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Members' Activities 2012

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Make Your Creativity Move!

Call for Graphic Design

On the Move is looking for fresh, original ideas that talk about international cultural mobility: working across borders, contamination of cultures, inspiration to be found in creative collaborations, and anything that "mobility" of artists and cultural professionals means to you! The aim is for an original, versatile design to explain visually OTM's mission: information and advocacy for cultural mobility in Europe and beyond. OTM is going to produce postcards (10x14 cm) to distribute to partners (organisations from the cultural sector in different countries, not only in Europe) and audience (policy-makers, organisations from the cultural, social and environmental sector). The postcards are part of OTM's communication tools, together with the website, newsletter and Facebook.

Key words to provide food for creativity include: artist - cultural operator - mobility - world - link - exchange - local communities - network - impact - long term - environment. Avoided should be the too obvious ways to think of mobility: plane, train, boat, bus, world map; a strict correlation with the layout of the website; and of course plagia of any sort! The mediumshould be original photography or design,.as high resolution jpg (for printing on postcards 10x14 cm).

In return OTM offers visibility in Europe and beyond through the website, newsletter, Facebook and of course the postcards! Once the proposals selected (maximum of 3 designs and hence 3 winners), the winners will have their names and contacts mentioned on all postcards and on the OTM Facebook page, e-newsletter and website.

No restrictions apply for the participants' working field (artists and non artists can participate), nationality or age. Proposals should be sent by 31 August 2012 to mobility@on-the-move.org. OTM will announce the winners on 10 October 2012.