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FUTUREtakes Thematic Issue Series

FUTUREtakes, an independent publication providing futurist thought and education to World Future Society announces a call for papers for the upcoming thematic issue on International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Future.

The objectives of FUTUREtakes thematic issue series are as follows:

  • to share diverse perspectives on the future and the rich lessons that various cultures can offer in this era of challenge, opportunity, and rapid change,
  • to help readers identify which lifestyles and cultural values are likely to survive in 2025 and which ones will become marginalized or extinct,
  • to help readers identify hidden culture-based assumptions that limit foresight thinking and notions of identity.

FUTUREtakes (ISSN 1554-7744), an independent publication serving World Future Society chapters and members, brings professions, disciplines, and cultures together to explore future scenarios and the cross-cutting implications of social trends, technology advances, and policy decisions.

Deadline for paper submissions is 31 May 2009. The issue is scheduled for publication in July 2009, and additional information is posted at www.futuretakes.org/ThematicIssue.htm.