosks project of the first Kumasi Symposium, that was a successful attempt to bring international contemporary art to the general public who might not normally come to art galleries and museums, be broadened?

In light of these questions and social concerns, the 3-week event will focus on community arts practice, as a response to the growing problem. Kumasi City-Abetenim rural sites such as market places, local schools, village centers, and others will be used as laboratories for workshops, artistic interventions, site-specific installations, lectures and other community-based approaches from around the world.

Interested individuals and collaborative groups should apply by submitting an abstract for the seminar or project proposal in English with a brief biography of the presenter to info@nkafoundation.org.

For details, please see www.nkafoundation.org or contact info@nkafoundation.org or nkaprojects@gmx.com

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Art as Cultural Diplomacy: A Forum for Young Leaders (ACD)

London, UK, 22–29 August 2011

Organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), Berlin, Art as Cultural Diplomacy: A Forum for Young Leaders (ACD) is an international and interdisciplinary gathering of young influential individuals from across the world, who have an interest in art, music, cultural studies, international relations, political science, peace studies, diplomacy and beyond, as well as those interested in exploring the potential for art to serve as a catalyst for cultural diplomacy at both local, national and international levels. The forum provides an opportunity for young people to expand their knowledge about current and future developments in the field, meet with current and former key cultural players, and build sustainable networks with each other. The programme will consist of speeches, panel discussions and workshops by leading figures from the fields of performing arts, visual arts, film, literature, architecture, academia, diplomacy and policymakers. Speakers will offer a range of perspectives on current and conceptual issues in the development of cultural policy and arts administration within an international context, and the current and future potential of the arts as a diplomatic tool.

For online application please visit: www.culturaldiplomacy.org/acd/index.php?en_ylf_application-form

Contact: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD); Ku'damm Karree (3rd Floor/Hochhaus), Kurfürstendamm 207-8, 10719 Berlin, Germany; tel.: +49(0)3023607680; fax: 0049(0)30236076811; e-mail: info@culturaldiplomacy.org; www.culturaldiplomacy.org

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The Future of US-Chinese Media Communication and Public Diplomacy in a Post-Crisis World

4th International Forum on PR and Advertising
Call for Papers
Amherst, MA, USA, 23-25 August 2011

The 4th International Forum on PR and Advertising will be held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA, on 23-25 August 2011 on the theme of The Future of US-Chinese Media Communication and Public Diplomacy In a Post-Crisis World.

The current international economic crisis has already transformed the financial, industrial and manufacturing sectors in the world. The impact of these changes is profound and is expected to radically alter the future relations among a number of political and economic powers. As the US and China will most likely be at the forefront of this debate, which may lead to ‘adjustments’ on a world scale, this conference attempts to assess the future of US-Chinese relations from a number of inter-related perspectives, an underlying assumption being that a gradual change in economic and financial power will also lead to changes in ‘soft’ power like media communication, public relations, public opinion, public diplomacy and (new and old) media consumption.

The organizers invite abstracts and papers by 1 December 2010. Submissions in Chinese: hust87559084@sohu.com, submissions in English: csschange@gmail.com

For details, please see www.csschange.org or contact Jan Servaes at csschange@gmail.com

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Performing Arts Between Tradition and Contemporaneity

Call for Presentations, Workshops, Papers
Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria, 25 - 29 August 2011

This professional conference is open to performers, performing arts educators, teachers, artists, playwrights, theatre critics, journalists, theatre researchers and arts managers from all over the world interested in the research of the bridge between tradition and contemporaneity in performing arts. The meeting represents different art genres, techniques and forms - theatre, dance, music, circus, visual and multimedia art.

The Conference is accepting presentation proposals for practical workshops / master classes, works in progress, performance fragments not requiring special technical conditions, readings/lectures, and other ways of demonstration offered by speaker/presenter.

Submission guidelines are available at www.iugte.com/projects/reg.php, and general information: www.iugte.com/projects/Theatre.Tradition.php

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ICD Conference on the Language of Art and Music

Call for Applications
London, UK, 25–29 August 2011

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), Berlin is currently accepting applications for its international conference The Language of Art and Music, to be held in London, UK on 25–29 August 2011, under the title A Three Piece Puzzle: The Relationship between Culture, International Relations and Globalization. The event aims to explore the relationship between culture, international relations, and globalization, bringing together artists and practitioners from the fields of culture, literature, and music that will share their perspectives alongside renowned academics and leading figures from international politics, diplomacy, civil society, and the public sector. The audience will include scholars and academics, students and young professionals, artists, diplomatic and political representatives, representatives of civil society, and other interested stakeholders from across the world.

Through a programme of lectures, workshops, group discussions and cultural excursions, the conference will look in detail at culture and identity and how these terms are used/understood today, and will consider the role that culture plays in contemporary international relations and the process of globalization. The event will also explore and summarize the challenges that lie ahead as well as the complex relationship between culture, international relations, and globalization over the next two decades.

The conference is accepting applications from young professionals, students and scholars, diplomatic and political representatives, civil society practitioners, private sector figures, journalists and other interested stakeholders in international relations from across the world. To apply please visit: www.culturaldiplomacy.org/academy/index.php?en_conferences_tsp2011_applicationform

Contact: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD); Ku'damm Karree (3rd Floor/Hochhaus), Kurfürstendamm 207-8, 10719 Berlin, Germany; tel.: +49(0)3023607680; fax: 0049(0)30236076811; e-mail: info@culturaldiplomacy.org; www.culturaldiplomacy.org

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Globalizing Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles

Manchester, UK, 7-9 September 2011

The Global Studies Association calls for papers for the Globalizing Cultures, Identities and Lifestyles conference, to be held in Manchester, UK, on 7-9 September 2011. The organizers are strongly interested in papers that explore the limits to developing a global consciousness or varieties of cosmopolitanism as outcomes of global cultural experiences and/or which critique concepts in this field. Although the primary emphasis here is on cultural experiences, the papers which explore how exposure to globalizing work are also welcome, religious or political practices are changing people's identities.

Possible Directions and Themes:

  • The migration and /or cross fertilization of sport practices, institutions and celebrities across cultural and national boundaries and their impact on the socio-cultural life of groups;
  • The diffusion, role and take-up of globalizing health practices on the everyday lives of ordinary people and the mechanisms through which this occurs;
  • How different kinds of skilled transnational migrants are influenced by and in turn shape the dominant cultural, political and other forms evident in the host society;
  • How poor economic migrants, who retain strong ties to their societies and cultures of birth, nevertheless forge multiple identities through engagements with members of the host society or with migrants from societies different from their own;
  • The borrowing, mixing and/or hybridization of genres, styles or practices across ethnic/national borders in any field of the arts, film, music, literature, theatre, dance etc. – and the origins, vehicles and outcomes of and for such cultural mobilities;
  • Becoming or being cosmopolitan through engaging in globalizing leisure or lifestyle practices;
  • Travel and tourism as paths into global lifestyles and the encountering the cultural other;
  • Globalizing lifestyles and identities and their possible links to the expression of varying forms of political protest.

The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2011.

Contact: Paul Kennedy, e-mail: p.kennedy@mmu.ac.uk, www.isa-sociology.org/conference.php?t=132

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Collaborating to Compete

Museums Galleries Scotland Conference
Edinburgh, Scotland, 16 September 2011

The Museums Galleries Scotland Conference 2011, entitled Collaborating to Compete, will be held at the Royal College of Surgeons, in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 16 September 2011. The conference will demonstrate how museums and galleries can create opportunities for significant and dynamic change. It will explore the wider themes of sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, partnership and resilience.

The conference will provide both an inspirational and practical insight into different ways of working both in Scotland and internationally. Furthermore, the conference will create opportunities for knowledge exchange between museums and galleries and other sectors. It is aimed at all those working in culture, heritage and the third sector and will provide a platform for best practices in the 21st century.

For more information please visit: mgsblogs.wordpress.com or www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/mgs-conference-2011/

Contact: Emma Jackson, Executive Assistant; tel: +44(0)1315504122; e-mail: conference@museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk, or
Heather Doherty, Research Manager, Museums Galleries Scotland; 1 Papermill Wynd, McDonald Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4QL, UK; tel.: 0131 550 4127; fax: 0131 550 4139; e-mail: inform@museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk; www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk; mgsblogs.wordpress.com

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Rethinking Development in an Age of Scarcity and Uncertainty

York, UK, 19–22 September 2011

The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, in co-operation with the Development Studies Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland, calls for papers to the 13th EADI General Conference / DSA Conference to be held in York, UK, on 19–22 September 2011, under the title Rethinking Development in an Age of Scarcity and Uncertainty: New Values, Voices and Alliances for Increased Resilience. Submission deadline is 15 January 2011.

The EADI-DSA 2011 joint conference seeks to be one convening space to fundamentally revisit and rethink the development paradigm(s) in all its dimensions in an era of plurality, uncertainty and change. It seeks to maximise the opportunity of working together and to revisit and rethink 'development', to generate new ideas, new narratives and new thinking whenever possible globally co-constructed with partners in global-South.

Through plenary, parallel and working group sessions, the conference aims to go forward by rethinking what are new universals in terms of ideas, and narratives that will allow humanity to reach some kind of adaptive and sustainable pathway or pathways by taking inter-cultural, inter-generational and inter-disciplinary forces into account.

The three conference days will have a focus on New values: Rethinking progress and how to measure it; New institutions: Rethinking governance systems; and New ideas: Where are the voices and what alliances will be necessary and viable?

For deatils, please see www.eadi.org/gc2011 or contact the conference team at gc2011@eadi.org

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Interculturalism Ahead: Transition to a Virtual World?

SIETAR Europa Congress
Krakow, Poland, 21-25 September 2011

The 18th Annual SIETAR Europa Congress 2011 will be held in Krakow, Poland, on 21-25 September 2011, under the title of Interculturalism Ahead: Transition to a Virtual World? Seeking to understand the transition to a new virtual world and a new Europe, the organizer invites participants to engage with new trends in the intercultural domain and acquire new skills to focus on current developments in the world that affect our everyday contact with virtual realities. The presentations, workshops and film festival will examine how these new virtual worlds influence our experiences and expectations. Furthermore, the congress will ask whether these new forces are levelling and eroding our cultural heritage, and/or are we generating a new culture that we are internalizing into virtual worlds.

Along with a wide range of presentations on intercultural topics, two plenary sessions will be held:

1. The Crisis in Multiculturalism in Europe: What is Our Role?

2. Culture, Interculturalists and Technology.

The SIETAR Europa congresses have always served as a forum for interculturalists to come together and share their knowledge, insights, and questions with other members of the intercultural field. Members of SIETAR Europa represent a wide range of professions and disciplines, sharing interest in deepening the understanding of cultures, increasing intercultural competence and fostering culturally respectful and inclusive ways of making the world a better place. More than 250 participants from Europe, USA, Asia, and the Young SIETAR, as well as trainers and researchers from all over the world are expected to take part. Membership in SIETAR is not required for attendance and participation.

For more information please contact: Kamila Kowenzowska, Vice-President of SIETAR, Poland; tel.: +48 792 821 026; e-mail: kamila.kowen@gmail.com; www.sietareu.org/congress-2011

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European Textile Network Conference

Kaunas, Lithuania, 22-24 September 2011

Marking the Network's 20th anniversary and the 30th birthday of Textile Forum magazine, the 16th European Textile Network (ETN) Conference will be held within the activities of the 8th Kaunas Biennial Textile 11, in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 22-24 September 2011, under the motto of Rewind into the Future.

Speakers are invited to give their vision on the future, among them a range of well-known textile artists and curators. The event will include a Networking Day with short presentations by participants.

For the full programme, see www.etn-net.org/etn/211e.htm

Contact: European Textile Network, Friedenstr. 5, 30175 Hannover, Germany; tel.: +49-511/817006; fax: +49-511/813108; e-mail: etn@etn-net.org; www.etn-net.org

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The Best in Heritage Master Class and Conference

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 22-24 September 2011

Marking its 10th anniversary this year, the Best in Heritage conference will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 22-24 September 2011, organized by the European Heritage Association, in partnership with Europa Nostra and under patronage of: the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the UNESCO Venice Office, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Dubrovnik. The programme will include presentation of 20 projects from 17 countries that were chosen in The Best in Heritage annual survey of best museums, heritage and conservation projects in the world. Additionally, the programme will include New Projects presentations of six newly opened museums, as well as Mnemosophia - the post-conference Best in Heritage Master Class intended for PhD students from South-East Europe.

Mnemosophia refers to the wide theory that unites public memory (mneme) and the need to reach filtered, sublime, ethically founded and useful knowledge, i.e. wisdom (sophia). The wide conceptual approach behind the project claims that we all belong to the same future mega-profession of collectors, carers and communicators of heritage. The Master Class will include lecturing, reflection and discussion of projects presented during the conference, governed by the three basic aspects of excellence (collecting, care and communication), and will be facilitated with the help of international lecturers and moderators. The participants will be discussing the topic of Difficult Heritage, chosen together with the UNESCO Venice Office as the theme of the year. The aim of the post-conference master class is capacity building and networking between young emerging professionals and researchers from the heritage world in South-East Europe. Scholarships will be awarded to 30 PhD students and young professionals from the heritage field in the region, based on their CVs and letters of motivation.

For more information, please contact: Luka Cipek, The Best in Heritage Project Manager, European Heritage Association, Kresimirov trg 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel./fax: +385 1 2300 319, mob.: +385 91 5250 477; e-mail: org.secretary@thebestinheritage.com; www.thebestinheritage.com

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IMPACT 7: Intersections & Counterpoints

Melbourne, Australia on 27 - 30 September 2011

IMPACT 7: Intersections & Counterpoints, the world's leading event for contemporary print culture, to be hosted by the Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia in 2011, will focus on the multiple identity of the print, exploring the cross-disciplinary nature of printmedia internationally and in the context of the Asia-Pacific region. Printmedia will be explored as a heterogeneous, diverse and all pervading aspect of contemporary culture. Often located at the intersections of disciplines and media, it is also a powerful political vehicle, generating discourse and debate by virtue of its wide dissemination and ability to offer counterpoints to the norm.

The conference addresses practitioners, writers, critics, artists, theorists, and others working in the broad fields of print-related research. It aims to provide a platform in which practitioners and researchers can engage in a mutually productive exchange. Media identified by the conference will include but not be limited to printmaking, photography, graphic design, drawing, the artist's book, text, animation, and film and digital media. The event will reflect on the activities of an international community of artists, writers and designers. The conference will bring indigenous, migrant, and regional voices to the fore, with a focus on cultural diversity, creative collaboration, the artists' book, and communication in digital networks.

Monash University invites artists, curators, print studios, writers, academics, collectors, students and industry to submit papers on any aspect of the conference theme. The conference will include themed refereed sessions, poster presentations, exhibitions across Melbourne in major public and private venues, open portfolios, workshops and demonstrations. Abstract deadline is 30 July 2010, proposals for exhibitions, academic poster presentations, workshops and demonstrations, open portfolios, and master classes are accepted by 1 October 2010.

Contact: IMPACT 7 Conference, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University Caulfield Campus, PO Box 197, Caulfield East VIC 3145, Australia; e-mail: Laura.Taylor@artdes.monash.edu.au; www.impact7.org.au

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Animation of Public Space Through the Arts

Innovation and Sustainability Within the Thematic Framework of Urban Management and Cultural Policy of the City
Call for Contributions
Coimbra, Portugal, 28-30 September 2011

The Centre for Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra, calls for contributions to its second annual symposium entitled Animation of Public Space through the Arts: Innovation and Sustainability within the thematic framework of Urban Management and Cultural Policy of the City. The symposium will take place in Coimbra, Portugal on 28-30 September 2011.

The leading question of the 2011 symposium is how innovative artistic animation of public spaces can contribute to building more sustainable cities. Community sustainability is viewed as encompassing and intertwining environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability and resiliency. The symposium will explore and advance arts-based approaches to sustainable city building, public engagement, and animation of public space by bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, students, and practitioners to share experiences and insights.

Among the discussion themes are:

  • animation of public space through artistic practices,
  • sustainable use of public space,
  • urban-nature interactions,
  • community change, public engagement, and social sustainability,
  • community transitions and sustainabilities,
  • heritage and memory in the context of cultural sustainability,
  • creativity and innovation for sustainability,
  • sustainability and creative education.

The deadline for submissions is 15 May 2011.

For additional information, please contact: Nancy Duxbury, Event Coordinator, Centre for Social Studies (CES); e-mail: duxbury@ces.uc.pt; www.encatc.org/cult-management-city/?p=109

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Music and Social Change

4th IMC World Forum on Music
Tallinn, Estonia, 26 September –1 October 2011

The 4th International Music Council (IMC) World Forum on Music, entitled Music and Social Change, will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, on 26 September –1 October 2011. This global knowledge-building platform on music and society in the 21st century will be organized by the International Music Council, the European Music Council, the Estonian Music Council and staged in close collaboration with the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Speakers and participants from all continents will meet to discuss the correlation between music and social change. During the forum a variety of topics will be explored from cultural, political and economical perspective. The Forum will focus on five important areas:

  • music as a tool for social change,
  • current challenges and opportunities for music education,
  • music distribution and export,
  • music and development, and
  • youth: informal spaces.

By seeking synergies across different sectors, this high-level forum will provide opportunities for all participants from different fields to engage in debates on current key issues. The work sessions during the Forum will be presented in a variety of formats: panel sessions with invited speakers, workshops, round table discussions and project presentations.

Contact: International Music Council, 1 rue Miollis, 75732 Paris cedex 15, France; tel: +33 1 45 68 48 50; fax: + 33 1 45 68 48 66; e-mail: wfm@imc-cim.org; www.imc-cim.org

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5th World Summit on Arts and Culture

Melbourne, Australia, 3-6 October 2011

The 5th World Summit, to be held by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and the Australia Council for the Arts in Melbourne, Australia, 3-6 October 2011, under the theme Creative Intersections, will investigate how the arts can give voice to different communities and concerns through collaborations with other sectors such as business and the economy, new technologies, health and well-being, the environment, education and identity through Indigenous, local and global cultures.

The arts are a powerful agent for change and innovation, insight and reflection, individual and communal growth and cohesion and a sense of purpose. The Summit will investigate the relationship between artists and other sectors, including the cultural sector, government (public) agendas, community interests, private sector interests, etc.

Contact: Holly Vale, Australia Council for the Arts, tel.: +61 (0)2 9215 9090; fax: +61 (0)2 9215 9074;e-mail: info@artsummit.org; www.artsummit.org/

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5th Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum

Call for registration
Helsinki, Finland, 11-12 October 2011

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and ENCATC are organizing the 5th Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum (YCPR Forum) to be held in Helsinki on 11-12 October 2011.

Aimed at providing young/early career cultural policy researchers with the opportunity to meet fellow researchers, share their experiences and analyse topical research issues regarding content and methodology, the YCPR Forum will bring together researchers, students, academics and cultural policy experts in the cultural field drawn from a wide range of countries in Europe and beyond. The Forum intends to promote and stimulate transborder exchanges among young/early career cultural policy researchers and contribute on a long term basis to the development of a strong network of European researchers on cultural policy.

As in previous years, the 2011 forum will be part of the official programme of the 19th ENCATC Annual Conference and will close with the Cultural Policy Research Award Ceremony. Young researchers interested in participating in the YCPR Forum are invited to submit their application online before 30 May 2011. Attendance at the YCPR Forum is free of charge.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Darley, tel.:+32 2 201 29 12; e-mail: projects@encatc.org; www.encatc.org/pages/index.php?id=200_

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CultureForecast: Make a Prediction About Where Culture is Going

ENCATC Annual Conference 2011
Helsinki, Finland, 12-14 October 2011

The ENCATC Annual Conference 2011 entitled CultureForecast: Make a Prediction About Where Culture is Going, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, on 12-14 October 2011, will focus on future aspects that are shaping the cultural field. Political, social and cultural changes are revising our everyday life with quick steps.

Are we able to control these changes? Do we have the right or even any tools to do that? The Conference will center around three themes: culture and the city, new audiences as well as networking, that have recently been focal points in arts and cultural management. Social redistribution has led to a situation where more and more people are concentrated in cities. From a cultural perspective this has meant that managers and other cultural workers are facing new challenges and given new possibilities and opportunities. Preserving existing cultural services, offering new ones for those who are used to consume culture and for those who are not, informing and marketing of possibilities to customers and producers within reach, building networks between interest groups and regions, nationally or internationally – the nature of our future work field will be shaped by complex and manifold social interaction.

With its pedagogical, practice oriented and theoretical approaches, the conference will give teachers, students and practitioners possibilities to share their opinions of the present situation and visions of future.

More information is available at the ENCATC website: www.encatc.org

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Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference

Lexington, Kentucky, USA, 13-15 October 2011

The University of Kentucky will host the 37th annual Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, on 13-15 October 2011, under the title Cultural Policy and Arts Management in the 21st Century: Changes and Continuities.

Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STPA) is an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and students that explores key trends, practices and policy issues affecting the arts around the world. Conference participants are drawn from a broad range of disciplines including, but not limited to, political science, sociology, economics, law, management, arts education, art history, museum studies, cultural studies, education, and policy studies as well as arts managers and artists.

Proposals that address the theme from a variety of perspectives as either an individual presentation or a panel discussion are particularly welcome. In addition, proposals that address the broader scope of issues affecting cultural policy, policy actors, art and art making will also be accepted. Submission deadline is 22 April 2011.

Contact: Rachel Shane, Ph.D., Conference Chair, Social Theory, Politics and the Arts, Assistant Professor, Arts Administration, University of Kentucky; tel.: 859.257.7717; e-mail: rachel.shane@uky.edu or info@stpaconference.com; www.stpaconference.com

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Industrial Heritage 2011

European Contact Weekend for Industrial Heritage Volunteers and Associations
Tilburg, The Netherlands, 14-16 October 2011

The European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage (E-FAITH) is organizing the fifth European contact weekend to be held in Tilburg, The Netherlands, on 14-16 October 2011. The Industrial Heritage 2011 weekend is intended for volunteers and non profit organisations that are engaged in the research, the preservation, the interpretation and/or the presentation of the industrial and technical heritage. The meeting will give organisations and individuals an opportunity to present and compare their ideas, projects and results - and find out where cooperation or common projects can grow, how they can support the aims of colleagues and how colleagues can support their objectives. This will be possible through lectures and oral presentations, leaflets, information stands, posters and small exhibits. The main themes of the meeting will be:

  • the Campaign for an European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year,
  • European bordercrossing cooperation between industrial and technical heritage associations,
  • twinning between associations,
  • exchanging experiences from the field,
  • discussing the possibilities of launching joint European projects.

For additional information please visit www.e-faith.org or send e-mail to 2011@e-faith.org

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Creative Entrepreneurship for a Competitive Economy

Tallinn, Estonia, 19 - 21 October 2011

The creative economy is widely recognized as a provider of growth to the whole economic sphere and a contributor of added value to a range of agendas. Yet after the financial crisis, many are calling for a re-think on the role and value of creative economy and for a sharper and more nuanced approach to policy and strategy. This includes a refreshed approach to how creative entrepreneurs are supported, a radical reappraisal of the relationship between culture and economy, and a more targeted agenda that calls for cities and regions internationally to develop creative economy strategy on their own terms.

Enterprise Estonia, together with Creative Estonia, the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is organizing this major international conference which will call for a paradigm shift in the way the Creative Economy is understood and supported. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been invited by the Estonian Government to produce and moderate the conference, leading the debate and bringing together creative thinkers, policy makers and creative entrepreneurs from across the world.

For more information about the programme and speakers or to register, please visit www.creativeestonia.eu or www.tfconsultancy.co.uk; or e-mail rosalyn@tfconsultancy.co.uk

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European Culture Forum 2011

European Commission's Key Culture Event
Brussels, Belgium, 20-21 October 2011

The European Culture Forum, to be held on 20-21 October 2011, will bring to Brussels 800 participants from culture and civil society, the EU Member States and EU institutions. This event is an opportunity to debate and raise the profile of European cooperation in the field of culture, bringing together both policy-makers and stakeholders from the sector from all over Europe and partner countries.

The Forum will address some of the key questions for the field of culture in the current context of economic crisis and globalization, such as: what are the new skills and strategies required from artists and the cultural sector to adapt to the challenges of a globalised and digitized world? Which new business models can be developed by the cultural sector to reap the opportunities of digitization? How can local and regional authorities best invest in their cultural assets and thereby contribute to the smart and inclusive growth which Europe needs? The Forum will also look at culture in the EU's external relations, with a focus on the role of cultural actors in transitional and democratic processes, and a discussion on how the EU can best help such processes.

For more information, please visit culture-forum-2011.ec.europa.eu/programme.jsp or send e-mail to eac-cultureforum2011@ec.europa.eu or culture-forum-2011@tipik.eu; or e-mail rosalyn@tfconsultancy.co.uk

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European Culture Conference

Barcelona, Spain, 27-29 October 2011

The XIth edition of the international and multidisciplinary conference European Culture will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on 27-29 October 2011, aiming to foster the dialogue between experienced teachers, young researchers and Ph.D. students. The idea behind the conference is that European culture is not understood as a specific identity, but as encompassing all the cultural expressions manifested within Europe and in relation to other continents. The Conference is organized by the Institut Carlemany d’Estudis Europeus of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) and financially supported by the European Commission through the Jean Monnet Programme.

Contact: Enrique Banus, Institut Carlemany d'Estudis Europeus Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Immaculada 22, E-08017, Barcelona, Spain; e-mail: ebanus@uic.es; www.uic.es/en/european-culture?set=S

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Presentation of the Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture (BIFC) and Workshop on Networks and Networking

Podgorica, Montenegro, 3 November 2011

A presentation of the Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture (BIFC) and workshop on networks and networking will be held on 3 November 2011 at Bookstore Karver, in Podgorica, Montenegro. The event, organized by the BIFC Regional Hub in Ljubljana (a BIFC advice and information centre), will be divided in two parts, the Presentation on BIFC Grants and the BIFC Regional Hub, and the Workshop on Networks and Networking. The workshop is open to professionals working in independent or state organizations active in the field of culture. Interested participants are invited to apply before 28 October 2011 by e-mailing info@bifc-hub.eu.

More details on the programme are available at www.bifc-hub.eu

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International Conference on Business, Research and Emergent Markets in Audiovisual Industries and Specialization Course in Audiovisual Management

Lisbon, Portugal, 25-26 November 2011

Two events, the International Conference on Business, Research and Emergent Markets in Audiovisual Industries, and a Specialization Course in Audiovisual Management, are being organized by the Centro de Investigação Media and Jornalismo (CIMJ), with support from Media XXI Consulting Research and Publishing. The conference will take place in the Portuguese capital, at the Faculdade de Ciêncies Sociais e Humans of the New University of Lisbon, on 25-26 November 2011. It will be a great opportunity to interact with international specialists on media, audiovisual, television and filmmaking, as well as to meet with professionals and companies, and learn of their projects in these fields.

For more information about the events, please visit www.mediaxxi.com/education-training/Documentos/Curso_Audiovisual/conferencia_en.html

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Networked: Dialogue and Exchange in the Global Art Ecology

London, UK, 26-27 November 2011

Networked: Dialogue and Exchange in the Global Art Ecology, an international conference to be held in London, UK, on 26-27 November 2011, will aim to answer why cultural networks are becoming so important at the local, national and international level. Do collaborative models threaten artists' and organizations’ independence? How do networks support artists and the production of new work and organizations in the current economic climate? The conference will focus on the latest research and debate on the role of cultural networks in the global art ecology. Speakers include leading artists, curators, academics, managers of grass-roots organizations and policy makers from over 20 countries.

This event marks the 30th anniversary of the Triangle Network, facilitating dialogue and exchange between artists and organizations around the world. In thirty years, Triangle has worked with over 4,200 artists and 70 organizations in more than 60 countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Australia.

For more information please send e-mail to conference@trianglenetwork.org or visit t.ymlp86.com/ysqafauuhsaraewuaoaybsu/click.php

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International Festival of Contemporary Art of Algiers

Algiers, Algeria, 3 December 2011 - 3 February 2012

The International Festival of Contemporary Art of Algiers (FIAC), is part of the periodic events organized by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Algiers (MAMA). The 3rd edition of the Festival will take place from 3 December 2011 - 3 February 2012, under the theme of Retour (Return), a concept proposed in its broad philosophical, social, cultural and artistic sense. It aims to promote contemporary art production, questioning and analyzing its conditions and necessities both in Algiers and in the world at large. The Festival proposes to be a crossroad, a confrontation of different aesthetic positions and artistic discourses. Under the curatorial direction of Nadira Laggoune, artists from Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Russia, Korea, Pakistan, Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco, Tunisia, Paraguay, Algeria, and Serbia have been invited to participate in the exhibition. Curators and art critics from different countries, including the editors-in-chief of the Nafas Art Magazine, will join the festival to participate in the round tables and discussions.

For more information about the event, please visit universes-in-universe.org/eng/nafas/articles/2010/mama_algiers

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Locating Knowledge in the 21st Century

5th ELIA Leadership Symposium
Vancouver, Canada, 7-10 December 2011

After previous conferences in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Zurich, the 5th ELIA Leadership Symposium will take place in Vancouver, Canada, 7-10 December 2011, hosted by Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Its theme is Locating Knowledge in the 21st Century.

More information will be available as the programme takes shape at www.elia-artschools.org/Activities/Leadership+Symposium&needsclass=1

For questions, please contact: info@elia-artschools.org

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Conference on European Cooperation for Regional Language Broadcasting

Cardiff, United Kingdom, 8-9 December 2011

The Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) and S4C (Sianel 4 Cymru) are organizing a conference entitled European Cooperation for Regional Language Broadcasting, to be held in Cardiff, United Kingdom, on 8-9 December 2011. The conference will be an opportunity to bring together broadcasters from all over Europe to share experiences and explore common themes, focusing specifically on the following topics:

  • regional language use in the media;
  • cross-border transmission and regionalization of broadcasting;
  • co-productions and sharing resources; and
  • moving towards online content.

For more information about the conference, please visit www.npld.eu or send e-mail at post@npld.eu

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Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations: Strategies in the Changing World

Call for Proposals
Leitring, Austria, 17–21 December 2011

An international conference under the title Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations: Strategies in the Changing World will take place at Retzhof Educational Institute in Leitring, Leibnitz, Austria, on 17 – 21 December 2011. It is a professional conference inviting fundraisers, arts managers, producers, arts agents and talent managers working in various artistic disciplines from all over the world, offering them an opportunity to gain important insights into fundraising strategies for arts and cultural organizations of all sizes, to open discussions about challenges facing people working in cultural organization today, to establish new contacts, to exchange experiences with colleagues from different countries, and to lay the foundation for future networking and collaboration. The conference allows experts in fundraising and arts management to present their information and services to the international audience. Eligible presentation formats are: reading/lecture, paper presentation, practical workshop/master class, video/photo demonstration or any other way of demonstration offered by the presenter. The working language is English. The conference invites fundraisers, arts managers, arts consultants, arts entrepreneurs, grant writing consultants, producers, arts agents and talent managers working in various artistic disciplines to send presentation proposal to iugte.projects@gmail.com.

For more information on the Conference, please visit www.iugte.com/projects/fundraising