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Cultural Policy Research Award 2007

Call for Applications

The main aim of the Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA) is to stimulate academic research in the field of cultural policy. The overall area covered by the award is applied comparative cultural policy research. Emphasis is placed on research which analyses various aspects of cultural diversity in Europe and which seeks to inform policymaking and benefit practitioners active in the field.

Proposed research projects must focus on matters related to the challenges of cultural diversity. Proposals may tackle this highly topical issue affecting contemporary Europe at three levels:

  • locally/regionally/nationally;
  • at the European level; and
  • globally, in relation to its impact on European cultural development.

The term of research in cultural diversity is used inclusively to refer to cultural policies, education and training, civil society activities, aspects of foreign and security policies, aspects of migration, enlargement and European neighbourhood policies. However, a clear emphasis must be placed on the role of arts and culture in this context. In exploring the role of arts and culture at a time of increased heterogeneity, the research project must address the political and cultural urgency of diversity within our societies and within Europe. It must provide new insights and suggest practical policy orientations and/or recommendations for decision-makers and thinkers (new policy solutions and proposals of new instruments and/or procedures which will create favourable conditions for cultural diversity).

Priority will be given to evaluative, comparative and action-research projects which cover the European or macro-regional space. The research outcomes should contain relevant policy proposals for systemic and structural changes, or innovative ideas for rethinking cultural diversity as a resource in the current European context.

Eligible for the EUR10,000 award are young academics, researchers and policymakers aged 35 or under. Applications should be submitted by 1 May 2007 through the online application form at the CPR Award website. Before applying, candidates are strongly advised to consult the website for advice on how to prepare their applications. The winner of the CPR Award will be announced in summer 2007.

For more information, please visit the CPR Award website at www.cpraward.org.

Contact: European Cultural Foundation (ECF), Jan van Goyenkade 5, 1075 HN Amsterdam, The Netherlands; tel.: +31 (0)20 573 38 68; fax: +31 (0)20 675 22 31