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Support Programme to Cultural Industries in ACP Countries

The Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Secretariat) launches a Support Programme to cultural industries in ACP countries aiming at contributing to the development and restructuring of the cultural sector through the promotion of an enabling environment for enhancing creativity, cooperation and exchanges, independency and viability, as well as the safeguarding of cultural diversity and fundamental cultural values.

The programme funded under the Intra-ACP Funds of the 9th European Development Fund (EDF), aims at reinforcing the capacities of policy and decision makers, cultural operators and certain domains of culture and cultural industries in the ACP countries.

It is structured around three complementary components:

  • the establishment of an ACP Cultural Observatory as a mechanism for providing technical advice and information in order to improve the policy, legal and institutional frameworks of the cultural sector in ACP member states;
  • an intra-ACP support Fund for Culture to reinforce funding possibilities, and to structure and professionalize ACP cultural operators;
  • an ACP/ILO/UNCTAD/UNESCO joint project to strengthen the creative industries in 5 selected ACP countries (Fiji, Mozambique, Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago and Zambia).

The programme is expected to contribute to the achievement of the objectives established under the Dakar Declaration and Plan of action for the promotion of ACP culture and cultural industries (2003) as well as the Santo Domingo Resolution (2006), adopted by the ACP Ministers of culture.

With a total budget of 6.3 million euro for the period 2007 – 2012, 2 million euro will be allocated to the Fund. The beneficiaries will be the cultural sector professionals in the 79 ACP countries. A pluriannual work programme for grants, containing precise information about the objectives, the calendar and the scope of action for the Fund, will be published by the ACP Secretariat during the first trimester 2008. A Call for proposals will then be published by the ACP Secretariat during the second trimester 2008.

Further information relating to the activities of the ACP Cultural Observatory and the call for proposals will be published in the programme web-site during the second trimester 2008, as well as in the ACP Secretariat web-site (www.acp.int).

Contacts: Programme Management Unit (PMU), Chaussée de la Hulpe, 150, 1170 Brussels, Belgium; Coordination in ECO: Ms. Nina Hoffmann, nina.hoffmann@eco3.be; Senior expert for the Fund: Ms. Marta Carrascosa, marta.carrascosa@eco3.be; Senior expert for the Observatory: Mr.Burama Sagnia, burama.sagnia@eco3.be