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e-Journal of the UNESCO Observatory on Multi-disciplinary Research in the Arts

The e-journal of the UNESCO Observatory on Multi-disciplinary Research in the Arts at The University of Melbourne's Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, invites papers to its Vol 1, Issue 2, entitled Creative Local Communities: Cultural Vitality and Human Rights.

Guest Editors for Issue 2 are John Smithies, Director, and Kim Dunphy, Manager, of the Cultural Development Network, an independent organisation advocating a stronger role for participatory arts and cultural expression to build a healthier, more engaged and sustainable society.

The editors welcome articles that examine the way policy and practice impacts on the cultural vitality of local communities. Proposals that discuss the implications of governments actively planning for the contribution that creative cultural expression can make to the health and well-being of local communities and their abilities to keep pace with change are invited. These topics can be considered within the framework that includes cultural vitality as a necessary ingredient for the sustainability of local communities alongside economic, environmental and social concerns. The significance of freedom of expression, and cultural rights, as an aspect of the broader human rights agenda is also an area of interest.

Researchers and practitioners from the areas of cultural policy, cultural development, community-based arts, government and civil society, cultural diversity, cultural rights and are invited to submit proposals. Articles, essays and review formats are invited. The call closes on 31 March 2008.

More information at www.abp.unimelb.edu.au/unesco/ejournal

Contact: Cultural Development Network, PO Box 324, Flinders Lane 8009, Victoria, Australia; tel.: +61 3 9658 9976; fax: +61 3 9658 8840; e-mil: kim.dunphy@culturaldevelopment.net.au; www.culturaldevelopment.net.au