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Ph.D. in Critical Practice of Film & Digital Media

The Film & Digital Media Department of the University of California Santa Cruz welcomes applications for admission to the inaugural 2010 class of its program for the Ph.D. in Critical Practice of Film & Digital Media.

The program will house creative practice and theoretical knowledge as related forms of intellectual work and provide the underpinnings for students to realize a wide range of possible projects employing a diverse set of methods including those of cultural dissent, cultural studies, documentary, ethnography, feminist studies, historiography, media cultures, narrative, platform studies, psychoanalysis, queer epistemology, the reinvention of the archive, reverse anthropology, science studies, software studies, transnational and postcolonial studies.

Research within the program will span a large number of topics including avant-garde and experimental film and video; silent and classical cinema; digital, electronic, and new media; documentary; gender and sexuality; international cinema; participatory culture; public media art; race, ethnicity, nationality, colonialism and their intersections.

The flexibility of the program allows students to work closely with their advisers and the director of graduate studies to craft a personalized course of study that advances their intellectual and professional goals. Applicants are sought who challenge the boundaries of critical studies and media production.

Online applications should be submitted by 15 January 2010 for the inaugural class, entering in September 2010.

For details, please see film.ucsc.edu/phd_program/home