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The TANDEM Cultural Managers Exchange 2013-2014

The TANDEM Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey European Union 2013-2014 aims at establishing long-term partnerships between cultural organisations from Turkey and EU countries. Following the steps of the first Turkey-EU TANDEM round, conducted in 2011-2012, it is targeted on engaging participants in an intense international collaboration process, which includes realisation of a shared interdisciplinary project, linked to their cultural expertise.

TANDEM is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and supported by Stiftung Mercator (Essen). For one year, 15 cultural managers/project coordinators from Turkey and 15 from different EU countries form 15 transnational collaboration Tandems. All participants spend a placement at their partner's organisation. Next to experiencing a new cultural environment, this working visit includes the planning and implementation of a shared cultural project or coproduction. In addition to these exchange visits, the entire group meets several times to share their experience and knowledge of international collaboration and cross-cultural management. Throughout the process, participants receive know-how support from the programme organisers as well as project funding for their coproduction/joint project.

The TANDEM scheme feeds into a variety of objectives from facilitating creative innovation to nurturing local cultural change-makers. TANDEM is designed to strengthen participants' skills in the field of cross-cultural collaboration and organisational management. The programme addresses cultural managers and project coordinators of independent cultural NGOs at the beginning of their career, but also experienced cultural professionals. Cultural managers/project coordinators of public institutions that have an interest in working across cultural borders are also welcome to apply. In general, applicants should be well connected to their local communities.

TANDEM offers the following:

  • work placements at the partner organisations (in Turkey and the EU),
  • shared learning sessions moderated by experienced trainers,
  • small grants of up to EUR 5,500 for creative projects, and
  • reimbursement for travel and living expenses relating to participants' visits.

The activities within the programme are the following:

  • Partner Forum in Turkey (May 2013),
  • Kick-off Meeting in Germany (September 2013),
  • Mutual 12-day working visits (placements) of the Tandem partners in Turkey and EU countries (between September 2013 and August 2014),
  • Interim Meeting & Training in Europe (April 2014), and
  • Final Meeting in Turkey/Europe (September 2014).

The deadline for application is 24 March 2013.

Applicants from EU countries, please visit www.mitost.org for the application form. For questions please contact: MitOst Yildiz Gümüş, e-mail: tandem@anadolukultur.org

Applicants from Turkey, please visit www.anadolukultur.org for the application form. For questions please contact: Anadolu Kültür Serra Özhan Yüksel, e-mail: tandem@anadolukultur.org

For further information on the previous TANDEM round as well as on conditions of participation and application forms, please visit the following websites: www.culturalfoundation.eu, www.mitost.org, www.anadolukultur.org