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International Arts Professionals Summer School

The International Arts Professionals Summer School, to take place in Brussels, Belgium from 18 to 22 July 2011, is an intense week of learning for creative practitioners, arts managers and cultural project coordinators interested in engaging with the current debates and research in visual and performing arts management. It is organised by the University of Kent, School of Arts in partnership with ENCATC (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers) and will be hosted in the University of Kent in Brussels.

The Summer School will include contributions from leading international experts and cultural leaders from UK and Europe. It will be based on a mix of lectures, presentations, workshops and practical exercises which will be delivered by both academics and international experts.

The programme of the Summer School will cover a general introduction to arts management and arts policy in Europe, but it will specifically focus on key issue and barrier in the practice of today’s cultural managers, including academic research in the field and practical case studies from leading arts directors.

Key themes that will be explored during the Summer School are as follows:

  • Europe: funding and framework for arts and culture;
  • Public and private investment in the arts: from national trends to organisational strategies;
  • Developing cultural brands and markets for the arts;
  • Leadership in arts and cultural organisations;
  • Evaluating cultural and arts projects: models and practice;
  • Individual giving to the arts: new fundraising frontiers;
  • Innovation in audience development and engagement.

Contact: Dr Roberta Comunian, Creative Industries Research Associate, School of Arts, Jarman Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7UG, UK; tel. 0122 782 3639; e-mail: R.Comunian@kent.ac.uk; www.next-arts-professionals.org.uk, www.creative-regions.org.uk