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HEAD - Geneva MA Programmes in Design

HEAD, the Geneva University of Art and Design, Switzerland calls for applications to its two majors of the Master of Arts HES-SO in Design–Spaces and Communication, and Media Design. The deadline for applications is 20 August 2010, and interviews take place on 2 September 2010.

The Spaces and Communication major is concerned with the design of exhibitions and commercial spaces, and the signage and graphics within spaces. It is addressed to students/designers for whom space or visual communication constitute the principal fields of activity. The programme combines the capacities of graphic design and signage with those of space design and interior architecture following a multidisciplinary logic and a combined practical perspective. This Masters gives priority to the field of concrete spaces while still leaving a significant place for the use of new virtual media technologies and resources. It offers the chance to experiment and to develop real, ephemeral or lasting projects, in connection with the major cultural structures, companies and economic events (forums, fairs or shows) and the international organisations based in Geneva.

The Media Design major, focusing on interaction design, webdesign, information design, dynamic data visualization, digital fashion design, locative and mobile media, electronic publishing and publications, live digital performance, is addressed primarily to students/designers mainly active in the field of digital media. The programme is based on the fact that digital technology acts as a universal intercode, allowing to unify and to create crossovers between the different fields of media design. It covers the whole range of visualization, modelling and communication processes involved new media. The teaching highlights the importance of code and programming.

Contact: Geneva University of Art and Design, 15 Bd James-Fazy, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland; tel.: +41 22 388 51 00; fax +41 22 388 51 59; e-mail: info.head@hesge.ch, www.hesge.ch/head