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Voici the Valley Cultureway

Recently the international Voici the Valley Cultureway was launched, following both sides of the St. John River where northern Maine in the United States meets New Brunswick in Canada. The project was created by Sheila Jans, Don Cyr and Daniel Picard of CultureWorth, and sponsored by the Maine Acadian Heritage Council and the Quebec-Labrador Foundation.

The Cultureway is charted like a big figure-8 loop with two self-guided tours, each crossing the international border - the St. John River. To enrich the experience of the Cultureway, the Voici the Valley Audio Story and Guide celebrates a hundred miles of natural beauty, cultural and historic sites, and the Valley way of life. The audio story is a documentary on CD with 80 minutes of music and stories that feature the history, culture and traditions of the international region told from the perspective of the American side of the river. The beautifully designed 28-page guide has maps, photographs, and descriptions of cultural sites and communities.

Sheila Jans, project director, says "the Cultureway, along with the audio story and guide is a completely grassroots effort created by people in this region." Designed for both residents and visitors, the central aim of the project was to raise the visibility and value of culture, and reinforce the importance of identity and place, addressing some of the challenges faced by the region, like the slow erosion of traditions and the French language.

To request a copy of the Voici the Valley Audio Story and Guide for $15 US, contact the Maine Acadian Heritage Council, PO Box 88 Madawaska, Maine, USA 04756, 207-728-6826, info@voicithevalley.org or visit www.voicithevalley.org.

Contact: Judy Paradis, rody1@adelphia.net or Sheila Jans, info@cultureworth.org