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Regional Funds for the Promotion of Cooperation and Cultural Exchanges in West Africa

Launching its activities, the Regional Funds for the Promotion of Cooperation and Cultural Exchanges in West Africa, set up by the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), calls for expression of interest on behalf of assessors for the evaluation of projects submitted to it.

At the end of 2006, the European Commission and the West African Economic and Monetary Union Commission (UEMOA) signed a financing agreement for the implementation of a programme of cooperation and cultural exchanges between the countries of ECOWAS and Mauritania, named Regional Funds for the Promotion of the Cooperation and Cultural Exchanges in West Africa. Set up by ECOWAS and UEMOA, the 4-year project is financed through the Regional Indicative Program (PIR) 9th EDF, for an amount of 4 million Euros.

The overall objective of the project is to support the development of exchanges, networks and cooperation between the cultural actors of countries within the region.

The specific objectives are:

  • the development of synergies, complementarities, collaborations and partnerships between cultural actors of the region, and
  • the growth of the movement and the valorisation of actors, works and cultural information within the region.

The operative method of the project recommends that the technical and financial evaluation of projects submitted through a call for proposals, should be undertaken by independents experts. Accordingly, the Program Management Unit in charge of the implementation of the project, located in UEMOA head office in Ouagadougou, launched a call for expression of interest for the recruitment of cultural experts.

The Regional Funds is looking for skilled persons who will realize the technical and financial analyses of the projects which will be submitted through a call for proposal.

Eligibility criteria, qualifications and experiences include a good knowledge of the cultural sector in Africa, particularly in West Africa, an ACP/UE nationality, residency in the region, a diploma taken after 4 year at University (GCE-A-Levels + 4), at least five years of experiences in cultural projects management, extended experience in the evaluation of cultural projects, and a good knowledge of EDF procedures, especially the standard evaluation grid of 9th EDF. Candidates are also expected to have a significant expertise in at least one domain among the following: reinforcement of cultural actors capacities, animation of local cultural associations, lively arts (theatre, music, multidisciplinary festivals, contemporary dance), book and writing, audiovisual production.

The candidacy file should include a curriculum vitae with European Union Word format, a cover letter, and a copy of the obtained diploma and employers attestations. Signed documents should be deposit or sent by express messaging service or by electronic mail before 30 June 2008 to the following address:

Bureau COWI /UEMOA, 380 Avenue du Professeur Joseph Ki-Zerbo, 11 BP 104 Ouagadougou CMS 11- Burkina Faso; tel.: +226 50 30 81 88; e-mail: culture@uemoa.int; www.acpsec.org/en/pahd/Culture/CommuniqueECOWAS_EN.pdf