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IFA Programme of Extending Arts Practice

The India Foundation for the Arts has set up a programme to support artists and arts groups to undertake projects that help them extend their own practice or challenge prevalent practices within their fields by working with new materials, exploring alternative methods of producing art, experimenting with a new form, style or idiom within their discipline, expanding their practice through engaging with other art forms/practices or working with other artists, acquiring new techniques, skills or knowledge to develop their practice, or challenging ways of thinking, imagining and creating within their field.

Applications under this programme may be submitted for consideration at any time. Proposals can be made in any Indian language including English. The foundation will reply within a month, and offer assistance for developing a proposal budget.

To apply, send a proposal describing

  • Your existing arts practice, and your concerns and interests as a practitioner.
  • The nature of the project for which you are seeking funding.
  • How this project extends, builds on, sharpens or critiques your existing work and/or how it stimulates new developments within your field.
  • The proposed outcomes of the project.

Please remember to include the following with your proposal:

  • Samples of your work, and those of your collaborators, if yours is a collaborative project.
  • Your bio-data and those of your collaborators, if any.
  • Your address, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address.
  • A work plan, specifying the duration of the project.

You may also include two references from senior artists in your field. To develop your proposal through dialogue and interaction with IFA staff, write a letter or e-mail of inquiry describing your project idea briefly.

Eligibility: Indian nationals, registered Indian non-profit organizations, or resident of India for at least five years. The same applies to any collaborators in the project.

Send queries and proposals to contactus@indiaifa.org or write to: The Executive Director, India Foundation for the Arts, Tharangini, 12th Cross, Raj Mahal Vilas Extension, Bangalore - 560 080; tel./fax: 080 - 2361-0584, 2361-0583.