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Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities

Aiming to set up a dynamic, creative, and influential intelligence hub, Canada's Creative City Network launched the Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities as a three-year initiative located at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Building on the Network’s demonstrated strengths in research, knowledge exchange, and public awareness, the Centre's activities include three interlinked components: knowledge generation (research), outreach and networking, and awareness/knowledge exchange. The Centre's main research streams cover:

  • Culture as the fourth pillar of sustainability: Understanding cultural dynamics, systems and support frameworks - addressing the emerging policy-making environment and aiming to provide a better contextual understanding of the dynamics, systems, and realities of local cultural development as well as culture's contributions to community sustainability.
  • The state of cultural infrastructure in cities and communities - addressing decision-making and community planning and aiming to provide an enhanced understanding of the state of cultural infrastructure, the pressures upon it, and related infrastructure issues.
  • The impacts of cultural infrastructure on cities and communities - addressing policy- and decision-making and aiming to improve understanding of the impacts of cultural infrastructure on cities and communities, and to assess the measurability of these impacts.

The Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities is advised by a national multidisciplinary team of project collaborators representing academic, key cultural organizations and agencies, and municipal cultural planning professionals.

Contact: Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities, c/o CPROST – Simon Fraser University, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3, Canada; tel.: 604 291-5204; e-mail: nancy@creativecity.ca; www.creativecity.ca/cecc