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Anthropology of East Europe Review

Call for Papers

For its Special Issue on Cultural Diversity Between Staging and Everyday Practices - Managing Cultural Diversity in Cities in Eastern Europe, to be published in spring 2009 edited by Cordula Gdaniec, Humboldt University Berlin, and Eszter Gantner, ELTE University Budapest / Touro College Berlin, the Anthropology of East Europe Review calls for papers to be submitted by 5 May 2008.

The organizers aim to present case studies of qualitative ethnographic research in a variety of cities in central, east and south-east Europe on the theme of (diverse) cultural practices and their spatial manifestation in the city, defined as urban culture. The focus is on different perspectives of cultural practices such as ethnicity, lifestyle / (post)subcultures, gender or consumption.

Contact: Cordula Gdaniec, Eszter Gantner; e-mail: c.gdaniec@gmail.com, gantneresz@gmail.com; www.cisr.ru