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EUCLID International Launches New Newsletter

On 2 August 2010, the first issue of SUCCINCT was launched, a new independent fortnightly e-newsletter, which aims to help readers focus on the key news and information offered by the international, pannational and national agencies, networks and other relevant bodies who represent or support the world's artists, performers, writers, curators, directors, technicians, educators, managers and researchers. Each issue contains around 25 items (with hyperlinks) drawn from over 100 key international information sources.

SUCCINCT covers a range of arts and cultural sectors, and encompasses news, information and opinion on funding, events, mobility, new ideas and initiatives, case studies and examples of good practice, reports and publications, research, policy developments, jobs and more. It will, in due course, be supported by an online archive of previous issues, which can be searched for information relevant to user needs or interests. In addition, ways are explored in which subscribers will be able to benefit from networking with other subscribers. You are welcome to submit any news item of up to 100 words to sucsubmit@culture.info.

For further information, please contact: geoffrey@culture.info