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Sound Media, Sound Cultures

Call for Papers

Sound is an ever-present, ever-changing component of communication and cultural technologies. From oral and print cultures, through the development of the telegraph to the emergence of iPods and smartphones, acoustic recital (often alongside visual images) has helped to keep us informed, entertained and educated about the surrounding world. Sound, though, is often the junior partner in this arrangement, assumed to be the textually and socially impoverished cousin of screen media and technologies, commonly taken for granted and mostly not grabbing the interest and excitement of critical researchers and cultural practitioners.

The themed issue of MIA no.148/August 2013 contests this position. Sound, along with sight, and more recently touch, is one of the key senses engaged by contemporary media usage. It is embedded and embodied in new social and technological arrangements of media that reconfigure everyday experiences of users from the level of what is mobile and private through to what is transnational and global. Major historical instances of such shifts in sound/sight/touch arrangements include the coming of sound to the cinema, the displacement of family radio by television, the emergence of music videos, and the rise of computers, personal mobile devices and touch-screens.

The aim of this MIA issue is to explore issues related to the specific configurations of sound in media and culture. These sites might include oral literature, e-books and associated reading/listening devices, print cultures, popular music, film and cinema, radio, television, telephony and digital media. The theme issue asks what role sound plays in these and other cultural institutions in the present and past, and what role it might play in the future.

Theme Editors: Albert Moran and Karina Aveyard.

Each article should be a maximum of 5000 words (including references), thereby allowing for around ten articles that address the theme. Abstracts are due by 30 November 2012. Full articles will need to be submitted by 28 February 2013.

Please email abstracts to: Dr. Karina Aveyard, School of Film and Television, University of East Anglia, Norwich, k.aveyard@uea.ac.uk, or Prof. Albert Moran, School of Humanities, Griffith University a.moran@optusnet.com.au

MIA website: www.uq.edu.au/mia