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Members' Activities 2016

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ECF's Idea Camp 2017

ECF's third Idea Camp will focus on the theme Moving Communities. Hosted by ECF and Platoniq, the Idea Camp 2017 will take place in Spain on 1 - 3 March 2017, bringing together 50 participants from all over Europe and neighbouring countries, whose groundbreaking ideas demonstrate a desire to encourage political imagination, build bridges and help develop a society with a stronger sense of social justice. Based on the values of sharing, inclusion and openness, the Idea Camp offers participants a unique opportunity to meet peers from diverse backgrounds and with different visions.

Initiated in 2014, the Idea Camp falls within the framework of Connected Action for the Commons, an action and research programme facilitated by ECF together with six cultural hubs from across Europe.

ECF invites you to submit your innovative ideas embodying a Europe of solidarity and openness, shaped and nurtured by people. You are invited to apply for Idea Camp 2017 with an idea that:

  • brings forward voices that are excluded from public debate and decision-making,
  • has an open approach to the way people can learn, share and live together,
  • applies a critical perspective to what could be a more accessible and inclusive society,
  • strengthens the vision and practice of shared communities and coexistence,
  • builds bridges across differing perspectives to help counter harmful public discourse,
  • contributes to discussions about genuine integration opportunities and people's rights and accountability, and
  • fosters political imagination and promotes social justice, solidarity and equity among various social groups.

The deadline for applications is 20 September 2016.

Submit your idea through the ECF website at www.culturalfoundation.eu/idea-camp-2017/