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Current Issues in International Cultural Policy

The Teachers College Arts Administration Program has recently created an innovative lecture series designed to provide a deeper understanding of some of the most pressing issues affecting the arts in the United States and around the world. It also seeks to examine the implications for the cultural sector of the rapidly changing political, economic and social context in which policies affecting cultural provision are formed and executed.The course is intended for arts managers, arts funders and policy makers, artists, researchers, teachers, sympathizers, and thinkers.

Some of the topics to be explored include:

  • Overview of the objectives, models, and aims of cultural policy and the tools available to policy makers
  • Analysis of the main changes in the environment in which cultural actors (e.g., policy makers, artist, funders, and cultural institutions) operate, and a consideration of the changes the cultural sector itself has experienced in recent years
  • Globalization, philanthropy, the cultural industries, and leisure time

The instructor for this lecture series will be Mr. Adrian Ellis, Executive Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center. In addition to Mr. Ellis' valuable expertise, other prominent leaders throughout the arts community will also be available as guest speakers to illuminate some of the lectures.

Module I: Frameworks, Rationales, and Contexts will be held between 24 and 28 May 2010 and Module II: Some Emerging Issues from 1 to 4 June 2010, in 5 sessions each. Module I will begin with an overview of cultural policy objectives and the tools available to policy makers, and move to an analysis of the primary changes in the environment in which cultural actors (e.g., policy makers, artists, funders) operate. Module II will consider the changes the cultural sector itself has experienced during recent years including topics such as capital markets, cultural diplomacy, and the US agenda.

More information is also available online: www.tc.edu/artsadmin/culturalpolicy

Contact: Maryellen Novak, Supplemental Education Specialist, Teachers College Continuing Professional Studies (CPS); tel.: (212) 678 6612; gsm: (646) 239 3272; e-mail: novak@tc.edu