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Western Balkans Artists Network

Established in the framework of the Euro Balkan Institute, Skopje, Macedonia, at the Centre for Visual and Cultural Research, the Western Balkans Artists Network aims at building a data base of artist profiles including information related to artists from the Western Balkans. As a network it aims to offer bigger visibility of the contemporary artistic practices in the region and will work on connecting this network with similar European and world networks. Furthermore, the aim of this network and database is to establish the ground for communication and collaboration among artists, curators, theoreticians and cultural critics from the Western Balkans and Europe by the means of creating an information source base and thus by enhancing the knowledge artists, critics and curators from the region have on each other's works.

Contact: Centre for Visual and Cultural Research, Euro Balkan Institute, Skopje, Macedonia; e-mail: visualculturalresearchcentre@gmail.com; www.euba.edu.mk/who-we-are.html