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Tandem: Cultural Cooperation Placements Moldova Ukraine European Union

Call for Participation

If you are looking for new partners in Europe or are interested in transnational co-operation with countries outside the European Union, the project Tandem: Cultural Cooperation Placements Moldova Ukraine European Union, initiated by the European Cultural Foundation and MitOst, offers cultural institutions from all EU member states profound insight into the cultural scenes of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

The one-year collaborative effort of building long-term cooperation with a partner organisation from Ukraine or Moldova will be launched through study visits to both countries, on 10-15 April 2011 to the Republic of Moldova and on 16-21 May 2011 to the Ukraine.

Application deadline is 15 February 2011.

More information and application form at www.mitost.org/arbeitsfelder/kulturaustausch/programme-und-projekte/kooperationsprojekte/tandem/