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From Local to Everywhere Cultural Production Meets New Challenges of Internationalization

HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, Finland and Nipissing University, Canada, are looking for other institutions to join them as partners in a new 2007-10 EU-Canadian project focusing on the development and support of four interrelated components:

  • local cultural production,
  • international cultural production,
  • a formalized international cultural service learning model, and
  • a marketplace in the form of 'festivals' that will serve as interfacing tools and showcases for both cultural productions and international education.

The project will utilize the university environment as a vehicle from which to create these models and develop linkages that will extend into both the local and international communities to form permanent partnerships. Cultural production as viewed in this project is a comprehensive process and may typically include visual and performing arts but would also include objects, creations and activities as defined by the cultural regions and supported by the project partners.

The initial focus of the project will see faculty and students research, analyze and evaluate the existing methods of delivery and presentation surrounding local cultural products while taking inventories of the products themselves both within and beyond the university. The second focus is to bring local production into the international forum and utilize the international student cooperative brought together by this project. Students will be supervised and trained by faculty and other resource people while also being placed in decision-making and product presentation roles throughout the project.

In each of the phases of the project students will learn about various aspects of cultural production and presentation through a palette of pedagogic mechanisms including student and faculty exchanges, broadband/internet video conferencing, instructional workshops, a service learning model, a festival model based on the partners' research and development, and a dedicated website as a multitask tool.

Further student activities will include developing advertising campaigns and printed materials such as pamphlets; utilizing media in the communities and university including local television and newspapers; examining products for both profit and non-profit; exploring the local marketing of cultural products while gaining valuable experience in work placement and internship training.

Initial replies to this call are requested by 30 April 2007.

For further information, please contact: Pekka Vartiainen, PhD, Principal Lecturer, HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, Cultural Management Program, Annankatu 12, 00120 Helsinki, Finland; e-mail: pekka.vartiainen@humak.edu, or Terry Dokis, Assistant Professor, Nipissing University, Native Studies, 100 College Drive, North Bay, Ontario, Canada P1B 8L7; e-mail: terryd@nipissingu.ca