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Creative Cities Network

The Creative Cities Network, born out of the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity initiative and launched by UNESCO in 2004, aims to help unlock the creative, social and economic potential of cultural industries held by local actors and therefore promote UNESCO's goals of cultural diversity. Its goal is to bring together public and private partners as well as civil society to help towards the development of creative industries and generate new forms of international cooperation.

This network of networks is structured around seven themes which can be chosen by the cities according to their preference for a specific creative industry sector to which they devote their talent and energy. As laboratories for cultural diversity, they are stimulated by the need for cultural recognition that affirms their identity in a globalized world. For creative cities with common interests there are clear advantages to sharing their experience and their ambitions.

The Creative Cities Network has devised seven thematic networks from which the cities may choose: literature, cinema, music, crafts and folk art, design, media arts, and gastronomy. Interested cities are invited to submit an application containing appropriate information about the city and its links to one of the thematic networks. The application should indicate a contact person and a management team of three to four people, representing public, private and civil society sectors, who can carry out the Creative Cities initiatives in their city. Further information about the application process and the application form can be found at: www.unesco.org/culture/en/creativecities.

The country's National Commission for UNESCO is called upon to give its opinion and the application file is reviewed by a panel of experts from different regions. The title conferred upon the cities is one of the following: UNESCO City of Cinema / Crafts and Folk Art / Design / Gastronomy / Literature / Media Arts / Music. Cities are entitled to use UNESCO's name and logo under the terms and conditions of UNESCO's graphic charter. Cities join the network for an unlimited period of time and may leave it at any moment upon notifying UNESCO. Cities have to inform UNESCO on an annual basis of the progress made in the implementation of policies and activities, both locally and internationally and in cooperation with other cities.