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M.A. in Cultural Production

ICCM announces the start of a completely new M.A. programme in Cultural Production this autumn and is looking for participants with passion for the most thrilling challenges in the cultural field today.

After 20 years of operating experience in education and training of arts managers and two years of occupational research, ICCM came to the conclusion to change its international academic top programme radically: ICCM now introduces the newly created Master of Arts in Cultural Production for all people who want to work in strategic fields of cultural production and are not interested in old-fashioned arts management programmes.

The new MA is an answer to the radical changes in the cultural sector as a whole as well as in the different cultural sub-fields. It replies to the complex patterns of cultural production and the dynamics of the information and communication society evolving under tremendous influence of the revolutionary changes in the cultural and media environment. Cultural production cannot be reduced to questions of management and the organization of the cultural domain. Instead, it is about the conjunctions of culture and science, creativity and tangible form, reflection on knowledge attained and knowledge managed and on the willingness to transform with social fantasy and engagement.

ICCM's new MA programme is an interdisciplinary professional programme with professional studies in the most thrilling three specializations of cultural production:

  • Management of International Cultural Projects,
  • Music in Film TV Digital Media, and
  • Cultural Urban Design.

ICCM's new training programme emphasizes a critical approach and research into the intersections of art, imagination, technology, economy and politics. The programme explores aesthetic production methods, circulation of cultural production on local, regional and global levels, creation and communication of values and the innovative and sustainable impact on our world.

The duration of the MA is eight two-week modules over four semester terms plus an additional thesis term. The programme is concluded with an individual project (real-life project or feasibility study) and a master thesis meeting regular academic and scientific standards. The admission requirements are a first or upper second class honors degree (min. B.A.) from a recognized university or equivalent professional qualifications and experience. The tuition fee is EUR 15,000.00.

For further information please visit www.iccm.at/Overview.342.0.html or contact office@iccm.at.

Contact: International Centre for Culture & Management, Linzer Gasse 21, 5020 Salzburg, Austria; tel.: +43 662 23 10 10; fax: +43 662 23 10 10 90; e-mail: office@iccm.at; www.iccm.at