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LabforCulture Anniversary Project

LabforCulture.org will celebrate its first anniversary in the summer of 2007 and in this context announces a call for an experienced media art curator or curatorial collaboration to conceptualise and manage an online presentation of specially commissioned artworks, for presentation in early 2008.

This is an open call to Europe-based curators to propose a creative concept for the LabforCulture anniversary project, be responsible for the ultimate selection of artworks and critically reflect on the project throughout its duration and after its end. The concept and commissioned artworks should address, challenge and rethink issues such as cross-border dialogue, cultural intersections, crossings or networks, in the context of LabforCulture and cultural cooperation in the broader Europe.

LabforCulture.org is the essential online tool for everyone involved in arts and culture who creates, collaborates, shares and produces across borders in Europe. This interactive web platform was launched in 2006 to encourage dialogue, networking and collaboration across physical, cultural and imaginative borders across 48 countries in the broader Europe. Initiated by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and jointly developed and supported by many of Europe's leading cultural organisations, LabforCulture offers a wealth of essential information, debate and research - including all the latest news, vital funding tips, blogs and a vast searchable database of cultural organisations.

Details are available online at www.labforculture.org.

Contact information: Angela Plohman, Content Development, LabforCulture, angela@labforculture.org