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Call for Proposals for Digital Productions 2011

An international platform for the exchange, exploration and co-production for the digital arts, bringing together facilities for production, broadcasting, training and research, the RAN (Digital Arts Network / Réseau des Arts Numériques) is launching a first call for proposals for digital productions aimed at artists, scientists, technicians, businesses, scenographers, computer graphists, visual artists, musicians and multimedia creators. Proposals are to be submitted in three categories: live performances employing digital resources, installations using digital resources, and Net.art.

The initiative of the artistic creation must come from artists themselves and not directly from cultural, industrial or scientific organisations. The aim is to develop through this experience a common methodology of co-production. Based on this premise, this pilot Call for Projects has the following objectives:

  • Allow innovative artistic projects to be created and distributed;
  • Bring to the forefront problems so theoretical as technical and/or economic of the creation, the production and the distribution of technological and artistic works and bring them pragmatic solutions;
  • Increase the sharing of knowledge, skills and tools, by working on exemplary cases and from concrete projects;
  • Stimulate the mobility of the professionals between places and organisations which often suffer from having big specialization and depart mentalized within the organisation;
  • Develop cross-disciplinary cooperations: scientific, technical and artistic.

Submission deadline is 1 March 2011.

For details, see www.ran-dan.net/images/call_for_proposals_RAN_fr+uk.pdf and the RAN website at www.ran-dan.net