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SEAS Dock – Transnational Collaboration in Europe

The evaluation and documentation web site of SEAS is designed to offer practical and strategic insight and guidance for people who are, or are thinking of, engaging in transnational collaboration in Europe. It presents an external evaluation designed by Lidia Varbanova, with reflections on key issues by Dragan Klaic, 26 recommendations for future projects, spin offs, lessons learned and reflections by the SEAS management team on partnership, funding, concept and artistic process. The documentation includes SEAS research, productions, events, artists and organisations, films and audio. SEAS Dock is funded by Arts Council England.

Black/North SEAS, initiated by Intercult and realized with 7 coorganisers and 70 artists, with the support of the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013, was a European cultural platform that connected two very different European regions – The Black Sea and the North Sea. SEAS created 20 new cross-disciplinary artistic works that were inspired by intercultural exchange between artists from the two regions and the political, environmental and social realities facing Europe’s coastal communities. In the format of a travelling festival the artworks were presented in urban and unconventional spaces in 17 towns and cities, including the conference series CityScape on arts and re-urbanisation.

For details, please see www.seas.se