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Members' Activities 2006

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Launching of MOBILE.HOME

MOBILE.HOME is a year-long project celebrating the European Year of Workers' Mobility 2006 that will look at successes and obstacles to the movement of arts and artists across European borders, as guaranteed by the European Union treaties. It will look at the phenomenon of mobility from technical, philosophical and artistic perspectives, creating a help-line for frequently asked questions about legal and fiscal issues of artists traveling across national borders for their work and commissioning stories from artists who make their work and lives in different EU countries.

The project focuses on performing arts and particularly at the younger generation, aiming to create a lasting, on-going platform for progressive dialogue and resolutions to arts workers' mobility in Europe.

The project includes a major cross-sectorail conference to be held in Helsinki, Finland on 9-12 November 2006, inviting arts organisations, employers, public administrations, networks and others to discuss and debate key topics, look at good practice models and propose practical solutions to existing obstacles.

More information is available at www.pearle.ws/mobilehome/.

Contact: mobile.home@vdponline.be.