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World Script Museum

Balkanmedia initiated the idea for the World Script Museum, which will collect and exhibit the multitude of alphabets, written signs and cultures from all over the world in one place. This will be a new type of institution, corresponding to the ideas of peace, humanism, democracy, equality of peoples and cultures, cultural diversity, transcultural relations and unity of the world. The museum will stimulate international cultural dialogue, understanding among nations and scientific exchange in the research of written cultures.

Countries and nations will have the possibility to exhibit in a separate hall where they will present originals or copies of the most important written monuments (on stone, wood, bones, clay and different ceramic items, metal, papyrus, parchment, silk, palm leaves, paper, coins, armaments, armory, jewelry, etc.).

A special accent will be on the diversity of written culture, from different epochs and regions of the world.

At the centre of the exhibition, there will be the bookman author (writer, poet, chronicle writer), calligrapher, clerk, transcriber, translator, decorator, bookbinder, designer of letters and written monuments, as well as the man keeper of written works librarian, documentalist, archivist, etc.

An international academic centre will be founded at the museum which will study first of all cultural-historic interrelations between the writing systems of different cultures and civilizations, what is common and specific in them. The whole exhibition will be made accessible also as a web-page for interested virtual visitors.

The work on the preparation of the museum is planned to begin in 2008 while the museum is expected to open doors in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2011.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Rossen Milev, President, Balkanmedia, Wulfila House, 24, Bor str., 1434 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel.: +359 2 961 1688; e-mail: nslazarov@evrotur.net