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MA Programme in Cultural Policy and Management

Call for Applications

University of Arts in Belgrade and Université Lumière Lyon 2 present a joint MA programme in Cultural Policy and Management (Interculturalism and Mediation in the Balkans), founded in 2002. Accredited by the University Lyon 2 and supported by a number of partner universities, professional organisations and guest experts across Europe, it attracts not only students from the Balkan region, but also those coming from Europe and across the world. For its excellence in promotion of intercultural cooperation and mediating capacities of culture, the MA programme has been named the UNESCO Chair in 2004 and has established highly praised international reputation.

Taught in English and French, the programme provides students with an innovative, stimulating and unique experience and study environment including:

  • interdisciplinary curriculum implemented through interactive, project making, problem-solving and research-based teaching methods,
  • seminars and workshops designed to help the student develop wider contextual understanding, research skills and awareness of professional issues, as well as critical thinking, creative insight, and informed decision-making, all of which are essential for cultural managers,
  • individualised approach to the academic and professional development of each student.

Courses include: Strategic Management in Culture, Cultural Policy and Cultural Rights, Management of Intercultural Art Projects, Marketing in Culture, Human Resources Management in Culture, Reading the Image of the Balkans, European Culture: Past, Present and Future, Management of Cultural Heritage, Policies of Performing Arts Festivals and Methodology of Research.

Dragan Klaić Fellowship for regional candidates:

The Dragan Klaić Fellowship (student scholarship) is presented in memory of Professor Dragan Klaić, PhD, theatre scholar and cultural analyst. It is supported by the Open Society Foundation and the European Cultural Foundation. In order to be taken into consideration for the Dragan Klaić Fellowship, nominations must be received together with application documents for the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management programme.

Application deadlines: 4 June 2014 and 19 September 2014.

All regional candidates applying for the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management programme in both June and September application periods are eligible for the Fellowship consideration, however, the selection of candidates is conducted in September, when the list of accepted students is finalized.

For more information please visit www.arts.bg.ac.rs/rektoraten/stud/?id=infobuduci or contact the programme coordinator directly: Julija Matejic, Coordinator; UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management; MA Interdisciplinary Study Program; University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia; tel.: +381 11 2624 281; e-mail: coordinator@arts.bg.ac.rs