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Utrecht Consortium

Utrecht Consortium is a new initiative of the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (MaHKU) and the Utrecht art institutions Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory, and Expodium, Platform for young art that is focused on artistic research. The collaboration aims to investigate the specificity of artistic knowledge production in the context of exhibition making, and the significance of research-based practices for the (reformulation of the) curriculum in the current art academy. These questions will be explored through seminars, lectures, PhD trajectories, and experimental exhibition models. During the research processes, the Utrecht Consortium will involve other knowledge institutions such as the Utrecht University, the University Museum, Utrecht Manifest, and the Dutch Design Center. Currently, the Consortium partners engage in the following research trajectories:

  • MaHKU aims at reflecting on the position of artistic research in the topical domain of visual art, implying the significance of the current research attitude for the implementation of an adequate, didactic program for art education at a graduate level. In addition, MaHKU will launch a long term research project on the interface of artistic and scientific representation.
  • Casco works with international artists and designers on projects that are of an interdisciplinary nature, crossing between the fields of art, design, and theory, and other related fields. Casco will begin the Utrecht Consortium program with a newly commissioned research project by Ricardo Basbaum, entitled re-projecting Utrecht. More information: www.cascoprojects.org
  • Expodium stimulates, produces and presents the latest developments in contemporary art, launching emerging artists and dealing with urban development through research periods. In the context of Utrecht Consortium, Expodium will involve a research group for a six-month investigation of a specific aspect of urban development. That six-month trajectory includes expert meetings, small presentations, events, and lectures. MA students and art professionals will be involved throughout. More information: www.expodium.nl
  • Each first week of September, the Utrecht Consortium will launch DARE, the Dutch Artistic Research Event. DARE includes a series of research presentations, screenings, and an international symposium dealing with novel developments of artistic research in the visual domain. More information: www.mahku.nl