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Online Master's Course in Economics of Culture

BAICR Sistema Cultura and the School of Economics of Rome-Tor Vergata University offer a 2007-2008 online master's course in Economics of Culture, designed for people interested in culture management at an international level.

BAICR Sistema Cultura is a nonprofit consortium of five important Italian cultural institutions and an education centre. Economics of culture is the international version of the master's degree Economics of Culture: Policies, Management and Governance, one of the first in Italy to offer a course on the relationship between economics and culture. Owing to the success of this course, which has been running for eight years and provided training to over 350 specialists, some of the world's top researchers and experts are involved in the didactics. Didactic methodology involves the teaching of theory based on the study of fundamental literature and video lessons for in-depth analysis of best practices. Focusing on the needs of the job market and job opportunities, the programme includes operational links with enterprises, institutions and cultural training centres (field projects, internships, case studies etc), bearing in mind the participants' place of origin.

The programme looks at the economics, management, jurisprudence and design of major cultural themes: art, entertainment, tourism, technology, and religious heritage. The course gives participants the professional qualifications to apply for management jobs both in public administration offices and in the culture and tourism industry. It is designed for those who want to work in cultural heritage, providing them with both theory and practical skills founded on an in-depth knowledge of the specificities of cultural products:

  • cultural heritage officials and operators interested in acquiring management skills
  • operators working in the culture and tourism industry
  • companies interested in the training of experts for cultural investment projects
  • bank foundations interested in supporting the social utility sector and actively participating in the management of cultural heritage
  • young graduates interested in the global management of cultural heritage, services and events
  • young graduates interested in the valorisation and management of church heritage (church heritage course)

The course is offered online. It includes interactive lessons, guided workshops, virtual classroom exercises, student and teacher chat rooms and discussion forums. Each module includes one meeting where attendance is required, while the final stage of the master's involves project work and, optionally, an internship in a cultural sector enterprise. 75% of the Master's is online and is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, all you need is a dial-up connection. A brief full-immersion course in Rome completes the course, which includes class work and tests.

Contact: Rino Falovo (tutor), BAICR Sistema Cultura, Consorzio Biblioteche Archivi Istituti Culturali di Roma, Via Mecenate 59 - 00184 Roma, Italy; tel.: 0039-06 4825846; e-mail: comunicazione@baicr.it; www.baicr.it, www.economicsofculture.eu