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Mark Schuster Prize on Comparative Cultural Policy 2011

Mark Schuster (1951-2008), Professor of Urban Cultural Policy at MIT, was a very distinguished researcher, specializing in comparative cultural policies, urban planning and cultural economics. This new award wants to recognize the best recently published paper on comparative cultural policies, presented by a young researcher. The paper must be published or be accepted to an academic journal or an international conference between the dates of 1 June 2008 and 30 May 2011. A synthesis of a PhD dissertation officially accepted in the same time period will also be eligible for submission (maximum 30 pages). All the papers must be presented in English although the original version can be in another language. In the case of a joint author paper, the other authors must sign a letter recognizing that a minimum of a 50% of the intellectual work is the responsibility of the applicant to the award.

Candidates must send the completed inscription form to Joaquim Rius (joaquim.rius@ub.edu) by 30 May 2011 accompanied by the original paper (along with an English translation) and a document proving the publication or acceptance of the paper to an academic journal, conference or PhD dissertation.

The Mark Schuster Prize is a part of the Program package including the Cultural Policy Research Award and the Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum, developed in partnership among the European Cultural Foundation, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and ENCATC. The amount of the 2011 prize is 1000 EUR, contributed by Prof. Lluís Bonet (University of Barcelona) and Mark Schuster's family.