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HES-SO Master's in Visual Arts

Call for Applications

The Geneva University of Art and Design invites applications for three HES-SO Master's in Visual Arts in the 2008/09 academic year that start on 15 September 2008. Deadline for applications is 13 June 2008, interviews will be held on 30 June - 9 July 2008.

The HES-SO Master's in Visual Arts is jointly run by three Swiss French speaking schools: HEAD – Geneva, ECAL – Lausanne and ECAV – Sierre. These various programmes create bridges though each one is designed as a highly individualised transdisciplinary study platform defined by the work and projects of each artist or research group. Thus each orientation encourages the maturation of a personal work or a collective project already geared to the professional art scene and social reality.

The programmes include:

  • Work.Master Contemporary Artistic Practices, 4 full-time semesters – 120 ECTS credits, structured around the embodiment of a personal project on a 1:1 scale, intending to contribute to the development of new artistic practices within the expanded field of visual culture, and to train artists able to adapt to new situations and wanting to respond to today’s challenges while being able to face a demanding international context.
  • Trans– Art Education, 4 full-time semesters – 120 ECTS credits, based on the student's artistic experience, under the leadership of art and theory specialists, this mental exercise aims at translating, transcribing and transferring one's own artistic experience, exploring the broadest fields of artistic and cultural transmission: editing, interactions with the population, art and/or heritage mediation workshops in an associative or institutional environment.
  • CCC – Critical Curatorial Cybermedia, 4 full-time semesters – 120 ECTS credits, this research-based MA programme offers a strong intellectual and conceptual foundation in critical thinking, training students to become independent researchers capable of conceiving innovative solutions to issues related to a variety of fields such as Identity Micropolitics, Critical Theory, Political Ecology, Cyberculture, Cosmopolitics and European Communities, Future Studies.

Required qualifications include higher education bachelor's degree (HES, Higher Education School or university) or equivalent training, and/or professional artistic experience deemed equivalent. Admission requirements and application forms are available at head.hesge.ch/spip.php?rubrique282&lang=en<.

Contact: Geneva University of Art and Design, Admission office of Visual Arts, Boulevard Helvétique 9, CH – 1205 Geneva, Switzerland; tel.: +41 22 388 58 00; fax: +41 22 388 58 01; e-mail: info.head@hesge.ch; www.hesge.ch/head