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Master of Experiments on Arts and Politics

Founded in 2010 by Bruno Latour in Sciences Po Ecole des Arts Politiques, Paris, this one-year, part-time master models itself on the pragmatic tradition, its framework of experimentation and inquiry combine artsí and social sciencesí practices. In partnership with the Centre Pompidou and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, the Master of Experiments on Arts and Politics 2011-2012 is aimed at young international professionals with 2 to 5 years practical experience, who will work together on projects concerned with real stakes and trained by world-famous specialists (writers, artists, philosophers, historians, anthropologists, etc.). The program is aimed at academics, social scientists, artists (in the broadest possible meaning, including design and architecture), as well as professionals working in the arts and politics.

Deadline for the application is the 5 April 2011.

For details, please see speap.sciences-po.fr