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Keshet Eilon International Violin Mastercourse

Call for Entries

The Keshet Eilon International Violin Mastercourse, founded in 1990 at Kibbutz Elion, has gained recognition for its advancement of young violinists from all over the world, with an emphasis on solo performance. Over 45 young musicians, Israelis and participants from around the world, take part in the summer Mastercourse each year, some of them receiving scholarships.

The curriculum at Keshet Eilon includes masterclasses, individual instruction and concerts. Participants have the opportunity to gain experience in solo and ensemble performances before audiences in the kibbutz, throughout the Western Galilee region, in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Keshet Eilon is distinguished from other masterclasses by its unique combination of music and instruction in archery, along with workshops in violin- and bow-making and physiotherapy. The students' experience is further enhanced by the singular opportunity to join the daily life of one of Israel 's veteran kibbutz communities.

The Mastercourse is intended for gifted young violinists of all nationalities, ages 16 to 26, who have attained a high standard of performance. Auditions will be held in Kibbutz Eilon on 5 April 2007, and in London during March-April. Applicants unable to attend an audition must submit a DVD (Multizone), PAL videocassette or CD with two contrasting works.

Contact: Keshet Eilon Music Center, International Violin Mastercourse, Marcela Barkai, Registrar, Kibbutz Eilon, Western Galilee 22845, Israel; tel.: 972-4-9858191/9858131; fax: 972-4-9806766; e-mail: keshet@eilon.org.il