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Currently announced events are listed by title, venue and date in yearly chronological indices.

You may access specific diary entries by clicking on the respective down arrows below to select a month and year from the drop-down menu. Pressing the VIEW button will take you to the announcements for the chosen period.


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To browse through the full index of announcements for a given year, please select 'All' from the top of the Months menu above.

Add an Event

To have an announcement of an event relevant to cultural development, cultural policy research, cultural heritage and identity, intercultural communication, arts management and training added to this Diary, please send a brief description with contact information to Culturelink@irmo.hr

Announcements will be included at the discretion of the Culturelink Network Editorial Board, which reserves the right to edit them for brevity and clarity as deemed necessary.

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Announcements of past events are moved to this Archive and preserved for reference purposes. The information is stored chronologically.

To see all events for a given year, please select 'All' from the top of the Months menu below.



Please note that all contact information as well as e-mail and web addresses in this Archive reflect their state at the date of publication and may no longer be current or correct.