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Collaborative Research Residency

The Baltic Art Center (BAC) in Visby, Sweden, The Factory of Art and Design (FFKD) in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Hordaland Art Centre in Bergen, Norway jointly invite professionals within the field of visual art to apply to its new one-month Collaborative Research Residency.

The residencies are aimed for research groups of three collaborators where at least one has a contemporary visual arts background (artist/curator/art critic). The programme encourages new relationships and should be seen as a chance to try out different types of collaborations, which may have an inter-disciplinary character. Applications from research groups based in the Nordic and Baltic countries are welcome.

This residency programme is a pilot project focused on collaborative rather than individual practice, and emphasizing the research phase. In 2010 residencies to three groups of three people each will be offered to stay for one month in one of the three host institutions. A stipend of 1400 euros per month for each person, travel costs, accommodation and a studio or office facility will be provided. 500 euros will be allocated to each collaborating unit for expenses associated to their research.

Application deadline is 1 August 2010 for a one-month residency in the period between 1 October and 31 December 2010.

For details, see www.crresidency.net