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Transart Institute Summer Residency

The Transart Institute announces a summer residency for non-degree seeking artists. Beginning in summer 2008, a limited number of places will be open to non-degree students interested in attending a summer residency only. Those who successfully complete the residency will be awarded a certificate. Due to an increasing number of requests from artists who have a degree or are not able to commit to a graduate program, artists looking for a creative surge, fresh feedback on their work and making new contacts, can attend a three week summer residency including workshops, seminars, critiques and lectures and become a part of the Transart Institute community.

Application forms can be found at: transartinstitute.org/Newpages/ApplicationForm.html.

Deadline for applications is 1 June 2008. Advanced Admissions deadline and deadline for scholarships is 1 March 2008. Rolling admissions if space permits until 1 May 2008 with five spaces reserved for Europeans.

Contact: Transart Institute, Hauptplatz 24, 4020 Linz, Austria; tel.: +43 (699) 1169 0277 (Austria), 347 410 9905 (USA); fax: 508 682 2853; e-mail: info@transartinstitute.org; transartinstitute.org