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New Opera And Music Theatre Competition

Call for Applications

For the first time the International Music Theatre Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in cooperation with the German Centre of ITI invites artists to participate in a worldwide competition for the creators of new opera and music theatre. Productions, which were professionally produced anywhere in the world since November 2005 may be submitted. Works which fall into the genre "musical" or reworkings or reinterpretations of existing music, opera or music theatre may not be submitted, with the exception of original musical compositions which include samples. Entries may be submitted by the producer, director, composer or publisher. Works will be selected in five separate categories based on the number of forces (musicians and performers) involved in the production.

Works will be chosen that are exemplary in terms of the development of contemporary music theatre respective of their countries or regions of origin. The prize winners will be invited to present their work at the international meeting Music Theater Now in Berlin, Germany, on 20-23 November 2008.

The deadline for submissions is 16 May 2008. The application form and details about the meeting can be found at www.iti-germany.de/musictheatrenow.

Contact: Annette Doffin, ITI Germany, Schloss Strasse 48, D-12165 Berlin, Germany; tel.: +49- (0)30- 791-17-77; e-mail: a.doffin@iti-germany.de; www.iti-germany.de