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O3ONE is an independent interactive art-project, presenting contemporary art production and the way it functions within different social groups. It encourages regional cultural exchange and strives to improve local art-scene. The programme supports creative dialogue, innovative correlation of art, science and business.

O3ONE's mission is to stimulate innovation and experimentation in modern art production, to support creative potential in Serbia and to contribute to the improvement of communication and exchange with art centers all over the world.

Presenting the picture of the constantly changing art world, the project is trying to widen the idea of what art can be, supporting various types of creative exchange between different cultural fields, between art, science, technology and business, in the environment of new, wider media possibilities. The O3ONE programme structure covers art exhibitions, installations, performances, movie and video showing, seminars, workshops, concerts, presentations, promotions, publishing, etc.

The 2007 programme consists of one-man shows and group exhibitions, lectures and presentations by domestic and foreign authors; exhibitions, workshops, presentations related to development of contemporary design in Serbia and abroad; Belgrade festival of New Communications B-link 01; international interdisciplinary educational open-type programme, based on principles of modern theoretical and practical research of the relationship between the art-system and economic system - Art-e-conomy.

You can find out more about O3one at www.o3.co.yu

The deadline for applications is 21 September 2007.

Contact: Dr Beatriz Garcia, Director, Impacts 08 - The Liverpool Model, European Capital of Culture Research Programme; www.impacts08.net,