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Master of Advanced Studies in International Organization

University of Zurich

The University of Zurich, in cooperation with the University of Geneva, launched a new master course starting in January 2008, which provides in-depth and practice related knowledge about law and regulations that govern international organisations.

It reflects the rapidly growing importance of international law in the context of international organisations and is designed for individuals working in or with international organisations. As diversity is crucial to the programme, it welcomes students from all over the world.

The programme primarily addresses university graduates with relevant professional experience who are currently working in or cooperating with international organisations or are planning to do so. The Degree is based on a six months full-time study program in Zürich and Geneva and a period of four months dedicated to research and writing a diploma thesis.

This unique programme provides an opportunity to study the law of international organisations in Switzerland, the country that hosts most globally active international organisations, and at the same time offers the chance to experience life in Switzerland's most dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

Additional information can be obtained from masio@rwi.uzh.ch or www.masio.uzh.ch.