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Thematic Residencies at the Banff Centre

The Banff Centre, Canada's creative leader in arts and culture, invites applications for a variety of thematic programmes and self-directed residencies in 2009. The deadlines for applications are set separately for each programme.

List of Programmes

  • Analogous Fields: Art and Science with Saul Ostrow and Charles Tucker
    Programme dates: 11 May - 19 June 2009, application deadline: 13 February 2009
    The residency will bring together scientists, researchers, and artists in order to explore, in theory and practice, the collaborative potential between the arts and sciences.
  • Why are Conceptual Artists Painting Again? Because They Think it is a Good Idea with Jan Verwoert
    Programme dates: 6 July - 14 August 2009, application deadline: 6 March 2009
    What is the future of painting after Conceptualism? What is the future of Conceptual Art after the 1960s? How have the basic conditions of art practice changed, and what words and models could we use to open up the potentials at the heart of these developments in art after Conceptualism?
  • Mountainstandardtimelab with Andrew King
    Programme dates: 17 - 28 August 2009, application deadline: 6 March 2009
    An interdisciplinary architecture laboratory that will consist of a structured studio developed around the theme of critical landscape. The theoretical foundation of the MSTLAB is based on ideas of landscape and memory, tourism, colonialism, and authenticity of experience. This residency is geared towards senior architecture students.
  • The Wanderer with Oliver Lutz
    Residency Dates: 14 Sept 30 Oct 2009, application Deadline: 6 March 2009
    Since its conception in the Romantic movement, the Wanderer has represented, literally and figuratively, an individual in the quest for meaning often through a communing with nature. Participants will be encouraged to apply their own art-making practices, conceptual, performative, representational or otherwise, in the studio, on the trail, or in the thicket.

Self-directed Residencies

Self-directed residencies are self-guided opportunities where the artist is free to experiment and explore new directions in the production of their work.

  • Self-directed Creative Residency (Spring)
    Programme dates: 20 April - 19 June 2009, application deadline: 13 February 2009
  • Self-directed Creative Residency (Summer/Fall)
    Programme dates: 6 July - 30 October 2009, application deadline: 6 March 2009
  • BNMI Co-production Residency: Almost Perfect
    Programme dates: 4 June 4 July 2009, application deadline: 13 February 2009
    An annual, four-week experimental prototyping lab that explores the creation and context of location. Practitioners from all walks of locative and mobile media practice are encouraged to apply.
  • BNMI Workshop: Interactive Screen
    Programme dates: 8 - 15 August 2009, scholarship application deadline: 10 July 2009
    Part conference, part festival, part peer exchange, part creative workshop, Interactive Screen aims to stimulate the creation of emotionally powerful, creatively inspired, and economically viable new media in Canada and abroad. Participants engage in constant dialogue and collaboration through various panels, workshops and performances.

Contact information: The Banff Centre, Office of the Registrar, Box 1020, Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1H5; tel.: 403.762.6180 or 1.800.565.9989; e-mail: arts_info@banffcentre.ca; www.banffcentre.ca