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Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program

Serving as a center for the development and study of digital media arts and their social impact, the Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program at UC Santa Cruz announces the initiation of new collaborative research projects in the context of the program's ongoing research. Collaborating with faculty and contributing to digital media arts research that results in publications and exhibitions is a critical component of each student's experience in the DANM programme. Students entering in Fall 2009 will have the opportunity to collaborate on the following projects:

  • Participatory Culture: Software as Culture - Despite its ubiquity, most of the software of our software culture has been designed and implemented by engineers, mathematicians, and scientists who have deployed little or no knowledge of the history of art, media, and culture in their creations. Employ the medium of software as artists, designers and humanists to articulate a set of alternatives to the conditions of contemporary technology.
  • Performative Technologies: Digital Media in Live Performance - Digital media technologies can play a role in every aspect of theatrical performance from the very conception of the performance to the actual production. Create a theatrical performance incorporating digital production elements capable of stepping from the background into the foreground, and of moving the performance through transitional moments in a manner previously reserved for live performers.
  • Playable Media: Playable Fictions - Play can change the audience's relationship to a fiction. It is also a powerful method of developing audience understanding of a computational system, which is perhaps the most promising future territory for the development of digital fictions. Explore the potential of playable experiences that combine the concerns of fiction (language, character, story), the techniques and research methods of media making and computer science, and the insights of game design.
  • Mechatronics: TBA - UCSC is actively recruiting faculty in Electronic Arts, who will lead this project group.

This intensive two-year MFA program brings together faculty and students from across the academic spectrum to pursue interdisciplinary artistic and scholarly research. In addition to conducting collaborative research in one of four areas Mechatronics, Participatory Culture, Performative Technologies, or Playable Media DANM students take core and elective courses in the theory and practice of digital media arts. The MFA journey culminates in the development of individual thesis projects, which are premiered in the annual MFA exhibition. The MFA is the terminal degree in the field of digital media arts, qualifying graduates for a variety of career paths including university-level teaching and research.

The application deadline for Fall 2009 admission is 15 February 2009.

For more information, please see danm.ucsc.edu/